Samsung F90 Camcorder – It is easy to operate

I received this video camera and the cable to connect to the computer was defective. I had to buy another cable because we are leaving on a trip in a few days out of the us and wouldn’t have received a replacement on time. Video camera takes good quality. Videos and is easy to operate. Hopefully the cable that comes with your camera works.

Not top of the line, but great for videoing the high school band performances. Wish i could find one with a wider lens to capture the whole football field, but i haven’t seen one yet. Nevertheless, it has a wider view than many and it does the job pretty well.

I bought this for a trip to south america. It’s small and compact so it doesn’t stand out and can be discreet. The only negative was that it did not come with an sd card. I purchased a 32 gb which works well. The picture is clear and it’s easy to share.

The instruction manual in the box seems to be written in 2-point type, and is pretty inadequate for some of the more complex functions (especially for new users). Samsung could hit a home run if they would produce an operating video and post it online. Nikon and canon do this for their cameras, and it is a big help.

Great camera at a great price. I needed it to record interviews for a book, and it works just fine. I especially like its ability to capture voice from someone on the other side of the camera. And it’s frugal – 16 gig card will record more than 2 hours at high res.

This is the perfect camera for video posted on your favorite social website. It has excellent picture quality at 720p resolution provided your light source is good. It’s easy to use and lightweight. My only complaint is it’s low light performance. Picture quality is only fair in low light, but in my circumstance it is not a problem. Overall, good camera at this price point.

  • The Samsung F90: A Fine General-Purpose Home Video Camcorder
  • This is my best camera yet
  • A very nice camcorder in a convenient package.

I don’t use it much but so far i’ve noticed that it is slow to charge and it’s not good or bad at keeping the charge. I also keep it in my purse or backpack or just floating around my car and it hasn’t taken any damage without a case, seems sturdy. Not top quality, but good enough for me. I have a hard time with figuring out the functions sometimes and my slower friend couldn’t figure out how to use it at all. I think it was worth it for me.

I just finished filming three soccer games with this camera. I installed a 32 gb card in the camera which will provide for about 500 minutes of hd recording. The battery itself was less than half used after each soccer game. The duration of recording for each game was approximately 80 minutes. After the file size reaches approximately 1. 29 gb, the video camera closes out the file and starts a new segment. The camera is very easy to use, and did well when the sun was at my back, in my eyes, and it did even better at night when the field was lit up by lights. If you want an inexpensive video camera that gives high quality video, you should like this one.

It’s a good product, i just wish it could record longer than 20 minutes without it making a new video file, and missing a couple of seconds of video in between. Other than that, it’s a nice camcorder.

Not great, but met our needs for our vataction trip. It doesn’t have the quality that the old sony had that it replaced. But, then the sony quit working and for the cost of sending it off for repair – and not knowing if i’d get it back in time for the trip – i got the samsung f90. Picture quality is acceptable. The main negative is the slowness of auto-focus. But, then i knew that when i bought it because that was one of the main problems other reviewers described.

Camcorder works but i would never buy anything rated acceptable again. Auto focus sometimes takes up to 5 seconds to refocus. This causes missed shots because you can’t leave camera on stand by. You must turn it off or you get blurry video. Works good other wise and is easy to handle because of size.

Features of Samsung F90 Black Camcorder with 2.7″ LCD Screen and HD Video Recording (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 52x Optical Zoom
  • 720p HD Video
  • 5MP Still Images
  • Warranty Terms – Parts: 1 year limited,Warranty Terms – Labor: 90 days limited

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Almost too small and light ( hubby has a hard time fitting his hand in the strap loop), but wow, what a cool toy. The zoom is fantastic, bringing a dot on the horizon close enough to see details. It is simple to use, too, not too many buttons and choices to make.

  a very nice camcorder in a convenient package. Light weight and very user friendly. I had researched video recorders for quite some time and finally settled on this model and it proved to be a great choice. I’m planning a motorcycle trip to monument valley this fall and storage space will be at a premium. The compact size of this video recorder makes it very east to pack. Once again samsung proves it ability to produce quality electronics. The video and sound quality are excellent.

I have used it to record several meetings and standing events using a tripod – the machine worked like a charm. Using it plugged into the wall and getting a non-stop recording of a 3-hr event is great. Fantastic purchase and worth much more than what we paid on amazon.

Used a couple of times to film my kid playing field hockey. Perfect and can’t beat the price. Can’t mute the mic while recording. Anyone who has kids in sports knows what i mean. . Some of the talk from the seats (other parents) is pretty obnoxious–be nice not to record it instead of editing it out. Leads me t the next point–software. Does what i need it to do-tricky at first but you’ll figure it out. ‘get the deluxe pro 57′ camera tripod with tripod carrying case for the samsung hmx-f90, qf30 digital camcorder’ very nice.

This camera is perfect for my needs. It is easy to use and makes great quality videos and images. If it had a light for evening recording it would be even better, but it’s really sufficient the way it is. I use it to make my youtube, you can see how i used it on my channel ‘playtime toy party’.

Good camcorder–poor instructionsi have had good result from my samsung camcorder. It is very similar to my panasonic camcorder, which got destroyed during a rainstorm. The only fault that i found was that samsung provides very poor instructions with the camera. However, i was able to find the full instructions on the internet.

52x Optical Zoom

We did a lot of research when it came to flip screen camcorders. We were looking for one that would allow us to do ‘selfie’ videos that we could actually see ourselves being taped. Our phones just didn’t provide us with the capture size we were looking for. Picture and sound quality are good for the price. Not excellent, but still very good. The speakers are sensitive when it comes to filming out of doors and the wind but that is to be expected. I wish the directions were clearer about operation of this camcorder. Not being a techie, i had to get help from my kids. (don’t laugh)overall, we are pleased with this purchase and we’re still getting used to operating it. We don’t use it all the time since we have our smart phones but the one thing i really do like is that it’s comfortable to hold, unlike trying to take video with my phone.

Did not have ability to feed live video through the microhdmi output to tv. Only recorded clips can be seen via tv. All my video cameras since the late 80’s have been able to do this. I only want a video camera for live monitoring purposes so this one was not right for me.

This little device is very handy. It is easy to operate, quick to set up and takes very good videos and pictures. Easy to upload to the pc and watch full screen. Very good buy, and am enjoying taping our grandson as he ‘learns’ the game of baseball. Very happy with the purchase. Like others, it only tapes for so long, but we are not making movies, just memories.

This camera is a nice little video camcorder, and i have not had any issues with it. I bought it before the holidays after my nicer one broke. This did quite well, with the only complaint being the length of battery life. I expected this to last a bit longer than it did, and it seemed like i only got just over an hour of camera time before i had to recharge it again. I lost some valuable video of my mom who is on hospice because of that, so i wasn’t too happy. The battery life that the manufacturer states is a bit of an exaggeration. If you can live with that fact, then everything else on this camcorder is great. Zooming in and out worked well for the price of this camera. Others have said that it takes a moment to focus,and that is true – but it’s less than a second. It is not something that i found irritating at all, and for the price of the camera i felt it worked pretty well.

A little hard to learn how to use the buttons but a great little camera at a good price. It filmed the reunion well and can do snapshots with it, too. I bought the pack of accessories that could go with it for $24. The tripod was worth more than the price for the entire pack. I do not know if they still offer the pack.

Great price and trusted name. When it arrived i felt it had sort of a flimsy feel to it but it is solid and works fantastic. I think it’s just that there’s not much to these little camera’s anymore. However, i’ve not babied it and it handles it’s duties very well. Does good in low light situations but i did also buy a light for it for improved performance. Overall, i’m very happy for what i use it for.

720p HD Video

Let me start by stating that this is my very first camcorder. I have nothing to compare it to. I do, however, have a digital camera which i can compare the picture taking to. This camcorder is, in one word, awesome with a few comments however. I did not get a bag for it because i had gotten a camera bag for my other camera and i was always putting the camera away and taking it out. I figured i would just use the package box as the case this time. It’s working out well – plus i saved some money. The automatic focus is good, though i feel that i needed to toggle the focus a bit for the camera to be able to focus properly when i first turn it on or am too close to objects. I am still in process of learning how to focus manually. The automatic cam settings works well. The fact that you can turn the lcd screen all the way around and take a selfie is awesome as well as lifting the whole camcorder and taking a bird’s eyed view and viewing the lcd screen easilyso there has to be some cons:while the zoom capability is awesome, the lever for it is not so great. I’ve read other reviews where people complained it makes a clicking noise. I would advise samsung to redesign this part and make it a silent button with +/- function.

Buyer beware, i’m writing this review in december 2015, the listed price now is $285???. I bought this from amazon last april 2015 for $125. The actual camcorder works great. Video playback resolution on a 42′ hdtv leaves a lot to be desired. I’m watching video of my son’s basketball games and for play evaluation is fine, but video is not detailed enough since i did not zoom in. I’m getting my money’s worth ($125) and i’m satisfied with recording mostly kids games. Note that my last camcorder i paid $1600 and was fine for 10 years. If you want to record family type events, you might think about getting a higher quality camcorder.

I recently purchased this camcorder for basic uses (did not need anything professional) at home and on the go. I found that the image quality is good even when used as a dash cam in my car, and better (of course) in cases when the camera is not moving. One thing that’s nice for making long recordings is the camcorder can run while the battery is being charged (a good thing if you need to run it continuously for a long period of time and have another source of power available, as i did in my car), and the battery is not needed at all if you’re using a wall outlet to power this device. The battery life is about 2 hours if run continuously without a second source of power, and longer if not used continuously. The image quality is not at the professional level, but at this price you wouldn’t expect it to be (someone who wants more features or a professional-quality image should be prepared to spend more money). Overall, a good buy if all you need is a small, simple camcorder, and about the lowest price you’ll pay for one that’s good (anything cheaper than this is a waste of money).

The camera is easy to use, takes great video but has a serious problem when making a video over 20 minutes. It records the video to the chip in 20 minute segments with from 5-9 seconds lost between segments. I purchased two to use to assist in videoing church activities. They are small and easy to hide, that way younger kids don’t become fascinated or shy with the camera. The only place you can find the information about this is to download the 90 page manual.

The video is well shot, but the still pictures are not of the best quality. I still take my camera with me when i’m out with the camcorder for still photos.

The item arrived on time and appears to be working fine. However, i was a bit disappointed that the seller did not include an owner’s manual with the item, as it took me forever to find out where to insert the memory card (and i would have appreciated getting a bit of explanation on the different buttons). Also, nothing about the warranty came with the item.

I bought this to use for my vlog and just to take video since my old one was very outdated. I’m very pleased with the quality of the video and pictures it took. My only complaint is the battery didn’t last very long. So if you buy this, you’ll need to carry the charger with you and charge often. Otherwise, i have no complaints. The little viewing screen does flip so you can see what you’re filming. The capture buttons for film and photos are a little sensitive, but i don’t think that detracts at all from the camera. All in all, it’s a nice little camera for the price.

5MP Still Images

I have been saying to myself for years, i am going to buy me a camcorder. I love this lil gem, it is lightweight, very functional and has many features especially for a newbie that wants great quality. This is even kid friendly, being that i have let my 7 yr old and 12yr old do a bit of recording. I love how the screen flips around, this is great for self videos to share on youtube. I am pleased with this product. (tested products-honest reviews).

===== addendum: november 22, 2015i recommend that you beware of ridiculously high prices currently being offered by a few ‘price-gougers’ as of this date. If you’re planning to spend $250. 00 or more, there are many more current and more capable (and unfortunately more complicated to use) models from which to choose (this simple f90 model has probably been discontinued). It certainly isn’t worth more than about $150. 00 as a brand-new left-over model. On may 6, 2014, when it was still in production, i paid $129. 95 to amazon for it and that was not a special deal-of-the-day. Please keep that in mind when considering purchasing this camcorder. I do hope that the price will be lowered to a reasonable level during this holiday season.

This is a great backup camera to have around. The price is unbelievable and has the same features as those costing twice as much. Just don’t compare this camera to higher end models – remember you’re paying roughly $125 for the camera. However, it’s definitely not a toy and does what a camcorder should do with similar features.

Iv’e had about 10 different recorders in the past and this one is so far the best one. I have rdcorded at night in low light conditions and the video comes out very good. A slight grain but mot much as wit the panasonic i had. Have not downloaded the manual yet as i have not needed one. Guess you do if your new to video rdcording. You do the settings on screen and charge the battery while on the camera. This is a first as i allways got a charger with other cameras, but no problemo.One thing is that it is very light and this does not help for stability. I’m thinking of adding weight via the bottom screw bracket to aliviate this. Does the same than a more expensive camera.

Bought this for hubby for christmas as a surprise. I think i did enough research. This is our first video camera and it seems easy to use. Super small and lightweight. I did also buy the recommended shoulder bag and additional memory card and was happy i did. I will update after more usage.

Better than expected quality. Zoom will need tripod and display does not reflect quality in high zoom.

Warranty Terms – Parts: 1 year limited,Warranty Terms –

Very nice only problem i had was with up/down left/right select button does not work like other camcorders i have owned if you want to go right you push down on right side of button on mine i had to go to left side and nudge button to the right to make it work same with up/down that problem caused me to send first one back. Thanks to amazons great return policy i am happy other than that it is great i am updating from a old camcorder from over 15 years old with no hd.

This is a good camcorder for the price. I needed it to do do short youtube videos. The only probably is you will not be able to use at night or after sunset. There is no flash or backlight.This is a con for this would have gotten 5 stars. The hd video recording is awesome. There does’nt seem to be a way to even attach a flash to this camera. This means you need very great lighting when recording and only in sunlight or good inside lighting.

Compact and well designed camcorder. Easy to use, takes clear video, and has excellent battery life. I would suggest buying a smaller bag than the one suggested. I bought a spare battery for 7. 99 but will most likely not need it. I like the small palm size design. Screen is small but easy to see with reading glasses for those who need them.

This is the second one of these camcorders i’ve purchased. I think they are about the best that’s out there for the price and the features they have. I have read other reviews on this camera that everyone has complaints about battery life. I’ve never experienced that problem for two reasons. First i carry spare batteries when i’m out and second i use larger capacity aftermarket batteries that outlast the originals by 2 or 3 times. I also like the fact that this camera produces mp4 videos unlike sony that uses a unique format that only works with their software. Dste® ia-bp210e battery + dc105 travel and car charger adapter for samsung smx-f50 f53 f54 f500 f501 f530 hmx-s16 f80 f90 h200 h300 h304 s10 s15 camera as ia-bp105r.

I’ve used this about 4 times since i bought it a month or so ago – mostly for the kids’ soccer games. It is a basic, entry level camcorder. Good functions without overwhelming the user. The battery is oddly shaped for some reason. I found out the hard way that the battery only lasted a little more than 2 hours. I may need to get another one or two, which sucks, but i’m sure it was planned that way.

I like this camcorder so much that i am going to buy another one. The first one went for my sister’s anniversary, and the second one will go to my other sister’s birthday. Packaging and delivery were perfect. Be aware of the lighting when you are filming. Some lowlight footage wasn’t quite right, but with the video editing program that comes with the package and a little practice you can compensate for this very small inconvenience.

The product arrived sooner than i expected which is always nice. The only trouble i have with it is that the camera is constantly focusing and sometimes it takes longer to focus than i would like. I notice this more in low light situations. The stability of the camera while moving is pretty good and the audio & video quality are better than i expected them to be for what i paid.

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