Panasonic Pro AG-DVX100BP – this camera is amazing! One warning to those

I gotta say this camera really gets the job done. We use this model in my video productions class and it gets some really awesome looking footage. Its very easy to adjust the picture so you can make all of your shots perfect. The only downside is that tapes are dying out, but if you don’t mind going old school this camera is an awesome buy.

I’ve used this camera for 3 years and it has not failed me. With its 3 ccd chips, picture quality is outstanding. The ability to save presets is practical, and the camcorder offers multifarious choices for the versatile types of shots one would like to achieve. It is perfect for some higher quality filmmaking, which is what i used it for. If you don’t believe me, watch a film i’ve made with it: [. the film also shows decent performance in lower light situations by the dvx. I’m moving on to hd, but i really don’t think there are better sd cameras out there that offer true 24p/30p at such high quality picture. The only possibly negative thing is the mic, but almost all internal mics on camcorders aren’t that good anyway. Overall, highly recommended. Excellent gains for the price. ]

Its not impossible to get the film into a digital format but is very hard. Also editing it into clips can be a challenge. The image quality is spectacular and can get a pretty good cinema look if you know what your doing. Totally worth it if your a beginner in filming.

The dvx 100b is cheaper than the xl2 but you get more features. Aside from the compact and built in xlr ports, you get an optional flip out view finder which the xl2 doesn’t offer. If you are looking for a non hd camera i would suggest going with a camera that has an optional 24p because you’ll be getting your money’s worth and it is a awesome feature to have.

I’ve had my dvx for about 5 months or so now and i love this thing. I can’t say too much about it, as it’s the first professional camera i’ve owned. I realize this is old and is only getting older, and for most modern applications your probably going to want at least an hdv camera, but this is great for people with a really low budget who’s just starting out. Even so i’ve managed to film several concerts and a few weddings in the time since i purchased the camera. It may be standard def but i love the video from this thing, the colors are amazing compared to anything i’ve seen. Anyway, like i said, i’m a beginner, but i absolutely love this camera :).

This is my 4th dvx100 (all still in operation btw) and i like the updated features and the new tape loading mechanism. The quality is superb and the handling balance is what i’ve become accustom to with this camera. This camera is still viable for any work performed today and should be a very usable camera even when hd penetrates more i the market, if you are making a decision on a dependable pro video camera with durable features, this is the one to choose hands down.

  • Love this Cam!
  • Love this thing
  • great camera

Did i mention this is a great camera. With hd being available to prosumers makeing dvds. Wait, that won’t happen for a few years yet. So, without hd available to prosumers makeing dvds this is the camera to go with today. It will give you the look of film especially with the magic bullet software you can send off to get for free upon purchase of the camera from amazon. Also a free dvx user book to send off for. The progressive scan on this camera put interlaced video to shame. Compact compared to the canon xl cameras. Look pro, both its picture and its structure, feels pro, and is pro. From the panasonic web site you can see that out of all of the cameras they sell this one is #3 on the list. The next one up is basically this camera with an hd option and costs twice as much. The next one up from this costs about 10 times as much. Everything else falls by the way side.

It works well im happy with it i hope to use this to make alot of money but we will see lol thanks.

I was torn between sony and panasonic (the canons seemed to have many recurring complaints especially with the decks), and after reading several reviews became gradually partial to the panasonic, before ever having used one, based on customer loyalty and consistently glowing testimonials. Well i’ve never used the comparable sony’s, jvc’s, or the canon xl2 (some limited experience with the gl2), but as best i can tell without personal comparison this camera does in fact deserve all the great reviews. The image quality is excellent and in many cases looks about as good as broadcast tv video (nonhd), and the camera allows a tremendous amount of image control–manual focus ring, aperture (iris), gain adjustment, shutter speed, zebra control for overexposure, white and black balance adjusting, daylight filters, etc. The electronic viewfinder can even be focused via simple diopter. There are six preprogrammed, but customizable, settings for image control so the user can simply dial in whatever setting they need based on the shooting/lighting conditions. So, for example, you shoot occasionally under weak flourescents lights–you adjust the white balance and the gain and the detail level accordingly, save it as a particular ‘scene file’; whenever you return to that same location or a similar shooting environment, you can click over to the saved settings in an instant and start recording. The first four are factory set for video 60 frames; the last two are 24 fps for a more film-like quality, which this camera handles beautifully. What actually sold me on the camera, in terms of hardware, were the two xlr jacks–comparably priced models didn’t seem to offer this. The xlr jacks allow the user to attach professional shotgun mics and bypass the mediocre factory one, taking fuller advantage of 16bit 48khz stereo recording. I use a fairly inexpensive azden mic and the improvement in sound quality is tremendous.

It really doesn’t need much review. Everyone would tell you is a great camera. I use for tv channel material as well as training videos, etc. Is the best you can get without spending $4000+.

It was exactly what i expected thank you very much.

Features of Panasonic Pro AG-DVX100BP(S) 3-CCD MiniDV Proline Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • Professional digital video camera
  • High-sensitivity slow shutter (in cumulative) function
  • 3 CCD image system; 24P/30P cinema mode and manual operation
  • Allows synchronous setting of time code values among multiple cameras
  • Wide-angle zoom lens perfect for small-room shooting, close-ups, and self-recorded interviews
  • Allows synchronous setting of time code values among multiple cameras
  • 3 CCD image system; 24P/30P cinema mode; manual operation
  • Wide-angle zoom lens perfect for small-room shooting, close-ups, and self-recorded interviews
  • High-sensitivity slow shutter (in cumulative) function
  • Professional digital video camera

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’m not going to rant on & on about all the features & how they compare to all the other models, you will go nuts trying to keep each models pros & cons straight in your head & get dizzy after a while. After too much research, i broke down & finally bought this camera & let me tell you, we have been nothing but pleased in that decision. One of the key deciding factors, besides the most ‘bang’ for the buck, was all the online user help groups with very active forums & myriads of artcles & info to any question that a new user could ever need.We have had it for a year & we have yet to call panasonic with any questions, as they are readily answered by a quick post or search on the dvx user forums. I am currently looking for a good fluid head for our camera as my son wants to film hunts this year & bought a tree arm, but the 503 mafrotto, is proving to be elusive,as it has been discontinued , but happens to be the one my son ‘needs’ wouldn’t you know. Lolanyways, i highly recommend this for the new (or experienced)’pro’ filmaker, it’s been a 100% positive experience for us. Btw, i know hd is the new wave of the future & the ultimate way we will eventually switch over to, but not until the prices come waaaayyy down.

I am a complete newbie to video and i love this camera. I had a tough choice to make when it came to spending this kind of $$ for a camera purchase. This one was reviewed very well on all the websites i checked (and i checked quite alot). The positives were echoed so often that i went with it over the others. I am quite pleased even though my learning curve still goes on. The picture qualitiy is excellent and i am learning to shoot better. The downside is i still have not received the dvd that came along with my purchase. The said it would take up to 8 weeks and i guess they intend on making it 8. Overall i am very happy with my purchase and can only say good things about the camera and the support and information about the camera and how to use it available on the net.

The canon xl2 has been showing up in alot of complaining reviews, complaints realted to it’s less than perfect imagery. From what ive seen, the fact that the dvx100b is hard as heck to find says alot about which one is better. I find it very odd that a great number of these cameras are being sold by numerous retailers in brooklyn who go by names like express, photosweep, camera city. . Seems like one dealer is using multiple names and varied prices. If you need a dvx100b, its best to buy from an established dealer. But no one can beat the 24p quality of this camerta. Better deal than the new hd cameras which don’t even have the 24p adjustment.

This really has to be the best standard definition cam out there.

This is the camera you need to shoot videos, movies, commercials, shorts, weddings, sporting events, family gatherings, and just about everything else in between. I own several formats of movie cameras both video and film and have worked with just about every brand and type of prosumer and normal grade camcorders around and this is by far the best thing since film. It can look any way you want it to, if you know what your doing, and have a few extra bucks for attachments and learning booklets and or dvd’s. Nobody said making movies was easy, but its the greatest job a person could ever have or dream for. This camera records 16:9 similar to but less than hd quality but with a great film look. If you buy the panasonic anamorphic adapter it adds the ever so famous dof look that every movie has. Over all this is the best digital 24p film quality movie camera for under $5000.

This camera suprised me with how good it was, i knew it had been used in tv before, and in a few films, but i had no idea what i had gotten myself into. The image quality on this is beyond anything else. And the built in microphone does wonders. Only flaw i have about it is the zoom. This camera comes with a 10x optical zoom. Which is still nice, and i dont know how much more zoom i really need, but it would be nice to have 20x.

Professional digital video camera

I know it is a little dated but the only improvement i can tell is that the newer models in this range have an internal hard drive rather than tape transport, and, oh yeah, note that this is not a high def cam. That being said, the 3 ccd’s are better than 1. I find the video from this cam to be more than able for almost any video work you can put it to up to broadcast quality. The low light performance is better in my opinion than the other hd cam i own and the mic, line and video input options add to its versatility. If one has not used a similar cam, i will say the learning curve is steep with all of the options although it does have semi-point and shoot capacity. But the results are well worth the time taken to learn and experience. Being superseded by by newer models, i was pleased to find this at such a great price and low operating hours was a find.

I bought this camera on amazon with $[. The item quality build is top notch. -pro : image quality is excelent with leica lense, sound quality with xlr connector built in -48v , no external -48v needed, 24p is main buy of this camera, i used to have gs400 this is big upgrade for me, thanks for the dvxuser. Com that offers a lot of information you can learn from that. -con : personally i think not good for travel due to the weight of the camera if you have a strong arm then will be ok. Because during traveling you do not carry tripot and carry camera long time that make your arm get tired. Conclusion : excellent image quality , quality of sound, decent zoom, only minor problem is the weight factor for me.

I bought this for its manual controls and superb video quality. I would reccomend this to anyone who is wanting to get into professional video on a tight budget.

From the description, it is ‘well balanced and highly portable: 4. 4 pounds in full operating condition’, not 10 pounds, which is the *shipping* weight.

Wow, i should have bought less stuff in general and bought better stuff. I decided to take the plunge and buy this, the last of the great sd camcorders, because i wanted to get good video of indoor events, like birthday parties, christmas mornings, and weddings. I just recorded my first wedding with this unit. It was performed in a converted barn with the light so low that candles were placed along the aisle for ambiance. There was also some narrow, small and bright track lights about two thirds of the way toward the ceiling and on either side. I cranked the gain up to +12 just so i could see everything through the lcd monitor, shot the wedding, and hoped for the best. Well, now i’m watching it and there’s not graininess and the colors are accurate. It’s like i’m right back there. I’m sure no consumer grade unit could have pulled this off. Sure, the learning curve is a bit steeper, but it’s not bad.

The camera could not link to my computer after ,trying different firewire cables. . Besides that camera in good condition.

High-sensitivity slow shutter (in cumulative) function

Not too big and not too small.

Lit and shot properly, the footage from this camera in 24p mode can come very close to 16mm film. This is a fantastic camera for the price, and this new b model has worked out a lot of the kinks from the earlier models. For those of you looking at the xl2, it’s true this camera does not have an interchangeable lens (although wide-angle and telephoto adapters are available) but the camera feels more compact and robust, with more features (like xlr) built right into the camera body vs.

I bought my first dvx100b around may-june 07, and my second this april of 08. Impressed enough to buy a second one. But really this camera is a well rounded dv camera. Its about as good as you can get with out going hd. The shots are solid as well as the quality of image. It does not take much to learn the controls, yet in no way is it consumer level technology. Between the white balance controls, the light gain levels, and the 3 filter settings this camera can adapt to a wide range of settings. The color and clarity of the image is brilliant but where the dvx100 really impressed me was in low light conditions. I am a wedding videographer and i was terrified of the reception because theres usually very little lighting and the footage looks black. The dvx100b can keep a good quality image while in very low lighted settings.

Pls someone should tell me if this camera uses memory card or tape or both memory card or tape thank.

I have had a dvx100a since 2008 and now have 3 of them(and still use them) i have also used different cameras and this camera still creates better images than a lot of hd cameras that i have used. The workflow of tape is easy but can be time-consuming in post. But the image quality, color saturation, the crisp blacks, it’s ability to expose images properly in bright lighting situations is immaculate.I actually had upgraded to the canon xh1 and the hvx200 (which is the dvx’s big brother) but i still have preference for the dvx when working on a film and wanting to get that image control. The only real con is that the headphone jack has a bit of faultiness. Also i dropped this camera on the concrete parking lot and it’s still chugging along. And it’s actually pretty easy to work on to. I’ve taken my apart and put it back together, soldered connections to the board and have no technical training. And i still like shooting on tape because it gives me security.

In the age of hd this camera is still rock-solid and holding it’s own. Stunning sd image, great features and laid out logically.

I did a great deal of research before i bought my dvx100b. With the rising popularity of hd, prices on the dvx will be dropping. It is still a very versatile camera. Images are excellent and the camera is easy to use. Check out the dvx user website.

3 CCD image system; 24P/30P cinema mode and manual operation

Fine, but firewire doesn’t work. Wasn’t mention in the description.

Allows synchronous setting of time code values among multiple cameras

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