SEREE HDV-M06 FHD 1080p Video Camcorder 24MP 18X Digital Zoom Self Timer Beauty Face Camera HDMI Output : Three Stars

Great video camera for a great price.

Excellent product , great seller , thank’s.

Got this for my young 9 year old and it is easy to use.

Would give 4-5 stars if the zoom was better.

Camera itself is easy to use. I purchased to take video of my daughter graduating boot camp and the sound is not audible whatsoever. It picks up the sound but playback is scratchy and am unable to decipher words. It’s cheap and so is quality.

SEREE HDV-M06 FHD 1080p Video Camcorder 24MP 18X Digital Zoom Self Timer Beauty Face Camera HDMI Output (HDV-M06) (HDV-M06-FBA) : My daughter purchased this really seems to like it.

The quality is about as good as a webcam. Poor sound, choppy video that gets worse when zoomed in. But, on the plus side, it was cheap.

Small, but mighty, easy to carry or store. Feature are in good position to use while filming.

It’s decent, but i was using a cannon t6 rebel eos and it’s quality was far superior. I could not record longer than about 13 minutes on the camera and bought this thinking you can get a good camera for cheap.

I wanted an older, simpler, no-frills camera. A nice bit i didn’t find out about until a videographer friend showed me is the flip-out viewscreen also flips all the way over so you can view yourself; perfect for podcasting. I was unable to transfer files via usb, or get it to recognize as a usb camera, but it is a simple matter to take out the memory card and slip it into my laptop to retrieve the files. Another very minor issue was is it won’t focus closer than eighteen inches or so. Fortunately i had a set of close-up diops from an old minolta slr and with a bit of artist’s tape i was good to go — got in close enough to read component values on a circuit board, without noticeable lens or chromatic aberration. Amazing how hard it is to confirm that modern cheap video cameras are actually provisioned to fit on standard tripod mounts. If i had any advice on this, it would be the same as with any video camera — get a second battery.

Sound quality is not great, but good video quality and options.

 color: hdv-m06the seree video camcorder is nice at this price point. My last camcorder was one of those big ones from years ago and this one is so much smaller and has better everything than my old one did. Most people don’t use a camcorder anymore, but i needed something to film things like flying my drones or my son running track and cross country. I wanted something that has a better zoom than a cell phone has. What i like:- fhd [email protected] video, 24mp pictures with an 18x digital zoom- can take video and still pictures- small and lightweight, so my arm doesn’t get tired holding it- 2. 7-inch viewing screen flips 270 degrees (great for selfies or group shots)- records for 60-90 minutes using a 3. 7v 1000mah np-40 rechargeable battery- can be used as a webcam if needed- supports up to a 32gb sd card (not included)- can be placed on any standard tripod- supports hdmi output (connect directly to your tv for playback), cord not included- comes with a carrying bag, remote, av cable- uses beauty face function to smooth your face out- will auto take a picture when it sees someone smiling- has built-in microphone and night vision- can replay what you recorded on the viewing screen if you wantwhat i don’t like:- no port to add an external microphone if wanted- extra battery not included or a charger (can get both for about $15)- audio recording has no setting and records very low at timesoverall, this is a very good camcorder that does exactly what i bought it for. This is a basic entry-level camcorder that is has a plastic shell and is very light weight and easy to use and operate.

Great video camcorder, i just wish i could plug my mic in.

Nice little video camera for the price. Fits in your hand comfortably easy to use comes with remote, plugsto charge and hook up to tv or computer, case and cd on how to use. Picture is good quality and will work well for our upcoming vacation. Ships fast and packaged well.

It came with all the little gadgets to get you started. The only things i did purchase separate was a tripod and a coordinating memory card as this does not come with one. Its small and easy to carry and maneuver and it comes with a remote so i can become a selfie master lol.My husband really loves the night vision feature so he can make paranormal activity goof off vids. I can’t lie i love that too. It’s a great little machine to travel and capture every fun, embarrassing, and heartwarming moment you can think of.

This was a great bargain buy for me. Until it failed on me yesterday. The screen or the entire camera has frozen and the screen has frozen. It will not cooperate with me anymore. I want a refund or a new one.

I can’t give it five stars because it may have been a cheap get but i had high expectations. I guess i’m not being too fair but in the future i would definitely go for something more expensive. Has a good appearance, a good feel, a good light. Comes with every basic thing except an sd card. It is an hd camera, but it just isn’t hd. I don’t know how to explain it.

Great little video camera and reasonably priced.

Very user friendly, easy to figure out and use. I love the removeable memory card that makes transferring videos and printing still photos a snap. I’m impressed by the picture and sound quality. This has been a great starter camera for my teenage beginning youtuber.

Buy simply amazing this camera is not only light but it takes great still pictures as it does videos what an amazing camera it is so great that even when i am able to and you open it and it is just amazing if i was ever to order one for anyone else someone else it would certainly be this camera without any doubt i’m leaving by 2 so that i can have a spare that’s how much i enjoyed using this and how much i enjoyed having it my grandmother who is 80 she said she is ready and she is in a wheelchair and that it is as perfect as that taken by myself and my husband.

I went off on a limb buying this product. It is cheap and typically you get what you pay for. This camera has a lot of bang for its buck. So far to me this is totally worth it. I am going to be putting it up to some harder testing come hunting season. If it passes those conditions, i do not have any doubt that it will, i may end up buying a couple more. Overall, i am very pleased with the camera. Good picture quality, easy to operate, perfect size.

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SEREE HDV-M06 FHD 1080p Video Camcorder 24MP 18X Digital Zoom Self Timer Beauty Face Camera HDMI Output (HDV-M06) (HDV-M06-FBA)
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