Samsung SMX-F50BN SD Camcorder – Another satisfied customer

Simple but satisfactory for my purposes. I was simply using the camera to record what the contents of house are in case of a major fire during the drought times in texas.

So easy to use, takes awesome still pictures, and great video. And the software that comes with it to download your videos and pics is so user-friendly.

Didn’t have original charger but works great.

Camera isn’t professional quality but is good enough to record family videos.

It’s a good reliable camera. It has long battery life and the quality of the picture is really good for a standard definition camera. It has a little trouble picking up some sounds but it’s a good camera especially for beginners.

Just got this camcorder today and i’m in love. I love the slickness to it and also the zoom capibility.

  • Its ok for the price
  • Great item for the price
  • Good for home users

When you zoom in sometimes while ur rec it umm has some kind of noise but other than that you get ur money’s worth.

Great product for the price. Easy to use and in the automatic mode one can go from shooting video to taking still shots with the press of a button. Have not put the battery to a real test yet but i’m going to washington, dc this week to a rally so it will be tested many ways. At the sale price of $139 and $10. 70 for 8 gb-10 flash card x 2 total price was about $162 with free shipping.

I think it is a good value for the price. It’s light weight and easy to hold onto. The video quality is good, not what i would call hd but at least dvd quality. The video is not 16×9, it is 720×480 as several camcorders are. I would rate this as a 5 if it had anything approaching a good still image. The still image capture is 1. 9 mega pixels, and that is very old technology. The captured images a grainy and yuck.

I purchased this camera as a christmas present for my brother, and he’s very impressed with the quality. He’s been exploring all the features and thinks he’s the next coppola.

Its light and it was easy to use however the picture wasnt that great. It did not cost too much so it was an ok buy but if i would have known the picture quality i would have shelled out more money for a better cam.

Features of Samsung SMX-F50BN SD Camcorder with 65x Zoom (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • The SMX-F50’s 52x intelligent zoom feature outshines the capabilities of competitor models on the market so you’re never far from the action
  • Record Pause at your fingertips
  • Family Moments brought to life through the Smart Feature set
  • Sensor Type: CCDSensor Size: 1/6-inch

Make sure this fits
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The video resolution is just appropriate for basic home and outdoor use. I like the appearance of the video camera itself.

Never had a camcorder before. Worked fine right out of the box. Bought it to try time lapse and i’m just getting started with that.

For the price, this video cam has been great for kids sporting events. Easy to use, a lot of filming options, lightweight and very useful.

Dvd quality for home users, don’t expect anything wow. Pros:good for youtube home videonot internal battery (you can change the battery)memory (portable memory)excellent for home memories (use tripod)cons:need a tripod to produce good videos, otherwise it can be a little shaky :pno use for the maximum quality of video. (use the one before maximum quality)neutral:microphone is ok.

This video camera does it all and at a terrific price. Easy to use right out of the box and fantastic videos, sound and still pictures.

Given the purchase price, i certainly wasn’t looking for a professional quality video/digital camcorder, but i did want one that i could use under most conditions, with results that i could consider good to very good and that is exactly what i got. I’ve not used it a great deal yet, but the more i do use it and learn about it, the more i like it. I felt that i had read enough positive reviews that the purchase was much more than a good gamble. I did get the free carry bag and a good price on a fair size sd card, all at the same time. My overall feelings to date is this; so far, so good, and again, for the price. Should anything strange or ugly pop up, i will certainly come back here and post that as well. Good luck and have fun with yours.

The SMX-F50’s 52x intelligent zoom feature outshines the capabilities of competitor models on the market so you’re never far from the action

The battery only lasted about 1 hr. I cant believe that when this is charged it only last that long.

I purchased this camera for my 12 year old son. So far it works great for him. I wish it had an automatic lens opening instead of having to manually push the button to open it but other than that it has a nice picture quality and it’s priced right.

Very nice camcorder for the money. It is not hd, however as often as this technology changes now days, i couldn’t see spending a ton of money for something that will be obsolete in a couple of years. This camcorder is light weight, compact, and easy to use.

I knew i was buying a non hd cam. Good optics but aberations on fast moving or any moving things. Not that bad as most people do not not really notice it and are happy with a quick dvd as apposed to a dvc cam with those nasty horrible tapes that are so short on time and reliability not too mention download time. Light weight that is for sure, but seems to be well made. Get a fast class card as the slow cheap ones tend to get kinda hot. The time lapse fuction is really neat, a joy to use. Quite an eye opener and good for security as well if needed. Autofocus works well if not a little slow but ok for this price bracket.

This will be the third one of these that i have had. No they didn’t tear up: one was stolen and i broke my last one. It has great video capability with great audio. It is also easy to use to convert from camera to dvd or on facebook or youtube. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone. Get you one today it is well worth the money.

Record Pause at your fingertips

Used it on vacation last year and it is compact and easy to carry, pictures look good for the size.

Nice little camera, but it didn’t come with charger like clearly stated it does. So i paid 60 bucks for a camera that i have to go buy a charger for.

I checked every feature of camera and it works 5-stars. The memory card must not be adiquite. Cam shuts off on even the lowest setting. I think it needs a faster card. I’ll have to buy a faster card – 94-mbps card should have came with camera. I believe this will solve shut down problem.

For those looking to get a camcorder that is reliable, compact, great for shooting school events and relatively inexpensive, this is the product for you. I’m very pleased so far with the camcorder and how it has performed for me in the time i have had it.

I absolutely love this camcorder. I searched for weeks and watched the price on several camcorders. This year we will be celebrating many important milestones in my family and i don’t want the opportunity to watch them over and over again. The only ‘problems’ that i’ve experienced stem from my inability to keep the camera pointed at the action, instead of the ground/floor. The microphone (sadly) picks up all of my commentary as i tape my sons’ baseball games. Makes for a good laugh when we watch the playback. The picture quality is crystal clear. Buttons are good size so i don’t accidentally hit anything that i’m not intending to. Couldn’t be any easier to hook up the camcorder to my tv and watch the videos on a big screen. Now i just need to find a tripod.

I really don’t understand all the negative feedback about this camcorder. It performs well and is easy to program and use. The layout and options are very simple and it really does provide a variety of options. I have had no problems with video quality when playing video back on my pc or uploading. People need to remember that you’re not buying a camcorder for professional movies here, you’re simply buying a camcorder for on the go and family memories. If you are expecting anything else for this price, then you’re not being realistic. 00 with free shipping and it serves the purpose well for basic home videos and on the go events.

Family Moments brought to life through the Smart Feature set

Sensor Type: CCDSensor Size: 1/6-inch

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