Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder Enabled : Great video and sound quality

We gave this to my mother-in-law for christmas (who is not too tech savvy). She liked the ease of using the camera and was taking videos within hours of taking it out of the package. She especially liked the fact she could take still photos from the video clips. Her desire is to take ‘real’ pictures (not staged)and she can get the shots she wants from the video. I received the order several days before its expected delivery time even though i ordered it a couple of weeks before christmas. She is very pleased with her gift.

Very nice little camcorder, much smaller than i thought it would be but for the price i like it, just received it so i’m still learning all of it’s functions, but so far i like it.

Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder Enabled with Skype and iFrame (Red)

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  • Full 1080P HD recording
  • 8 MP HD stills
  • iFrame recording format
  • Skype audio and video enabled
  • LED light for low light recording

For $75, it’s hard to go wrong with the ta-1. Obviously i could complain that it records at only 30 fps, that the quality degrades quickly in low light, and that the still shots are, at best, usable in a pinch, but come on, you get what you pay for. The camera is very easy to use, shows no lag at all when using a fast memory card (i use a transcend 16 gb class 10 sdhc ($26)), and performs very well in well lit environments (especially outdoors). If you want an inexpensive hd recorder that makes transferring and uploading files a breeze, go for the panasonic ta-1.

I was a little sketchy at first,and even after seen some youtube footage i was not sure. But now i got it and played with it. If you wanna see some footage, check out my youtube channel [. most of my recent videos are shot in 1080p with panasonic ta-1. ]

Lots of fun and easy to use. Contrary to some reviews on the web i find this to be well made and thoughtfully designed. One should buy a case for it as it does not come with one. I have used a small agfa loupe attached in front of the lens with rubber bands or tape and got excellent macro shots.

Panasonic TA-1 Ultrathin HD Pocket Camcorder Enabled with Skype and iFrame (Red) : I bought a flip camera for a friend for christmas. And after playing around with it for a little while. Thought it would be a nice sort of thing to have. I have a “full size” mini-dv camera. But it’s a little too bulky to carry around to dog sporting events. When it was on a gold box deal. I picked up this little panasonic camera. For a tiny pocket camera only slightly larger than my iphone. And is as easy to use as the flip. I really like the built in led spotlight.

Pro’s:(1) beautiful video quality considering the price and camera class. Video is clear, the camera adjusts to varying lighting conditions quickly, the saturation is great. Microphone is very sensitive and seems to pick up everything from a distant chirping bird to an engine screaming on a track equally well and the sounds are clear. (3) operation from a hardware perspective is very easy. The unit’s tiny but not so tiny that you have to fumble to make sure you hit the button and only the button you’re trying to hit. Con’s:(1) operation from a software perspective is horrible. The interface is not at all intuitive. It works; but trying to find the function you want takes a lot of trial and error even if you’ve done it before. The pc software’s no better.

I got this panasonic hm-ta1 the first week of 2011. After extensive research and some advice from a youtube video ‘guru’, i decided on this camera based on his recommendation and the $99 dollar price. This is my 1st hd video camera that is very easy to use and i have uploaded 19 videos to youtube as of today. I first filmed in 1920×1080 and it took over 3 hours to upload a 4 minute video. I switched to 640×480 and now 10 minute videos only take about 10 minutes to upload. The video quality is very good and the sound is excellent. The only feature i will want on my next camera will be a flip around screen. Since this is my first video camera and i am very new to filming, editing and special effects do some research, i’m sure you will find a lot of help with which camera to buy.

This was listed as model ta-1, but was actually a newer model ta-2 with a bigger screen. This is probably the most awesome point and click camera i have ever owned. Pictures are focused with brilliant colors. As a video camera it is pretty good when used with a tripod, as long as there is no need for zoom. No optical zoom and the 4x digital zoom is awful.

This video camera is awesome. Great picture, sturdy, and nicely designed. It doesn’t work on an older mac, so i couldn’t keep it.

I purchased this product after reading about it in a few reviews and at the price point it was a ‘no brainer’, th item works as described and is extremely compact, the fact that it also has a light that can be activated for low lights shooting mkes this a really good option as far as the flips cam market goes. I definitely recommend it for anyone looking to purchase a flip style cam.

It’s perfect for us, we use it a lot with the kids, outside, inside, is great. The only problem for me is that you charge it on your pc. I’d rather prefer to charge it with electricity. It’s been on the floor some times and it’s still in perfect condition. I’d like to know if there’s something that you can buy (cheap of course) to use it under the water and it will be the best.

I purchased this for my teenage son and so far no issues with it. The video quality is great and the size is perfect for taking anywhere. The screen could of been a little larger for better viewing so hopefully they will make it bigger in the next model. We haven’t hooked it up to our plasma 42′ samsung but i’m hoping there will be no problems. I havent set up a skype account yet so im eager to see how this baby will work for that. One thing they can also change for the next model is to allow for charging in an outlet instead of just usb charging. I tried using an wall adapter to charge and no luck. Other than that it works great.

I was about to buy a flip until i read all the bad reviews. Com and saw they had this camcorder advertised. I decided to go with it and have not complaints. I enjoy the compact design and the ability to carry it in my pocket. I am always on the go, so i need something i can just take out and shoot film. I’m looking forward to doing some video editing with it. Overall, i would recommend this product to someone in the market.

This is prefect for the times you are just out with the family and want to remember it later. Fits in you pocket and stays charged for a good while for how small it is. The hd quality is really good also.

I purchased this knowing this is a most affordable 1080p video recording device. My expectations were not very high. I was glad to find the video quality was better than expected. Video quality is quite good, given enough light. Direct sunlight seems to work best. Indoors, with reduced lighting, the graininess becomes evident. However, the videos are still usable. In some lighting, the lcd display can be hard to see. For some reason, the video file format is not supported by either my pansonic plasma sd slot, or my panasonic blu-ray usb connection.

The ta-1 camcorder exceeded my expectations by quite a bit, and i recommend it. There are a few things that could have been better. Pro:- size/portability: it is smaller than most of the pocket camcorders, allowing you to slip it in your pants pocket and bring it anywhere. It’s great to capture unexpected, funny, and/or interesting things that come up in everyday life. – price: got it during the woot sale at a good price. It’s not quite disposable, but i’m not scared to take this on jarring, dirty mountain bike rides or other places that i would not take a more expensive camcorder or camera. – sdhc slot to allow a flexible amount of shooting time if you’re away from home. A 16gb card gives you 2 hr 40 minutes of record time at the highest quality video setting. – 1080 video quality is pretty good, especially with adequate lighting. Even low-light video was acceptable, but expect a good amount of grain & artifacting in the video.

It is so very easy to learn to use, and is barely any larger than my cell phone (samsung slider). The picture and sound are amazing. You can take clear movies/pictures from quite a distance away (30+ feet) and they are still very clear and very detailed. I haven’t used all of the features on it yet, but if the few things i have done with it (movie, picture, viewing pics/movies, and changing some of the settings) i would still rate it as outstanding. You absolutely cannot go wrong for the price. It would be great for the kids, the family, and probably even someone who has a more professional approach to videos and pictures and the ability to edit everything.

Purchased this for my wife who has much trouble using electronic anything. She loves it and the quality of the movies are second to none. For sixty nine dollars delivered you cant go wrong.

I’m no pocket cam expert so this review is more from a typical consumer point of view. This isn’t an overly complicated electronic device and for the current price it is a very decent hd pocket cam that provides very good quality videos. Well, it does the job but i wouldn’t compare it to what is produced with the nikon d90 my wife has. When i did some research into 1080p pocket cams, i basically narrowed it down to two candidates – the panasonic hm-ta1 and the kodak playsport. From several reviews both here and several other independent gadget review sites, the common complaints of the panasonic centered around the panel door access and ‘flimsiness’ and the cheap lightweight feel. My own experience with the panel door, particularly the usb connect has not been nearly as bad as other reviews have described. Yes, it is a little difficult to pry the panel out with your finger first before sliding the usb connector out but it appears to me that popping the panel out first, then sliding the usb connect out is not how this function is designed. Holding down the black slider button first then sliding the usb connect out will pop the panel for you. I practiced this a few times and it simply isn’t that big of a deal anymore.

This camera is great for speedily taking a picture or video. What i liked about this camera compared to similar cameras is the button to take pictures. Not sure why its not on the flip. Sure you can take stills and save them, but who cares?.I just wanted to take a quick picture sometimes. I recently took it on my trip to dc and i could press the video button or the picture button. Its fast and the quality is pretty good. If you complain about the quality then you are a nerd who carries a huge camera with a huge lens everywhere and you shouldnt even be considering this camera to begin with. Anyways, this camera has no storage so you must buy a memory card. Other than that it has a light for dark areas and if you have a mac you are stuck just dragging and dropping your pics/vids into a folder.

Alright, i am a first time reviewer(16 years old) for a product & will do the best i can. I give this camcorder a 4/5 for certain reasons. This camcorder would have gotten a 5/5 if it’s built in usb was easier to push out on the side, if it had micro focus, & if it had better capabilities of recording in the dark, it gets pixelated. Other than that, i love this camcorder. First off, one of my favorite features is that other being a camcorder, it’s also a webcam. It’s one of the first camcorders to also be a webcam, which i love because i’m able skype to see my brother’s face again since he is faraway in the navy. Next is it can record up to 1080p by 30fps. Such beautiful picture display i’ve seen. Another feature is it can take high quality 8mp still-pictures. ( electronic image stabilization) which really helps me a lot while by making it less shaky on video since i don’t have steady hands. All in all, the panasonic hm-ta1 is a nice camcorder that has potential & i love it. I hope i can get a video up soon to show the quality.

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