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I dont know what these other people are talking about. It has good picture quality, great sound, great zoom, easy to use, compact, and sturdy. The picture quality looks bad on the lcd screen only. Once you plug it in to your tv or computer, it isnt as pixel-y as on the lcd screen. I dont have 1 complaint for this product. I recommend it to every one. Dont listen to what the other guys tell you.

This is the first video camera i have owned. I decided to start with a refurbished model. The camera is just like new and i’ve had no issues with it. It is very good shooting in daylight and does a good job is steadying the picture. Inside the picture starts to get grainy. The microphone is sensitive enough to pick up voices from a reasonable distance (at least 15 – 20 feet. ) the controls while intuitive and well placed are limited but then again this is not a fancy top of the line camera. This camera is a good starting video camera for the money. The zoom button seems a little flimsy and makes me nervous that it may break if care is not taken with it. The cameras size makes it easy to carry in a purse or large pocket.

I are very rarely moved to write reviews. This time i am prompted to do so because of a product that not only met, but exceeded my expectations. My needs are simple: i film my kids’ performances at school, i film birthday parties at home, i film some family stuff (not a lot) on vacation. I was looking for:* no moving parts — no tapes, no hdd, no dvd’s memory-only. * long battery life* light weight* ease of use* good indoor/low light filming* good image stabilization* simple connection to to the computer via standard usb cable* simple dvd burningi was not looking for:* professional (or even advanced) editing capabilities* professional quality video* digital camera capabilities (i already have an excellent digital camera, thank you)this camcorder is extraordinarily light (. 6 lbs), has an excellent big screen, and is astoundingly easy to use. The first day i got it, i opened up the manual to figure out how to install the battery and memory card, but after that i haven’t needed to crack the manual at all. I *love* the one-button battery level check features — and yes, the battery time is a true 2-hours plus, as rated. I do not have a lot of experience with different types of camcorders, but the video quality on this one far exceeds my newly retired 2 year old hi8 model. After a lot of research, i bought this camera instead of an hd model because the current crop of hd camcorders seem to have a lot of issues with battery life, and also weigh twice as much as this one.

Shame on folks complaining about this camera. For its price, it’s darn near perfect. Small, light, expandable memory, holds a charge, and does what it should. Set the anti-shake to ‘on’ and you’re good to go. If your videos are junk, blame the person behind the camera. We just took it, fresh out of the box, to catch precious memories in memphis, for elvis week. I got more than i expected, especially after reading these reviews prior to our trip. I took videos while driving, and they look just fine. Night time, while walking down beale at night was a little rough, but it was my fault. But even those aren’t awful. 99% were what i expected or better. If you spend any time on youtube, you know what junk looks like. If you want a vacation camera, you can’t go wrong with this one.

I bought this product for my husband for christmas. We never had a video camera and i wanted something compact and easy to use, and this definitely is. We never even had to look at the manual. For anyone who needs a quality video camera and hasn’t upgraded to hd yet, i would recommend this one.

I address this review to mr brown above who appears to have had a bad shake with this little camera, and to anybody else who has had problems with it, or have been influenced by such reports. I am not an expert, this is my first camcorder, and the only other video recording i have done is with a kodak digital camera which makes quicktime video clips. And i add here that i had to buy something else to make clips because my computer would not edit kodak. With this product you must follow the instructions in the user manual to the letter, and that includes charging the main battery when instructed to do so, p 18. Yes the manual is long winded and goes on about things you don’t really need to know as you work through the preparation pages. But, work through them you must in order to get the essential preparation done. Nowhere is that more needed than inserting the little ‘button battery’, p 20, into its slot so that the sc mx 10 can remember the date, time and settings you elect in the menu screens. The camera in the box is beautifully presented with all the things needed to get started right away. However, the quick start guide seems to me, p 2 to have two panels of instruction for the same thing, battery installation, but non a word about the button battery.

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  • Does everything a casual user wants, in a small package
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Here’s what i wanted my video camcorder to be able to do:1. Record high quality without the need for a cd or cassette (its 2008 for goodness sake, moving parts, are you crazy?)2. Had a good amount internal memory as well as a memory card capacity of up to 4gb3. Could be easily played on my hdtv and not look like jumpy and grainy4. Would download clips easily onto my pc so i could edit and send via email to family and friends5. Had easy interface and simple-to-use navigation6. Had good audio quality and anti-shake qualities for smooth shooting7. Had at least 5x zoom ability. Was under $250this camera not only met all of my expectations, but exceeded them.

I needed a video camera for a trip and didn’t want to be ripped off by todays prices. I found the sc-mx10 and read reviews about it but every review said something different. I used this video camera for three weeks and this is what i found. The first thing i came across was that the charge time is a serious problem. There is a amber led that blinks when charging which is suppose to change to a solid green when fully charged. I had it charging for two full days and never saw a green light but the battery indicater showed full on the display. Even though i never knew if my battery was fully charged the record time was ok. The second problem i noticed is that recording quality is not for vacationing or home video. Picture quality is grainy and the more zoom the more grainy and at full zoom, unless you can stand like a statue it is useless. There is a setting for low light but does not help picture quality. Another problem is putting recorded files on disk using a computer. If you don’t use their software you can’t do things like burn a disk which i needed to do on my vaction so i had to delete some files or purchase a over priced memory card. The plus side is operation is easy with on screen display the size is awesome, fits in hand well and hand grip rotates. The display rotates in every direction and flips image when rotated 180 degrees.

Not everybody is a techno-wizard . I only needed to glance at the quick start guide. The options/setup menu is a breeze. Picture,sound and features are more than adequate. I chose flash memory card over tape/dvd as its so compact. With fewer moving parts the camera is less likely to need repair and the battery life is longer. Also i can easily mail a card to friends/relatives abroad and not have to worry about different tv systems or dvd region codes for me samsung have produced a winner.

This is my first video recorder of any type, and after reading several reviews i had some concerns. However, having used the camera a few times i am pleasantly surprised. So far all is well, but here are a few points:1. Some retailers sell the camera with a memory card, and others do not. I originally ordered one from an online retailer who then called to sell me accessories like long-life batteries and sd cards, even though samsung’s description clearly states the camera comes with these items. I canceled that order and bought the camera somewhere else, and the ‘extra’ items were already included. The camera came with a 512mb sd card that will record about 35 minutes of video at the lowest quality setting, or 14 minutes at the highest setting. Since the camera works well i will now get a 4mb card for more storage time. I had great results from the image stabilization, and recorded my son’s soccer game (parts of it, anyway) with no blurring and limited shaking even though i held the camera throughout. The camera has many environment settings (indoor, outdoor, sports events, etc) that will help control exposure and focus settings, etc. I had no trouble working through the menus once i learned how to navigate. As another review here mentioned, the included battery lasts 2 hours or more with a full charge, contrary to the claims of the retailer i originally ordered from. This guy told me the camera would not work if i didn’t order this extra stuff, and became irate when i stood my ground6. The included ‘video editing software’ is pretty useless, in my opinion, but i am sure there are plenty of options available if you want to edit your videos. My needs just aren’t that great.

This camcorder was just as good as he said it would be, got it quickly, with enough time to play with it and figure it out before my daughters play. Awsome service and will b looking to buy from him again thanks.

Features of Samsung SC-MX10 Flash Memory Camcorder with 34x Optical Zoom (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Capture video to SD, SDHC, MMC memory cards
  • 34x optical zoom; 1200x digital zoom
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • iCheck feature shows battery life and remaining memory
  • USB 2.0 interface for easy file transfer

Make sure this fits
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This camcorder lived up to it’s billing and i am happy with it. Easy to use, good video quality, easy to transfer from sds to computer for sharing. Extremely small and lightweight. While it is difficult to see the image in the lcd screen in bright sunlight (camcorder has no view finder), i anticipated this and it is rare that i video outdoors in bright sunlight.

Very nice little camcorder does everything for a great price video can be saved on sd cards or downloaded to pc or connected easily to tv for playback very satisfied with this for basic home movies and kids games.

This is my first camcorder and was purchased to record a new baby. It is very easy to use and produces nice clips. The easy-q button sets up the lighting and other settings great.

I purchased a refurbished unit at a fraction of the cost of a new one – my first impressions are the auto focus is a bit slow, especially in dim light – but the picture is good. The controls are very simple and easy to operate and i like how you can start/stop the record feature using 2 different buttons located on the main and the other on the flip-out screen. The overall condition of the camera is a 7 out of 10 with no visible damage or wear so overall i was happy with this purchase.

This camera is really easy to use. The screen is big and clear and the menus easy to follow. The stabilizer works well and very easy with the usb cable to transfer your video to the pc and burn a dvd. It saves the video in avi format that plays without manipulation on the pc and on compatible dvd players.

I got this camera for my 12 year old son for christmas and he loves it. Christmas day was a little intense because it wouldn’t work well with imovie 08. It had to go through flash focus before it went into 08 and then the picture wasn’t very good. We found there were problems inherent in imovie 08 and switched to 06 which is actually better and all is fine. I’m just glad my computer engineer brother was here to help us figure it out. The camera is a great size, easy to use, and for the price does a nice video. For anyone looking for a camera to use with the imac i can say this one does work well.

Capture video to SD, SDHC, MMC memory cards

To make it simple i’m going to make a list:- easy to use- great quality- comes with cyberlink powerdirector- light- very portable.

I paid $169 for this digital camcorder and it has features i will probably never use. I read all the pros and cons and realized the cons are all operator head space and timing. Read the directions and this is one great camera.

Pay twice as much, buy a sony or some other brand camera that has a harddrive or dvd, and you will get a picture that looks about the same. Everyhting else being equel this is a great camera. It’s no stunner to be sure, but almost none of the single chip under 1000 dollar cameras are. At it’s highest image quality setting you get about 2 hours on a 4 gig card, shadows can have a few compression artifacts but most of the single image chip harddrive or dvd cameras do as well. The difference being those kinds of cameras cost alot more. This is about as cheap as video camera’s get, but it has no moving parts to break (other than the zoom) and it has a great 34x optical zoom, decent picture in bright light, and it’s easy to use. Download the avi files into your computer, burn it to dvd and repeat.

Ok, now i think i am ready to write a review on mx-10. I’ve got it for $200, and it is the only reason i did not return it on the next day, but decided to play with it for a while. It is small, handy, simple, great zoom, great mic, looks and feels solid, great battery life, can record almost 2 hours on my 4gb card using max resolution (superfine, 16×9). The camcorder itself is ok; it is the software that comes with it, ruins it. I made my first video clip using power director (from cd that came with camera), and was shocked about the bad quality of the video. Just thought: ‘it cannot be like that’, and plugged my mx-10 directly to tv. What i got was completely different picture. Still, not excellent, but waaaaaaaay better.So, i decided to change software, and made a sample video using roxio media creator.

The camera has different image resolution settings, on the default (480i) setting, the image quality is terrible, but if you switch to 480p, the image becomes average quality, and the digital blocky artifacts disappear. I am not sure why samsung (a great company) would mess up the 480i option, then use it as default in a shipping product, but if you switch to 480p all is well. The zoom is great, the camera seems a bit low on settings, but its compact, lightweight, and records to mpeg4. You will need to download the samsung codec from samsung’s website, but then its easy to transfer files from the sd card, play them in windows media player, manipulate them in your favorite software, etc. My primary intention for this camera was to install it on a roll bar in a sportscar, for this purpose, it uses flash memory, few moving parts, the zoom is actually not important, but sound quality is good, and in ‘action’ setting, with 480p resolution selected, image quality is good. I wish it came with a remote control, but its a simple process to press the record button. The camera comes with a 512mb card, good for approx 15 minutes of ‘high quality’ video, and supports up to an 8gb sd card. I purchased a 4gb sd card, which is good for 120 minutes of video, as that is how long the battery lasts, 2 hours.

This is a great camera it has suitable video quality and it has a phenomenal zoom length for its price. But there is one flaw in the software aspect for mac users it is very important that you read this part, the video is compressed into a divx format (or avi) which isn’t primarily compatible with the mac platform unless you convert the video a couple of times this process only makes the video quality a little bit less that it is already. The 2 free softwares that i have to use are, for the avi. Conversion i use a program called ‘divx doctor’ and for the mov. To mp4 conversion i use a program called mpeg streamclip. If you wish to convert the video straight from avi. To mp4 i suggest a program called 3ivx (which isn’t free). For its price it is a good deal for upcoming filmers and family events.

34x optical zoom; 1200x digital zoom

I bought this video camera for my 12 year old neice. She had no problems understanding how to use it. The battery life lasts a while, though i would imagine if you were planning on using the camera constantly (over three hours) you may want to purchase a second one. It did pretty well in the just regular house lighting which is why i bought. I bought it reburbished and they forgot to put in the memory card so i bought one for about $15 at target.

 this is already formatted to load directly to youtube and this is why i purchased it. I was tired of all the format problems of my dslr and this took care of that. It is great for the family get together and you want to just pull the card out and load it onto your computer, go to youtube, select upload, find file on disk and select it, and off it goes directly to youtube without formatting problems.

Got it yesterday, brought for my fried. I like this camcorder for the value of money. It is very light and easy to use. It looks good too, the battery is not very heavy. Only thing is you have to spend atleast $50 to get a sd card of 16 gig atleast (maybe you can look for some deal and buy it cheaper). It comes with power director software for video editing.

 the camera itself works well, the battery is great over 2 hours worth of battery. As you can tell by the uploaded video the video is very distorted and not that great of quality. If i had it to do all over again i would have spent more money on a better model and one that i know will work great and has great focus. This video will show the lines and distortion you will have in all of your video. I have yet to figure out how to fix it and it seems it isnt possible. My suggestion if you need a camera and dont have alot of money want something ok. However if you want something with great quality dont buy this camera.

It’s a decent flash memory camcorder. However it needs special codecs to view if i remember correctly which isn’t much fun.

I got this camera just a few weeks ago and have already made a few hours worth of films. It is small and very light and seems designed to fit a woman’s hand. It is very easy to operate and the menus are detailed and easily navigated. It is quick one button on, push to record – so i can grab it and catch the dogs or kids as they are playing – there is no setup time. It is even small enough to fit in your pursei don’t understand some of the poorer reviews – some say the footage is pixelated – i have not experienced this at all and the zoom quality is great – you can choose manual or digital. As far as some people complaining about memory and battery life: memory is really in your own hands – try to figure out what size and/or how many sd cards you will use. I am just using a very small (2g) card and transferring the footage to my hard drive, then wiping the card. The flip-out screen gives a clear representation of both film storage and battery life remaining – so just plug it in for a short time to recharge it. I tend to think some of the more negative reviews reflect the skills/quality of the user, not the product. I am very happy with this and really enjoy using the film editing software that came with it, as well.

Everyone from our daughter to her children use and enjoy the camcorder. Our grandson is posting on you tube easily.

Electronic image stabilization

Had this camcorder for a week now and have had the opportunity to try many of the settings and in various lighting conditions. Samsung has put together a camcorder that is really just about perfect for the money, i paid $249. 00 at a electronics retailer. The video is captured directly to a computer accessible clip file in mp4 format (industry standard h. Each time you press record the ‘corder starts a new clip and closes it when you stop recording by pressing record. The storage media used on this unit is sd or sc type flash which is cheap and constantly dropping in price. This media make this unit more rugged than say a hard drive camera (which has moving parts). Various standard resolutions are available with the the highest quality mode being 720x480i, the little (i) at the end means that the video is interlaced. Unless you are shooting a $50 million blockbuster for release in full hd on blu-ray this resolution is more than adequate. It is not hd, its sd and very manageable in terms of the file sizes produced and practicality when editing or uploading to youtube. Side note: as someone who also owns the next generation of this camcorder the (hmx20), which shoots in full hd at 1920x1080p, i can tell you that desktop editing or uploading videos shot in hd above say 720x480p is not practical for use with desktop editing or uploading. Once you’re done shooting all you have to do is plug the camera into your computer via the supplied usb cable and copy the clip files to your computer for uploading to youtube or desktop editing. This ‘corder is light its small its got an excellent lense and features and best of all the price is right.

iCheck feature shows battery life and remaining memory

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