SANYO Xacti VPC-E2 Digital Camcorder and 8 MP Digital Camera – I bought this camera expecting it to be of $165 quality! I WAS RIGHT!

Now that i’ve had this camera for about 4 months now and have used it a lot, i can definitely give it a solid 3 stars. Here’s what i wanted:*something easy to carry: i’ve got a baby under 1 and a toddler and that means carrying a lot of diapers, extra clothes, and stuff. I wanted something that i could easily slip into my jacket pocket and not be another camera in a bag. I carry my canon slr around in a separate bag so the video camera had to be small. *something that could get wet: we own a sailboat and are on the water a lot. *something that took decent enough pics and video: there are times when i just don’t wanna bring the slr so the camera had to be better than my iphone in terms of pic quality. Here’s how i think it’s held up:*very easy to carry, very lightweight. I end up taking this everywhere.

I just purchased the sanyo xacti vpc-e2 and i have to say, i’m very impressed. I bought it as an amazon open box warehouse deal which made it even better. First, let me talk about my experience with video cameras. I have owned a couple, starting with the 8mm format back in the late 1980’s and then moving to digital-8 later on. I liked taking video, but hated schlepping around a camera, so therefore, i didn’t use them. Also, editing together video was a pain, having to go through a tape sequentially to import the video. A friend of mine found the sanyo xacti vpc-e2 and i was intrigued. It was small, portable and waterproof. It looked to be a fun little camera. I’ve been taking some experimental videos testing the camera and here are my conclusions.

The camera is basically an upgrade of the e1. I originally purchased the e1 3 years ago for a snorkeling vacation. The video and jpegs were superb. Both the e2 and e1 are daytime cameras. They perform best in bright light and sunshine. If you plan to use it indoors for either still or video you should look elsewhere. The e2 has a 60 frame per second hr feature whereas the e1 only has 15fps. The e2 performs very well in brightly lit situations in both jpeg and video. I was happy with the video quality too. Here are the specifications for the SANYO Xacti VPC-E2 Digital Camcorder and 8 MP Digital Camera:

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  • Records full 640×480 resolution video at 60 fields-per-second to memory card
  • Takes high-resolution 8-megapixel digital still images
  • Easily share videos on the Web, as the camera incorporates AVC/H.264 video compression
  • Record up to a total of 8 hours of full motion video on an 8 GB memory card
  • Comes with a 2.5-inch LCD screen that can rotate up to 285-degrees

This camera has taken better pictures, and 100 times better video than my $500 sony digital 8 camcorder. Follow this link to a video i shot over the weekend at wet & wild. See the image quality for yourself. Please forgive my amateur videography[. updated review july 3 2011died in the caribbean may 25 2011. Camera still works but you can’t do anything because all the thumb buttons on the outside stopped working. 5 feet under water for less than 30 minutes. ]

I purchased this camcorder / point and shoot camera on a black friday deal for $199. In other words, i may be in lovefor starters, let me tell you what i was looking for: – small camcorder – something that would fit easily in my pocket, ready for the quick opportunity – easy to use – i’m not a video engineer – records to tv resolution, as well as an easy upload to youtube – still camera incorporated, good enough to compare to a dedicated point and shoot so i don’t have to carry too much stuff. One of my hobbies is photography, and i have a canon d20 that i use frequently. But that’s bringing out the ‘big guns’ for shooting something that just appeals to me on a whim. I realized that a camcorder / point-n-shoot might not satisfy the photographer in me, so i also got a good deal on a nikon coolpix on black friday. The coolpix is still in it’s box, and will likely be returned. This appears to be a relatively new camcorder, as there aren’t a whole lot of reviews – or even a group on flickr. So when i purchased the thing, it was an impulse buy.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Little Video Camera – Depending on Your Needs
  • An average/novice user.
  • Fantastic camera for a snow trip

This is a compact and durable, extremely easy to operate, do almost everything camera. It takes great stills and good outdoor movies. I was disappointed a bit with the indoor movies. It works underwater and is sealed to resist dust, sand, high humidity. It interfaces flawlessly with pc. With the mac, i sometimes have connectivity problems and need to remove the sd card to upload the photos and movies. Overall, i would recommend the camera. It does fit in my shirt pocket.

I’m glad i bought this little fun camcorder with a great price at amazon warehouse before it went out of stock. It is very solidly build, feels good in your hand (either you’re left or right handed). To my surprise it also comes with a nice adobe premiere elements 4 software for video editing. First of all don’t compare this camcorder with those mini dv or dvd camcorder. If you want higher video quality, this isn’t for you. What make this sanyo camcorder shines is it’s small and compact size, waterproof function, decent video clips (mp4 format) outdoor or under water, uses popular cheap sd memory cards, easily download files into your computer, ipod, psp or you tube. It is truely a fun camcorder for your family and travel activities, rain or shine. It now stays in my pocket all the time. My advise is to get a couple extra batteries and sd cards, so you can shoot nonstop.

On our last trip to hawaii i told my husband i wanted one camera/camcorder that would take really good video & pictures. I was tired of carting the big slr on vacations and then not wanting to get it wet/sandy so we’d also bring a cheap digital and a camcorder. We’d come home with bad low res digital photos of 99% of the trip and 1 or 2 ‘staged’ photos from the slr and virtually no video. We came home, checked on amazon and ‘voila’ the perfect camera had just been released. I’ve been using it for 4 months now and love it. I usually keep it in my purse and it’s been great for those impromptu moments at the park or just around town. Great pictures (ok, not as good as my nikon d40x but really good) and very good video (better than our 3 year old sony dvd403 camcorder). Looks great on the computer and even on the 50′ plasma screen. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants one ‘everything’ camera.

I was shopping for a small hand held video camera for my 11 year old daughter. I had looked at the flip at target and other various cameras at best buy when my friend told me she was buying this particular camera for her daughter as well. She told me they had spent the summer using a friend’s camera underwater in their pool and they had such a good time she decided to buy her own. I had never heard of this particular brand and i had not considered a waterproof camera before, but now i was getting excited because this was an added benefit since we had just put in a swimming pool. Great looking camera, appeals to the young and not so young as well. Easy to use, though we have yet to try it under water (it is winter right now). Added benefit is that my daughter often captures family fun that i often miss because my camera is not charged, or i don’t think to have it ready. This is much more spontaneous and great since we are capturing memories much more often now. My daughter’s goal is to make her own home movie, so this is also helping her stay up on technology learning new things every day. You can get a lower price on amazon or other online businesses, versus the mega stores which i found the prices to be much more elevated. Shipped quickly, exactly as described, very happy with this purchase and so glad my friend told me about it, otherwise i would most likely have purchased an inferior product and had been disappointed.

This is my first review of an item on amazon. I’m impressed with the quality of the pictures and video for the price. It takes a few seconds to adjust to lighting during video but then works fine. I haven’t used it under water yet but did use it while sailing with a lot of ocean spray and it was fine. I usually use a large cannon 40d camera so pictures aren’t quite as nice as that but for a lightweight easy to use camera it does what it is expected to do. I have a 4gb card so have had plenty of space. Just keep an eye on the battery. It is probably a good idea to have a backup. There are lots of settings and i haven’t had the chance to test them all yet. Easy to transfer to pc and view.

I bought this camera for filming underwater while on vacation in cuba. It certainly did the job, but i found the camera a bit awkward to use and not as intuitive as i would have liked. The controls you would like easy access to are hard to find (for example, switching it from auto to underwater mode) and you have to flip from menu to menu to find the options. I found the zoom button too small to find quickly while swimming in the ocean. As well, in lower light situtations, the quality of the image is really quite poor (example. On the plane at night with only the overhead light). On the plus side, you can take still photos and can also save a still from an existing movie clip. The lcd screen is large and can be rotated for easier viewing while recording or watching playback. 00), the camera is an ok investment for underwater photography.

This is a great little camera. The only problem we had was that the battery compartment didn’t seal so 5 minutes into our swim it quit. Ruined the camera and the battery. Amazons great customer service got me another one shipped out the next day in time for our next snorkel trip. The 4 minutes of video i was able to get was great. Ill update this review after our dive today. The second camera arrived as amazon promised in time for the second snorkel trip. It went through 2 dives of about 45 minutes each and 2 soaks in a bucket of fresh water without a problem. I got some great video and pictures its just to bad the first camera didn’t fair as well. You take your chances with this camera. 1 out of 2 worked as described. If you are going to buy this, but from amazon. They have a no hassle return/replacement/refund process.

This camera/video is excellent. I bought it to take on our ski trip because it combined camera, video and waterproofing. The capability of snapping stills during videos was fantastic. The picture quality was great. The price is extremely reasonable considering the functions and portability. I have been using this camera over six months and it is great. I haven’t had the opportunity to film underwater, yet; i have read that you have to make sure the camera is properly sealed and locked before getting it wet. I didn’t give it 5 stars because of misc minor issues. Awkward hold, no viewfinder and in bright sunlight the lcd is difficult to see image, menu is a bit of a pain.

Bought this for hawaii trip. Pictures were decent (my cameras clarity is far better but this was expected). The view finder flips over so we were able to center ourselves when taking our own pictures which was nice. Loved that we did not have to worry about sand ruining it and were able to rinse it off and go. Exceeded my expectations with underwater filming and photos. Great little product, very durable. Gave it 4 stars because everyone else seemed to have difficulty focusing it and the pictures would come out so blurry or not at all.

This is an excellent camcorder for its price. I took it on vacation to dominican republic and it performed much better then i expected. I was very skeptical about it after reading all reviews, especially all complains about image quality, image stabilizing and waterproofing. Well, i can honestly say that i do not share those complains. Sure, the image quality is not the same as thousand dollars camcorder, but it is not bad. In bright light it is very good, and indoors or in the evening, you just have to adjust white balance and reduce iso (light sensitivity) as much as possible without getting image too dark. Btw, you will not be able to change iso in many more expensive camcorders, so you are stuck with what ever iso is selected for you by camcorder and if it’s too high the image become vary grainy. Surprisingly, photos came out really good in the bright light. Mostly i used my dslr for photos, but in the ocean i was using sanyo and pictures came out surprisingly good. Image stabilization was not a factor for either video or photo.

Product looks pretty cool with an affordable price. My major interest about this product is the waterproof feature. Beside, the operation is very very simple. The thing i don’t like much about this camera is the battery slot where the battery lock locates in a position that makes it difficult to remove the battery. Also, inserting battery to an incorrect position can be done which actually does not cause any damage but it needs to reopen and reinsert it again. Image and video captures are great for home users. The great thing is now i am no more worry about taking pictures in the beach, under the rain, and/or swimming pool. I like the color too, it makes the camera looks much better.

I had read all the reviews before buying the product and they were largely favorable. I can certainly add my voice to that group. The xacti comes out of the box and into service right after charging the battery. It was easy to use and takes outstanding still pictures as well as very high quality video. I have never been a video buff but i felt that i wanted to try to get more into it when considering all of the great tools now available for manipulation of video. I now find myself remembering to bring the xacti and having video memories available. I had read some people thinking the battery life could be a problem. I have not experienced that and i wonder whether the concerns might not stem from the difference between the sleep setting and the off setting. The xacti can be be turned off with a long push of the on/off button but it can also be suspended with a short duration push of the on/off button. It seems at least plausible that some people think it is off when it is not actually.

I bought this to go on a cruise and man was it a great idea. I take this thing everywhere. Its so small you dont even notice it in you pocket. You can pull it out and in 5sec you are ready to shot. My friend dont like hanging out with me now because i always have the cam out reminding they how dumb they look. I take it snowboarding all the time it works great. Some people complained about the bottons being hard to push but can even do it with my gloves on. Underwater quality is cool haven’t gone under 2ft yet just stay close to surface but it will stay submerged with no probs i bring it kayaking all the time and it will sit in some water at the bottom of my bag and be fine. It is very durable it come with a case thats not bulky at all works well. I take it hiking and it take great pics even while you recording,its in my bag every day.

I just came back from a ski trip to colorado with my family. Dropped it in the snow a couple of times, brushed it off, and kept on recording. Could not operate the controls with thick ski gloves on, but could with my cold weather gloves and glove liners. The image on the screen looked grainy in low light conditions but the recording looked good when reviewed on my laptop. The still images are ok, but not as good as the ones i took with my canon sd800is. [which i also dropped in the snow (yikes) but quickly wiped off and didn’t seem to have damaged the camera (go cannon) however, the canon was designed for still capture and the sanyo for video. Recorded video on the canon is horrid. The resolution range is 640 x 480 60 frames per second down to 320 x 240 15 fps (for uploading to youtube etc). ]

I purchased this camera because i was going on a caribbean cruise. It exceeded my expectations in almost every way. The waterproof feature was outstanding and we got many videos and pictures we could never have gotten otherwise. The video editing software that came in the box was very helpful as well to edit the movies and make something everyone can enjoy. If there was one negative thing i had to say about it, i would say the battery power doesn’t last as long as i hoped because i used it so often. Great buy — recommended to all.

I love almost everything about this camera. I have taken it into the surf, to water parks, and in our pool. I have dropped it in the sand (while putting boggie board fins on), and it holds up like a champ. The only issue i have with it, is that if you close the screen while recording, it is easy to bump the record button, and it stops recording. At first i thought the camera was defective, but after experimenting, i discovered that i must be bumping the button. After one day at the water park, i had messed up about 20 out of 25 clips. The battery life is only about 1 hour of recording, but i wouldn’t want to make it bigger to make that longer. I just wish that there was a waterproof holder for a spare battery. Also, you can’t tell from the picture, but one side of the camera is white.

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