SANYO VPC-WH1 High Definition Waterproof Flash Memory Camcorder w/ 30x Optical Zoom – nice camcorder

Results are not that impressive. Video does not have that great hd quality.

I give it 4 stars mostly because of battery life. And underwater video is super-fun. This camcorder is very specific: it is great for sunny days especially at the beach or pool. Every other situation is so-so to terrible. Even in normal indoor light, the auto-focus gets slow and fuzzy and everything seems a bit darker on playback. At a cloudy day football game, i would zoom in and the auto-focus would be extremely slow and confused jumping in and out of focus. I finally switched to manual focus which kinda sucked because i also wanted to get fan reactions. The vibration reduction is just barely better than nothing. Adjusting from light to dark is also very slow.

I have used this camera in areas where i didn’t want to risk a more expensive unit, and i have been blown away by the quality of the video. It’s a great unit for around the pool or the boat, and i have used it underwater in the pool to a depth of eight feet with great success. The camera is easy to use and works as advertised. Some may call it a toy, but i call it the right tool for the job.

My camera arrived two days ago. It was very easy to use and understand. The manual really goes indepth but most of the info is obvious when using the camera. I spent a whole day and a half being frustrated about the software. Nero is terrible and wouldn’t even open my video, just played audio, and said i had to buy a blu-ray/hd plug-in but on their website it said no longer available. I felt so frustrated at not being able to view my videos in hd and make them onto a dvd. Sanyo’s customer service suggested i use quick time, which played the video in very low quality and still i wasnt able to burn. I spent a long time researching many different software programs to buy, all of which had terrible reviews. I then noticed an icon for total media extreme, like it shows in the manual (it doesnt even mention nero in the manual but that is what i got when i installed the software), on my desktop. Well, today i opened it up and it was the program mentioned in the manual and it made the dvd quick and simple.

I am glad to communicate my complete satisfaction. The price, the quality of the product and the delivery from amazon was excellent. The sound quality and picture is excellent.

720p is good enough quality (although 1080p is much much better) and the waterproof feature is so usefullhowever it lacks the ability to shoot in super slow mo (other xacti dual camera models have that capability) and also has only a couple of resolutions to choose from. Mainly because it has a limitation to 720p. You should get this one only if you need the underwater feature, otherwise go for the non-waterproof models of the company that have much more features.

  • Great value, Great HD quality, and it’s waterproof!!! WOW!
  • TheHawk
  • Waterproof woohoo

Summary:* a toy, but a usable one. * if you want a waterproof camcorder, there aren’t too many choices. And this happens to be a decent one at that. If you’re on the cheap side and/or want to go into deeper waters, look at the other ‘toy’ camera from gopro. I also have that, by the way. Gopro takes (slightly) better photos than this, but this takes much better videos. Note gopro has no lcd screen, so you’re shooting almost blind. * get a tripod, or at least a monopod, especially if you’re going to zoom in a lot. The good:* waterproof* excellent battery life (almost enough to fill 16gb card with 720p video).

I am a surfer and was debating whether to get a go-pro or this video camera. As i really did not want a lot of closeups of myself, i wanted to film others, so i chose this camera. I am very happy with the camera so far. It is really ease to use, the buttons are big and the viewing screen is crisp. The video quality is very good, it’s been very gloomy here and the surf videos i took are good. The video works just as well in sunny conditions. It works real well in the water, my daughters were using it in the pool and the underwater pictures and video are great. It has a cool 29 photo sequence shot although the only detraction is the picture stills are a little too low resolution (2mb).

I used a very expensive jvc dvm70 from 1999 until i got my sanyo vpc-wh1 a few years ago. The ‘book’ shape of the jvc fit easily into my pocket. The sanyo will fit, but it’s bulky. However, both worked on a cold ski slope but the sanyo goes underwater.(don’t forget to blow-off drops from the lens & blow-out the microphones above water. )as with almost all digital cameras, their designers seem to have no idea that the users cannot see anything in their big beautiful screens in bright sunlite, where many photographers like me take pictures. The jvc had an eyepiece to solve this problem. (try & find a video camera with an eyepiece today)the sanyo has a 30:1 optical zoom that can be programmed down for 20:1 (because hand-held 30:1 is useless) but the designers did not put the zoom slider on the back, for your thumb to operate. You cannot video without the screen opened, so chasing skiers down a slope requires holding the camera & inadvertently zooming to 20:1, producing useless video.

I would have gave this a 5 star, but sometimes the lens fogs if the difference between the water and atmosphere temperature are not close to one another. Other than that, it’s easy to use and films great. The battery last a long time. I shoot surf videos in the water, and take it hiking.

This camera is very good, from the color to the 720p video. I bought it almost a year ago and it still works great. The underwater feature is very cool and fun. My only problem with this camera is when i bought it 10 months ago and the price has dropped about $70, but im glad i got it when i did because i needed a new camera. I would recomend this camera to anyone.

Features of Sanyo VPC-WH1 High Definition Waterproof Flash Memory Camcorder w/ 30x Optical Zoom (Yellow) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Capture HD digital video (720p, 30fps)
  • Waterproof up to 3 meters (10 feet)
  • 30x optical zoom; 2.5-inch LCD screen
  • Face Chaser technology (can detect up to 12 faces for photos and videos)
  • Capture video and stills to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Make sure this fits
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I’ve had this camera for about 6 months now. Its small size makes it very portable. It easily fits in my camera bag with other accessories. The battery life is very good. I can use it for many days of on-again, off-again shooting without worrying about the battery. I enjoy the waterproof feature of this camera. My son loves swimming, so we can take this with us. I would recommend drying the camera completely after getting it wet, since the strap retains water. My only complaint with this camera is the ‘image stabilization’. Unless you’re going to mount this on a tripod, your video will have a lot of shake.

I love the portability of this camera. The still image quality isn’t as good as others i’ve owned before, but this camera was bought for video purposed mainly. The only thing i don’t like about the video feature is that there is no manual focus so if there is a branch or something closer to you then your subject being filmed, you more than likely wont be focused right. Other than that, this product is great.

Bought this camera some time ago for caribbean cruise this christmas. Tested underwater shooting in the swimming pool. Waterproof works great and video quality is also good in underwater. However, when shooting in a room with lights on in the night, the picture quality is poor. Probably this camera is only designed to be used underwater. Pros: good underwater performance. Cons: poor performance in low lights. Very shaky when zoomed in without a tripod.

It was great for a while, but only lasted one year and when it broke was too expensive to get fixed. I will say it served it purpose when i wanted it.

Terribly sorry for leaving a review so late, i began using it the minute it came in. I’m a wakeboarder and i use it to film my friends at our local cable wakeboard park and the camera is a great value. Only problem i’ve had is the lens fogs a little in high temperatures.

Bought this camera second hand because it is waterproof and it has worked great at the pool and the local splash pad. I have been able to video my kids playing and splashing while getting sprayed with sprinklers and dumping buckets with no worries. It can shoot in 720 hd, or 60fps sd or 30fps sd video. Throw in a 16gb or 32gb sdhc card (sold separately) and it beats my iphone recording (which is always full). Can transfer the video with a sdhc card reader or using the usb or rca cables. Best features: 30x optical zoom. (all the new cameras seem to be moving away from zooming); water and weatherproof; has the traditional camera size, good for a man’s size hand and more steady than the newer ‘squirt gun’ cameras that have replaced this model. Negatives: basically no internal memory; it can take still photos, but i wouldn’t; you have to have the viewfinder open to keep shooting, if you close it it shuts off.

Capture HD digital video (720p, 30fps)

‘every critisism of this camera you must follow up with the statement ‘but it goes underwater and shoots hd’ for this amount of money your not going to do any better. Most any camcorder your going to need a tripod, and this one is no exception. The features including the talking menu and easy to navigate menus are great. The image can become shaky eventhough the zoom is quite smooth. The still pictures are worthless, but still it goes underwater. It is a nice color, (i got yellow) and using sd cards is the way of the future. You will need to weigh the pro of being able to shoot underwater with other factors, however, your not going to do any bettr in hd video even if it doesnt go underwater for this price. So you might as well get the one that you guessed it goes underwater. If your considering any camcorder in this price range, i would recommend this, for having all the right features and underwater hd video is just unreal. A great deal, glad i bought it, everyone loves it and everyone can use it. It has not only an easy mode but the settings most wanna be pro videographers want as well. I say put it on auto and go, however i have friends who just insist on using manual settings because it makes them feel more like a pro. Gettng the shot makes me feel like a pro and within a second of turning it on your ready to go. Did i mention the battery lasts an amazing three hours??. It is truly solid and the waterproof feature makes it a solidly built piece of equipment. I recommend this for anyone who wants something that is #1 going to last and #2 is very trendsetting nd unique.

Very nice camcorder, video recording is very clear but still images wasn’t that great. If you looking for video recording only, i highly recommend it. Picture quality from 1 to 10 i would give it 6.

Not like so many fancy dv-cam out there you have to read the book before you figure everything out, and most of the functions are not very useful for the regular users. The best things about this hd camcorder is the 30x optical zoom, and the underwater shooting.

I bought this a long time ago and finally giving everything a review although it is not relevent anymore but i am honoring a review on every purchase. What i remember is that it looks great and felt comfortable. I remember that the image qualitywas really good in well lit areas, but it was really bad in low light situations. I ended up sellingit off because i wanted to use it in my bad lit room to record everything to review. This wasclearly made for sunny days and you would be very happy with it or if you are good at editingvideo to make it better. I could of been a dummy and not tweaked the settings for betterperformance. The zoom was sweet for its time. Best part still was it is waterproof and i wantanother waterproof camera for this summer. Look up reviews for this cam. I think i personally have a review of this.

Good product, but the lens is fogged inside when temperature changes occur.

I didn’t buy this to use underwater – but i did want something i didn’t have to be ‘precious’ with. I’ve taken a bunch of family snippets with my kids in the bath, at the beach, at the part, at the zoo, etc. They’ve all come out pretty well. Picture quality is impressive when the light is good (awful when it isn’t). The zoom lens is incredible – but you have to have a very, very steady hand once you get past around x10 or the result will leave you feeling seasick if you try to watch it. It’s really just a matter of finding something to brace against. Don’t fancy a monopod/tripod as the point of a camera this small is that it’s compact and easy to bring along. Right?plus points- picture quality (in good light)- rugged, well made item – no need to be ‘precious’ with it- can survive a dunking at the beach/pool/bath/fishing etc. – idiot proof controls- saves to sd card – easy uploading to computer, eyefi compatible- sound quality is pretty good- extremely long battery life – seems to go on foreverminus points- picture quality is awful in low-light- included software isn’t greatall in all i’m very pleased with it.

Waterproof up to 3 meters (10 feet)

This is a rugged little camera. I purchased it for use in the outdoors. I like going on canoe trips and taking my camera with me and not worrying about getting it wet from foul weather or an occasional splash of water. I think that this will satisfy my needs. I would like to use it underwater, but i am leery of the seals leaking and finding my self left with a paper weight. If i did use it underwater, i would place some weather guard tape over the sd card door for added protection. If it leaks anywhere, i believe it would leak there. The lcd screen is not bright enough to use is strong sunlight, but it will enable you to frame the shot. Having a 30x optical zoom is also a big plus when taking nature photography. Using it in the sun this summer, i noticed some moisture form between the lens and behind the glass protective cover.

There may be better quality camcorders out there but for the $$$ this is a grreat unit and it works in the rain and underwater. A tri or mono-pod is a must for the zoom.

Is only 720p at 30fps and has kind of a narrow depth of field. I wld trade some of its great zoom for a wider angle lens.

Most of the other reviews here are fair and representative, but i would add that if you’re considering this camera, be aware that:–there is no eyepiece, so you’re either shooting blind, or with the screen out at 90 degrees. Maybe that should have been obvious to me, but i’m surprised how much i miss my old camera’s eyepiece. –the access door to get to the download cable port or sd card is a fuss to unlock and slide open. –a fundemental problem: at minimum zoom the view is not very wide, and it’s often hard to get the subject in if you’re shooting in a normal size room say. Avi format makes for big files–you aren’t going to be emailing them to people.

I have enjoyed this little videocamera. In my experience, it is rugged, and i have used it extensively in the water (both in the ocean and in the pool), and it has performed flawlessly. The controls are easy to understand and operate. It has excellent (3+ hour) battery life, in my experience. The video quality is very good, but not excellent – but for less than two hundred bucks, you really can’t complain about it. It takes stills that are no better than your cell phone stills, but i assume you are getting it to shoot video. Make sure you shoot in decent light; indoors in dim light this camera does not take a very good picture. Outdoors, it does very well. Don’t get carried away and zoom in too closely, as the picture will be unwatchably jumpy, even with the stabilizer. For the price, i think this camera is a solid performer, 3+ stars.

I bought the camera specifically to take surf videos on a recent surf trip. Overall, i was pretty satisfied with the camera. I bought the sanyo vcp-stb1 water leash for sanyo e1 waterproof camcorders, which gave some extra peace of mind. The lease is very durable, and i was never worried about losing the camera underwater. The size of the camera is perfect, and the quality is very good. Some reviews that i read mentioned a short battery life, but from my experience, i would have to disagree (although the clips that i took were primarily under 10 seconds). I looked at a few different websites, and amazon beat them on price by about $100. It was super easy to download the content on to a computer without having to download any kind of software beforehand (at least on my mac). The only 3 negative things that i found were these:1) if you’re in the water with it, you want to make sure the lense is free of any water drops.

30x optical zoom; 2.5-inch LCD screen

Face Chaser technology (can detect up to 12 faces for photos and videos)

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