Samsung SMX-F34 Flash Memory Camcorder w/16GB Memory & 42x Intelli-Zoom – Big features in small package SMX-F34

I’ve had this camcorder for around 8 months and have not had a problem. It’s easy to use and easy to handle. The battery packs give you about half the amount advertised, but, you can run it with the ac cord if necessary. The batteries recharge fairly quickly. If you’re like me buy at least 2 extra batteries and have them all fully charged before an upcoming event. Aside from that i really like my samsung camcorder. Great size and great value for the cost.

I have read a lot of reviews before i order this item. It is not disappointed me at all.

Pros: portable, light weight, great design, sd media, long battery life, quietcons: no touch display. Here are the specifications for the Samsung SMX-F34 Flash Memory Camcorder w/16GB Memory & 42x Intelli-Zoom:

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  • Record SD video to SD/SDHC cards and 16 GB of internal flash memory
  • Enhance 34x optical zoom up to 42x with Samsung’s new Intelli-zoom
  • Web & Mobile shooting mode for easy online video sharing
  • Capture 800×600 digital still photos
  • Swivel hand grip for comfortable low-angle shooting

Got this for my wife for her birthday. It has excellent audio pickup and the quality of the picture is decent. The zoom is fantastic and will see a lot of use. I don’t think the anti-shake function or whatever it is really does anything so hold it steady.

But i dont like the inteligent zoom. When it focus blur for a while the caption on video mode.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • If you need a basic point and shoot without HD, this is for you
  • Mac Fans, Fear Not!
  • Good Camera, iMovie Users Use Caution!

I purchased this as a christmas gift for my husband to capture our 8 yr old in action with tae kwon do and basketball games. So far it has worked wonderfully. I like it because it’s compact and easy to carry and battery life excellent. Sharp picture and easy to change over to take still pics too.

This was a decent camera, but now the view screen quit. So i am thinking you get what you pay for.

This is a great camera infact i damaged my previous f34 right a way i purchased other i use it as a car camera the 16gb is a big plus because if the sd is damaged the camera may not record the last clip every sd camera i have has i has that problem but with the 16gb your videos are recording to the hard drive ‘b-ful’.

Good product, i am satisfied with product quality. Inbuilt camera for still photography is not up to mark , looks like vga quality. As i order it to deliver in india so endup paying rs. 3071 as custom duty above its price so slightly expensive for me.

I was looking for a good flash based camcorder to film things around the house, vacations, my dog, and random things for youtube. While this camera produces ok image quality, it just wasn’t great. I got it at costco (the 8gb verson, not on amazon) for a really good price with a nice case, but it ended up going back. I will go into some of the details about it now. I really wanted to like it, since the design of the camera itself is very nice and fairly well built. Having the 3 hour battery life and long record time is perfect for when you go on trips and may not be able to download to a computer or charge it often. The manual lens cover is also a pro to me, since you know it won’t stop working like the automatic ones can. The buttons are well placed and the menus are easy to navigate. The hand strap is ok, but could have been a bit better thought out. I do like the swivel grip, i could see that coming in handy once in a while.

Was looking to upgrade from my mini dv. Only requirement was not to use tapes or memory cards. A big selling item on this was the fact that it has 16gb internal flash. I was leery of getting one with a hard drive, because of the possibility of the camera being dropped one day by accident. I was surprised by the small size. It has a swivel grip, making it easy to find a comfortable position when filming. I don’t have a youtube account, but this camera is stated as youtube compatible. I suspect the software that comes withit has a mode for producing youtube compatibile video, and uploading it. There’s an option within the software where youinput your user id and password. I noticed that the camera takes a decent enough picture, but in some cases the auto focus is a bit slow. It does this morewhen there is less light, so i can’t recommend this camera for low light shooting. This is a huge amount of space for a non-hd camera.

I have owned this samsung camera for about 2 weeks now, the initial purpose for the purchase was the birth of my first baby girl. It is a very easy to use idiot proof camera. Starts up fast, starts shooting in a couple of seconds and the video quality is good. It is naturally not a hd video, but you get what is promised and paid for.

When i was doing the initial research for a new hd video camera i was overwhelmed with the possibilities and i didn’t understand the significance of many feature options. Since i love my samsung tv i looked closely at samsung for the video model but i also looked at the sony webbie. You can look at the amazon site for all the particulars and features since i still don’t understand what most of this stuff means. I purchased the samsung smx-f34 in april for an excellent price (under $300) from amazon. Amazon provided its usual excellent service. This smashing little guy does everything that steven spielberg would want with fades and special effects built in and zooms in several different shooting modes. It couldn’t be easier to use with all the features neatly organized on the screen with graphic icons which makes clicking through your choices simple. It has a dozen different lighting condition selections which is genius. Or you can just click the quick link and start shooting no matter what the conditions automaticallysamsung smx-f34 flash memory camcorder w/16gb memory & 42x intelli-zoom (black). Because it has a huge 16 gig built in flash drive to save your recordings internally there is no media to buy, keep replacing or lose.

Good product, especially at this price point. For the tech people, it will give you a720x480 (h264+aac in mp4 container). Aspect ratio is square (see below)watching on a computer, you should apply post-processing to apply a deinterlace filter (60i). A previous poster remarked that you cannot pause with this device. Pause is a holdover from analog days where you need the tape to get ready on the recording heads. Since it is digital, there are plenty of utilities that will easily allow you to join videos together and there aren’t going to be any dropped frames or seams between the clips. In contrast, be wary of long video files as they may become corrupted, and will be unwieldy to manage in file size. The mp4 container for these video stores the index of the movie at the end of the file. On a extremely important video shoot with this camera, the camera failed to properly ‘close’ the file and did not write the index.

My daughter brought hers to africa two years ago and it still continues to work as good as when i purchased it.

Before i purchased this item, i went to the samsung website, downloaded the manual and spent a week perusing the features. While it’s true that they do tout their own software, which is solely windows compatible — guess what?. If you are a mac user who has ilife, (i’m using a sturdy little dinosaur of a powerbook g4, running mac osx 10. 11 with ilife 05) the video files created by this camera are drag and drop, and you should be able to view and edit them with ease. I’m still marvelling at the amount of features that are included in a camcorder that, when closed, is about the size of a cola can. (and you bet i’ll be taking this to disneyland with me when i turn forty-coughcough. ) i’m really enjoying this nifty little gadget. Late breaking news: the raw footage is importable into the movie section of itunes with no problem; i currently use itunes version 7. 1, and the importation was a snap.

My recent experience with thecobra 3. 1 mp digital video camera with 1. 5′ tft color display led me to understand that,in most cases heavy budgeting will do you every little good when it comes to purchasing a digital camcorder. The only decent camcorder i had before this was a used vhs model from the early 90’s. It was huge,very heavy and had an eyepiece that was very unfriendly to my eyeglasses. I managed to get a lot of good use out of it until someone i lived with ‘neglected’ to return it. But i am no longer too sorry about that;it was very antiquated when i got it and i needed something better. The fairly recent advent of memory cams like this one made it a lot easier for me to want to look into a new one. Hd cams have no come along now too but,with today’s economy it’s kind of hard to plunk down $500-$600 for a camcorder,especially if there’s a need to buy extra memory cards which can run close to $100 for some of the larger capacity ones. I almost went with the sony webbie mhs-cm1 hd camcorder (orange) because it was hd and fairly portable.

If you’re looking for a great 1st camcorder, this is the one. I found it easy to use and very light weight. I’m still getting familiar with it, but am very pleased with the features on this one. Was kinka worried about the low price, but those worries were quickly put to rest. It’s a great value and takes great vids.

The software that came with the camera media show is horrible and freezes alot. But i did not buy it for the free software, the camera itself is excellent. I can easily upload the videos without the software. The buttons are self explaining. I love the fact that i have the choice of saving it to a memory card or internal hd. Excellent camera, excellent price.

I bought this camcorder last week after extensive research for options in the $150-$300 range. This has all the features i wanted that cheaper options (i. Flip, aiptek, creative vado, etc) do not have:1) replaceable battery with long life on one charge2) dual video and photo option3) extensive internal memory4) shake stabilization featureat the same time it still maintains the compact size and ease of use/upload that was essential for my purpose. I am not looking for a thousand different buttons and lighting options to make a theatre quality video production – if that is what you want than this camcorder is not for you. However if you are looking for a compact camcorder to take videos and photos in a snap and upload them quickly using an efficient and user-friendly software program than you can not do better for the price. The only real downside i find to this camcorder is that the audio replay quality is not that great. I had a hard time hearing someone talk from a close distance during a test recording and replay. The video quality however was more than what i expected for the price. One final caveat – i paid $250 for this camcorder and right after i bought it amazon bumped the price up to $300.

Overall, i’m pretty satisfied with this camera. I was looking for standard definition (don’t have the hard disk space for hd, nor do i want to burn to bluray yet). The mistake most people make with the samsung video cameras is to film non-hd video in the 16 x 9 aspect ratio. The ilife apps don’t get this, and all of the video appears ‘squished,’ for lack of a better term. If you have this non-hd camera, and want to work with ilife, don’t use the 16 x 9 setting. Use the 4 x 3if it’s too late, and the priceless memories of your wedding and your honeymoon at the pyramids & sphinx in egypt, and petra in jordan are now squished, your only chance is to use quicktime pro and output the video in a 16 x 9 format, essentially up-rezzing the footage. While this creates some problems with clipping and quality, the video will be usable in imovie. Alternatively, as noted above, set it to 4 x 3, and do not change it from there. I have seen these issues everywhere online. If you want 16 x 9, invest in an hd camera; if you want to use this one, remember this limitation, and you should be fine.

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