Panasonic PV-GS150 2, pretty good for indoor lighting

I purchased the panasonic camcorder to record my son’s wedding and, for the most part, i was well pleased. The quality of still and moving photos as good, and the size and weight of the unit make it very portable and relatively unobtrusive. The package that includes the camera, however, does not include a memory card for the still photos or any tapes for the motion shots, these added another $60 or so to the cost. The controls are not grouped in a way that makes operating the camera (zooming in and out, turning it on and off, etc. ) particularly easy or intuitive and the icons that appear in the screen when using the joystick are also not intuitive, thus one must memorize all the various symbols.

The camcorder offers outstanding video quality (at its price level)in adequate lighting condition. I had a chance to compare it to cannon opture 500. I think gs150 produces better color than opeture does, due largely to 3ccd, but makes slightly more noise in low light settings. I like the joystick, which makes the control panel look clean and simple. However, there are a few things i am not happy with. Generally, eis does not improve much from gs120. Without a tripod, you still need to hold your breath if you want to get really stable video. There is no eis in widescreen mode.

Great camera, but you cannot use the image stabilization feature in the wide screen mode. The gs250 allows you to do so, but is a significant jump in price. If you are doing video editing or watching the videos on a wide screen tv, think seriously about getting this camera. Colors are wonderful, far better than any other camera on the market at this price range. Personally, we are going with the gs250 because of the image stabilization. It was nearly a costly mistake for us.

Key specs for Panasonic PV-GS150 2.3 MP 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • 3CCD sensor dedicates one chip to red, green, and blue for true-to-life color rendering
  • MiniDV recording format offers up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution
  • 10x optical zoom with digital image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch diagonal LCD
  • USB 2.0 enables high-speed, real-time video transfers to PC

Comments from buyers

“I love this kind of camcorder
, Awesome Palmcorder!
, Basic camera for basic video usage

Camera works great, however half of the a/c adapter was not included. Probably an oversight and fortunately i found one in my scrap pile. Fast shipping and fair price.

I bought this camcorder about 4 months ago primarily for recording my daughters’ gymnastics meets. So most of the time i shoot in average lighting indoors, with fast moving subjects, using tripod or monopod and zoomed anywhere from 1x to 10x. I added a 2x teleconverter lens and uv filter for lens protection. My previous camcorder was the panasonic pv-gs19 single ccd. What a difference 3 ccd’s make. The colors are so much more vibrant and realistic due to having a ccd for each color. And the image is substantially sharper most likely due to better image processing as well as the # of ccd’s. Lower light levels, like a room with a single incadescent buld, really shows the weakness of the smallish 1/6′ ccd’s of the gs150. Now you can opt for a larger single ccd camcorder for around the same price as the gs150 and have better light sensitivity but then you compromise the color quality inherent in 3 ccd camcorders. Since most of my shooting is done in average to good lighting, i chose the better color rendition of 3 ccd’s.

Am very pleased with this purchase. Very fast service and shipping. Found this camera to be easy to setup and operate. Takes great stills and movies.

I would put this camera in 5/5 rating if the it could work fine in low light. In day light or in electric light even if not so bright, this camera does a good job. Its fits on the palm of my hand and its very comfortable to handle. Movie: wonderful quality in broad daylight 5. 0 but this is not meant to be a digital camera. But still does a decent job on that side.

I have had this camera for about 3 weeks. Bought this after lot of research(mini-dvd versus minidv). Read some horror stories about an entire disk getting wiped out with mini-dvd camcorders. Gs150 does an amazing job in bright day light. Colors are vibrant compared to 1 ccd cameras. Low light performance is so so. Overall, i am a satisfied customer. If you plan on transferring video to a computer, get a fire-wire cable. This camera needs a 4 pin male connector. I have a mac and transferring video and burning into a dvd was a breeze.

We bought the canon zr100 but retutrned it before we opened it after reading many reviews about the loud fan/motor and bad low light recordings. We bought the sony hc21 next and thought the colors looked dull and the greys looked grainy in a room with two lamps and a window. We primarily wanted it for home movies of the baby. We exchanged that for the panasonic pv-gs150 after reading many reviews and ratings. This was one of the only mid priced camcorders that was rated with a 5. 5 low lighting rating compared to higher and lower end models at a 3. This camera records beautifully in our low light rooms and i have no doubt will record even better outside in sunlight. The colors were vibrant and the greys looked normal. The zoom gets in very close without becoming fuzzy.

I have had this camera for a little over 2 years, and it has served me very well on numerous occasions. The quality of the picture was really impressive when i paid $600, and these cameras are going for half that now. The image quality is boosted by the fact that this camera uses a 3 ccd imaging sensor, which is the professional standard. The camera is very easy to use, and has a sensible button layout. The size of the camera is very convenient, as it can be stored in small areas. The camera came standard with many accessories. The camera has been problem free and i feel that this is a quality product from panasonic. You can see many videos made with this camera on ‘youtube’ under the ‘greenredfield’ channel.

The odd thing is that i did not think i would. When i started the research for buying a camcorder i reallt wanted a sony. I work as a film editor and have used many professional sony products and have for years. I’ve found that with sony you generally get what you pay for. However when researching i could not bring myself to pay more for a one chip sony camcorder than i would for a three-chip panasonic. I’m very glad i went with the panasonic, the image quality is faantastic, and the controls could not be easier to use. Plus this camera had alot of nice professional features that i could not find together on other consumer camcorders. The image stabilization is great, the ability to manually control focus and white balance and the inclusion of a 2. 3 megapixel still camera were nice additions.

As others have stated, this is a nice compact high quality camcorder for all the reasons listed. However, when i couldn’t get it to receive a dv signal from my computer, i called the tollfree customer service line asking for help. After two calls and an hour on the phone, talking to three reps, whom each conferred with an associate, they said, ‘the camera wasn’t designed for that. ‘ the problem is that it is designed to do that. The cs people just don’t seem to know their product. It may be that they are referring to the same unclear user manual that the consumer is provided. Anyway, if you think you can figure the camera out on your own, get it. It really does a great job for the price.

After 2 years of very light use the lens started making loud clicking noise when zoomed. 5 years of light use the camcorder started to lose focus in auto mode (with clean lens). It will focus initially, but then blur within a minute, and i have to move or zoom a little to regain focus. Low light performance is noticeably worse than my sister’s old sony dcr-trv8. Bottom line: panasonic gets you with cheap options and features but your frustration with low quality will last much longer than the short thrill of saving a few bucks.

My wife and i went on our first cruise and i wanted a camera that would take video and still pictures. After wearing out the internet,i finally selected the panasonic pv-gs150. I was amazed at the number of passengers on board that had the same camera. I couldn’t be happier with the results of this camera. The color reproduction is fantastic. I used it in alot of different applications such as; daylight, night shots, even sunsets. The more light you have the better the picture. So many digital cameras have a weak flash compared to this camera. But keep in mind your priorities. My first priority was video, then still shots. I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

I did quite a bit of research on video cameras but i am by no means an expert. I selected this camera in the hopes that the image quality would be a lot better than my older jvc camera. Although the colors are a bit better, that is all you seem to get for the 3ccd. I love the small compact size as well as the features and ease of operations. It is a bit uncomfortable to hold in my hand, it seems better suited for someone with smaller hands. I wish it had a built in lamp for low light.

Well i just recived this camera for christmas and i thought it was great taking pictures and all, but it didn’t come with a tape. Although the picture quality is exalent i suggest you buy a tape that fits it before you buy it.

I have own this 3ccd one for 1 year. I had another 2, 1 from jvc and 1 from panasonic. They are not working indoor most of time because of the dark and bad light. However, this 3ccd one makes a real difference. I am more than happy to have it. The only problem is the poor still image quality although it says 2mb resolution. But i always use dedicated digial camera, so not a big deal for me.

First off, this is an awesome camera for the price. There is no other camera in the same price range which will deliver this much performance and quality for the money. Those who talk about the low-light quality needs to go out and purchase themselves hotshoe light. Who in their right mind would shoot at 15, 30 or even 60 lux without an external light anyway?.Picture quality will be greatly hampered. I believe that next to a spare battery, an external light source is probably the most valuable accessory you can own. This camera comes loaded with all the standard features of the other camcorders in this price range and also has a remote control included, which some of the competitors do not have standard. And on top of that, 3 ccd sensors. Simply put, you will not find a better camcorder for the price.

This was a replacement for my previous broken un-repairable same old model. It works great as did the original camcorder.

It’s still a good ol’ camcorder to me here in america. I needed this to replace my trusty gs9 that after 8 years of faithful service, finally took a dump. I got sooo many tapes i need this machine to play my tapes back too. Because i didn’t have one of these bad boys, it cost me 60 bucks to take this camcorder into the shop, only to find out, all i needed was one of these guys to clean my head.

I think it’s still worthwhile for vacations.

This is truly a great camera in every respect. Low light performance, auto-focus, image-stabalization and connectivity. The battery life isn’t as good as i would have liked (2-3hrs) but that’s forgivable for all the other features. I was deciding between pv-gs35, 65 and 150. The difference between 35 and 65/150 in low-light performance was significant enough to warrant the extra cost and i choose gs150 over gs65 primarily because of the assist lamp, built-in lens cover and the availability of usb2. 0 for downloading video (in gs65 it can only be used to download photos) as i do not have a firewire port. Having said that, amazon’s price on this items is far, far from being competitive. Do search a bit and you’ll certainly find a better price.

This is a great camera for anyone. This is a low budget camera with large budget capabilities. I am impressed with this camera and its features. For a consumer level camera, the gs-150 offers important manual features for those who want more control of the shot.

I use this camcorder for my own videography business and have never had any complaints about the video quality. To get a better camcorder, you would literally have to pay twice as much money. Some people have complained about the low light capabilities, and in my mind this is the one problem with the camera. You will need to find a good camcorder light to make up for this problem. But images shot outdoors look similar in quality to my friend’s $2000 cannon camcorderif you’re looking for a ‘pro-sumer’ camcorder and you’re on a budget, or if you simply want a top of the line regular camcorder, buy this camcorder.

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