PURE Digital Pure Digital PSV-351 30 Minute Point-and-Shoot Camcorder, I Got This One for my Kids

I had my doubts when i first ordered this product, and i actually waited for the 60 minute version instead of the 30 minute one tht was available previously. I have to agree with the other reviewers that this product is really easy to use. I have no complaints whatsoever. I use a mac computer and the files were easy to import and convert into dvd format. I use this camcorder primarily for work where i facilitate a challenge course and i have my co-facilitator record the activities. Afterwards i convert the captured files into a dvd and give them out to the kids who participate so they can share with their parents and friends. This camcorder is really amazing for the combination of price and ease of use.

I read the reviews on amazon and decided that this was the perfect camcorder for my wife. We had given a camcorder to our son and daughter-in-law to takes pics of the grandkids and send them to us. . But alas, they would say the camcorder was never charged or it was just too much extra to carry to events. It runs on 2 aa batteries, doesn’t require a flashcard and plugs right into the computer without the need for software. The controls are incredibly simple, the picture quality very good (it’s only shortcoming was when we tried to show videos on a very large screen, high def tv—but what do you expect for this price?). We did have to by extension cables to the usb port because the extension wasn’t long enought to fit into the recessed ports of our cpu. My wife can throw this in her purse (along with extra batteries for backup) and take it anywhere. We were greatful to have it christmas morning to get those great shots of the grandkids opening their gifts from santa.I have already recommended this camcorder to several people and showed at a meeting of our local camera club.

Everything about this video camera is great, safe of one thing. (i’ll get to that later) the picture is good enough for most applications although it isn’t hd quality or anything. The audio quality is fine for most. (although i wouldn’t record the philadelphia orchestra with it) the ease of use is great.My ‘older’ office mate figured out how record and playback movies in less than a minutethe software onboard isn’t the greatest stuff for making movies and such but there is enough other movie making software in the world to make up for it. On my mac, i found that the drag and drop file system is amazingly easy to use. (and fast) and yes, there is built in conversion software. Avi files but the free, included, onboard software will convert it to. Mov for quicktime, imovie, odvd, etc.

Key specs for Pure Digital PSV-351 30 Minute Point-and-Shoot Camcorder (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Simple-to-use, pocket-sized camcorder with one-touch recording and digital zoom
  • Holds up to 30 minutes of video; no memory cards or tapes required
  • Convenient USB connector arm connects directly to PC and Macintosh
  • Built-in software lets you share videos or video greeting cards by email, publish directly to video sharing websites, and create custom movies
  • Get professional-quality DVDs of your footage made at photo retailers nationwide

Comments from buyers

“Not wonderful, but it has unique purpose.
, A Camcorder For All Ages
, Handy little digicam

I bought this on a lark, it just seemed like such fun and though i bought it back in dec, i finally really used it today at a wedding, and i was shocked. It took great video inside the church where my (low end) digital camera could not. I wasn’t sure how the video would actually turn out, but it was great considering by the time things were done i paid $[. The built in software is wonderful (though i wish i could download it to the computer) and i made a ‘movie mix’ of the wedding with the camcorders software and how fun is that. if all i got was the wedding video it was worth it. I really couldn’t believe how clear the video was with this little “toy”. I don’t understand any negative reviews, it’s cheap, it’s fun and it does a heck of a lot for [. ]

This camcorder is better than my larger camcorder and, since it is the size of a small digital camera, i can carry it in my purse. I bought my original one after seeing it on the today show and have bought 2 more as gifts. It will even make decent videos at night with less than perfect lighting conditions. There are absolutely no negatives to this product.

I bought this for my 11 year old daughter to basically play around with. Now i want to buy the model with the 60 min. It is easy to shoot video & easy to download & save. We use it to video horse riding lessons for training purposes in a ‘hard to photo in’ arena & the videos are very good. It uses aa batteries quite quickly but i can easily carry a pocket full of fresh ones. This is much better than my old camcorder which was impossible to maintain a charged battery.

I’ve only had this thing for a day and find it to be great fun. It does exactly what it claims and is so easy to use. The picture quality on my monitor is excellent. The audio is good but not excellent. But then one shouldn’t expect 5. 1 surround sound from a built in mike on any device. But as for the picture quality, i have two desktops and a laptop and all three provide excellent quality. I have not tried to view videos on tv so i cannot comment on the quality when blown up. Initially i couldn’t get the point and shoot to start automatically or find the icon in ‘my computer’ after having pluged in the usb connector. But after turning off norton anti-virus, it came right up.

. Is that it’s cheapness, tiny size, very reasonable battery usage, and ease of compatibility with my mac g4 have all taken the pressure of of ‘getting my money’s worth’ out of this incredible device. At this price i don’t have to feel guilty about using it non-stop, and i love that. The ironic thing is it makes me use it all the more (especially as it’s small enough that i’ve always got it). I captured some crazy footage of the fire in burbank a couple days ago, a mad cop weaving across several lanes of highway traffic, and all sorts of other goodies. I’m almost in disbelief that i didn’t have this capability before. The digitizing onto imovies takes a bit of time as you might expect, but saving footage onto the included software just takes a minute, so you don’t need to worry about carrying around a bunch of footage at all times. Sure the zoom is weak and the footage is not the best resolution, but who on earth would get this camera for that reason anyway?.Want a dependable, self-contained device that won’t make you weep like a collicky baby if it is lost or damaged?.

I needed a camera for a video presentation for school. This was a previously owned camera, for sale much cheaper than other models, so i figured what the heck. It is absolutely the niftiest little gadget. The quality is not top of the line picture/sound wise, but in cases like these you do get what you pay for. It is good enough for me, extremely easy to use, and i haven’t had a single problem with it since i started using it. My sister loves it so much, she’s actually buying one for herself this week.

I bought this camera for my nine year old daughter who wanted a video camera for christmas. Not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on a ‘real’ cam corder, i stumbled across a review of this product in pc world magazine. I purchased it for her and she has had a blast playing with it ever since. For a small handheld device, the quality is outstanding. Its ease of operation is also a plus. I would recommend this to anyone in a similar situation.

I have the latest and greatest digital camcorders and cameras but they all require charge time. Waiting for scheduled or planned moments to be captured is fine, but what about those unplaned moments. I have four poodles and two cats. Many times my husband and i have wished that the camera or camcorder were available to capture a special moment as it was occuring. Through lots of research over the last month, i found this camcorder. It’s easy to use, just hit the on button and the big red button in the center, and you’re recording that moment you so desperately wanted to capture. Because it runs on 2 aa batteries (included and pre-loaded for convenience) you can start capturing those moments the second you get it out of the package. It’s so easy to operate that my non-electronic minded husband was able to understand and use it in seconds. Only a few minor drawbacks-the on/off button is small and hard to hit for people with large clumsy fingers, the zoom isn’t so great, you are the shake control, and if you speak loudly while recording-your voice will be clearly be heard. These drawbacks are nothing. This camcorder fills the bill for everything we wanted and will be used more than any other digital device will own. It’s always ready to go, easy to use, and the power source is readily available making down time nill. With it we were able to capture a moment that could never be seen again – the interaction of our animals the first time they were introduced to their new little brotherthis is a must have for all pet owners, new parents or grandparents.

This camera is perfect for me. I can take as litle as a one second videos to a whole hour of fun and then view them on my tv or better yet, load the video(s) into my computer, e-mail them to everyone i know, or make a dvd to share. The play, delete, and record buttons are easy to use and editing can be done on your computer. It’s small size fits into a pocket or purse for easy access. Of course it’s only power source is batteries, and that may be a drawback for people. I orignally purchased the 30 minute pure digital point-and-shoot video camera about a year ago, and when the 60 minute one came along, i scooped it up.

I would give this a 5 star had i not had a problem initially. At first i tested it before giving it to my girlfriends 9 yr. I did a 7 minute video and later noticed that when deleting, it only showed 23 rather than the 30 minutes as it should have. I had great customer service though. Pure video offered to send me a new unit overnight at no cost. Before it got here i was sent instruction on how to clear the memory which worked perfectly. I therefore did not accept the new recorder which arrived the next day. There have been no additional problems in the month it has been in use since.

The pure digital point and shoot digital camcorder is the easiest camera i’ve used since the old days of kodak box cameras. Results are excellent and the camera is virtually foolproof. Even my wife, who is technologically challenged, has made excellent vidoes with this compact jewel. We are looking forward to using it on an alaska cruise in september. The only drawback, so far, is the warning not to use rechargeable batteries. It seems the same aa batteries i use in my digital still camera should function just as well in this camcorder. I would also like to be able to insert a larger capacity chip for more than 30 minutes recording time.

I recently had a chance to use this camcorder and found that it works wonderfully. I did get to see how the lack of image-stabilization can hurt videos, but i would never have expected stabilization on such an inexpensive camcorder. I will be more aware (and steady) when using it again. I’d buy it again, and strongly encourage anyone looking in this price range to consider purchasing one.

The only problem with getting it used i had to delete 48 videos that were left on it. Other than that i am very happy.

Who knew a camcorder could be simple. The instructions are almost the size of a pamphlet. It’s the easiest thing around. Now i can carry it anywhere. My cameras were always too bulky so i would never have a camera around when i really wanted one. I would have given it 5 stars but there is one problem. The zoom button clicks when you use it so the clicking sound is recorded on the video. Not a big deal and not enough reason to send it back.

Here’s a gadget that is convenient to carry in the pocket or mount on the dashboard. Very few of those mysterious choices to make–just point and shoot. It takes adequate pictures and sound, despite a recent new york times review that i felt was unduly lukewarm. The movies look really good on our bigscreen tv. I wish i had the 60-minute version instead of the 30-min.

This is a nifty little unit that functions exactly as billed. It might be considered a ‘fast food’ version of a camcorder. The video quality is acceptable — mpeg4 resolution which is roughly equivalent to vhs. But where it shines is the simple user interface. If you want to capture a moment quickly, you can be shooting within 20 seconds. And you can email a brief 20 second clip in 90 seconds after shooting it (assuming your computer is in the same room). The controls are simple, with nothing to set, and it’s much simpler than trying to shoot video with your digital still camera. 6 or 7 to burn your videos to a dvd or a vcd. The zoom lens is digital, not optical, so there is a noticeable decrease in quality when you use it.

I first heard of this camcorder through interviews with a pure digital rep last fall on the radio. Due to the terrific price point and reported ease of use i made a mental note of it. In february my 9 year old son made a request for a camcorder for his birthday so he could make movies like his cousin. I checked amazon and found that a newer 60 minute version was available and it was an easy choice. At this price you won’t feel like slitting your wrists if it falls into the ocean or something. My son has been making movie clips like crazy and i can now say, with confidence, that a 10 year old can use the psv-352. Ease of use is as reported with only a few buttons to learn. Also, this is a very portable camera. Very light, powered by two aa batteries (duracels are provided, a nice touch) and as small as a digital still camera. You’ll be able to carry it all day and barely notice it.

I read all those positive reviews and i was sold. I plan on letting my very young grandkids use to make moviesand i took xmas program pics with it. Simple, but for the money, greati couldnt get my dell to cooperate with it to download my movies to computer yet. I will buy a cable to fit into the tight locations of my usb ports. I havent had a chance to consider editting yet. I have heard of a couple pieces of software. But for beginners, just to carry in the car to catch those ufos, this little thing is great.

Fantasticly designed camera. Incredibly easy to use even for the novice. Small enough to carry along with me everywhere i go and family members are loving it, since i can now send them video clips of my kids so easily. Also, i love not having to download even more software for another product. The software is built into the device and i have used it without any trouble on various friends computers already. Just pop out the usb arm and you’re done. I wish other device developers would take note, it’s a fantastic feature. If i had to add anything to it, i would love to see them make one of these with the ability to take point and shoot pictures on it as well. This was a great all around buy and well worth the money.

Because of its shirt-pocket size, this digital camcorder is easy to bring along on family outings and such. I originally bought it because i plan on attending my sister’s graduation and didn’t want to bring on the plane both my very large semi-pro canon digital camcorder and my digital still camera with all its lenses. I took the pure digital on a business trip by plane just to check it out and it was great fun. Simple to operate, and the results were surprisingly sharp. The only two drawbacks: 1) like any small device, could be easy to drop it, and 2) it seemed like the batteries were getting kind of low, and boot-up time was getting longer and longer, after about 40 or so minutes of recording. I recorded about 55 minutes, and it was still working. But, if you need to be quick about capturing precious/important moments, might want to carry a spare set of batteries.

I took it right out of the box, inserted the included batteries and started recording. Practiced by videotaping horses being ridden in a covered arena with heavy shadows and spots of bright sunshine. Despite no ability to change white balance or manually focus, the camera performed adequately. Had to shade the display with my hand to see what i was recording because bright sun was coming over my shoulder. Zoomed to the max, the pictures were not crystal sharp, but still adequate to record moments to share with others. With less zoom, the picture improved tremendously. Also used it indoors under florescent lighting to video a dog & handler performing an obedience routine. Again it was a bit fuzzy with the zoom wide open, but more than adequate for the person the study their performance.

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