Samsung SCL700 Hi8 Camcorder – Five Stars

It was the right match for me for price-features balanced. I brough this to use it in india, the ac datapter can take in 230v/60hz and thats wonderful. The pal feature is the one i was looking for. Its smal land compact and that makes this very handy. The title feature provided , were you can select a title for your recodings from the list. Overall this was the best price i could get. May be two years from now, i m planning to dispose this and buy minidv which would cost much less than what it is now. Scl700 is all that i can envy about.

I just purchased this camcorder used for only $80. It is a great camera for the price. It’s easy to use and the picture is good in quality. I bought it as a gift for my son (age 7) and he can handle it well on his own.

I wanted to record all the new things my 7 month old son is doing. I need a good camcorder without spending a fortune. I looked into ebay and even used camcorders. When i read all the good reviews about this product, i thought i’ll give it a shot. With the first use, our family fell in love with it. For the price, you can’t beat this deal. The picture quality is a whole lot better than what i expected. This is my 4th samsung purchase and everyone so far has been a very positive experience. I wish this camcorder has some ‘advanced features’ like usb connectivity so that i can download movie clips to a computer.

My fiance bought me this camera for christmas and so far i love it. We couldn’t pay the prices of the nice dv cameras and didn’t want to go with a low-end dv camera. This is a great starter camera and i’m sure will last me until i have a better job and can afford a nice dv camera. The design is intuitive and the camera runs really quiet (that seems to be a problem w/ other cameras). I’d reccomend this camera to anyone who is getting into video. You can always get a video capture card for your pc and digitize your video anyway.

I purchased this cam for gift to a person in a pal format country. There is no way of testing it in us. However the cam looks great except the usb port feature that i found missing but this is great for the money. For myself i have a sony for 1000 bucks with digital camera. But if i just compare the cam. . Samsung has far more features for the price.

I bought this new from sears in 2002 when my first child was born. Here we are three children later and still is are camera. Never have had a single problem with it other than the battery won’t hold a charge much anymore but it’s five years old. I even bought two new camcorders this year trying to update on technology i bought a sony and a jvc hard drive model and they both went back the some day.This samsung took better indoor shots than both the sony and jvc combined. You think the new ones would have been better but the samsung took way better inside shots. If samsung ever made a hard drive camcorder with the same recording quality lens as this one i would buy it again. This camera is probably hard to find nowadays but for the price you probably could get it at would really be worth it.

  • Good Value for Money
  • Very pleased with this camcorder
  • Five Stars

I’v had this camcorder for a long time. I believe my parents might have spent $250-$300 on it when it first came out. They got it for christmas for me. (i’m 18 now) i’ll tell you straight up that i never took care of it like i should have. We took it on vacation, i played around the house with it, videotaped my friends skateboarding, videotaped our shanigans and ran from adults with it in hand. I know i’ve dropped it, and most of the time it was kept on the floor of my bedroom. I still have it today, and it works just fine. Of coarse it’s not the most high-tech digital peice of equiptment. In fact, this video camera is the only reason i still own my vcr. If you’re looking for something not too expensive, easy to operate, and pretty durable in my opinion, this would be it. I read other reviews saying that other people had problems with parts breaking or certain things not working correctly, but my personal camcorder has never given me problems.

I bought this camera when it was new on display at circuit city and it worked great for a while but at some point the lcd quit working. I have had the camcorder close to five years and other than the lcd issue it is a great camcorder.

Works great, very pleased, needed it to capture old 8mm home videos.

Overall, i’d like to say that this camera is a beautiful and inexpensive camera with great features. I bought mine at [a physical store becuase amazon. Com didn’t have any in stock but it has 22x optical zoom, and 880 digital zoom which is amazing. The main reason i bought this camera is beacuse i will be goin to italy for this summer and also tunisia and i needed a camcorder, (it is my first one). It has a pal system built in which means that you can basically use it anywhere in the world. The visuals are great and it has digital effects such as, black and white, fade, black light, mirror, sepia, negative picture, art, mosaic, 16:9, and cinema. Maybe the only bad thing is that it doesn’t have an image stabilizer but it doesn’t really bother me beacuse the other samsung that does costs about [much more]. I would reccomend getting a camcorder bag and an extra lithium-ion battery if your going to use it alot. It has two features that one is, easy which everything advanced is turned off, more for begginers, and then a custom setting where you can customize everything the way you want it. It comes with the ac adapter and the cable, a lithium-ion battery, hand strap, shoulder strap, lens cover, and av cables which work great.]

This is a great camcorder for the price. I recently bought one and it works great. The hi8 feature is what i was looking for and for this price its a very good deal.

Features of Samsung SCL700 Hi8 Camcorder with 2.5″ LCD (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Hi8 camcorder
  • 22x optical, 880x digital zoom
  • 2.5-inch color LCD and monochrome EVF
  • Video light
  • Multi-system video output

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I have a baby on the way and decided to grab a camcorder spur of the moment so that i can have all those cute baby moments recorded. I didn’t have much cash on hand, so i was was pretty skeptical about buying this — i figured i would buy it and return it within a week. I haven’t had a single problem.There are a bunch of different features and it’s very simple to set up and use. Great camcorder for the money.

We had used a decent quality camcorder before our son bought this one. This one has been a pleasant surprise. Although the picture quality might be more like 4 stars, the features that are provided at such a low cost make this a 5 star product. It has all the fundamentals for a beginner and it fits well in medium size and small size hands (unlike some that require two hands or very large hands or cost five times as much for a small form-factor). We had it out of the box in minutes and were recording first videos with it in less than 15 minutes. The price makes it affordable for school kids to have all kinds of fun projects with it.

It is unbelivable price with excellent performance of the camcorder. My 14-years son also nicely manage the operation of the camera so that we can enjoy shooting thro my son & daughter. Operations and quality of camcorder camera not to ask or enquire about this and on this new year celegration without hasitate any one can give gift to their beloved friends etc in this very resonable price. Enjoy all the time with ‘samsung ke sang’.

Hi8 camcorder

22x optical, 880x digital zoom

2.5-inch color LCD and monochrome EVF

Video light

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Samsung SCL700 Hi8 Camcorder with 2.5" LCD (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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