Panasonic PV-GS19 MiniDV Camcorder w/24x Optical Zoom : Great Starter Video Camera

I had 1 of these before & it worked great. It ‘s nice little camera w/ easy to use features.

My son bought this camera on his own this past summer to take videos of his friends skateboarding, etc. His desire was to get video editing software to add sound effects, music, titles, etc. The camera works great and does what is advertised. Always keep in perspective that a $300 something camera will not match up with the features and extras that a $1000 something camera offers. The real reason for my posting this message relates to how to connect this camera to your pc to download videos. Ignore the usb connection stuff in the manual. Good for still picture transfer and webcam stuff only. Look at page 43 in the manual: ‘pc connection with dv interfac cable’.

Panasonic PV-GS19 MiniDV Camcorder w/24x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 1/6-inch CCD imager with 680K resolution
  • MiniDV recording format offers up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution
  • 24x optical zoom with digital image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch diagonal LCD
  • MagicPix feature enhances images shot in low light

I really wanted a 3ccd model, but since i’m just starting out and need to buy other stuff, like a tripod, monopod, media, firewire adapter card, camera bag, etc. This fits the budget nicely and it is compact enough to carry it anywhere. Yes the usb connection does work, yes firewire does work, although it took me a minute to figure out that a connection problem was the fault of the video software version i was using, not the fault of the camera.

I have had several camcorders, and this one has been the best of the bunch. Normally larger means better stabilization, but this unit is both small and stable. This is the second one i owned. The first i subjected to a major torture test by taking it into the mountain trails of utah for 3 days. During that time it was subjected to harsh sun, rain, snow, hail and dust. I did the best i could to keep it blown out, but the playback function surcumbed to the face-powder fine deluge of dust. Features are good, i especially like the fast fade in & out. That was why i had no qualms buying another.

This has been an excellent camera for filming our less-than-a-year old daughter, indoors and out. The quality is quite good, and the camera is fairly feature-full. However, the one problem we’ve had is in connecting this camera to our computer. Panasonic does not have a driver up on their web site to let us download video from the camera using usb. We can download still photos, but not video. The most recent drivers don’t seem to support this version of the camera. However, the firewire(ieee 1394, dv) connection is recognized by windows xp immediately and supports the camera quite well. Since we added on firewire support for our computer, we’ve been downloading video and editing it easily. With firewire, the camera also functions as a webcam. The only thing i wish the camera had was a simple audio-in connector.

Panasonic PV-GS19 MiniDV Camcorder w/24x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer) : I was taking good video 20 minutes after opening the box. The camera is easy to use and you can compensate for dark scenes quickly by changing a video setting with the cameras joystick. I had no trouble copying video from the camera to my computer ( xp ) via the usb connection. The windows movie maker program worked fine. Be aware that panasonic does not supply a usb cable with its camera.

I’ve read that people have problems with uploading video to the computer, but i have not tried to do that yet. We purchased the camera to film everyday things (holidays, the dog, etc. ) and it works much better than i expected. The zoom feature is great–i can’t believe how crisp the film is for things that are so far away. I’ve even used the camera in place of binoculars on our travels because you can see everything on the screen so clearly. We also play back video in the car on our way home from travels and enjoy watching it on the mini screen and listening to the audio. The most unexpected benefit of the camera is how easy it is to take pictures from film. We watch what we filmed on tv and just hit the picture button to snap digital photos after the fact. I really like having the digital camera and camcorder in one; it’s one less thing to carry. Again, i can’t speak to the computer upload of film, but not everyone wants to do that either. The only drawback to the camera is that it doesn’t have a light or flash. However, we haven’t found that we really needed it yet, and we have filmed a lot inside and out. I am so happy with the camcorder.

Still picture quality is ok. Definately recommend this product.

This is an excellent camcorder, it small, easy to carry around, and has good battery life. It even fits into a inexpensive carying case we had our for digital camera. It has a lot of great features and served us well on our vacation. Its been said before, but the only real drawback to this is the instructions. To claridy: the camcorder can transfer still pics from its sd slot via a usb cable, you will need firewire to transfer it to the computer or use as a webcam – both which work very well. It also has all the necessary cables you will need if you just want to hook it up to your vhs/home dvd burner via a/v cables and record, or just watch the playback on a tv. It could use an external audio mic output, but we found the internal microphone is quite sensitive and met our needs very well. Overall: definately recomended.

I bought this camera when it first came out. It’s not a bad camera, by any means, for the price. But, i did have problems connecting it to a computer via firewire. I tried two different computers and neither recognized the camera. I spent many hours,literally, trying to find the problem. Searching the internet high and low. I even bought a thirty dollar firewire cable, to see if i just need a different one. I broke down and finally called panasonic tech support. The gentlemen spent about five to ten minutes talking with me.

I have owned it now for a couple years and have found it easy to use. The only down sides are that the battery does not last as long as i would like but extra batteries are not that expensive and i wish that there was a light on it for when you plan on capturing tape in low light situations. Otherwise i would definately recommend this item for every day use.

I grabbed this camcorder at walmart as the cheapest option on christmas eve 3 years ago, to capture my kids on christmas morning. Little did i know my hubby and kids would do the whole gift-opening without me or the camera, while i slept in after staying up half the night doing last-minute wrappinganyway, the camcorder has been good for recording our family and kids growing up. I couldn’t upload to computer either until i found this special cord my hubby had for his hp computer, that’s extra small on the camera side. ‘firewire’ doesn’t specify it enough at the store. I love the 1 gb sd card that holds pics in it, and now i use the camcorder almost more for still shots for ebay and other images for email than i do for video. My biggest disappointment is that there’s no extra light feature. Many images come out dark in low-light settings, and i can’t adjust for it with an extra light. Maybe i should read the manual – i just read there’s a manual low-light setting. I meant to return this camcorder within 30 days for a refund until i could research a good one, but then walmart’s return policy was 15 days, i think.

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