Sony Bloggie Sport : only in daytime

When i first got the bloggie sport i was excited, after using it and attempting to do a few things i quickly found a few flaws that i didn’t like. It is a good camera, but when recording the sound quality isn’t the best, which quickly became my major dislike of the product.

Works great for hikes in the mountains. The water/dust proof already paid off. And i got great shots the last time out.

Opened box away from home – no wi-fi so could not download the start up instructions. Need to have a paper start-up guide in the boxpicture is good but the sound is poor – the mic is on the top, not facing forward so picks up comments from the user but not the subject. Downloading is simple and easy to do. Needs a fabric pouch or some container similar to the flip to protect the unit when not in use, expecting people to buy a separate case for something with a scratchable lens is not acceptable. My flip, which has now died had as good a picture, better sound but doesn’t work due to no support now, was more user friendly. If you need a movie camera this is ok but not great.

Good product no problems at any point in process / / / / / / / / / / /.

I purchased a flip slide about a year ago but i returned it after (1) it developed a problem with its hdmi jack and (2) i learned that cisco had dropped the product and will terminate support next year. Chose the new bloggie sport as the replacement and received it a few days ago. Based on my experience with it thus far, i have both good and bad things to say. First the good:(1) with the option of shooting in full-hd (1080) resolution, the sony trumps the flip, which went no higher than 720. I watched my bloggie videos on a 46′ screen and the quality was superb. I took some underwater videos of my 6-year-old in the pool (she’s an amazing little swimmer) and again was delighted with the results (as was she). The bloggie has a very cool underwater mode that color-corrects based on depth. The results were impressive. (the camera is supposed to be waterproof down to 15 feet. I didn’t go even half that distance, but there was no evidence of any leakage.

This product is awesome except for the fact that the lcd screen is not as clear as i’m used to with a cellphone but never the less it is an awesome product.

I bought this as a gift for my son and his wife they had a baby boy about 1&1/2 years ago. I wanted them to be able to record my grandson growing up, this little camera is great, it will take a beating to an extent and is waterproof to 2 meters, dustproof, if it gets dirty you rinse it under a little clear water.

I have used this quite a bit for a while now, and i have to say it takes very good video. The learning curve isn’t bad at all, and i like the portability and ruggedness of the sony bloggie sport. It does have decent internal storage and video settings, as well as a format feature to clear up space. The fact that it is waterproof is nice, and it’s easy to hold and mount to a tripod. The usb feature is great, i love that. I do have one serious concern, and that’s the sound. I will say, on a scale of 1 to 10, and 10 being the best audio, this camera records probably at a 2, and that’s being generous. Did your team spend all their time on the video and at the last moment decide to throw in a radio shack audio mic?.I mean, even the slightest jar makes a terrible recording noise, and the sound quality is garbage.

Really easy i bring with me, fits right in my pocket. It is easy to upload onto my computer and the pic quality is great.

I bought this camera for my 4 year old and so far it works great for taking pictures and video. There are three physical buttons: video, photos and power. This makes it really simple for a kid to use. It’s also shockproof and waterproof which allows children to take the camera wherever they want. The touchscreen is not very sensitive and it is a pain trying to scroll through pictures on the camera itself. This is not a deal breaker but it could work better. The lcd screen is very blurry and not very accurate. Overall the camera works as advertised. 3 stars for the touchscreen and lcd screen.

Actually, i bought it for my little nephew, he seems to love it.

If you want a cheep camera for 1080p outdoor daytime videos i’d reccomend this. If you’re not shooting in ideal lighting conditions you may want to pay extra.

Took the camera out to the bar last night and it did well in the low light. This morning it is raining in la and i took the camera out and filmed. Hd looks great, synced video to my mac and blasted it up to my apple tv in a matter of 2 minutes. Unheard of with other cameras i have owned. Image stabilization seems to be better than i thought it would be. Led light for flash is just as comical as a cell phone led. Works better for finding dropped keys than anything else. Everyone thought it was my cell phone at dinner last night, touchscreen is easy to use and big.

This will not work in low light at all. Tried taking videos n pics indoors and they come out soooo dark. The led light makes no difference. It looks great touch screen is cool. During day love taking video n being able to snap stills at same time, but as soon as its dusk its useless. Currently the simple touch video button is not working for me.

How do i set up my bloggie sport when the manuel is not in english?. But seriously how do i turn it on?.

Good value and great amazon service. My son has used it at the skate park and put several you tube videos up with it. He loves it and if he can’t kill it, it must be well made. The best camera for a teen you can get, imho. The telephoto could be better, but action shots are clear out to around 30 feet or so. He also used it in the local swimming pool and it remained water tight. He has had no problems hooking it to the computer (an older xp pro, dual processor). The colors are true and image is clear. He likes it better than a couple of his friends’ flips. He takes about 1 to 3 minute videos and has no trouble with it lasting a couple hours of actual video use.

I have had an opportunity to check out bloggie in every scenario possible and it comes out on top in each onepicture quality – major difference after having used a sony webbie as my portable/backup camera. Pictures look professional and videos are superbhandling – all the buttons are instinctively where you would expect them and allows for operation with one hand. Light enough to do a 10 minute video without shakingtransfer – play memories is instinctive and fastlimitation – battery life is too limited. Does anyone know if there is a power pack that could be used to charge the camera – while at a sporting event on on the beach or in the wild where a/c facilities are not available.

A handy camera to take anywhere and the picure sharpness will please you. Also has a light for that dark corner.

Not good for low light filming, and the audio quality really sucks. Should allow for external mike hookup.

My camera fills the void of needing a video camera and fits into a small pocket and light enough to take any where you go.

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