Samsung SC-MX20 Flash Memory Camcorder w/34x Optical Zoom, You WILL have to re-save the widescreen files.

Important points:full 3 hours recording even when the view finder is left open2 gig video length limit (but the camera works around this by creating another file when 2 gig is reached)i’m not going to review this item in full as it has been done so before. I bought this camera to record 3 hour meetings. I was concerned the claimed recording time (3 hours) may be possible only when the lcd view finder was turned off (closed). I was happy to find this was not the case. I just ran a test recording with the view finder turned on for a full 3 hours. Note file size is limited to 2 gig per video (this is common with low end video cameras). With some camera’s this means recording stops when the file reaches 2 gig, i was happy to find the camera automatically continued recording to another file. It does mean i need to join 3 clips together, but thats very simple to do with apple quicktime, final cut, or any media editor.

I have used various kinds of camcorders over the years, vhs, mini-dv, dv, never flash. The major reason i wanted this camera was because of the amazing ability to record video, and take it off your camera, being able to use it, right then, no editing, no having to capture the video using premiere or final cut, just boom, plug in camera, instantly watchable video. If your an amateur filmmaker (or aspiring) this is huge. You do not need to worry about tape. The flash card will not get damaged and eventually need to be replace. Film is now ‘free’ meaning you can shoot what you want, whenever, all day, and not have to worry about the ‘cost’. This alone makes this camera very valuable. The fact that it uses open formats such as h. 264 and mp4, ensures 20 years from now, you will have no problem opening and playing the videos this camera produces (unlike other cameras which capture in formats other than open formats). You shoot your video (which is so very easy) and it saves each file as a h. This file will play on many different devices, and you can take that mp4 and put it on dvd, post it on the web, whatever, the possibilities are endless. The audio mic does a great job, it has a wind mic feature which solves some of the problems from using the camera outside in the wind. It has an anti shake feature (image stabilization) so the video appears more steady.

This is a great camera, i got it on sale for $215. It is overall 4 star becaus it cannot take pictures. The video quality is very good, and the zoom is great. It is overall perfect except that you cant take pics.

Key specs for Samsung SC-MX20 Flash Memory Camcorder w/34x Optical Zoom (Black):

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  • Record high quality video images with 680K pixel CCD, plus Schneider Lens
  • Get close to the action with 34x optical zoom / 1,200x digital zoom
  • Also shoot H.264 (720x480i) – 6 hours recording with 8 GB card, or 16 hours with a 32 GB card
  • Designed and optimized for easy YouTube uploading
  • Features an advanced image stabilizer and a 2.7-inch LCD viewfinder

Comments from buyers

“You WILL have to re-save the widescreen files.
, Do You Like Clouds?
, birthday present camcorder. i’d probably use a phone these

This was great when it was brand new. However, it feels very outdated now compared to other digital camcorders. I would not purchase one new at this point. A used one might still be worth it though.

Being that everything now is in hd – this was still a great camera. I had an adapter for a wider screen, and the optical zoom and the time lapse feature, are more than worth the money. If you buy this, you’ll like it. But the result are very nice. I used it to shoot motorcycle races.

When the product detail says it’s easy to use, it is an understatement. Not only is it easy to use but easy to transfer your recordings and share your images.

I bought this camcorder to record my daughter growing up and so far i have been extremely pleased with the results. Can save the videos to my computer very easily and haven’t had the same problem as some of the other reviewers with the 16:9 ratio problem it works for me.

The operator manual is on a cd making it very difficult to use all of the features. There should be a hard copy so it could be carried with you.

This is my first camcorder and i found it to be a great camcorder for the money. Easy to work and the features are great. I was getting ready to buy a canon f100 camcorder and found out canon puts a 20 minute battery in their camcorders on purpose so you will have to buy another battery, the batteries cost about 80-100. The battery in this camcorder came fully charged and the life is close to 3. 5 hours which was great, i would advise you to buy another battery just to have on hand (the batteries are not expense). What i did find out was, after recording about 38 minutes it starts video taping a new file, but you will not miss anything. When i played it on my tv it goes right to the next file, you do not even know the files are separated. This was not a big deal to me, plus i have a file joiner by boilsoft which is really good and it free. There is no memory on this camcorder and it did not come with a sd card.

The design is simple, feels good in the hand. It uses an sd card to handle the storing of video that you record. Easy playback on the video screen. There is no view-finder, which is, for obvious reasons, becoming unnecessary. As mentioned by other posters, the widescreen and anamorphic representations pose a problem when playing back the video on youtube or your own computer. I noticed this as the video was stretched. So you have to resort to recording as a full frame despite the default setting on widescreen. This samsung sc-mx20, which proudly displys the youtube logo on the side suggests it is primed for youtube friendly camera. You plug the usb cord in and remove the files to your hard drive. The program that comes with this package allows easy access to upload to youtube. The problem i had with the program was that it kept crashing, and it was super slow in accessing photos and videos. Enough to not even want to bother with the program. Also, its rare that you will edit ‘in-in-the-can’ so you wont upload to youtube straight from the source.

The camcorder works great out of the box. Set up and use is very simple, so i don’t need to read the manual. The quality of video is acceptable not super.

I’d probably use a phone these days though.

Not that many years ago camcorders were about the size of microwave ovens, recorded vhs tapes, and had to be positioned on shoulders to take clear shots. The first change was the 8mm tape which was very compact and aloed for cameras that only weighed a few pounds. But a lot of people didn’t want to buy them because they couldn’t play them on their new vhs video cassette recorder. But along came digital tape and fewer and fewer people lugged around shoulder mounted cameras on their pilgrimages to walt disney world. But the trend to lighter and lighter camcorders continued to the point that weight became irrelevant especially when camera optics and storage media combine as it had in the samsung sc-mx20 flash memory camcorder. Flash memory means sd cards, which in their higher capacity mode hold up to 32 gb. This is about 24 hours of stored digitally recorded sound and video. The optics on the camcorder are excellent and it has 34x optical zoom. If that isn’t enough zoom you are obviously trying to use this camcorder on the international space station to check on your kids. With flash memory there are no mechanical parts to fail like a hard drive might.

Overall this is a good camera for only around $200. The most important thing that you should know when you are considering buying this camera is that when you record in wide screen mode on your camera (16:9), the file is not initially set to be read as a wide screen file, so it appears in 4:3 ratio in programs. This is relatively easy to fix however, just by importing the video into the software program that comes with it, (cyberlink media show), and then simply re-saving the file, as either mp4, wmv, or mpg. The file is then set to read as a wide screen file, and you can import it into windows movie maker, any other program for editing, or just burn a dvd of the files. You can also just record in 4:3 ratio and bypass all that hassle if you aren’t very computer savvy. On a side note, of my own clumsiness, i have dropped my camera twice on cement and it still works fine. If you are looking for an inexpensive camera, which has good battery life, and good zoom, then this is a good buy.

My fiance and i purchased this a few months ago. Since then, we have taken it to every vacation and family holiday. It is excellent for recording family videos. Is not made for dark lights, but has worked great for what we needed it for. I would definitely reccomend this for anyone looking for an affordable video camera to record family videos with.

Great price great product really small an convenient but nice picture and easy to uae.

Aimed squarely at youtubers, the mx20 is a significant upgrade to the mx10 and is worthy of consideration. It has the functionality of a serious camcorder, combined with the ease and convenience of a flash-recording device. No, the picture quality is not as good as camcorders many times the price, nor can one expect it to be. I like the way you can rotate both the handle and the lcd screen through 180 degrees. This makes it very flexible – for example, you can film yourself, seeing the picture at the same time. Once you start to accumulate cards of various capacities, plus a usb hub, usb cables, card readers, etc, then it becomes so much easier to store all kinds of files, and to transfer them between camcorders, gps systems, your pc and whatever. Having said all that, it’s a little annoying that they don’t actually include the card with this camcorder. Most gadgets at least include a small-capacity card to start you off. If you are giving the sc-mx20 as a gift, it would be nice to include a memory card with it.

Bought this for my son for his 13th birthday. He loves it and has been using it now for a week. He said it works great and he is well on his way to producing his first you tube movie, lol.

A very nice compact camcorder. The company always a good deal is really good i had a slight problem contacted them they took care of it fast in way less then 24 hours dealing withem i( i would rate them 5 stars ).

It is about 2 years or more since i bought this.

I have several camcorders including two hd models. I use them to record both video and still images of vacations, family events (such as weddings) and friends. One might wonder why i would use a lower definition, kind-of basic camera like the samsung sc-mx20. I have been a bird watcher for decades and i have built my digital slr arsenal around that hobby with several canon dslr bodies and specialized extra-long lenses. However, i often find that bird behavior cannot be captured in a still photo. One example is an amazonian bird called the highland motmot. It has a long tail that tapers down to a bare shaft and then ends in a racket shaped tip. When perched it often flicks it tail side to side so that it looks like a grandfather clock’s pendulum (the locals have a name for it that translates into ‘the clock-maker bird). I have several really nice still photos of it takes a video camera to capture that movement of it’s tail.

Really easy to use and it shoots everything in quick time format, which can be downloaded on to you tube with ease. Simply point and shoot because of the fast response time, it’s ready to shoot again almost immediately and it records onto digital sd. The price is very reasonable considering what a typical ‘point n shoot’ camera costs compared to the features you get with this samsung sc-mx20l. I have only tried it outdoors so far and am completely satisfied with the results i obtained. Having a 34x optical zoom offers those far away shots as long as you have a steady hand and the quality does fall off at that level of zoom. If you want or need a great little camera for family outings, filming outside at varied events or just to carry around to catch that once-in-a-lifetime moment, you can’t go wrong with this samsung. This is not a professional camera, but rather a camera great for those of you that enjoy posting video shorts on youtube. Using it for what its designed for will make you satisfied with it’s ability. Now that the holidays are upon us, i’ll be in a much better position to give this little camera an updated review. I will rate this sc-mx20l a 4 star for its ease of use and multitude of capable tasks.

I had purchased this item on 30 mar and it arrived upon the 31st. Now i ask you, is that service or is that, service?. (5 stars)camera had arrived with all items advertised and in excellent condition. After only a few short minutes, this camera was fully charged and ready to go. Found it exceedingly easy to use and the video quality with the audio is outstanding. (5 stars)the reason i had purchased this item, is that it was advertised as taking jpg images along with the ability in taking videos. After spending several hours trying to figure this out, decided to call customer support for help. (1-800-726-7864) i was informed by a lady who was barely able to speak let alone understand english, that this item doesn’t take still images. (1 star)wish amazon would pay closer attention to the products they offer.About the only 2 options i have in still images is: 1.

This isn’t a camera for the filmmaker. It’s for moms who want to just point and shoot. The very first thing i notice out of the box is it’s compact and light weight. Weighing in with the battery, it’s less than 12 ounces. It weighs less than my sony handycam or my sharp viewcam or even the samsung sc-hmx20c. That is a real plus, because i just can’t stand to lug my camcorders around because of the bulk and weight and thus i miss out on filming some memorable moments. I charged it up and it was up and running very quickly. My son kept wanting me to film him and i told him to wait, wait, but when i came out not long after plugging it in, my camcorder flashed green. It was ready to goi started filming right away. In dim light, the picture was pretty grainy, but it’s like that with my handycam.

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