Panasonic PV-GS90 MiniDV Camcorder – Great for the money

I received this cam in very good condition and the price was excellent.

I purchased this camcorder to document the vacation of my lifeime. And i have been extremely pleased with its performance. Panasonic has addressed several design flaws in previous models to make this one sweet little unit. They’ve also added a few new improvements. The bottom line is that it takes good video overall. Quality is very good in outdoor lighting. Indoor performance is good; low light performance is minimal, but much better than expected. Considering what you pay, video quality is on par with units costing hundreds more. Great video for a single ccd camera.

Panasonic pv-gs90 minidv camcorder with 42x optical image stabilized zoomi have purchased the panasonic pv-gs90 from big value inc. Com and the product is pretty good for the price. I have had panasonic camcorder (the pv type) before. If you are a minidv tape fan, this product is a good choice. Like other reviews, i expects this product to perform minimum picture quality when taping inside my house. The in-house picture was grainy, because there was not enough lighting inside the house. I was not upset because i expected this problem to happen. You can try to have more lighting inside your house when recording. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic PV-GS90 MiniDV Camcorder:

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  • Capture video to MiniDV tapes
  • 42x optical zoom
  • Panasonic’s Advanced Mega OIS technology
  • Widescreen LCD
  • One-Touch Navigation for easy, intuitive setting and shooting

My sister and i purchased this for my dad and he absolutely loves it. I haven’t been able to steal it away from him, but everything looks okay. We live out in the country, so he’s always out making videos of wildlife; he even takes it on his fishing trips. Hands down, the best gift we’ve ever gotten him.

I still use the first two from 2002 and 2007. I love the mini dv tape models. I actually bought this one because not only am i still using them on vacations, i use them to create dvds i can play on my tv. After editing in final cut pro, i pass through the camcorder to a dvd recorder to burn the dvd. I did not want to get orphaned, so i really bought this unit as a back up. It does have a higher zoom but a weaker low light record.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Panasonic PV-GS90 Camcorder Review
  • This is my third camera in the series
  • Great for the money

I bought this camera first at best buy first in order to record a very important event. However, after the event, i noticed, while reviewing the video, that there was a distracting dead pixel (greeen spot always on) right in the middle of the image. After verifying that it was on the ccd and not on either of the two viewfinders, i returned the camera for a full refund. I would have exchanged it but every store was out of stock. The techs verified the defect and waived the ‘resocking fee. ‘ :-)next, i purchased the same camera, used, from amazon. This time the unit appears defect-free and i am very happy with it. The picture is great, the interface is intuitive, and the optical image stabilization is wonderful when you take advantage of the 42x zoom. I haven’t played too much with the digital zoom because it degrades picture quality, but it seems to work as well as digital zoom can be expected to.

My sony is getting old and i didn’t want to lose the ability to play my mini dv tapes. Got this camcorder and like it lots. Image quality is fine for my needs. Great zoom range and the anti shake works well. Have not tried (and don’t really care) about super low light or hd.

I would like to know what are you people who write these reviews expecting out of this consumer level camera?if you use the camera near water on a boat and water gets into it, expect it to malfunction. It is not a dvx100 which professionals use. This is for documentation and preserving memories, not filming a hollywood blockbuster, so back off on your criticism of this camera. For the price, size and capabilities this camera offers, it is not too bad. And no camera will include editing software and capture cables or accessary light kits. And yes, treat it with kid gloves it is not meant to be abused. I’m looking into buying one and i’ve used many different cameras and this one is not too bad from what i have seen and read from people who know.

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