Panasonic PV-GS31 MiniDV Camcorder w/26x Optical Zoom, This little miracle has won countless awards throughout the globe for its ability to capture that journey we call life.

Panasonic cam coder gs31 is good and suits my requirements. It has a 1000x zoom and very efficient to capture images and to replay that in televisions.

I used it to tape all of my children and grandchildren events. Even though i’ve had the camcorder awhile it still does a great job. I really need to order another manual. If, anyone can tell me where to order one.

I usually am very satisfied with purchases and rate products 5 stars. But this one is a little disappointing. I bought this seeing the rave reviews in [. when compared to jvc-grd250 and cannon zr 200. But most of the “advantages” listed for panasonic camcorder in the website are features only of the higher end model pv-gs35. This one (pv-gs31) does not have “advanced” features like audio dubbing in gs35, but also lacks a lot of what i consider basic features – like a remote control, basic pc editing software. The battery life indicator also does not seem reliable – the battery runs out even when the life indicator shows half the life is still remaining. Rating it average as it is not a total disaster. And the price was great -especially after amazon sorted out a problem i had with the mail-in rebate. ]

Key specs for Panasonic PV-GS31 MiniDV Camcorder w/26x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • 1/6-inch CCD imager with 680K resolution
  • MiniDV recording format offers up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution
  • 26x optical zoom with digital image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch color LCD screen
  • MagicPix feature enhances images shot in low light

Comments from buyers

“Good value for the money
, This little miracle has won countless awards throughout the globe for its ability to capture that journey we call life.
, it is a great little camera/video cam

I bought this about 3 months ago. I primarily use it to record my son’s hockey games. The zoom is quick and the footage comes out good. It is very easy to use, lightweight, and the audio is good. The still pictures are only 640 x 480 which is ok but it isn’t for making any keepsake photos. Had i known how useful the still photo feature was i would’ve bought a camera with higher quality stills. It gave me a warning that the head needed to be cleaned which was a bit surprising considering how new it is. It does upload video through the usb cable. Download the drivers for webcam on the site and get some video capture software. It seems to be restricted to 15 fps with the webcam drivers, even though it records video at 30 fps.

It is a great little camera/video cam.

Its nice light small but its an ok i give it 3 and a half star.

I liked it and it is working fine. Consno usb cable and night times is not the right time to shoot video or photo both.

For what i wanted, it worked. I was just wanting something that would record video better than my camera phone, and therefore it did the job nicely. If you want better picture quality, less noise, better dynamic range and the ability to add a mic, then look elsewhere. But if you just want a camera for quick captures that doesn’t cost an arm and leg, then this camera will do just that.

I never considered myself a camcorder type of guy, but we bought this to record our wedding and it’s been a lot of fun since. Quality is good for price and i’ve downloaded the video to camcorder for back-up. (use firewire for this, with the camcorder on play mode.

I bought this camera as a replacement to a samsung scd535, which i used for about two days before i realized that i just couldn’t stand it. The panasonic pv-gs31 is like a dream. If you want professional, tv-show quality pictures all the time, get a $1000 camera. If you want a camera that works well both indoors and out, is easy to use, and affordable, this is a good candidate. Someone seriously into video would be disappointed, but for the casual hobbyist, this is quite a nice beast. I have had few problems taking pictures indoors, even in rooms with one fluorescent bulb and darkened windows. You just need to fiddle with the settings a little. Night mode is your friend in some cases. Even without nightmode on, there is very little in the way of noise. The image stabilizer can be a little unsteady zoomed in really close, but it doesn’t seem like this is a terribly unusual problem in any camera.

Has a suprising number of features, and deals well with low light/indoors if you read the manual and use the appropriate settings. The reason i don’t give 5 stars is that the manual is not clear about how to transfer video to your computer. The manual only has instructions for the pv-gs35 model, and indicates with that model you can use either a usb or ieee-1394 cable for that purpose. It turns out you can transfer from the pv-gs31 to your pc, but you can’t use a usb cable. You have to buy your own ieee-1394 cable (as indicated by another reviewer). (note you also have to buy your own usb cable if you want to use it as a webcam).

I initially wanted to buy the gs-150 since it has 3ccd. Then i decided to try this gs-31 just to see if the quality is acceptable. I took it home and at first could not make heads or tails out of the controls. So i sat down and took a few minutes to read through the manual. Soon i got the hang of it and liked using it. I like the built in light that this model has. (i chose it instead of the gs-29 because of the light). The feature that allows me to tape city lights is also very cool. The camcorder becomes extra sensitive and picks up any light and amplifies it. So now i have a video on soldornot. I tried making use of the manual controls and it works great. But after a while i got lazy and just use the auto controls which in some cases came out even better. For web publish, a must have with this camcorder as with any camcorder are a tripod, firewire, and windows xp (if you are using a windows system). Windows 2000 has firewire support but does not have windows movie maker.

Great little camera for less than $70. Certainly not huge on features but captures digital video pretty well. I bought this because i was having trouble transferring video from my older camera to my computer. I couldn’t tell if the problem was my old camera or my fire-wire card. Turns out it was the firewire card. In any case, i have a decent extra camera to use if i want to set up a budget multi-camera shoot. Shipping was pretty quick and this camera was in the condition as described by the seller. Overall i’m happy with this camera.

The panasonic pv-gs31 is an excellent camcorder to learn the basics and capture excellent digital video. It had exactly what i needed: a light for night shots, led screen, and a great zoom feature for close-ups. It transfers well to the computer to upload the video i take on the minidv tapes. But make sure you purchase a firewire cable (4 pin to 4 pin) and have software like intervideo dvd creator or windows movie maker to take advantage of video editing. It’s a good buy without the features you don’t really needif you’re looking to take good pictures, don’t rely on the panasonic camcorder. Instead, go buy a tiny digital camera with at least 5 megapixels. This camcorder can take pictures but they’re less than 1 megapixel, which equals poor quality pix.

This little miracle has won countless awards throughout the globe for its ability to capture that journey we call life. First discovered in 2004, this ‘palmcorder’ has gone on to shoot such films as sideways, little miss sunshine, and war of the worlds. Living god and fantastic actor tom cruise once said, ‘working with that little guy [panasonic pv-gs31 minidv camcorder is one of the greatest pleasures i have ever experienced with in my existence. “nearly indestructible, the panasonic pv-gs31 has been commissioned by the united states navy seals to provide their elite troops with both body armor and as a flotation device (along with superior digital capturing and photographic capabilities). Deployment has already begun. So if you’re hollywood director, tom cruise, or a highly trained yet still mortal navy seal, this camera is calling you. You can literally do anything with this thing. ]

I got this camcorder after my sony dcr-trv33 broke. Actually, the sony works sometimes so i did a comparison test when it did work and the picture quality of the sony is a whole lot better. The picture of the pv-gs31 is grainy and is especially poor in low light while the sony is crystal clear. I bought it from bestbuy during the thanksgiving sale for $249 with a $50 rebate from panasonic because the website camcorderinfo like it. Well, don’t believe everything you read. After tax and rebate (haven’t received yet), it cost me $220. The sony camcorder dcr-hc32 cost over $400 so you get what you pay for. For $220, it ain’t bad but if you want really good picture quality, spend more money. The pv-gs31 is light compared to my old dcr-trv33 and the same size but the new sony’s are smaller and lighter now. Also, the joystick control of the panasonic sucks compared to the touch screen of the sony.

I purchased this camcorder with a lot of hesitancy because of the reviews it received here on amazon, but for the price i got it for, it was hard to refuse. First, the camera is very lightweight and sturdy in construction. If handled delicately, i don’t foresee any spontaneous operational issues appearing. If you drop it and kick it around, then sure, it’s going to break and not function correctly. I am very pleased with the quality of film that it has produced. I am an amateur photographer and videographer, and i have no complaints personally about this particular model. It functions well in all light, and i was especially impressed with how it did in low-light. I found that reading the manual thoroughly and understanding the cameras functions helped me immensely to avoid problems. Overall, i am pleased with it and am glad that i chose it. I have full faith in this camera, and that is why it’s going to be used on an alaskan cruise, and to film my wedding this summer.

It is a very good budget buy for family movies. Sharp picture, no motor noise. Nize zoom (and mic zoom too). Few complicated functions, you may need the manual in the begining if you want use them. You can record more than 60 minutes with the standart battery. It would be nice if they had usb and firewire cables in the package, but you can find them really cheap on the net. The battery indicator may be improved. Overall, for 300 usd after the rebate it is a very good buy. Better night shots comparing to sony, no motor noise comparing to jvc and lighter than canon.

I bought mine last week at circuit city and it worked pretty well for what i wanted. The camera ain’t that great, but it is just a bonus feature that i never expected. I really bought it for the camera. It is easy to use and manipulate. Anyone buying it for its purpose (a camcorder) will not be disappointed with the purchase, but if you are buying it for a camera, be prepared to flush your head. I recommend this to anyone just starting out in this field.

Easy sync to computer for editing. Better yet, i have owned mine for over 3 years and had zero mechanical issues.

Nice small,not heavy camera. I liked the features but the quality of the recording was not to my satisfaction. For example, if you videotaped people wearing baseball caps in a bright sunny day, you could not recognize their face, all you see a is black shadow, specially if they are dark skin. In low light, the recording seems like ‘slow motion’ and very grainy. Most minidv have the same problems. I am still searching for the right camcorder.

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