Panasonic PV-GS39 MiniDV Camcorder : Outrageous Value

The camera worked well and interfaced properly with my computer. It was a good replacement for my old similar model which had quit working and allowed me to transfer my videos to the computer. I will retain the camera as a backup for my newer video recorder.

I’ll be doing a more complete review soon but right now i’m having one problem. How do you connect it to your computer via usb cable?. What kind of usb cable is needed?. Can anyone maybe help me out to a link here on amazon for a usb cable i would need to get to use it as a web cam.

Panasonic PV-GS39 MiniDV Camcorder with 30x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Features 30x optical zoom and 1000x digital zoom
  • Low-height, compact design with a convenient side-load mechanism for tapes
  • 2.7-inch 16:9 LCD display
  • Joystick control for easy operation and navigation

I am so impressed with this camera. I bought it about 5 years ago at best buy’s black friday sale for $130. I’ve wanted to be a filmmaker since i was 13 and this was the first camera that was decent quality and all mine. I did a lot of videos for youtube over the years and recently i’ve moved onto using dslrs for most of my stuff yet i still take this camera on every vacation and to most concerts i go to because the audio is execellent. That’s what makes my concert footage stand out. Most cameras have terrible audio but mine sound pretty great with this camera. Even if at the concert it was so loud i can barely make out the music, it sounds good on the camera. And if i’m really far back from the stage, excellent zoom still gets me up close and personal with the artist. Lastly that light it has attached can also be very handy. I actually came to this page specifically looking to see if anyone has appreciated how great this little camera is as much as me.

This is a good solid camera. Very cheap with a large zoom. The image stabilization is good up to around 10x and then it doesn’t help too much. The image quality is excellent and the night mode is good too.

My little brother got this as a christmas present 4 years ago, for me to film him skating. Personally, this camera has changed my life bu inspiring me into film/video making. Many of you though, probably won’t be using it for what i was, but mainly for family videos, which is probably what it was designed for. Probably one of the best things about this camera, is the audio quality.The audio quality on this camera is amazing. I picked up tiny quiet wispers from sveral yards away behind me. (notice the mic recorder is in the front of the camera). The only negative to the audio quality, it that it is not wind resistent at all. It’s not hd, and at it’s time of realease, hd cams weren’t quite as cheap and availible as they are today, so for the average camcorder for it’s time, the quality is great.

Panasonic PV-GS39 MiniDV Camcorder with 30x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I bought this camera two years ago refurbished at a best buy sale event for a little more than 200 dollars. Then in less than a month i run over it with my car. Yes, that’s right, i left my camera in a soft case behind the car as i was loading the trunk and somehow left it there behind the wheel. As i backed up i heard a loud crack and my heart just about stopped. Well, by some miracle of some sort i guess the camera still works. The lcd screen is really really cracked and unusable, but geezus, this thing still records.

Im used to having one with slightly better features, but i knew what i was getting into.

I need an extra battery for my pv-gs39. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Can anybody give some info on where to find one.

I wanted a camcorder for my trip to india and did not have enough time to research into it. So i went to circuit city and bought one of the returned camcorder for a bargain. And what an amazing deal it wasi have had this camcorder for over two years now and i would like to point out that this camcorder functions just as good as it did when i bought it. I have has absolutely no issues with this camcorder. The optical zoom is amazing. The video is not very clear when you use digital zoom. Pc interface with vista is giving me issues with worked excellent with winxp. Battery life with standard battery is very descent. Overall a steal for the price that i bought it for.

Therre are many camcorders in the market and many are superior to this one. However you have to pay much more money, in this price range it wouldbe impossible to find a better camcorder. Easy to use with a powerful zoom (better and more powerfull that more expensive camcorders) connects easily to a mac or pc it offerssomething that similar camcorders do not: the possibility to set your manual settings (if you wish to do so) and experiment. For the users that ewant it simple, the auto settings will deliver you an excellent result. Again if you want something more than you should look elsewhere and pay more. But for the price this is the best buy.

The video shot with indoor lighting is very poor. I used windows xp’s default driver to capture pictures off of the video. The captured pictures are blurred. All in all performs best in good light situations.

Arrived on time, good conditon works great. Would recommend this to anyone.

This is a very nice little camcorder works best in out door lighting or well lit indoor areas. I have gone thru many camcorders and it seems that the analog ones worked better in low light than what the new dv camcorders do. So when looking for a truly great low light camcorder that is dv do not expect to get perfect picture quality it won’t happen. Over all the pv-gs39 will give you good indoor quality and outstanding outside picture quality. For the money you will not find a nicer camera than this one. Watch for deals i picked my up at amazon for only $[. at costco and the are almost the same camera except the 39 has a larger screen and records in true widescreen format. Get this camera it will perform well in almost every aspect. ]

It was a pleasent surprise, because the camera is smaller than i thought. Easy to use, has a light for the night shots and the audio is good. I definetly would reccomend it.

I really like this camera as far as it being small, lightweight, easy to hold with my small hands, the overall design of it, etc. But when i tried to hook it up to my pc, i ran into many problems. A) the camera doesn’t come with necessary software or cables for using it with the pc. I had to purchase the cables seperately. B) i downloaded the driver from the panasonic website, which the manual instructed me to do, and the installer gave me an error and would not install it (i have winxp). I tried emailing them to get help, and after i went through all the time to fill everything out on their webpage form, the message would not send. Nice little camera – but too many frustrations. I’m probably going to return it.

After spending countless paychecks getting the *best* (read: expensive) electronics, i took a step back and decided to get the best value instead. Little did i know i wasn’t giving up much. Like most panasonic products, the interface on this camcorder is intuitive and easily deciphered. This model has a joystick in the center, a red record button and just five icons surrounding the joystick. Without reading the manual, i can tell you that the icons stand for pc interface, photo playback, picture-taking mode, video playback mode, and record video. My husband usually wants me to show him how to use our new gadgets. In fact, he was the first one using it, picking it up for the first time and shooting without any guidance. His rating is a big thumbs-up. The fact that this camcorder is extremely small and compact also adds to its allure.

Well i paid $330 for this a year ago. I thinks its the best camcorder for the value. The image quality is excellent in well lit conditions. If you are shooting in dim light i would suggest to use an auxillary light. I wish the camcorder came with a shoe for light attachment. There are lot of manual controls that if used properly can improve the picture quality a lot in dim conditions. The joy stick control is easy to use and the settings can be changed with one hand. All in all its a very good camcorder. Few tips to get the most out of this one. – use auxillary light in dim conditions.

I was looking for a relative inexpensive camera gift for a graduating senior. While looking in a local store this panasonic pv-gs39 camcorder caught my attention. It’s got a clean, attractive styling, compact size, and the video quality looked good on a nearby tv to which it was hooked up. I’ve had positive experiences with panasonic camcorders in the past — in fact my current workhorse camcorder is the beloved vdr-d300 3ccd dvd model (see my review on amazon). The gs39 also seems to be user-friendly, and the salesman confirmed to me that it’s got better video quality than some of the more expensive models out there. The 30x optical zoom with image stabilization technology would be a boon to the gift recipient who’s about to embark on a yearlong world ‘study’ tour. (of course, we all know what young people do on such tours. ) finally, the price was definitely perfect as a graduation gift, so i bought it. Btw, buy before july 1 and get a free camcorder bag and 3 free blank tapes from panasonic. You can get the rebate form in store or on panasonic’s website; e-mail me if you can’t find the rebate link.

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