Samsung F40 Ultra Zoom Camcorder, scratch on lens, not disclosed, but works fine otherwise

One of the ‘most’ useful devices i own-other than my firearms.

You definitely can’t beat it for the low price. It’s not the best quality i’ve ever seen or anything but again for the price you can’t beat it.

I took my time in looking around for a camcorder. I was looking for something under 100 bucks. But they all had so-so reviews, and not all the features i wanted so i upped my criteria. I always like this camera from seeing it on another site. But the reviews there were so-so, and here a little better. But not much, but i liked this camera, it has an awesome zoom function. So, i went to you tube dot com, and looked at samsung f40 test videos. One guy is on one side of a lake, on the other shore about 1/4 mile+ you can only see trees and a dark area between trees and shore. He zooms in, and in, and in, and soon you see a white object, then a green object, and a little closer.

Key specs for Samsung F40 Ultra Zoom Camcorder (Red) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • 65x Intelli-Zoom/52x Optical Zoom
  • Long Battery Life (4Hr 20Min)
  • Time Lapse recording
  • IntelliStudio 2/0 (Built In PC Software)
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Comments from buyers

“Awesome Camcorder!
, Great Zoom, Battery, and Storage Capacity – OK Video
, Good camera for a good price!

Purchased as a gift for my 14 year-old daughter who has no trouble in producing high quality videos with no assistance whatsoever.

This a geat product, couldn’t be better than it is now, i recommend you all this, for real.

I got this because my sony dcr-trv480 digital8 handycam camcorder w/20x optical zoom went on the fritz (gummed up heads). The handycam had great video quality (tho not hd) and great video effects but since it uses tapes transferring to the computer is a nightmare experience compared to using a memory card and the mechanical parts inevitably get gummed up or break. I needed a quick replacement before a family vacation, didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and realized for most of my video (family events, etc. ) the quality doesn’t have to be super good and the fact that increasing quality was going to decrease storage capacity. I chose the samsung f40 over others in its price range because of the long battery life, great optical zoom, and storage capacity – i can get about 4. 5 hours of the highest quality video on one 16 gb card and the battery life was probably between 3-4 hours. It’s probably about 1/2 the size of my sony and fairly durable so taking it with you is pretty easy and fits into your pocket. Quality of video is ok – outside shots are good, inside not as good but acceptable. Still pictures are really not very good but having the ability to take stills is a plus. One downside also is that for some reason there are 2 usb ports – one proprietary (or non-typical) charger connection and one usb data port (usually i would expect only 1 standard usb port serving both a data and a charger function).

This camera takes excellent pictures and is very easy to use. I will be taking pictures of all the events that i attend. The price was very reasonable and the quality is excellent/very fast shipping.

I tested every flaw they complained about and it worked perfectly. The sound is crystal clear, the image was awesome, and picture quality was good. The intellistudio thing it comes with for editing is way better than movie maker. You can easily just edit it, export it, and throw it into after effects for some explosions, if your into that. Then theres the mp4 convert problem, just download quick time and play your clip on quicktime and save it as a. Mov at the end, simple and no error things popped up. You may have problems due to your computer or the person your buying it from broke it. Other than that this is a awesome camera.

I’ve had this camcorder for a few years now and i swear i won’t buy another one. I’m technologically impaired so this electronic is as high tech as i can get. Easy to set up and take pictures and videos off of. Great sound in the videos and small enough to keep on your hand comfortably without feeling like it’s weighing you down.

Pros – light weight, fits nicely in hand, attractive, good sound quality, good video quality, easy to figure out, keeps image steady, great zoomcons – photo quality is a little blurry, no matter how still you hold the camera, the time to start recording is a longer than i would like, but is acceptable.

I purchased the f40 to record home inspections. Granted, i can’t record bullets in flight but for the price are you really expecting to?. Excellent product, i just recommend getting the largest sdhc card you can get.

The pictures are not that good, the quality is bad. For some reason when i edit videos from this camera i can’t get a good codec to handle the videos. I tried many softwares but still can’t get a decent result. The menus on the camera are not user friendly (i’m a techky person). And the cursor button is hard to use. I don’t really recommend it.

I received this camera as a gift in december of 2010. When i looked it up on amazon and read some of the reviews i was concerned that i had received a lousy product and was considering sending it back and getting something else. I had set aside the reviews having to do with material defects because it easy enough to get an exchange and focused on the reviews having to do with the actual performance of the unit. It appears that most of the negative reviews are critical of the video and photo quality. To that i would have to say that if you are looking for high quality hd video and high quality digital photos that is not what this unit is; further its performance is comparable to similar units produced other manufactures. In short, if i may relate this to cars this is a taurus not a cadillac. I have used this video camera for family functions, church events, and as a peripheral to my mobile pc operation and it has exceeded my expectations. The video was far beyond that of a mobile phone camera and a webcam but it was far below hd quality video. The audio was fine, zoom was excellent.

Very decent camcorder for the price. Sound and images and reasonable but not exceptional. I have not transferred files yet. Watching video on tv is very user friendly. Note: people have complained about the memory card not being detected. To circumvent this problem insert the memory card while the power is offi too had a problem with the memory card until i inserted it in this manner.

Ease of operation, but read the manual first(available on line)my biggest disappointment is that right after i purchased this unit(last week in a bundle option)) the price for the camcorder alone dropped like a brick(more like a concrete block)from about $200 to about $160 at some amazon stores. So far i took some short movies indoor and outdoor. Indoor the video quality isn’t so good, probably a two**. Outdoor the quality improve greatly,in a overcast day as well as in clear weather,let,s make this a 4***i also took some pictures,well you should use a digital camera for thatthe battery life is great ,however not the 4 hours they advertise,but certainly at least 2,1/2 hours. They only quality issue is the power button being flush or below the outer shell,so think about growing long fingernails,you’ll need them at least when powering ‘off’,which require a longer push down(i’m not growing long nails myself,i resolved by crazy gluing a small spacer on top of the button for extra height. There you have it a good camera with dozens of menus and sub menus, really great zoom and auto focus features ,i’m giving it 4 star for $160,for having paid too much it’s only a 3and half star.

I think this camcorder is the best one i have purchased. I bought this to tape me deer hunting. It comes with great video and the sound is awesome, because it got a doe snoorting at me at about 100-150 yards away, it was great.

I’ve had this camera for almost 1 month. I ordered it for my soon to be born son because i really wanted to capture home videos of our new family. Coincidentally the camera arrived on the day my wife went into labor. The video quality is great considering the price, it does what i need to make home videos. There a few issues like really needing sufficient lighting otherwise = bad video(similar to my iphone 3gs), a delay between pressing the record button and actual recording and vice-versa, and a delay between switching between the picture camera and video capability. For some reason the battery life indicator does not seem to accurately track the correct amount, which may be just me?. Again i do love the video quality, the zoom is really good although really shaky at a far distance and would be a great beginner camera.

With the price you really cannot complaint much. The quality is not that great, ok battery life, and it takes some time (3 seconds i think-that already frustrates me since i am a fast person) for it to be off (i need to see it go off so that i will still have the battery power), but again, it is cheap. Good for casual camcorder users that are on a budget. Could deliver most functions decently, if not well.

Love this and how compact and easy to use it is. Plus you can watch your movies right from the camera hooked to the tv or just take the memory card and watch them that way. Great for families on the go with not a lot of space for extra junk.

This was a gift to our son and daughter in law, who just had their first child. It arrived quickly and we had to wait for christmas to see it in action. It is easy to use, takes a great video for the price and it light weight and easy to carry. Our new parents could not be happier with it.

I want to preface this review with a comment. If you are expecting that this camera is going to put out high definition quality videos and be amazing in low light situations, then you’re looking at the wrong camera. In fact, most cameras will have difficulties in low light situations. The camera was not designed for hd, obviously, so that expectation should go out the window. Overall, the camera is great. Purchased for $165 from amazon’s website at the end of march 2010. The camera has excellent zoom and picks up sound very well. The reason that the camera was purchased was to capture golf shots between friends. It’s very lightweight and easily fits within the compartments of our golf carts/bags. It’s still a bit big to fit into my pants to the point where i feel comfortable taking a golf shot.

I have one(f40)just like this red one so i knew what i’d be getting. I like the camera, battery life is @1-1/2 hr. Less than my older one, which is great near 2 hrs. The red(not new)camera works just fine, even though it has @quarter inch scratch on the lens, which made me not to happy. Full disclosure would have been appreciated. I did not call the vendor or amazon.

I’ve only had this camera for about a week. I ordered this camera for making vlogs and such. I was really excited to get it so i could get working on my little project. I was happy with what i recieved ^_^the positive things about this camera is the video quality is great and so it the sound quality. I was surprised by how close it could look at something far away. I did a little close up bird watching and i didn’t even need binoculars. :d i recently made a little film and put it on youtube and i was very happy with the results.People who watched it also liked it a lot. You could actually see and hear things clearlythe drawbacks about this camera is that the photo quality is okay. A little blurry and not as detailed as the video quality. But this camera was mostly designed for video footage recording, in my opinion. Another drawback is the reaction time between pressing buttons. When you press the record button, it takes it a couple of seconds to start recording.

The product does what it’s supposed to do and had standard definition quality and doesn’t claim to do anything more. Watch the battery life though. It’s quite a bit lower than claimed when actively being used.

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