SANYO Xacti VPC-CG9 9MP Flash Memory Camcorder, Great video camera, OK camera

Bought this camera expecting all listed features to work. This camera takes fair vidios,if you don’t move to much, fair still pictures but won’t print date on photo copies or on images transfered to computer. Contacted sanyo and after 4 or 5 emails back and fourth their last reply was that it will not print date unless you have picbridge on your printer or on images transfered to computer. I also took my sd card to wal-mart to make copies and it will not print dates with their photo printer. This feature is useless if it will only work under certain conditions. I think the biggest problem is sanyo’s failure to acknowledge that this camera isn’t working right. What good is a warranty if they won’t fix the problem?no more sanyo for me.

The camera is exactly what i was expecting for – beautiful, little camcorder, small enough to carry around most of the time (which was the reason i bought it) with video quality ok for most of the situations. This camera is indeed does not have the greatest iq around, but wait, we don’t expect the image quality of semi-pro 3ccd camera from a toy that fits in you pocket. As i said, i needed a camera that i could carry around with me all the time with satisfactionary iq, and xati was the right choice. In sunlight the colors are good and video is sharp and smooth (unless you start to peek at the pixel level), indoors it obviously much less impressive, with a lot of noise and noise reduction smearing artifacts, but watchable anyway. The build quality if fine, the camera design is great and device indeed look sexy. And it is much more convenient to hold in your hands, than phone-style flip camera, for example. What i did like less, is annoying lens cap, which (if used) is somewhat awkward to remove and if strapped with included loop – tends to get in front of the lens when your are shooting, unless you hold it. I don’t have a problem with non-standard usb, like several people here mentioned – because i simply don’t use it at all – i just pop out the memory card and insert into card reader built-in in most laptops, or use external cardreader for desktop computer, which is way more convenient than camera lying around pc connected with cables. The battery is indeed small, and it is pity it lacks the ability to charge battery in-camera, but the charger is very compact itself, and it battery charges very fast.

I recently purchased the sanyo xacti vpc-cg9 after doing a lot of careful review and comparison with several other sd camcorders. After a week’s use of the sanyo xacti i am very pleased with my purchase. The video quality is excellent and in fact it is just as shown in the sample video on the product description page. The camera is exactly the same, great quality. This is a great camera for entry or even midlevel user who wants something that produces great quality with minimal effort. The only negative i can find is that the camera doesn’t have red-eye reduction. However most image editing software out there comes with that, so it’s not really an issue. I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone looking for a quality sd camcoder.

Key specs for Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG9 9MP Flash Memory Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Features 40MB of internal memory; SDHC Flash memory compatible
  • Shoots 9-megapixel digital photos; includes Face Chaser technology
  • Highlighted by a 2.5-inch LCD display; super-fast start-up
  • Easily share videos and photos with highly-advanced MPEG4 video compression
  • Includes a high-capacity Sanyo brand lithium-ion battery

Comments from buyers

“I love my Xacti!
, It has its place.
, Love It!

I have gotten a ton of compliments on it. In fact, after the ob-gyn was sewing up my wife from her c-section last week both she the surgical assistant and the anesthesiologist asked what it was and wanted to see how it worked. It is a fantastic product that is easy to use, small, and takes great video. Another feature that is fantastic is that i can plug it directly into my pc or mac laptop and transfer data ti either one without trouble. I have also had great luck with sd cards. I have a 2gb sandisk which works great (of course) and an 8gb transcend card (from newegg) that also works great. It is a relief that this thing is not a finicky product that only takes a specific brand of card. I have several minor drawbacks that, while present, do not take away from the core function of the product, which is a highly portable video camera. First, the camera function takes good pictures, but takes a while to focus and complete the process.

There are some things i find very good about this camcorder; and some that are just unforgivable. First off, i couldn’t find anywhere that said if this camcorder shot 16×9 or not; but i assumed that the suggested retail price and manufacturing date implied it did. It was idiotic for sanyo to make this camera just 4:3 (or maybe i was foolish for having such faith in sanyo) but we’re talking about a ten dollar circuit. At the end of the first decade i’m shocked that a standard definition camera with a retail price, from sanyo, would not support 16×9. Let me ask them a question, ‘who makes 4:3 televisions now?’. But you may say this is a webcam. If youre rich then this is a great camera for shooting stuff on the web, provided you don’t mind the small-ness of 4:3 video. Both youtube and facebook support the increased size of 16×9. The project manager responsible for overseeing this product was irrelevant; they failed to understand the contemporary market. I’m done complaining; i’ll just lay out what i think are the pros and cons. Pros: the large image sensor records incredible color space and lighting contrast, as well as taking fantastic still pictures.

Bought this camera for general family activities, school shows, etc. About 3 months ago and it works great. Its a nice little camera to stow away in your pocket and pull out when needed. Video quality is okay for indoors in a well lit room, however it is somewhat grainy in a less than adequately lit space. Video quality is excellent for outdoors. The image quality of pictures is not that great, however, this is a video camera so that is to be expected, even at 9 mp. This camera is very comfortable and easy to use. I would recommend this camera to any user that has a need for casual use of a video camera.

Realmente estoy impresionado de esta cámara. Es un híbrido entre una cámara fotográfica y una de video, por lo tanto no tiene tantas funciones como alguna de estas dos por separado. Sin embargo, tiene lo mejor de cada una. Las fotos que saca son bastante buenas e igual pasa con el video. Yo estaba buscando una cámara que pudiera ser dos en una y la xacti vpc-cg9 realmente cumple mis expectativas. Es muy ligera, manejable y pequeña. De hecho es casi del tamaño de mi nextel (motorola i560). Antes de esta cámara tuve una panasonic lumix dmc-tz1k 5mp compact digital camera with 10x optical image stabilized zoom. Esta cámara era muy buena sobre todo el zoom óptico. Esto es lo único que extraño de la panasonic; el zoom.

I see it as a step above a cell phone video. The thing i like about it, is its portability and fast ready. You can go from having the camera off to recording video in seconds. The two things i do not like:1) if you lose the usb sync cable. It looks like one, but the end you stick into the camera is not standard. I lost mine and had to search the internet for an hour to find one company who has replacements. They are going to charge me over $35.

This is a great little camera, easy to use and fun. Still pictures look great also. It is also easy to download to the computer. A lot of camera for the cost.

The sanyo xacti vpc-cg9 worked right out of the box. It was really easy to use, but the instruction book was helpful as well. The battery life has been fine, but i am not trying to capture hours of video. The video quality is good, unless you go to far with the zoom. Still photo quality is good as well. My main concern when i was looking for a camcorder whether it would work with my macbook or not. I just plugged it into my mac and it showed up as a portable drive. I opened imovie and the footage downloaded, the same held true for iphoto. It couldn’t have been easier.

Worth every penny, this is and excellent camera in everyway. Buy it – you won’t be dissappointed.

We absolutely love this camera. We took it on vacation, and every time we used it, it worked perfectly. It is so compact and lightweight that we could easily put it in a pocket or purse. One of our friends recommended it to us, and we have recommended it to many others. We should probably work on commission.

Very happy with the picture and movie quality, using it mostly for family and recreation. The battery last about an hour, depending on the use, which is not quite enough for a whole day. I will have to get a car charger, an extra battery or both. But i have some more remarks about usb, batteries and recharging. Looking at my razr cellphone, i have a standard usb plug, the phone recharges over this very same cable when connected to the computer while transferring some pictures and contacts etc. , and car chargers with standard usb connecter are to be found in almost every store which offers car chargers, i. And to recharge, i don’t have to take out the battery from the phone: just plug in. And the ac-charger is still in the box, never to be used, and not cluttering any power strip.

This was a present for my 22 yr old son – graduation 🙂 and he is happy with it, it does just what he wants it to and i’ve seen a few of the results and i too am impressed with the overall quality.

It’s everything that i was looking for: small, under $300, takes pictures and videos, and is compatible with a mac. Upon receiving the camera, i plugged in the charger & battery–didn’t take too long for a full charge– popped in a memory card i ‘borrowed’ from my old camera ) only 512 mb, and began taking little clips of my baby. Worked perfectlythen-the true test. Used the cable provided to sync to my computer. A menu pops up on the camcorder screen, you click ok (follow directions in manual), and iphoto begins the upload. I have yet to take long videos, so i’m not sure how long an 8g card will last. But the 512mb has suited me fine for the purposes of taking short clips and stills to e-mail to relatives and for creating a memory dvd of baby’s first steps, peek-a-boo moments, etc. I can go a few days before i have to recharge the battery.

I bought this camcorder so i could grab those spontaneous little moments– events that don’t rise to the level of effort needed to for my older and larger dv camcorder or nikon d80 dslr. I do get better video with my 6 year old sony dv cam and better pictures with my nikon but that’s not the point. Its portability and convenience. Most of the time my videos and pics get thrown up on the web for sharing where the quality advantage of dv and a dslr are negligible anyways. However, you will regret your purchase if you buy this as a ‘shortcut’ thinking this will be all you’ll ever need. –for video:outdoor quality very good–indoor is decent. Image stabilization only effective at low zoom. Digital zoom is worthless (as expected). I find myself needing to back up a lot to frame the video/stills because the lens has a very narrow field of view. (i’m not pro so i don’t know the exact terminology there.

I bought the sanyo xacti camera for a family trip to disneyworld. I was impressed with the camera’s size (which was actually smaller than the pictures made it seem). It was so convenient to carry enough camera for shooting all the video and still shots i needed for a 8 day trip in my pocket with no need to switch out recording media for the entire trip. One small issue – the camera’s battery life is somewhat less than desirable. I found that simply closing the camera between shots leaving it in standby mode would drain the battery before a full day of shooting was finished, so i had to consciously turn the camera off between shots. Even then the camera’s battery needed to be charged every night. Since the battery was proprietary you can’t just run into the park’s camera shop for a replacement, so i’d recommend getting a second battery and leave it charging in your room for extended trips like the one i just took. The camera’s menu system is easy to follow, and four programmable shortcuts are available for frequently used features. I found it very convenient to be able to add a shortcut to set the camera’s iso setting for low-light shots without having to dance through the menus to find it. Overall, i’m very pleased with the convenience of this camera and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a small, easy to use, feature rich camera.

I bought this specifically to take on a trip to ireland. I could pop it into my pocket and have it there for use as either a single shot camera or video. I bought extra memory and it never came close to running out of room. The ‘pistol grip’ style was great for video ( a bit less then that for single shots), and the quality was top notch. Could not be happier with it from a quality, convenience, price point view.

I was looking for a camcorder with a little bit of everything; something that’s small and very portable, takes good video that i can easily work with on my pc and macbook, records good sound (plus wind noise reduction) and can take high quality photos. This camera offers all that for an excellent price. It’ll easily fit in your pants pocket, but you probably won’t like doing that since it’ll leave your pocket bulging out a bit unless you have a jacket with you with its own pockets, either way it can develop scratches on its nice sleek body. You’re better off buying a nice small case that you can put on your belt as you would with a cell phone. With that small case, you should buy a spare battery to put in the case whenever your battery runs short. In short, buying a case for this camera is a must as it is with any other camera. As for video, sound and photos. I love that it has 30fps and 60fps video recording. I usually use 30fps when recording subjects that aren’t moving too much and 60fps (highest quality setting) to get a smooth video of fast moving things. The quality of the video is very satisfying considering the cameras price.

I’ve been using this camera for about six months now. It makes shooting decent video so incredibly easy. The results are probably just good enough for both pictures and video that it makes it worth it for me. There is a trade off for quality here. What makes it worth it is the most ergonomically pleasing camera i’ve ever had the pleasure to use. It fits perfectly in my pocket, including a protective camera case i got for it. There are just too many moments in life and i miss a lot less of them because it’s so easy for me to carry around. It’s great for posting to youtube. It shoots in mp4, which i just upload to youtube. On the other hand, there are not tons of programs that can edit mp4s.

I’ll try to add some details to this review later, but i wanted to provide everyone with my evaluation after agonizing over these 2 cameras (and others). Now remember, i’ve been a sony video enthusiast since the mid-80’s, but nothing compares to these 2 sanyo cameras in the consumer video category in my opinion. The main reason is that you have to be crazy to record anything but mp4 directly to flash memory / media cards today. It’s just too easy to download and play your video on your computer or youtube, etc. (as easy as downloading and using photos from your digital camera). This is not the case with other video cameras and their recording formats. I originally purchased the cg9 because it was so small i knew i would carry it everywhere. After some questionable indoor videos with the cg9 i purchased the hd1000 – even though i didn’t really need high definition. Before the pros jump all over me, i will admit that both of these cameras have shortcomings. For example, there’s no question that sanyo’s image stabilization can’t compare to the optical stabilization of the sony.

I just got this product a week ago and i am pretty happy with it so far. I have not gotten my 4g sd card yet so i do not know how much video that will hold but i am using it with a 512k card and that holds about 12 min of 60 fps video. Battery life seems good and it is very easy to use. The mp4 format is a little problem as windows movie maker does not support that format so other than in camera editing i am stuck for now. The video is pretty good quality and the still pictures are quite good. It is not so great under low light but i did not buy it for that use – i purchased it primarily for outdoor use. If anyone has any good ideas on video editing software that works with mp4 please let me know. I am trying to make recruiting video for my daughter for college and use it to put together nice family video clips. It is great to be able to carry one little thing to sporting events or family outings that will do both video and still pictures well.

This camcorder is compact and feature heavy. Anyone looking for a great entry level camcorder should consider this fantastic model.

I have had one of these for several years and i love it. It is truly pocket size and very comfortable in the hand. I use a very famous brand of camera that is a lot larger and heavier and i really have a hard time telling the photos apart without really enlarging them. 5x optical zoom is normally plenty. There is something just so cool about whipping this little bit of ergonomic art out and getting great pics. 264 but it has a problem with anything moving including the camera. This is typical of the videos that you get with still cameras. This model was replaced with another one with an inferior sensor.

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