Pivothead 1080 HD 8MP Video Recording Camera Polarized Hands-Free Sunglasses – HAPPY WITH MY PIVOTHEAD RECON!!!

Arrived on time and i was extremely impressed with the quality of the photos that the pivothead captures. A little bit cumbersome in the temple piece region but following a several minutes of putting on out on the bike rides, i forgot all about it. Captured great video of our park experience (and my in the vicinity of wipe-out) which provided good laughs for all.

This is a overview for the mix of airsync and pivothead. I’m not consistently considering about the camera in circumstance the battery goes flat or no matter what. I have obtained several hours of memory and battery lifestyle so i just established and forget about. And i get much much better shots. Sure, you glimpse a minor silly, but folks quickly get in excess of that. Most of all i was so sick of getting the chick keeping a camera to her facial area the full time and by no means currently being in any of my possess photographs. Now i established up the glasses to do their thing and my friends and i acquire turns putting on them. It takes no talent or inconvenience so most persons just go ‘sure, i am going to put on them for a little bit.

I like it but the recording time and battery life suck. I like it but the recording time and battery lifetime suck. I be lucky to get 40 min of recording from mine, even at it definitely lowest environment. The air sync is a joke, consider forever to load the files and transfer them. I considered you could see the video while recording and/or file from the app. I would have returned it but i was shifting homes and was way to chaotic to offer with acquiring to box it all up and mail it back. Furthermore i was waiting around to get the dollars for the air sync contemplating i could file onto the telephones application specifically. Video is excellent and its built great.

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Great item, excellent buyer services. . I ordered these glasses in july of 2013 from amazon. They are unquestionably a luxurious merchandise, but they accomplish quite well over-all. Pros:photo and video excellent is exceptional. You can get some seriously special video with these. I wore them though dove hunting and the pov facet was seriously actually amazing. They are also wonderful for capturing memories of my small children from my viewpoint. The kids never ‘act’ otherwise as they would if i was keeping a camcorder so you can get some good video of natural interactions. Cons:as other reviewers have outlined, the car shutoff is a pain. Also, the autofocus usually works nicely, on the other hand when there are several objects in the foreground and at a distance the glasses never normally focus the place i was intending and the deficiency of picture stabilization can bring about the video to sway a very good bit when using in a car or truck.

We bought a set of these at the office and they have the most amazing construct quality of any product we have purchased this year. I am at present applying them to do initial particular person video capture and the high quality is better than i expected from a pair of glasses with an integrated camera. The led system that tells you the position takes a little bit of getting utilized to but if you memorize the codes it turns out be an wonderful process.

Features of Pivothead 1080 HD 8MP Video Recording Camera Polarized Hands-Free Sunglasses

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  • Brilliant HD video 1080p at 30 fps / 720p at 60fps / 720p at 30 fps, 8MP Sony CMOS Image Sensor for shockingly crisp still images, Auto, Continuous, Fixed and Macro Focus Settings ,Auto Scene Adjustment
  • 2GB SDRAM, Wind-resistant audio recording, Up to 16-shot rapid burst still photos, Time lapse burst still shots at various intervals
  • 8GB internal memory capacity , 75 degree Field of View, no fish eye image distortion
  • Micro USB 2.0 works with Mac and PC, Multiple pre-set video and camera modes include Active, Sports, Spectator, Social “Hands On” and more, Black and White video and still option
  • Durange Glacier Blue Frame is Black Glossy Grillamid TR90, Comfort tips, 151x63x44mm (folded), 75g in weight Durango Glacier Blue Lens are Glacier Blue of Polycarbonate, Anti-scratch, Hydrophobic glasses, Curvature 6, Impact Resistance ANSI Z80.3

I bought the inventio camcorder sunglasses and they labored wonderful for two months. Then they started out out of the blue inverting the image and the picture was off shade. I made the decision to give the pivothead glasses a try. Below are the pros and negatives of the pivothead when compared to the inventio. Pivothead can consider 8 mp stills or burst manner with the press of a button. Inventio – you will have to buy body grab software package. Pivothead resolution can be improved. Inventio records in 720p, but the recording high-quality (when it performs suitable) is about the same as pivothead. Pivothead’s stabilization may well be improved than inventio.

Excellent strategy, sound item. . Pivothead 1080 hd 8mp video recording camera polarized hand-free sunglasses, durango chameleonin small – the durango’s are a fantastic way to seize accurate place-of-view video. I use the eyeglasses as my conventional sunglasses daily – good excellent build and terrific polarized lenses. I also have the very clear lens set for recording at evening/in decreased mild situations. I’m also a huge admirer of the time-lapse feature on the glasses – have applied it to make some quite amazing time-lapse movies of sunsets in phuket, hong kong, and shanghai so much. A single of my preferred issues to do with the glasses is to movie my nephews. Really a excellent way to seize fantastic spouse and children moments without having possessing to put a viewfinder in the way. Battery existence is fairly stable thinking about it is a freakin camera crafted into eyeglasses and is recording comprehensive hd (1080p, 30fps). Graphic quality is fantastic – while you do have to have to be cognizant of seeking to continue to be however when you want to seize something. But then once again – the glasses have a burst feature which will make capturing terrific pictures simpler.

Pivothead for leo’s- dwi/dui officer’s best close friend. This is a critique from a leo for other leo’s. I am not assigned to the streets anymore but i do even now work ot on holidays and action dwi’s. I know bodycams in law enforcement have vocal detractors, but this is a item review. There are lots of hotly debated threads on discussion boards somewhere else. The model i have made use of is the recon jet black, which will come with very clear, yellow, and smoke interchangeable lenses. Pivotheads are, by significantly, the greatest bodycam available for leo’s if you can adapt to its important limitations (discussed later). I purchased them due to the fact they were, and are as of this producing are, the only glasses capable of 1080 or 720 at 60fps. I have tried all settings, and i just go away them on 1080 now. The rave- these eyeglasses make pov video clips that make prosecutors’ mouths fall open.

At first reported i acquired them doa but. I initially i acquired these from the pivot head business straight. I bought them for the duration of the vacations with a $fifty. 00 price cut ‘ but they even now charge me $295. 00’ and just acquired them these days broken. No powering up no charging help practically nothing aided. So i imagined they would not cost. I contacted assistance and i was rising more and additional mad with each and every hour without the need of an e-mail back again from support. I checked some posts on the website and 1 person claimed he had issues charging it from the personal computer but then figured it out. You can not cost just by plugging them into the pc.

I just lately took four of them with me on a long bicycle journey and they stood the examination of time properly – we had been not effortless on these eyeglasses. One particular detail we uncovered valuable as nicely was employing them to document audio in the course of interviews and wotnot, they capture great audio and you can just hook the glasses on to a shirt kinda like a wi-fi mic. A pair of items worth mentioning after using them so intensely. We dumped the footage applying a laptop computer, they hold cost rather nicely and we could ordinarily history 30mins of footage prior to needing a recharge, we experienced a pair of transportable batteries with us which aided with this issue, but it would be awesome if the memory was detachable. Make guaranteed you continue to keep the lens cleanse, totally free of finger smudges and so on. The excellent of the eyeglasses is great but we have a handful of shots wherever smudges on the lens make the footage milkythe hinges of the glasses seem to be like a slight week level in the design and we had to jimmy rig just one pair back again with each other making use of tooth picks. Super straightforward to use, two buttons, sensible.

Actually loving these eyeglasses suitable now. I bought the durango product in ‘chameleon’ (crystal clear lenses- for substantial and low light utilizes) and am obtaining a ton of exciting with themi do production get the job done professionally and for individual applications and have usually desired to be equipped to movie fingers no cost from the eyes perspective (not from a helmet cam, and many others. The know-how has been about for a bit and i haven’t had a ton of time to glance these days, but these strike the price tag selection and specs that i’ve been looking for for the to start with time that i’ve witnessed. They shoot correct 1080p (shades and high quality are magnificent), the create quality is awesome, they are particularly easy to use (taking pictures and uploading is as straightforward as clicking a button and/or plugging a cable in), and they appear to arrive in a million kinds with different lens alternatives so i won’t be able to visualize an individual is not going to be ready to locate the combo they want. I would unquestionably buy a different pair if i so found the require and have unquestionably suggested them to pals.

Good wearable recording option – a great deal less costly than google glass. I procured these just after a limited stint as a google glass explorer. I found the capability to history video from my head to be very beneficial and needed a much less pricey way to do it soon after returning my glass to google. These in good shape the monthly bill, and you can obtain five of them for what one particular pair of google glass expenses. Video top quality is excellent and the autofocus is responsive. Pivothead isn’t going to offer considerably suggestions, so i often find myself using them off to assure that the recording is actually taking place (you can find an led indicator within the correct temple). There is no viewfinder but with the camera situated just previously mentioned the nose whatsoever is getting appeared at will be recorded. Battery charging can also be confusing. I’ve uncovered the eyeglasses don’t charge when plugged into my laptop or computer. I have to use a different ac adapter (not incorporated) to get mine charging.

The video is very good- superior than ivue. But there are a number of troubles:one. Computer failed to recognize it from time to time, then not at all. Billed battery at night time, up coming morning battery dead. Awkward for me to wear – they are heavier than ivue & pov sport25. Controls are not handy to use when donning a bicycle helmet. Plenty of income – should really be superior.

I bought the inventio camcorder sunglasses and they labored wonderful for two months. Then they started out out of the blue inverting the image and the picture was off shade. I made the decision to give the pivothead glasses a try. Below are the pros and negatives of the pivothead when compared to the inventio. Pivothead can consider 8 mp stills or burst manner with the press of a button. Inventio – you will have to buy body grab software package. Pivothead resolution can be improved. Inventio records in 720p, but the recording high-quality (when it performs suitable) is about the same as pivothead. Pivothead’s stabilization may well be improved than inventio.

Pleased with my pivothead recon. Obtained this product or service in time for our club’s uspsa match. The packaging is definitely nice and sophisticated. At to start with i considered it would look goofy or cumbersome sporting it, but it’s really not that big. The frame is quite sturdy and so are the lenses. The controls are straightforward to manipulate and the lights are effortless to recognize. You just have to browse the person guidebook as to what the lights suggest and what each and every push of the buttons do. I trustworthy my use of the buttons without visual confirmation when i recorded my uspsa match. And guess what, i was ready to report all the pictures that i preferred. Click here for the video hyperlink, [.

Order them from someplace else. Will not acquire the sunglasses from amazon buy them from an authorized vendor or from pivothead. They have a 1 12 months guarantee on all of the sunglasses. Also, their tech is quite practical in serving to you with any difficulty shooting essential to activate or repair your glasses. I also propose to get an prolonged guarantee from the dealer just in circumstance the sunglasses gets broken accidentally or get dropped in water. They will replace the sunglasses no problem. Amazon can’t do any of these points due to the fact they are functioning with an unauthorized vendor where by no warranty is employed. Amazon only has a thirty warranty i believe that. As much as the eyeglasses high-quality goes. You can do amazing items on your video in the a variety of modifying systems on your computer system (movie maker and many others. ) you have to experiment with the frame variety of the object or individual that you are video taping. You have to be informed of your head movement at all periods that you are video taping. You have to transfer your head slower than ordinary to stop the shaking and jarring appearance in the video. The pics are not that fantastic.

High high quality video playback with excellent audio. Only downside is finding out to maintain your head actions to a bare minimum so the folks viewing the video don’t get motion illness. Also, i are likely to fall my eyes to seem at an item instead than my head. So often the subject matter of the video was out of the picture for the reason that camera was aiming as well higher. I mounted a modest laser pointer to the facet to remind me of in which the camera is aiming and it worked fantastic. But there is a small purple dot off to the aspect of the video. Gave it 5 stars mainly because these difficulties are person error, and no fault of the product itself. Or else, every single little bit as fantastic as the vids i have seen recorded with a gopro.

I would like extra comprehensive recommendations on how to operate them but other than that they are terrific. Not lots of occasions do you buy a solution and its incredibly close to how it is offered however these eyeglasses are just like piothead desciribed. I just have to have extra in depth recommendations.

Fantastic for amassing proof covertly hands-free. Sharp, vivid coloration 1920x1080p 60-minute movies. I extremely suggest the pivothead 1080 hd 8mp video recording camera. (1) films have far better brightness, coloration, clarity, audio, resolution, and so forth than other eyeglass cameras of other models like esky, ivue, v13, brinks, and many others. . 1920x1080p at thirty fps for 60 minutes in ten-moment mp4 h. 264 documents with or without having audio.

So considerably it has verified to be far improved than other people and won’t lockup. This just is effective, unfortunately you are unable to add a card to lengthen the storage. So significantly it has demonstrated to be much much better than other folks and doesn’t lockup. It does seem to quit recording immediately after making use of four. 7gb of 7gb of storage although.

Wonderful for playtime with the children. I been given the durango smoke as a present, and was a small not sure how i would use them considering that i am not into experience sports activities. As it turns out, these eyeglasses are fantastic for capturing engage in time with the little ones, due to the fact they enable me to enjoy alongside. This is a holiday reward should for mommies and daddies.

Much far better than i predicted. . I a short while ago came back from a fishing journey to baja, but prior to taking the trip i appeared about the net and investigated a amount of unique ‘hands free’ sunglasses with video capability. I would have to acknowledge that i was a little hesitant with buying these eyeglasses at 1st. Nonetheless, once i experienced a range of day by day fishing outings during the 7 days i was in baja underneath my belt and experienced a possibility to download and critique the video it captured, i was exceptionally impressed. Even though traveling in the ‘ponga’, normally identified as the mexican fishing boats that are utilised in baja, every day i obtained a good sum of saltwater sprayed on the pair i experienced and they taken care of it fairly very well, along with the sizzling temperatures. Pivothead statements they are h2o-resistant, but not water-proof, as much as submersion is worried. I made the decision to employ the 720p @ sixty fps location to help stability the top quality together with the out there memory place. You can pick out the 1080p @ thirty fps, but that would restrict you to forty five minutes of video time, if that occurs to work for you. Purchased a pair for my father for his birthday and he was ecstatic soon after i confirmed him what i captured on holiday vacation.

Hoping to remain pleased. . I hesitated prior to acquiring this, because of some of the so-so and negative reviews i go through. But i have to say, so considerably so excellent. I obtained my glasses set up, and made a decision to just take an extended walk this early morning to test them out. This is what i have found so much. Hues are vivid and photographs are in focus. The desktop application is superb, giving you plenty of solutions for both equally video recording and continue to pics. My one particular challenge, at least as far as this recording goes, is that it is really jumpy, thanks to the motion of my walking.