Samsung HMX-F80 Flash Memory Camcorder – High quality

You can carry it around anywhere and shoot stills or videos fast then watch them on a monitor or you tv. You will need a tripod for the zoom as the least trimble will shake the screen.

I was impressed with this little camera. I bought it for my mother to take videos, and i ultimately purched this one because it was competitively priced. What i liked was that the zoom was surprisingly useful, and its magnification was better than other similarly priced camcorders. It is also lightweight, and anyone could easily fill up their memory cards in one use without having any problems. The battery life isn’t that great, but we have a car charger so it was not a huge deal. Overall this camcorder was a great buy, and for the price you can’t go wrong.

Just received this camera this week. Have videotaped several things, both indoor and outdoor. I am using a 64gb memory card which lasts longer than expected. The battery life seems a little short; i need to try if not using the lcd screen extends the battery life while recording. Picture quality seems like typical consumer-level hd quality. Here are the specifications for the Samsung HMX-F80 Flash Memory Camcorder:

  • Screen Size: 2.7″
  • Image Stabilization: Yes
  • Optical Zoom: 52x
  • Digital Zoom: 130x

It’s a really good camcorder but nothing is included so you must buy a memory card, battery n battery charger before use. And a regular tripod, octopus tripod, clapper board, etc.

Lens cover jammed open second day. Even reconditioned should work a few days before breaking.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • My trusty sidekick
  • Nice camera and a good size to hold on to.
  • Nice camera

High quality and easy to use, i like the compact size and versatility, no issues with it so far and will work well for the college student it was purchased for.

I was so excited to get this product. The instruction book was very small lettering. So i went to the samsung site,found the book and turned the wheel on my mouse and enlarged it. My camcorder came when promised and was just as good as new.

I bought this camera to film the interesting things in my life, and to capture precious family moments. So far, the hmx-f80 has done a great job. The quality isn’t hd, but its of superb quality. The zoom feature works great for filming objects from afar, and it is durable. The camera itself is constructed of cheap plastic, but the price and quality make up for that. I highly recommend this camera to anyone who does not want to risk loosing and expensive camera, and to anyone who was an inexpensive, versatile camcorder.

The samsung hmx-80 is a great camcorder for starters and i use it daily to capture great memorys. Everyone should start with camera and work their way to the next level after using this product.

This camera has performed flawlessly since the day i had received it.

Ok, the software, intellistudio is actually very good and easy to use, allows conversion of video to ipod and itouch and smaller sized and or resolution windows media. What can i say, good hd video, not the best but for the money can’t be beat. The battery lasted 1 hour and 24 mins, the 52x optical zoom is amazing. This is my second video cam and i feel it is a good deal. This link was recorded with it: hot humid hazy 90 degree day in fl.

I bought this camera to replace an old jvc everio gzmg330 that i’d been using since 2009. That camera was sd and had crappy battery life. This one is hd and works much better for less money. If you need fancy features this isn’t for you, but it works fine for me and is mac compatibleon imovie ’09.

Prossmart auto feature is great. Wide lens and zoom features help when fliming for distancesvideos are clear hd quality whether from a far or close upconsthis camcorder goes in and out of focus at timesthe battery life leaves something to be desired (make sure you fully charge it before using and/or bring an extra battery). Problem with it freezing after using it for 5 days and had to spend it for repairs.

This was a replacement for my other movie camera of which i couldn’t get cam software to down load the movies i and and was having trouble getting it to read sd cards. This one works great and no issues with the software. Works great and easy to work with i love this cam very much.

Light, uncomplicated (as no tapes to jam are required) and produces top notch hd quality. Next step is full-size professional camera (sony or panasonic) with bigger zoom lens and inputs for microphone.

 this was a test when i first got the camera. I bought this item for my grandma and she is very happy with the simple and easy way to record. It is very light and convenient if you take while traveling or social events. The sd card feature really makes it easy to watch and move the files to any device.

We use this to record our church services, so it sits still on a tripod. We are able to zoom in very close and audio is good even without an input plug from our microphone. I heard complaints about quality and zoom, but these are not issues for us.

I love my camcorder and love taking pictures on it. It is small and easy to hold when recording. I would recommend this to everyone.

I purchased this camcorder based on the very positive reviews. Functionally i like the camcorder very much, but technically i was disappointed. I’ve worked with dozens of different video formats over the years and expected a basic camcorder to utilize a basic output file. But the mp4 video produced by this camcorder is actually based on a proprietary codec. Several of my analysis tools indicated it was h. 264 in an mp4 container, others said it was a sony codec similar to those used on apple products. It’s essentially a mobile phone codec being used on a camcorder. Bottom line: i have codecs of all types installed and can view and edit video from just about any source using several different apps (media player classic, windows media player, others) and pinnacle studio ultimate. But i couldn’t open the samsung mp4 video files on my winxp systems. I’m told that win7 can handle the format natively, but i’ve not confirmed this.

This is a great video camera for non-professional. I bought it for my miami-orlando theme parks vacation this year and it performed great. Good quality images, great sound, good battery life (i filmed all day interruptedly and it lasted all day, had to recharge allways at night). Only thing to regret is the placement of the zooming control which you tend to touch permanently when your not used to it. Sometimes you start filming and the camera is full zoomed. But i got used to it and now it works great. Usb connection worked perfectly. Image stabilizer is fine but not great. At the end, it gives more than you could expect for the price, and don’t forget it tapes in hd.

I am not a camcorder expert, but this camera has definitely met the needs we have as an active family. The price was right and it is simple to set up and use.

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