Panasonic SDR-H40 40GB Hard Drive Camcorder : Great Camcorder!

This is a great camera for the price. Right out of the box it is ready to go and the video is easy to shoot, view and edit on the camera. Playback is easily done using a modern tv. The picture and sound are of good quality and there is not anything to really pick on with the camera itself. One of the best features is the stability button which makes for an extremely stable picture especially for those far away zoom shots. The problem that i encountered was with the software. I would recommend downloading the update directly from the panasonic site and bypass the disc (it helped me resolve an issue). The video is downloaded using the software and then can be played on the windows media player. The other issue that i had was that the camera catalogs the scenes by date and there is no obvious way to let scenes stand on their own as a seperate file. To fix this i used the playlist feature on the camera to make a playlist of one scene and then when i open the file using the software i view playlist instead of video and then just import the individual scene to the harddrive.

I searched long and hard for reviews on the new sdr-h40 camcorder from panasonic with very few results. I decided to go ahead and buy it from amazon and just try it out. Amazon was the least expensive price by the way. This camera is exactly what i was looking for and fits my needs to film my two little boys perfectly. I was buying it to replace a 10 year old panasonic vhs-c camcorder that was well worn out. Right out of the box i could not believe how small this camera was. It literally fits in the palm of my hand. The 40 gig hard drive holds over 9 hours of video on the highest quality setting. More than enough for me i think. The sound was very crisp and clear.

Panasonic SDR-H40 40GB Hard Drive Camcorder with 42x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Capture video to hard disk drive; 40 GB storage for up to 36 hours of footage
  • 42x optical zoom
  • Anti-Shock Shield for hard drive protection
  • Panasonic’s Advanced Mega OIS technology
  • Compatible with SD/SDHC memory cards

Haven’t used it much because i just got it but i can tell you one of my twin granddaughter’s (not quite 5yrs old) had no trouble figuring out how to use it.

I have always loved panasonic products. Great quality, price and best features and this camcorder continues that same set of values. Having a great time with this easily portable camera. The pictures and videos look fantastic on our wide screen hd tv.

Despite its low price, this panasonic camcorder seems to do everything we need it to do with reasonable quality. We are using it to conduct interviews and general classroom events. We use a lapel microphone hooked to an amplifier to capture full sound quality (an audio input is only available on canon but the picture quality is not as good as the panasonic). So far, it seems to be a good value if you don’t need high definition or special effects. It is so nice not to have to play with tapes, sd cards, and discs.

Panasonic SDR-H40 40GB Hard Drive Camcorder with 42x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : The battery that the site says is compatible is not; i had to send back the extra battery but that was do-able. So far i haven’t gotten the opportunity to play w/ my new toy. It is really small, fits in the palm of my hand. Havent decided if i like that yet.

The panasonic sdr-h40 provides excelent video and comes with free software that allows fast uploads to my pc as well as very good editing capabilities.

This was a group gift for a friend, and even with the free shipping, it got there in only 4 bus days, right on her birthday. She hasn’t used it much yet, but so far is very satisfied and finds it very easy to use, which was huge because she’s pretty technically challenged. Next step is to get a dvd burner.

The camera is excellent but that’s where it ends. The software is annoying to use and the most aggravating thing is the. Mpg files cannot be viewed with windows software. You also need to buy a seperate dvd burner to burn disks.

When i received my camcorder i was a little apprehensive since the box had been taped all over like it was used but it looked new and i was optomistic and most everything is fantastic, the reason i say most i cannot get it to make a dvd and may have to call panasonic but it may just be something i am not doing right, so i will try again. If i can get that to work i am a happy camper and love this camera.

No issues transferring movies from disk to pc,4. No issues with battery life,5. Software has good features (little difficult to install – due to xp and vista service pack requirements). Two issue (in my opinion):1. No external light for night vision.

As far as the camcorder is concerned it works wonders considering the price. I read the reviews and how cnet and other ‘professionals’ reviewed this calling it youtube quality. I’ve produced a couple of dvd and so far the quality is not waner brothers feature film but it is much better than youtube quality. I’ve had these dvds playing on big screen tvs and projectors and the quality is not lost. It has a nice long battery life and additional batteries are available to buy at local retailers like best buy. Systemunlike other cameras i’ve used that use a digital stabilization this one moves the lens. The pictures are clear as move rather than choppy like other competitors.

I expected it to only have low quality images. It didn’t come with software and so i gave that one star. But the camera works great with windows 7. I copy the video file to my computer and then i can either open them in adobe premier, or just simply change the file extension from ‘.

This is my husband’s new toy and he seems to be very pleased with it. It really is just replacing the limited video feature on our kodak easy share camera. It has great zoom so you don’t have to stress if you are sitting towards the back at a soccer game or ballet recital. My favorite feature is its compact size. It fits very comfortably right in your palm. If you’re looking to take videos of the kids this camcorder should do the job for a decent price.

I bought this keeping in mind that it has a 40gb hdd which is pretty handy. I don`t have any problems so far with my mac as mentioned by some people. The video quality is very good and loved the voice recording. Except the battery which don`t last too long, this is a very good camcorder to have.

We bought this camcorder to take on vacation with us last year. We’ve also used it to tape our grandon’s hockey game and family christmases. I’m surprised at the ease of learning to use it. I really enjoy the charger which came with it; we can charge it up in a few hours and go film again.

We bought it for like $300 which i think is a great deal, and we took it to mexico for 2 weeks and couldn’t even fill it up with video. The zoom is totally awesome. The video quality is great – we plugged this sucker right into our tv and it’s like we were back in mexico. I worry a bit about the hard drive, since if we shake it up too much we might destroy it, but haven’t had any problems yet. Buy yourself a nice case to protect your camera. It’s only like $20-$25 and well worth the extra coin. I can’t really say i have any regrets with this new toy.

The first video i took with my sdr-h40 camcorder was of a small conference inside a moderately illuminated, windowless hangar. Since i was new to the camcorder, it was set to auto-white balance. The video came out fine, and better than i expected. When it was accidentally unplugged i was glad to see that it automatically fixed the video file in just a few seconds. Outdoor video is excellent, as is it’s optical stabilization. Panasonic uses a larger image chip than many manufacturers do in this price range. My only disappointment was that it doesn’t have a very wide angle lens. Personally, i’d be willing to trade the long 42x telephoto for a decent wide angle shot. Unfortunately, this problem is widespread among most camcorder manufacturers. What i like is the simplicity of operation, it’s excellent video, it’s large hard drive capacity which gives many hours of use, it’s ability to also record on sd & high capacity sd cards, it’s small size (you could fit three of them inside my old 8mm camcorder,) optical stabilization, and value.

I purchased the sdr-h40 in november of 08′ and the bundle pack was a great price but the battery was too small for this model, so make sure you double check with a representitive before purchasing any extra accessories. As for the camcorder and camera the quality was great for video and taking pictures with good lighting provided. The sound was great, i was recently at greenfield village at night outside, video and sound was good but pictures not so good there is no flash on lamp on the sdr-h40. Overall it was worth it for the money and the battery that came with the camcorder was only low by one bar after 30-45 minutes of recording video and pictures. Programing was a little involved but if you have adobe reader 9. 0 all you do is load provided cd-rom and follow the steps. Taking pictures of old pictures and loading them into the pc or mac is simple, i took 153 pictures for my mother’s 7′ digital frame i’m storing them on and they were clear as the real thing. No more tapes or mini dvd’s to buy just put on dvd recorder pc or mac, and enjoy and save your history.

Let me start off with a complaint: accessories for this camera are not cheapthat being said, the camera is great. It doesn’t shoot high-def, but it does take otherwise great pictures and the features on this product are pretty great. However, in hindsight and with further research (and a little more money) i would now get the upgraded version with a 60 gig and 50x optical zoom. However, this camera is great for the price i paid and i can assure you the camera has some amazing features. The 42x optical zoom is enhanced even more by the digital zoom, but i can assure you you can read what someone is doing at least 25 feet away on a computer screen with clarity. My dad took a shot of his license plate at 75 yards and was able to read it easily. The 40gig hard drive is also an excellent plus, but keep in mind that memory is getting cheaper and a 16 gig sdhc card on amazon only runs you about 30 dollars at the moment. That just means that expansion is easy and a 60 gig isn’t necessary anymore–but an increase in optics isn’t as easy to come by (hence the 50x/60 gig recommendation). Either way there isn’t really anything bad worth saying about this camera. I did get the lumix fz-28, though.

This is exactly what i was looking for. I read several of the reviews prior to purchasing and had some concerns that the video may not be of very good quality and the drawbacks with the software that comes with it. I used it for the first time out of the box. I filmed in my office and then later that day at home. The picture quality and sound were as good as the tape models with the added bonus of no tape. I have windows vista on my home computer and had no problem with the software provided (i am not very computer literate). I also used windows movie maker that was on my home computer. This camera is perfect for home videos and a good value. Did i mention no more tapes.

We guarantee 100%i have had no fault with the product purchased. Recommended,best regardsj d.

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