SEREE Camcorder FHD 1080P 24 – Super camera with all the options needed.

It focuses well and the mic sounds pretty clear. The recording a bit quiet, so make sure you speak up or use an external mic. No hot-shoe, so you have to get a plug-in mic. I don’t know where the whole 24mp, hd video comes from, but it doesn’t look itflash is downright blinding but adds little light to the final video. It’s a great starter camera but at some point, you’ll probably want to upgrade.

For the price, it is a good camera. Very basic, but takes a great video.

Bought several of these camcorders. Picture and sound is decent. Here are the specifications for the SEREE Camcorder FHD 1080P 24:

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  • RECORD VIDEO & TAKE PHOTOS: This multipurpose camcorder is great for both video and still photos. Excellent full HD photo quality. 1080p @30fps. A great all-around value camera. Choose to shoot in standard color, vivid color, sepia, and black and white. 16x digital zoom provides fast, fluid zoom during recording. Self-timer allows for better selfies in seconds.
  • ULTRA-SENSTIVE TOUCHSCREEN: Immediate response to your touch. Interface is designed with the user in mind so the menu and screen layout are super-easy to use. The touchscreen is so user-friendly even your kids will pick up the menu in under five minutes. Flip and rotate up to 270 degrees.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: This model seamlessly integrates with your USB cord and data. Also works with card readers. Easily transfer pictures and videos to your computer. Computer-free cropping and photo deletion. HDMI port for live view when connected to TV or monitor. (HDMI cable included)
  • YOUR MEMORIES PRESERVED: Perfect for filming your kids at their sporting events, dance recitals, band concerts and more. Take this camcorder on vacation with you and preserve all these memories forever. If you are an aspiring filmmaker, or have one in your family, this is a great model.
  • THE SEREE GUARANTEE: One-year warranty is provided by SEREE. New features in this camcorder include the new “DISP” button. This allows you to quickly remove all the icons on the screen while recording and turn-off the screen during recording. Easily mounts on Tripod. Anti Shake DSP, allows you to always shoot smooth, stable images on the move. Consider using the camcorder with external lenses like Wide Angle Macro, Teleconverter, Telescope, Fisheye or UV Lens. (Purchased separately) .

This camcorder is a really great product. Once i turned the camera on it showed a clear picture and the light function on the camcorder enhances everything to an hd resolution. The only thing that i will suggest would be purchasing a storage card right away because you can not take any pictures or record any video without it. Once the camcorder is turned on it states ‘memory full insert card’. However, i look forward to capturing spontaneous life moments as well as special events and occasions.

Seems like in my family there has been a lot of call for camcorders these days and with the kids being grown up i have not really looked into getting a new one till now. I love this camcorder, love taking video now (i used to hate it) and become the go to person in the family to record events. The camcorder is super small and fits easily into the palm of my hand. It doesn’t feel much heavier than my cell phone so it is not cumbersome to hold and take video with for longer periods of time. Even with the 3 inch touch screen open it is still easy to carry around. Speaking of the touch screen i like the larger design and love the touch screen because i have become dependent on touch screens since all smart phones these days have them. The camcorder can take still photos as well. The camera is 24 mega-pixels so you can zoom in and out with ease. You can even crop and delete the photos directly from the camcorder without the need of a laptop or desktop. The video quality is amazing with vivid color and smooth transition movements when panning the camera or zooming in on subject matter.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Takes awesome video with ease!!!
  • SEREE Camcorder HDV-Z8 FHD
  • GREAT MACRO FUNCTION, with additional lens

Not bad for last minute purchase. I was surprised how well it worked. Not the best but hard to beat for the price.

Camera does what i want it to do. But, the users manual could do with a lot of improvement, but this is my first hdv camera, so i have a lot to learn. Seree has been very helpful and i thank them from the bottom of my heart and my 86 year old fingers.

The digital camcorder works pretty well for the price. The zoom is not real good but it does take clear video. The battery when fully charged recorded over 2 hours without dying on me, and that was using the zoom in and out often. I like the screen can be turned to any direction, great feature.

Good camcorder for low price.

The camera is chinese and the auto white balance hates soft beige light and beige walls. So indoors, if you aren’t in hard white light it’ll flicker if you or the camera move to focus on other things. It’ll white balance back and forth without losing focus. I suggest, if you are recording in a stationary area, that you do a test run of around 90 seconds. Walk around the camera and speak, get a feel for how it likes to pick up what volume speech from what directions. It’ll make your video easier to record when you know what the camera hears. Also, it shipped with a dead charger. So the battery was at 30% or so and couldn’t charge. The vendor did send a new battery and charger which alleviated the issue but beware.

Description clearly stated, ‘focus range: normal: 1. 5 feet) ~ infinity macro: 15 ~ 25cm. What was not stated was that there are separate macro and wide angle lenses available for the camera. Sereer customer service individual went to great lengths and did a fantastic job patiently explaining the details and provided the lenses i needed, plus made a great instructional video for their use. With the added macro lens the camera focuses beautifully within 2 inches of the subject. Perfect for my scientific needs. This is a fantastic camera, simple and straight-forward to use. The additional wide angle and macro lenses vastly increase the camera’s functionality. I will be back to buy another sereer camera, plus the additional macro lens, in another couple of months. Thank you so much, sereer customer service, for patiently walking me through the process.

I needed an economical but dependable handheld video camera for my students to use in our drama class. They are making commercials and newscasts as a project. This fills the bill completely. Good battery life, excellent resolution, simple to use (6th, 7th, 8th graders) and lightweight so it doesn’t require a tripod unless the shot is to be static. Will buy another next school year when new budget monies are available.

I bought this for my son’s birthday yesterday. The only momentary issue we had with it was that it did not fit the tripod that i also purchased for him. Come to find out (from a nice amazon tech named nikolaus) i needed an adapter for the tripod which i went on an ordered today. I think seree should add the size of the hole for tripods in their description so that when people order, they can get the proper tripod and/or adapter. Can’t wait to see the awesome videos he will create. Update 4/18/17: had to return to get another one. As mentioned before, it would not fit a tripod and was told to purchase an adapter. Purchased the adapter and it was way too big. I tried other tripods and it still wouldn’t lock on.

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