Sony Action Video Camera from HDR-AS10 – For My Brother

I bought this to replace my contourhd which i’ve used everyday for the last 18 months to record my hour long bike commute. Pro:- image stabilization is great. Some hit to quality but i’m finding 1080p with is is the mode i like the most. – low-light works pretty well at night. Yes, it can be very grainy, but i can see stuff in my path (illuminated by my headlight) that my contour just saw as black. (120fps is not good at low-light at all but i expected that though so no worries). – image quality is very good (for the price). Cons:- biggest issue: lens fogging (because camera runs very hot). Awful and results in terrible quality footage on any of my morning rides where it’s less than 55f degrees. I’ve had some success with desiccant packs but i haven’t found one that fits well (really need to shove it in there).

***if you have access to a 3d printer, there are mount adapters for this camera on thingverse. ***i can gladly recommend this camera as a dash/car cam. I’ve never used it in an ‘action cam’ capacity, so i am only reviewing it as if it were a dash cam. Pros:*great video and good sound quality*writes files to video card with 100% reliability*steady shot feature is highly effective*small, light and discreet*shoots a nice wide angle*super easy to use, simple menucons:*occasional brightness/washout issues*occasional lens flares (but those are cool and actiony right?)*awkward battery loading mechanism*difficult to mount due to annoying shape (solution: 3d print a case)*hard to find a good way to run it off alternate power supplyi love this as a dash cam. The steadyshot feature works amazingly well (note, steadyshot only works with 120 deg, not 170 deg). Under ideal conditions, some nearby license plates are readable while moving and are always readable while stopped. Quality in overcast and foggy weather was much better than i expected. Night is not so great but still at least as good or better than an average dash cam at night. Be sure your windshield is as clean as possible because occasionally when the angle of the sun is just right, all the particles illuminate and reduce visibility. The sound quality is pretty good.

Do your homework and read the reviews. For the price, this camera is great and new mounts are coming out all the time. The wifi option is super cool to set up shots. Bout this used and had no problems. Original packaging included. If you’re use to a gopro style then this is a little different since it is long and not wide. Menu is a bit tricky yo use at first since the direction are minimal but that’s the great thing about youtube. Here are the specifications for the Sony Action Video Camera from HDR-AS10:

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  • Compact, rugged HD video action camcorder
  • High quality Full HD 1080p recording
  • Ruggedized, waterproof housing with universal tripod mount included
  • 4X slow motion

I recently started finding about these small video cameras and i liked this one the as15. I find it amazing at how tiny these cameras are. The picture quality is astounding. When you view your video you would swear that this was from a bigger camera. I love how you can just put this in your pocket and go anywhere. It takes excellent low light, best i’ve seen. There’s a newer version the as100v that seems awesome. I feel that i’m fine with my as15. I also got the monitor that turns the action cam into a small video camera.

This camera is really great. The image quality is exceptional. There are so many manual settings it makes for an awesome action cam. You can try two different angles, 120 or 170 (wide), the hd is very high def. The slow motion is really nice, although that is only in 720p. The image stabilization makes a huge difference. You don’t have this on a go-pro. Also, the waterproof case is great with the universal tripod mount. The adhesive mounts are not the great.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Sony Action Cam, GoPro Hero2 or Hero3
  • Better than GoPro 3 White edition
  • Sony has a winner

This camera is pretty decent for its features. However, the quality when compared to the newer gopro 3 models is not that great. However, it does have get steadying technology built in which is top notch. One thing i did not like was the video looks as if you are looking through a fish bowl. I also used this on a scuba dive trip. The camera kept fogging up even with the fog strips in the case. It did not matter what depth i dove too or how many strips i placed in the case. Not specifically the camera’s fault, but i figured it worth mentioning. Another thing that is a pretty bad design flaw is the fact that you can not power off the camera when it is in it’s case. So for my dives, i had to power it on and leave it on the entire time until i was back on the surface and in a dry area. I do love the iphone software and was one of the main reasons i bought this camera. Because the video could be streamed over wifi to view the image you are capturing and also to use functions. I haven’t had any problems with the software side.

The camera is great and decently easy to get used to (limited interface etc) however the battery life even with the included (large battery is about useless for longer trips. The promised times are totally incorrect. It is impossible to run it with a cable attached and have it stand on your dash especially if you put it in the case. The lens does not rotate, i bought this to be different from every gopro out there. I also ended up buying a gopro because of some of the functional inconsistencies or lack there of function with these cameras. They seem to take decent videos and photos with stereo sound which is nice. It’d be nicer if some of the future functionality could come in via firmware update. I ended up buying the mini cam grip and that helps but then one can’t plug in any cables to keep the battery charging while in use. Putting it into that sony accessory is a bit awkward and i feel like i’m going to break something everytime i do it.

(updated 11/26/2012) i now have gopro hero3 black edition. Although sony is pretty good, if you can afford $399 action cam, i would go with hero3 black edition. Otherwise continue with my review. If you are ok with the following limitations of the sony action cam, this little sony cam is absolutely fantastic. Otherwise, i would go with gopro hero 2 or hero 3 silver edition. Cannot record sound in 60/120fps modes. Not that i value sound from any action cams inside a case, but no sound can be a deal breaker for some. Underwater footage is much worse than gopro hero2 in terms of color (mainly sony auto white balance does not work underwater). The case of the sony action cam also has a curve lens, so it cannot focus underwater. Sony will release the door pack that includes the flat lens dive door. Some lens flare can be a good visual effect. I am ok with it if the flare is not too much, but sony cam often washes out some colors under certain conditions. I do not record any action cameras in 1080p/30fps mode since cmos jello effects can be very pronounced in fast action scenes. So i record most clips in 720p 60fps. The problem is that sony records 60/120fps footage without sound and output videos as 30fps.

I was really underwhelmed with the quality of video this puts out. I had an 808 #16 that seemed to take just as good of video inside, and actually better video outside. This camera had all washed out colors, with a preference toward the blue, meaning white balance was way off, in a snowy environment, as compared to the 808 it was really poor. The 808 recorded true colors without any bias towards any hue. The picture is sharper across the entire frame than the 808, but i just can’t live with the fact that the white balance was off. I liked the image stabilization and that is why i bought it over the hero. Also, the image quality looked batter to me than the hero. I bought it to mount it to my newly purchased quadcopter, but it was just way too much work to mount for such lack luster video quality. That and even when i turned ‘remote(wifi’ off, it still seemed to interfere with the gps of the craft. I really hate to say it, but i returned it, and bought a mobius direct from the manufacturer.

After receiving and using the action cam, i can truly say it takes great video. The very first thing a user should do is open and read the documentation that comes with the unit. Both the foldout sheet and the pdf file on the unit itself. Save the foldout, it contains the password you will need when connecting by wi-fi. The foldout has a flowchart of the unit’s commands. It is worth reading and familiarizing yourself with the options before you start playing and filming with the unit. This also applies to the pdf file. Trust me, you will save yourself questions, complaints and headaches later. Operation of the action cam is very simple. If you can press a button, you have won the victory.

I’ve used this camera to great effect with time lapse and slo-mo. It is a very impressive piece of hardware. Do know i am on the bubble for 3-4 stars. If the batter lasted a bit longer, i would put this at the top. As it stands, batteries are spendy, a tiny bit short, and charging them in the camera is kinda weak sauce. I do think the picture is superior to the gopro, but i do not own a gopro. . Oh, i also wonder about the choice for the front of the housing to be held on by a thin piece of plastic that comes off/out fairly easily.

Great video quality, but there were several things that really bugged me. ) the external power jack is behind the battery door, so using external power while recording isn’t practical. ) when image stabilization is enabled, the field of view is greatly reduced. ) it seems to be designed to head/helmet mount on the side as it really sticks up if you top mount it and the lens doesn’t rotate to allow the camera to lay down horizontally.

I used this on a recent trip to marco island, florida. I had high hopes but this unit has a serious drawback. The weather was humid and i used it several times in the ocean (actually the gulf) and on an airboat tour of the everglades. On all of these occasions, the lens on the inside of the housing became fogged. This significantly degraded the quality of the image. I used the ‘audio front’ so maybe that allowed some moisture to enter the housing. However, it should not have happened even with that front. I think next time i’ll purchase a unit that is inherently water proof/resistant rather than one that needs a housing. I’m giving it three stars because the video quality is excellent.

Most excellent camera, but i could not truly count it as being 1080p. The difference in video quality between 720p and 1080p is not perceptible to me. The camera is an excellent value, however. It has fantastic sound compared to my old gopro, it is good at dealing with changes in light and tone ( and has particularly rich colors as well ). The image stabilization features is excellent. The fish eye lens effect is rather pronounced, so don’t think that you could use this for general purpose recording.

I love the image from this camera, its truly hd. However, you can’t set it on a top without the waterproof housing. That is a problem as i do not want to use the housing outside of water, especially as it generates some significant amount of heat after prolonged use. In addition, the awkwardness of charging is a con. Its impossible to charge on the go. If all of the above minor inconveniences don’t bother you, then i will recommend this camera, which rivals the more expensive pro cameras.

I love how you can control this camera with your smart phone. I use it primarily for motorsports. With the camera mounted on a fender or the hood, i can adjust this camera perfectly with my iphone add while sitting in the driver’s seat. The battery life is atrocious though. 5 max, which is too short for my applications. Sony’s mounting options are also less sophisticated than gopro’s, but there are plenty of 3rd party mounting solutions since it has a tripod mount at the bottom of the plastic case.

I’m happy with this camera and feel that it’s the best bang for the buck. The digital image stabilization is amazing, although it is disabled if you select the widest view angle. I’ve mounted it to my truck’s roof rack using a ram mount. The  adapter fits directly onto the waterproof case if you drill a hole for a quarter-inch screw. For my motocross helmet i used four zip ties on one of the included flush mounts to secure it to holes on the visor. The android app control is decent. I lost signal a few times just between the driver’s seat and the camera directly overhead. The app really needs to be expanded to control all features of the camera, including setting the time. It should actually sync the phone’s time. My biggest gripe is that the camera loses track of time when you swap out the battery, and setting it is a real pain.

I got a great deal on this camera buying a refurbished one. My only complaints i have so far with this camera is that you have to have the case on two mounted on a tripod, once inside the case the audio suffers. The best part after buying this camera there was new firmware it will now record 1080 p at 60 frames per second. I recommend this camera if you do a lot of action sports you will not be sorry. You can search youtube for sample videos of how good this camera records.

This makes nice clear hd video. I was shocked when i first got it. I thought it was about the size of a paperback. Light compact and easy to use. Just push 1 button, and you’re recording. You don’t even have to turn it on. Wish it had a zoom, but that’s not what an action cam is.

The largest issue with this camera versus the others is that out of the box you must use the waterprrof housing in order to mount the camera. The issue with this is that buy mounting the camera inside the housing you loose the control over the side buttons and the sound is almost complely blocked. Also is you have to use the case you will need the anti fog pack ($10)inorder to use the camera with slightly better sound you are forced to purchase replacement doors for and addtional $30+ or purchase the skeleton case ($28) or the headband and case. All these were either poor decisons by sony or an attempt to force you to spend more money. This makes the price quite misleading as you will have to spend $20-60 to get camera up and runnig as well as the jvc adxxtion which is pretty well equipped out of the box or places you closer to gopro territory.

I bought this when they first lowered the price on it, before the new model came out. At 120 bucks this thing is the best camera money can buy. The newer one and it’s fancy stabilization will be mine when it drops in price some, but this will still get some use; it’s great at the track, great for late nights at the pool, etc. If you buy one of these, buy them for the night capability. Buy a go-pro adapter, and you can use all of the gopro’s mounting ghizmos. Com/dp/b005v7lfz6/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pc_ns_ttl?_encoding=utf8&colid=3kdasa845mdov&coliid=iwb552zfpjbhw for suction cup mounts, i’d recommend the proforma mount for this camera. I usually mount it inside the car, on a side window and it gets fairly good video of the dash, shifter, and the track.

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