Sakar 32490 Kidz Digital Camcorder Blue, Good starter for a kid

My kids love the camera they make movies all day with it is a great buy for kids buy it.

My 5-year-old was so excited when she opened up her camera, and wanted to use it right away. It’s just too bad it did not include a picture card. I wish i would have known this before-hand.

My daughter loves this and still records with it daily. It’s not high quality images or sound, but it’s been dropped a few times and has held up well. The software that comes with it is intuitive, easy enough for my seven-year-old to enjoy playing with. The battery life is tolerable. It’s a good toy for a child, and they’ll enjoy capturing their world with it.

Key specs for Sakar 32490 Kidz Digital Camcorder Blue:

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  • Kidz Digital Camcorder Blue
  • Swivel 1.4 Inch TFT Preview Screen/With Built-in Microphone
  • Also Takes Digital Photos
  • Create Your Own Movies/Add Special Effects With Video/Includes Video Imaging
  • Watch Video on TV Directly With TV In/Out

Comments from buyers

“the crayola camcorder
, Would be great for younger kids because of the poorer video quality
, Very durable

Easy to use and my little grand daughter loved it.

Worked well for a first time camera for a five year old. It is cheap in cost and construction. My granddaughter and i had fun with it at christmas. I just wanted to see how she treated it before i spent more on one and this fit the bill perfectly.

Great transition, and productthank you.

Good quality for inexpensive unitgranddaughter 5 years old and can easily operate it.

I bought this for my daughters first video camera.

I am very pleased with this purchase. I ordered this for my 6 year old son for christmas, and he loves it. It is a great deal for the money, is easy to use, and seems durable enough to endure my boys. I didn’t really pay attention to the dimensions, but it is a little smaller than i expected (like an adult small handheld camcorder). I think that may make it easier for my son to misplace, but again, very pleased. I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun camcorder for a younger child.

Grandson was elated to receive this camera .

Does the job but the buttons are a little hard to use. Would be great for younger kids because of the poorer video quality but it’s confusing to use for my almost 6 year old and he is pretty tech savvy.

I won this camera today in a pizza parlor game. I put in $1 and won on my first try (each try costing 50 cents). I thought i might be able to sell it, but looking at the other reviews thought it best to try it out. It took me a while to figure it out but overall it’s not that bad. The screen is very small, and it makes the pics not look too bad. Once you upload them they do not look good. I did happen to get one good photo. In the bright light of a window the pic turned out descent. My complaints on this camera are simple. 1: it doesn’t come with any memory.

We have this to her for her birthday. She runs around the house recording away. Most of the time she will just record right over shots she took the day before.

Everything seems to be there, but i bought it for a gift and was disappointed it had been opened.

Same as other product, great thanks.

My parents bought this camera for my six-year old niece, who is autistic and loves to take pictures and videos of herself playing (or have a family member do it) and watch them on the computer. This digital camera is ruggedly built and is ideal for little ones as it can be dropped many times and will still function. There is an attached wrist strap to minimize the likelihood of such accidents. There is a fold-out view screen that shows exactly what is being filmed which is great for kids or anyone else who hates to use the traditional monocular scope. I would definitely buy rechargeable batteries simply because it will be cheaper in the long run (get a battery charger, if you don’t have one). The cover for the batteries is attached using screws, so it stays on during any unforeseen drop. Alas, there is one big detractor. The camera has a slot that accommodates one sd card. This is a great feature as it expands greatly the amount of films that can be recorded and stored on the camera. The problem is that this slot is on the bottom of the camera and the cards can and do readily slip out and get lost.

This was probably the best present my son got. He has carried it around for days. The video quality is suprisingly good for the price of this camcorder. I have yet to check out the software, but the videos have no problems uploading to my computer. We have posted all videos to [. search for jpragusa, and those are all videos taken on this camera. I would reccomend getting an sd card with this as well. We got a 4gb and have not run into any storage problems. ]

My kids had a lot of fun with it while traveling and stopped requesting to use my camera.

She loves making her own movies and watching them on her tv. She takes it with her everywhere.

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