Skque Soft Silicone Skin Case, Flip Silicone Case

The construction is durable and stylish, but even better than that is the performance . The video quality is superior to camcorders that i have purchased in the past for 5 times the price. I highly recommend this product .

Got it quickly and was exactly as stated. I used it but ended up taking it off as it was so bulky and it picked up every piece of fluff/dirt you could imagine. The material is like the ‘sticky hand’ toy that you throw at the wall and it sticks to stuff.

Very easy to slip on – my kind of product :)looks great and easy to manipulate functions on the camera. Shipping charges are a killer for weight/price of the product though i would still recommend it.

Key specs for Black Soft Silicone Skin Case for Flip Ultra HD Camcorder:

  • Perfect skin case to hold and protect your Flip Ultra for any activities,anytime,anywhere
  • Hand grip mold for extra comfort and security
  • The skin case is made of soft silicon to protect your Flip Ultra
  • Professional design allows for total access to all of the Flip Ultra control buttons without removing the Skin
  • Smart design allows you to connect to the dock connector without removing the skin

Comments from buyers

“Buy it, you wont regret it
, Excellent product
, Flip Silicone Case

This is definitely worth the cost. I feel like i have a better grip on the camera with the skin on.

At first i was scared that the case wouldn’t fit my ultrahd flip 4gb 1hr camcorder. My model isn’t really sold anywhere to my knowledge other than costco or sam’s club. But when it came into the mail (in less than a few days, so yay) it fit snug right in. I can’t tell you how ecstatic i was when i found this out.

Great way to provide scratch and shock protection. Does not provide proofing type protection. Is however a great product and a necessary accessory. My concern was accessibilty to function controls. Pleasantly, my concern was unfounded, all necessary functions are easy to operate, the same as if the case is removed.

It protected my flip camera in all types of weather or terrain. Even protected it when i dropped the thing.

I purchased a flip for fathers day, the battery cover fell off while using the flip and was never found. I contacted flip support to only discover that you cannot replace only the cover but would have to replace the entire flip for $80. This was a last resort to keeping the batteries from falling out, so far so good.

It was a little diffitcult to get on but i still like it.

It’s not see through like some other cases i read reviews about here. I got mine from unitedintegral. I mention that because sometimes there are variations between sellers.

The silicone skin case for my flip camcorder is an excellent idea to have. I no longer worry about it slipping out of my hands. The silicone case also gives the flip and added level of protection from drops.

I am very pleased with this cover. My hands sweat alot and this cover is perfect for griping the camera. It fits snug and is easy to get off and on. It adds some heft to the camera, which helps hold it a bit more steady. I wish they would have colored the arrows on the back, but that’s no biggie. I can and have adapted to the all black arrows. I am also very impressed with the company. The packaging is excellent and it arrived on time just as they said.

The flip slides inside the cover. All the flip controls are still easy to access. Except when wearing winter gloves. But thats no fault of the cover. Its inexpensive & effective against dust, water splashes & fingerprints.

The case is well made, but i don’t use it because the camera comes with a nice cover; i prefer something that covers and protects the lens.

I love my flip camera and was very excited when i found this case on amazon. I was thrilled when i received it. It fits the camera beautifully and adds a very nice texture so it isn’t slippery like the actual flip body. I would definately recommend this case for your flip :-).

I just dont like how it colects a lot of lint but over all it protects the flip camara very well.

Does what it’s supposed to do. It still doesn’t protect the lens and screen though, you still have to store it in a soft cover case. It attracts a lot of dirt and lint though.

The case does a great job of protecting the camera from scratches and even some minor drops. It also doesn’t change the size or feel of the camera too much.

The case is fine but the camera stinks. Wouldn’t buy another flip minho if you paid me.

The product is ok to protect, however the fit is loose and baggie. I was hoping for a much tighter fit.

The soft silicone skin case fits like a glove and still allows complete access to the functionality of the flip ultra hd.

I love my flip hds (yes, pathetic. )these skins protect and provide a nice gripping surface. If you have a flip, you need these.

I bought this, and the same week i dropped it and the camera lens broke but it wasnt in the case yet.

Fits the camera very well, and protects against damage. Attracts cat hair like a magnet, and makes it almost impossible to fit in other cases. I had to return a quilted drawstring bag made for the flip because it was very hard to force the flip in with the silicone skin. I think you have to go with one or the other, not both products.

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