SANYO Xacti VPC-E1 6MP Waterproof MPEG4 Camcorder – Great Camera!

This is not your average camcorder. We recently purchased a new canon digital rebel xt 8mp digital slr camera with ef-s 18-55mm f3. 6 lens (black) to replace our old point and shoot and realized that we missed the ‘video’ features of the point and shoot. We have owned an older canon camcorder but really hate lugging around tapes and getting the video to the computer is not fun. So we purchased the sanyo xacti vpc-e1 and have been very impressed. I have never seen such a small lightweight waterproof camera anywhere. If you are looking for a great easy to use camcorder and you aren’t worried as much about video quality, the xacti vpc-e1 is the way to go. Very nice zoom for a small design.

I have both xacti e1 and e2. The e1 shoots better stills and video. The e1 is more sensitive to light than the e2. After about 2 years of moderate use in and out of water the e1 stopped recording sound. I was in a bind because i was leaving for vacation in 2 weeks so i purchased the e2. The e2 is not as sensitive to light as the e1. I had to use a higher iso with the e2 under the same lighting conditions. After about one year of moderate use, the e2 stopped recording sound. Same problem as with the e1. Both cameras still record video minus sound.

Easy to use and makes good mpeg4 videos. The light sensor on mine tends to overexpose videos and overreact at times when the light changes abruptly. The usb cable (a av/usb type) is not easy to find. It’s one of those ones with a very flat end. Good luck finding another one in your usb cable collection. Here are the specifications for the SANYO Xacti VPC-E1 6MP Waterproof MPEG4 Camcorder:

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  • Waterproof digital camcorder
  • Shoot 640 x 480-pixel video clips and 6-megapixel still images simultaneously
  • 5x optical zoom; 2.5-inch LCD screen
  • Built-in image stabilization
  • Up to 80 minutes recording time per 1GB memory card (not included)

I bought this camera before my yearly fishing trip to alaska and the camera functioned beautifully. I was looking for a camera that i could put in my pocket or backpack with out taking up a lot of room. The sanyo xacti vpc-e1 has worked out perfectly. I dropped it in the frigid alaskan waters a few times and the camera came out working like a charm.Don’t let a few of these negative reports scare you into not purchasing this camera. This camera is not a professional camera. Don’t expect professional quality. Do expect to have a lot of fun with it. Any digital camera isn’t going to produce the best results with out light, digital needs light.Its compact, rugged and easy to use.

I bought this camera for my 13 year old son to take with him to a snowboarding camp. We also wanted this since we lived on the coast and may want to take it in the boat and not have to worry about it getting wet. Simple to use, he was able to figure it out instantly without looking at the directions. He was happy that it came with editing software (even though we haven’t tried that yet). And we love that he will be able to load things on itunes for his ipod. I loved that the camera fits right in the palm of your hand. The picture was clearer than i expected as well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great little DV Camera
  • Excellent Video Camera for Travelers
  • Very nice price-quality relation

I bought this video camera becase it was waterproof to five (5) feet and it was excellent. We had a great vacation and got some great videos.

I got this camera on the net from the asia/europe market. It is a fantastic camera, it works great, even underwater. I was very impressed with the audio and the camera works great except it is more of an outdoors camera for use in good lighting. It doesn’t work that well in dark situations. I would say it is comparable to other cameras without a night shot mode. If you shop around you can get them for much cheaper. I got mine shipped for $286 from a site online. It is a great deal, i would recommend it to anyone looking for a good, small, weatherproof camera that does it all.

Looks nice but is not meant for low light filming. You can ruin pictures since it only offers an on/off flash and ‘on’ is usually way too much. Great red eye feature that is pretty easy to use. The interface overall is nice and it even talks. Great interface overall which is why i can bump it from 2 to 3 stars. If you are looking for a good all around camcorder/camera to use day or night, try another model or brand.

 a video review done by chris christensen of the amateur traveler podcast for the podshow christmas gift ideas series of videos.

I raft and kayak whitewater rivers. We took this camera on a class 4 run on the nf american a couple of weeks ago. There was lots of carnage and rescues that i had to do. At one point during a rescue the camera was lost track of and ended up on the bottom of the raft for a few class 4 rapids. When we realized it was missing and looked for it we found it on the floor of the raft floating in between the floor and the tube, it must have been threshed well where it was. It came out just fine and we enjoyed viewing videos of rafts flipping that night. The picture quality isn’t great but very adequatei recommend this product.

The video gets jittery when you try to pan a scene. Also, the stabilizer is not real effective. The camera has trouble figuring out the light level but that is remedied by half clicking the shutter on an area with medium light for the picture. That is a great feature in itself for the price.

My son is writing the review for this. Hi, i think this little camcorder is the best you’ll probably find. This camera features wonderful quality, you can film high-action, 8 gb gets you five hours of recording space, and the moment you open the screen, the xacti is ready to film. It’s easy to carry around, and less bulky, making it ideal for long hiking trips. A couple of pointers: the buttons are a bit squishy, but then again, it is an underwater camera. Once you are recording below the surface, it has a sort of bubbly sound when you play it back. The battery charges for only a small period of time, and it lasts for what seems to be forever. Again, it is so lightweight, it can fit in a large pocket or purse. The sanyo xacti comes with: a velcro cover, a usb connection, charger, tv connection, and even internal memory, so if you want to record immediately, no sweatoverall, it’s the best camera i’ve held in my hands.

I bought this for my trip back to ohio for our family reunion. When i was looking to finally purchase a camcorder i had several criteria points to achieve. I needed a camcorder that was ready to capture whatever i came across when it happened and not a minute later. 2)i needed a camcorder that was compact enough to fit in my pants pocket(i didn’t want to lug a case around). 3)storage media had to be compact as well. Imagine storing several cassettes or several discs in your pocket,not very comfortable. Hard drive camcorders i found too susceptible to the hard drive crashing, and at the time i was shopping for a camcorder this was way more affordable. This is a great featurei bought it for when we would go to the amusement parks and get on the water rides.

I gave this camera to my husband for christmas. He is a total camera buff, so he turned up his nose quite a bit, especially with the sanyo name. We went on vacation to costa rica and he refused to even take it with us, so, i took it anyway. The video i took in and out of the water of my girls surfing and the accidental run-in with jelly fish was excellent. The picture looks a little blue, but after running it back at the house with the quick hook up, everyone was oohing and awing. Now he won’t let me use it, like it was all his idea. So, the zoom was great, still pictures, awesome and all and all, a fun, easy to port little camera. I will take it with me anywhere. When the kids went down the waterslide, the camera was able to film the above and below portion of the dive seemlessly.

The e1 is a great little camera for travelers. It is compact, durable ( no moving parts ) weather, and water proof and very easy to use. The video quality is good and it is extremely easy to upload video to my macbook from the camera. This camera integrates extremely well with my apple macbook as the h. 264 ( quicktime ) video imports right into itunes and can be viewed on my mac, ipod, iphone, or apple tv. The video also imports right into imovie for quick editing and export using idvd to dvd’s. Getting video online is quick and flawless too. I just pop out the sd card from the camera and put it into an sd card reader which i plug into my macbook and up the video goes straight to youtube. So cool we took it on our recent trip to cancun mexico and it was so useful on land, in the pool and in the ocean during snorkeling. No other camera is so versatile.

I recently visited the canadian side of niagara falls and took a whirlpool jet boat tour. If you want more details on the tour then google it. Basically, the tour involves a high speed / open air jet boat that takes you through category 5 rapids of niagara falls. You don’t just get soaked or drenched. You get hit with 8 to 10 ft waves. I was shooting for almost 45 mins of non stop water spray and this unit held up flawlessly. If you film in wet conditions then this is a very inexpensive unit. Ok, enough about the waterproofing. Waterproofing- i don’t know of any other camcorders that compare or even exist in this price range.

I was looking for a waterproof camcorder and at fry’s this is the only camcorder available. I just want a waterproof and doesn’t expect a lot from this camera and since it was the cheapest so i have no other choice. I took my son to laguna beach and just by looking at the coral through the view, it was nice and we continued shooting. Going home, i put it through adobe premier and i was blown away by the quality of the picture. It can compare with other high end camcorders (i still have the expensive pro panasonic). Certainly, the picture will not as sharp and detail, but compare with a $1000 or more, what can you ask for. My friend bought a hd sony for almost 1000 and the picture when encode to wmv is no compare to sanyo. I bought a $700 panasonic about 2 years ago, and this one just blow that camera away. I also bought a 3 years guarantee for $35.

Functionally the camera is a good product. It’s easy to use and download content and also compact and comfortable. The bonus is being waterproof. My first model for 4x the cost of the second died within a year, which is why i replaced it with this one, since i had already purchased the expensive memory cards and batteries. I still have 8 older video cameras and numberous digitial stills and all still work, so it is a disappointment this screen stopped working within a few months. The main weakness is having only a screen and not through the lens viewfinder. In bright light you really cannot see what you are filming.

I took this product to australia to film my little surf trip. The main intention was to film some water shots. I was able to do so but it was actually pretty hard. Not because of the camera but the surf kept pounding me. I figure with practice i will get better. I also found this camera quite good at taking stills. My girlfriends digi camera busted half way through the trip so we used the xacti for the rest of the time and it was great. The buttons are not as hard to use as people have been saying. My only qualm is that you have to open up the screen to film. I wish you could just force it to record without opening it.

Well this is a pretty sweet camcorder. But it does not soot very good video in dark settings, it loses focus alot when your shooting video in dark settings. The pictures are great during the day, basiclly everything is shoot fantastic during the day. Night pictures get blury easy. I really like the e-1 over all.

The large, easily maneuverable and bright display makes setting up shots and picking camera settings a breeze. It’s very light and has good ergonomics as well. The images, both still and moving, are excellent. The problem comes if you should go looking for tech support. When you do you’ll rapidly find out you’re on your own. I encountered a communication issue between the camera and my desktop. Just finding a tech support phone number on the sanyo website is a marathon easter-egg hunt (no number is listed in the documentation that comes with the camera). Finding the relevant number, i was repeatedly put on hold for 10 to 15 minutes and then dropped. I could not get through despite repeated attempts.

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