Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition HD 1080p 16MP Waterproof Sports Action Video Camera With Full Mounting Kit Included – Great pictures and video in HD

Off the bat i was disappointed be cause everything that was in the pics was not included. It was only cam, usb cable, safety string, and handlebar clamp. I looked at the item again and thought it was a mistake i made because it had a list of what was in box(which was the items i got , not what was pictured). I just looked again and seen 2 list of what’s in box. One names the items i got, the other was all the items pictured. Can’t understand why they advertise all the items but not include (greed)anyways, tried camera out today. I tried recording a video and it kept vibrating and the light would switch from red to green. I stopped it and hooked it to computer and the sd card had no vids on it. Powered it off, then back on. Another problem is i recorded about a 50 min video and when i went to pc to view, it was broken into 3 vids. So you will need a way to combine into one video. Format, that rules out movie maker (codes issues). But there are ways to convert.

Talk about a great fpv camera for the money – wow. No it’s not a hero 4 black, but if all you need is 1080p hd video @ 60fps and aren’t using it every day, get this for 1/2 the price.

I will say this is a good camera, but the app for it is total crap. It has the worst interaction with camera i have ever seen and sucks in the transfer of video. Soooo, don’t expect anything great with the wifi on this, if you want connection you should look at gopro or ion.

An excellent camera, the product works fine, take some time to achieve the connection between the phone and the camcorder, in fact has delayed the transmission of the house to the galaxy s4, the internal memory i never worked only with microsd 32gb. The time of the camera in operation is acceptable, in any case does not rotate the image, but they are minor problems, the video quality is impressive that if very rich colors during the day, but not at night.

I have only done a few recordings with this, and while it was difficult to manage at first, once i got used to it, it is pretty decent. We are taking this hiking this weekend and ziplining so i will amend this review if necessary after the weekend. The cumbersome part of the camera is its interface with a mobile device which you use when downloading/uploading videos, this is the price you pay for a small camera without a display screen, and the problems with function are more than likely due to the app and wifi connectivity than polaroid’s design of the camera. Overall i’d say it’s a nice little product. I also tried it out in the pool and it did great.

Waterproof out of the box with everything you need and this was a great camera as an alternative to a gopro i would buy this again instead of a gopro.

  • Decent camera, app is beyond atrocious
  • I like the camera – and wish it actually came with a “Full mounting kit.”
  • Just OK

Needs better support, works with ipod touch but will not stream to android app despite listing that it will, and cannot find any support for help.

Polaroid hit a home run with this one but not every gadget is perfect. The video and audio is great, its up there with gropro and other action cameras. If you are in the market for a action cam and and on a budget, get this one, you will not be disappointed. Everything is included in the kit, helmet mounts and such. Not bad a price compared to other action cams selling this stuff separately. I’m not gonna give you detail specs (since most reviews here have already), but how its worked for me. So far i have not had any problems with the camera, i have attached it to my motorcycle helmet and the visuals are amazing but. The wind hitting the camera can be annoying. I cant seem to figure out how to cancel the wind noise, i may have to buy a case for this. Thats my only problem, the windwhats awesome is that it is waterproof to a certain amount of feet, no case required.

Great quality and functionality for the price, had a hard time using on/off function during first ski trip but after learning how to use the controls it turned out to be quite sturdy and has great picture quality. I phone app is easy to use and transferring files are seamless, the add on silicone skin was not helpful and i had remove it after the first couple of days.

This video/still action camera is great – especially at the price. Videos are outstanding, and the still shots are very good. In a third-world setting, it isn’t obvious that it is a camera either – so issues with photography are avoided. Included mounting straps work well. Minuses – the camera control apps (pc and android) are rough around the edges – difficult to make work correctly. Also, camera time stamps are off – all videos seem to be marked ‘1980’, and it is difficult to see if you set the time successfully.

Pretty nice little hd+ camera for the price, it seems to take great video and record it properly on the sd card (by the way, i put a 64gb card in and it works, in spite of the manual saying 32gb maximum). It also seems to work well over a usb connection, and even over wifi, using a computer and browser. Unfortunately, the android app is completely unworkable; i couldn’t get it to even connect on my galaxy s7 edge running android 6. There is a workaround, however: just do it the same way they tell you to do it on a computer. Turn on the wifi radio, wait for it to boot up (it takes 20-30 seconds or so for the wifi to start — the blue led will go from solid to blinking when it’s up and running), and log onto the network it creates with your phone (network name ‘polaroidxs100i’ with password ‘123456789’). You can then direct your browser to ip address 192. 2, and there’s your camerai do wish there was an option to reverse the image left to right (i’d like to use it as a rear-view camera on my motorcycle), but it works well enough. I’m going to keep looking for that elusive app that logs onto a wifi hosting camera and will reverse the image for me. If the firmware was less buggy and the app was at all functional, i would have rated it higher. As is, it just seems like another wifi cam with broken software. It really seems like the market needs a good, solid camera with functional software that has some simple options like inverting or reversing the image — i know i want one and can’t find it.

Features of Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition HD 1080p 16MP Waterproof Sports Action Video Camera With Full Mounting Kit Included

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  • With the built in WiFi you will be able Adjust your settings, Remote Control, Share.; Professional Sensor With Low-Light Performance. Very light, Just 4.8 oz. . Vibrates: Confirms Functions When Visual Confirmation Isn’t Practical
  • G-Sensor (Auto Rotation) for “which end is up” assurance. Waterproof up to 30’/10m.; Distortion-Free Ultra Wide Angle Lens Provides a 170 Degrees of Coverage
  • Aerodynamic Design and Shock-Proof Exterior Minimizes Wind Noise .Single Button Record that’s Easy and Ready for Action. Video Options: 1080p, 960p, 720p
  • Dual File Recording; With Every HD Video an Additional Smaller File is Created For more Efficient Uploading and Sharing. Still Image Options: 16MP, 5MP, 3MP, 1 x or 10x (burst) Shooting Mode + Time Lapse
  • Adjustable Frame Rate for 720p Allows Effects Like Slow or Fast Motion Shots—Even in HD Handlebar Mounts Included ****** Check Out The Comparison Sheet in The Image Section

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  • Included In Box
  • Camera
  • USB Cable
  • Handlebar Mount
  • Mnaual

Polaroid XS100i WiFi Extreme Edition HD 1080p 16MP Waterproof Sports Action Vid

Mounting Kit Included

The Polaroid XS100i Wi-Fi Extreme Edition Waterproof Action Camera is the most exciting and most professional Pro Action Camera offered by Polaroid yet! Are you ready to jump off a cliff or a plane? How about surfing, skiing, biking, rafting etc? Then this is the camera you want! The Functions, Quality and Durability equals and in some features (G Sensor, Dual File Recording, Vibrates, Ultra Light )even surpasses the cameras offered by other brands in the professional market. Now With the built in WiFi you will be able Adjust your settings, Remote Control and Share your videos. This is one of lowest priced cameras in this field. For any professional or amateur this is the camera you want and you want to know why? Check out all the crazy cool features listed above in the features column!

With the built in WiFi you will now be able Adjust all your settings, Remote Control and Download and Share Photos and Videos.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Tough, water proof, doesnt need another housing or package. Great pictures and video in hd. Stability setting works as expected. The wifi link (instead of bluetooth) to the android phone is a great idea but can be a little sketchy from time to time.

The app for android is terrible. Whomever wrote it has no clue. The camera falls further and further behind on image transfer when you are streaming. After streaming for about a minute the image on your phone/tablet is already 25 seconds behind and it only gets worse: after 10 minutes its 2. And this is when i’m on top of the unit with nothing between me tablet and the camera. I love the look, the operations of the camera itself. Provides a nice picture/video image.

This device was great originally, my family and i were able to get some quality dry land as well as underwater pictures and videos, but after about 4 months of use while at the pool and attempting to shoot more underwater pictures the camera suddenly shut off. I realized the camera was full of water. The camera has not functioned since. I event attempted to dry the device in rice. Its been two weeks and the device continues to not function.

This camera records great footage. My biggest issues are that it doesn’t allow recording while charging and that it breaks up an extended recording into smaller ones, forcing you to use editing software.

First, no problems with the video quality or use of the camera. The video card i bought formatted just as described on my imac with the latest version of mountain lion 10. The wifi part is great as well. It takes about a minute for my samsung galaxy s3 to connect, but it works well and you can also adjust all the settings with this feature using their app. Be aware there will be a second delay from what your filming to what shows up on your smart phone. The problems i had were in the mounting hardware. Since i’ll be using this as a helmet camera, they want you to use the double sided adhesive strip to mount it to the helmet. Then, wrap the straps through the helmet mount and around the helmet.

A high quality camera, well engineered, but it’s features are not the best. Camera splits the full time shot into segments. It does not have a good time-lapse photography or shooting of one. Requires programming improvements to allow for the entire length of time of a shot cycle to the maximum of the battery. The sd card is more than enough to handle it, why is the camera limited to 30-45 minute sections.

With the built in WiFi you will be able Adjust your settings, Remote Control, Share.; Professional Sensor With Low-Light Performance. Very light, Just 4.8 oz. .

I really thought that this item would work better than a regular video camera, i was wrong. The vidieo was grainy and pixelated. The software and operation were very difficult to figure out. I found the instructions difficult to follow and confusing and i used to evaluate manuals for the army.

So far it does everything it’s supposed to do. Linked to my smart phone simply (samsung s4), so fine tune aiming is possible when setting up (like mounting in a car). Camera settings are easily changed via computer usb or smartphone. My only minor gripe, is that it records in. Mov format, so i have to use quick time to see video with sound. Would have been nice to have a replaceable battery, so that a fully charged spare could be carried. But for the price, it’s not a big deal.

This item does not record sound. It shows that it does in the comparison list but it does not. If you want sound you need to purchase something else. It is compact though and shows clear underwater recording.

If you’re looking for a great action cam without breaking the bank and have all the bells and whistle, then this is the right camera for you1080p without any hiccup and 720p @60fps for great slow motion scene. The gyro sensor works great too when you want to place the camera at other locations. Now the movie quality is exceptional.

Didn’t work on my latptoo so still waiting to see my trip to hawaii. Wish i could return it, cool gadget to have though.

This camera is okay, it takes a lot to get used to. You have to mess around with the settings to get the perfect resolution. Low light does need a bit improvement, sometimes it gets out of focus and really grainy. The resolution when recording in daylight can look a bit soft, but all in all you get what you asked for especially for its price.

G-Sensor (Auto Rotation) for “which end is up” assurance.

Package was good, does poorly in low light. However great quality in bright areas. More mounts are needed for this product. I use airsoft guns and as such i would love to see mounts for it. Aside from that the camera does a good job of taking shots.

This camera is about half the price of a gopro with comparable features, and unfortunately it shows. I bought it to use on a sailing race across the pacific, and it worked for the purpose. Other crew had gopro cameras, and although when we left i felt pretty smug about having found a smaller, easier camera for less money, ultimately they got better results than i did. On the plus side, it is compact, lightweight and waterproof without a housing. The mounting brackets are more compact than the gopro equivalent and easier to pop the camera on and off. The battery seemed to last longer than the competition, and i like that there is a mechanical slide switch so you can see and feel whether it is on or off. Unfortunately the image quality wasn’t great. I didn’t expect much in low light, and sure enough the low light footage was worthless; no surprise there. In bright sunshine, however, i was hoping for much better image quality than it delivered. The polaroid videos (at max image quality settings) are ok, but don’t deliver ‘hd’ looking detail which we have come to expect.

Everyone tried to talk me out of this item and to stick with a gopro. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. The quality of the video is amazing especially for the price of the camera.We use it for mostly atv racing and the trails are very rugged the video quality it records is unbeliveable. Might buy a second one for a back up.

This slim bullet style camera works pretty good. The only issue is mounting it on my motorcycle. My first install i stripped out the threads in the one threaded mounting hole (the threads are plastic i believe) so now i have to epoxy/ tie wrap it where ever i need to install it. The videos are very good but the sound will only come through using quicktime.

I took the xs 100i wi-fi on a dune buggy excursion. The camera was mounted to the frame of the dune buggy. There was almost no shake from the terrain or the buggy engine. The camera performed very well. Once done recording, i downloaded the app to view and save the files over wi-fi. The download was smooth and seamless. Any device with wirelss can download the files. I have an android phone and an iphone. The android phone(s4) worked easier than the iphone. The play back was very atttractive on the larger screen.

I bought this camera almost three months ago after looking into it, the gopro, and the contour. My plan was to mostly use it on my dualsport motorcycle rides, but i had other plans for it as well. The gopro seemed like too big of a financial committment and i was concerned about it creating too much drag when mounted on my helmet. The contour looked more streamline for the helmet mount, but its’ price has increased recently which led me to the polaroid, which i purchased after reading reviews and looking at sample videos. I am very pleased with the performance of the polaroid. I have now made several videos, used it mounted in numerous configurations, and have tested it in a plethora of environments. On a 10 day nevada offroad trip, it was mounted on my handlebars, my helmet (facing forward and backwards), a small tripod, and i used it handheld. The different positions created some nice perspectives for my movies. The camera wasn’t affected by dust, vibration, or water. I also used it on an 8 day surfing trip.

The short and sweet of it is that i think this camera is good quality and well worth the money but you need to be somewhat technically savvy and have some patience to work through the manual and various program/app interfaces. I have only had the xs100i for a few days and recorded about 1. 5 hours of video with the camera mounted on the handlebars of my motorcycle. I’ll update my review going forward. Video quality – very goodso far i only shot 720p, 60fps. It was a sunny day and i did not see the `halo’ as described by other reviewers. When heading straight towards the sun you do get some lens flare but if anything that’s a cool effect and not distracting at all. The v-twin engine definitely makes my whole bike vibrate, including the handlebars, but the camera filters those vibrations out nicely. There is only so much the camera can handle so on local bumpy roads the video does get jittery. On the highway and smoother roads though the image is solid, clear and a feast for the eyes.

Aerodynamic Design and Shock-Proof Exterior Minimizes Wind Noise .Single Button Record that’s Easy and Ready for Action.

Great video images and comes with everything you need to mount it in different places. It could use an easier interface because when mounting you can not tell if it is aimed properly. The book was not much help but support is very good and helped me get started quickly. Sorry i don’t have pictures but i will add some later.

Took this on vacation to jamaica. Worked great in and out of the pool/ocean. Best used in natural sunlight. Indoor lighting/nighttime not that great. Wifi and apps works as advertised, however the delay on remote app make it best for pre-planned shots. File browser app easy to use once wifi connection setup. Only issues was no access to change settings thru apps and had to reset the device once so keep a pin sized pointer nearby.

Not too impressed with this so far. The wi-fi seems to cause a delay in viewing of the live streamed picture. I was hoping to use this on the back of my for backing up, but i think the delay may be too much for this to work. Also, the wi-fi distance seems very limited.

Before purchasing this sports camera i researched a lot of the competitors brands from the various cost ranges. I feel that this product is excellent value. The water proof feature and the fact that i do not have to purchase another water proof box was a plus. The number of mounting attachments whether you use them or not add versatility and useable options. Good instructional booklet provided. Camera was easy to setup had minor picture freeze while formatting card on tv. But after pushing the reset button everything worked excellent. I would recommend this product and will update to five stars once i put the camera through its paces.

I was looking for a cheaper but good alternative to go-pro’s helmet cam when i came across the polaroid versions. The price looked ok and i decided to chance it w/ the wi-fi option. I was thinking that the wi-fi option meant that this came w/ a handheld remote. I received this the other day and played with it for awhile. It takes great vid imho and since it has a kinda fish-eye bubble view, you don’t need to worry a great deal on how it’s lined up on whatever you mount it on. The bubble view isn’t greatly exaggerated but more along the eyes of providing a bigger field of view. It comes w/ a couple different mounting options. You can 3m tape it, which comes in the package, to something like your helmet or surfboard or use the straps to strap it down. It also comes with a handlebar mount. Since i’m a mt biker, my helmet has vets so i strap it in. The vented helmet strap needs to be assembled and it took me a few to figure it out. I actually had to look at an old nite-rider helmet mount i had to get it right but now it works just fine. The camera can take a 32g micro-card according to the instructions and i have a spare 16g that i had laying around in it now.

​there are already quite a few reviews out there, so i’ll try to limit this to things not mentioned often elsewhere. My main complaint would be on the software available to control the camera from a smartphone. I messed around for a couple hours trying to get file and remote to work properly on a samsung s5. After finding several post that resorted to name calling for users having issues, i decided to try installing on an old iphone 3. Remote finally connected and i was able to control the camera. So your experience will vary greatly depending on the device you try to run remote on. There are thousands of complaints on v1 of remote, and for the samsung s5 the android v3. I purchased the camera so that i could make some time lapsed movies and occasionally use it as a dash-cam. I’m not sure if it will meet my needs since taking time lapsed without using remote resulted in several hundred individual pictures; and running with remote requires you to leave wi-fi on and that puts a significant load on the battery.

Dual File Recording; With Every HD Video an Additional Smaller File is Created For more Efficient Uploading and Sharing.

The camera from this provider does not come with all the mounts seen in xs100i un-boxing videos. It only includes a bar mount, which can hardly be considered a ‘full mounting kit’. I purchased this with the intent of mounting it on my motorcycle and bicycle helmets. In researching replacement mounts, the offerings from polaroid are next to nothing. I found that the ion air pro and monoprice cameras use the same ball and socket style mount. The problem, (for me) is the issued ball and socket mount raises the camera over 2′ over the mounting plate, which is not something i want on a helmet. I have since ordered a 1/4-20 to gopro adapter, and believe that i can mount it closer to my helmets using gopro mounts and quick releases. I really like the torpedo style shape of this camera. The vibrate feature is awesome, as the recording led can be hard to see in bright light, or can’t be seen at all depending on the cameras location.

Awesome well worth the money.

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