Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder – Excellent Camcorder

This camera takes great video, along with being able to take still photos. The zoom is fantastic and this thing is so lightweight that you can hardly tell that you are holding it. It has pretty much replaced my still digital camera because i can do all i need with this one. I purchased the 32gb sd card and have not come close to filling it in 1 setting. I also purchased a backup battery. Battery life is good – about 1-1 1/2 hours, so for my use i really didn’t need the backup, but good to have.

I absolutely love this camera, it’s very easy and intuitive to use. However, the auto-adjust lighting feature is both a positive and a negative. However, it doesn’t always respond to the changes in lighting condition properly. It can be slow to respond or fail to properly respond, causing the image to be strongly yellow or blue. There’s a certain knack for dealing with this, but i haven’t had the camera for long so i haven’t entirely mastered it yet. I think if i point it at the floor for a moment, it sorts itself out. The quality is nice, and i love everything else about it. I especially love that it has a little light that comes on to light things in front of you when in a low lux setting. Let’s face it, any indoor location is low lux, and most of the time we want to record indoor scenes.

I just received this camera yesterday, and once i charged up the battery i was able to give it a try. First things first, here’s a short youtube video i shot (cloudy, damp day):[. i think the video will show how great the detail, this was not even at the top of the resolution offered by this camera (there’s 2 levels above what i have shown here). There was a mention of the camera heating and being uncomfortable to hold, i did not find this true after shooting over 15 minutes non-stop. My only complaint might be i wish there was an extra start/stop “hard-wired”button on the right, lower side of the camera (some older panasonic sd-video cameras had this, instead, they have included the start/stop button as a “soft-ware” button on the touch screen. Which is ok, except you have to select the menu that contains the start/stop button to use it in the first place. And when that menu is on the screen, it obscures part of the viewfinder. Don’t get me wrong, there is a “hard-wired” start/stop button that you operate with your thumb, but it is only available when you are holding the camera up to your eye-level, and too be honest, i really tend to shoot from waist level now-a-days. But that’s not too much to complain about, i find myself using the “hardwired” start/stop (but the camera tends to shake a bit while i contort to hit the button), but then i just edit off those parts anyways. This camera produces just beautiful video, the image stabilizer is magical, and the zoom along with the image stabilizer makes a huge difference on those long shots.]Here are the specifications for the Panasonic HDC-TM90K 3D Compatible Camcorder:

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  • 28mm wide-angle lens
  • Intelligent 40x Zoom and Hybrid O.I.S.
  • 2D & 3D video capture capability
  • 16GB built-in memory
  • SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card Recording

I bought a camcorder locally for a vacation and could not get it to download the videos onto my computer so i had to return it to the store. I ordered this one on a sunday, paid the extra $25 shipping and got it on tuesday. I practiced with it wednesday and left for my vacation thursday. It is really easy to use and i am a very happy customer. The videos are great with this camcorder; it came with a nice instruction book. I have not recorded in hd because neither i nor my immediate family have hd recorders; however, the ‘standard’ works great. Relatives are surprised at how clear the videos are and how fantastic the colors are on them. I use the ‘windows 7’ for editing videos before i put them on a dvd only because i got used to that program first. This camcorder was worth every penny i paid for it.

I got this hd camcorder to record my son’s football games. I originally thought a sony or cannon were the way to go since they have the bigger camcorder names and my brother always buys them. However, in researching these personal hd camcorders i saw that you got a lot more for your money with a panasonic. I really like the fact that this camera has a standard wide angle lens which allows you to see more of the football field when filming. Also, it has a great optical zoom – even from the stands you can zoom in and get very high quality close-in shots on the football field. It is quite easy to use – the touch screen menus are fairly intuitive. I really dislike technology products that are difficult to figure out and this is not one of them. When filming a high school football game (just the actual action parts) the battery doesn’t quite last the entire game so i got a second one (standard size) and switch them out during the 4th quarter. The quality of the video on my 720p hd panasonic tv is superb – very high quality. I can’t wait to get a 1080p hd tv and see how the video looks in 1080p.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best in the 400+ price range
  • Amazing little camera
  • Very good as camcorder, very poor for still shots

I’ve had this camera about a month and i have to say that its the best purchase i have ever made. The memories that i have captured, in hd, over the past 30 days already make the price i paid worth it. I have a panasonic plasma, so the viera link between the camera and tv works great. Its extremely easy to tape something and watch it on the big screen minutes later. The picture in 1080p is simply breathtaking. I took about 10 minutes of video of my dogs down by our lake and you would swear that you were standing there watching it happen. Even with the dogs sprinting around, the image is crisp and clear. The quality far exceeded my expectations. As far as size goes, this thing is tiny for such a powerful product. It seems like its about the same size as my point and shoot digital camera that’s a few years old.

Have been using this camcorder for couple of weeks. And i am really happy with it. Pros:a) 28 mm wide angle (this is very helpful shooting indoors)b) 26 x optical zoomc) good low light performanced) good audio capturecons:a) hd ae 3. 0 writer is not upto the mark. (it wont’ work windows 7 64-bit enterprise edition). Crashes when u select ‘copy to pc’ icon in toolbar) and down-conversion (e. To 480p) functionality is not good (i.

This is an excellent camcorder. It is much smaller than i thought. The shooting even in low light has been excellent. I thought about the more expensive tm900k, but i am well satisfied with this camcorder. Videos download to the computer easily and so far everything has been very nice including the still pictures. I purchased it on sale for 300 dollars and for that price, it has been an absolute bargain. It replaced a sony dcr-hc96 which unfortunately developed problems with the cassette mechanism for the mini-dv tape even though it received very little use. I usually like sony but i have two panasonic digital cameras with high zooms, the zs9 and the dmc-f35z. Both have been excellent cameras. The dmc-fz35 has been very reliable, the camcorder and the zs9 are newer, so i can’t comment on their durability or long term reliability yet.

As a videographer, i’m used to working with the more upscale video cameras. I purchased this camera for an upcoming vacation simply because i didn’t want to lug around a larger camera. I was pleasently surprised with the video from this camera. Nice, chrisp professional video. It’s hard to believe a camera this small can produce the same video and cameras costing more that double.

I purchased this camera to replace a standard definition canon zr-800. The first event i used it was to record my son playing football game and i was really impressed with the ease of use, zoom capability, and high quality footage. The optical image stabilization came in handy as well. It is just the right size for my hand and light weight. I have a really nice microphone for recording musical performances and look forward to using the audio jack included in this model soon. I have not seen a need to purchase a supplimentary charger or battery yet since i seldom record solid for an hour or more. I did purchase a class 10 32gb sd card and it works just fine.

I’ve only taken a couple of hours of video with the camera and so far so good. I’ve previously only purchased canon products, but after having purchased a panasonic dvd player/burner, i became a fan. I read the reviews from camcorderinfo. Com, which rated this camera higher than some of the more expensive models, and so far, i can see why. The picture quality is incredible for a $450. I’m not sure how another camcorder priced higher could look any better to me, maybe it can, i just don’t think i can tell the difference. The still images are fair, but not as good as an iphone if that tells you anything. The only major negative for me is the lack of viewfinder and the touch screen controls. I’m a bit concerned with the durability of the touchscreen and how this camera will respond in the months to come.

After buying, testing and returning a canon vixia camera (brutal vignetting), i tried the panasonic hdc-tm90k. My immediate and initial use was to record two days of activity at kennedy space center and then the sts-135 space shuttle atlantis launch. In every setting, this camera worked beautifully. This includes:- low-light (indoor) shooting of astronauts discussing their missions- dark/poor lighting in the nasa vehicle assembly building- wide-angle shots in the saturn v museum- bright-light (daytime) shots outside of the shuttle on the launch pad- the launch- bonus: family activity at the hotel pool and disney park (typhoon lagoon)in every setting, the camera worked exactly as desired. Also, the smaller size (than the vixia) allowed me to slip the camera into my shorts pocket – which was a huge plus when juggling my dslr. Also, the image stabilization was right-on, even at high levels of zooming. The picture taking on the camera is of acceptable quality. Minor shortcomings- the internal microphone seems a bit weak and the sound is a bit ‘tinny’, but, not bad enough to be a problem. This may have been caused by the sound system where i was recording, but, still, it was noticeable. – the record and transfer from internal to external memory is non-obvious in the on-camera menus, but, once figured out, is fine.

Purchased this to replace my old sony minidv camcorder. Overall i am very impressed. Video taken at 1080p @60fps in good light looks astonishingly good. It comes with a good amount of built in memory and combined with the 32gb sd card i put in, gives me plenty of space even at the highest quality recording setting. The zoom lens is very long going from a nice wide angle to a very useful zoom length. Still shots are decent but not great. The physical camera is easy to hold and use. I really like how small and light it is. The menus are fairly well laid out and i didn’t have to consult to the manual much at all to make use of all of the features. It does have some options to adjust settings on the fly but they are difficult to use.

I am very happy with this camcorder. I am new to video cameras but not computers. The video quality is very good and of all the video cameras i looked at this one has the best controls. I purchased a canon first but it got so hot after only 10 minutes i returned it. The canon only shot in 1080i. I bought this one and shot a test video in 1080p and plugged in the camera to my panasonic 1080p 50 inch hd tv with a mini hdmi and was amazed at the video quality especially outdoor shooting. This camera doesn’t heat up near as bad as the canon but it does get warm. I won’t go into everything else covered in the other reviews but i will just add this. Even though this camera shoots in 1080p 60 fps, the only programs that will render video at this setting are very expensive. The cheapest i found is sony vegas pro, and that program is almost 600.

After a 2 week research on cams from canon, sony, jvc and panasonic. I bought the panasonic hdc-tm90k camcorder for $419. It was the best price i could find anywhere. I’ve used it a few times, and it is simply amazing. For all the features it packs, a comparable sony and canon are in the $600 price range. This thing is also tiny, fits easily in my palm. Made is japan, not china which is another plusi really appreciated all the manual settings you can mess with. Screen is bright even in the sun-light. Controls are simple and intuitive.

Light weight easy to work pretty durable and can slide it into a pants pocket. The video comes out very well even in low light conditions. Has a sd memory card or can use the including cable for transferring photos and videos. The optional photo feature works okay but the resolution for still photos is only 5mb which is not very good but is has the option. I would not use a camcorder to take still photos anyway. Works very well for sporting events and outdoor video.

I have had a mini-dv for quite some time and i have not been looking forward to converting those tapes over to pc format. I been looking at some form of hd video camera for quite some time, but i always hold out for that perfect storm of what i can afford vs the best camera on the market. When i saw the reviews online for this one, the cnet professional reviews of its predacessor the tm60, and amazon had to for 40% off i pulled the trigger. The product is rock solid, the video is amazing, and i could not be happier with my purchase. Sure indoor stuff is kind of grainy but what do you expect for a. The on camera review controls are amazing i can step frame or slow motion this is great for my son’s baseball training. My chief and only compaint is the 41. 5mm lens size making it utterly inpossible to attatch a filter to my camera. I have contacted panasonic regarding this and there is no planned step up ring to resolve this. I suggest all of you tm90 owners out there contact them and complain about this the more complaints they get the higher chance they will resolve this.

This is my first real camcorder and it is an impressive device. I did try this in a store side by side with sony and cannon and was able to play a bit with them and bought it mainly on the wide angle and stable video play back. But this is starting to replace my camera for the simple reason of the fantastic zoom. Took some pictures from 100 yds away that look like i am 15 feet that are great. Took it to a football game and limited the power usage to quarters (high school 12 minute quarters but pauses in play they take about 20 minutes to play at the most) and barely made it into the fourth quarter before the battery gave out. Was fooled by the battery meter at the beginning of the quarter which read 20 minutes left, less than 5 minutes it was dead and shut down. So i would say about 1 hr of reliable record time in continuous use.

The picture quality is fantastic especially in 1080p60 mode. Image stabilization and zoom are also fantastic. I was able to zoom in on a child’s face at a school band performance from over 200′ away and get a very sharp and steady shot. Exposure and focus are excellent as well. Low light: very good here too. This camcorder easily passes my low-light acid test: shoot a video of a child with only one candle from 1 foot away with little color noise. It’s very small,power on instantly and is ready to shoot. Two things i wish it had (8/24/2011 based on comments. Thanks): – ir remote control – ability to shoot video in total directness like my old sony could with ir illumination and ir sensorideal for families looking for hd in a lower price point but unwilling to give up in picture quality/zoom/image stabilization.

This camcorder is very compact and light weight, almost fits in a pocket of the jacket. The quality of the video is great, and the colors look good. This may not be the best in producing accurate colors in low light situation, but still better than it’s peers. Battery life is also not that bad, but you can buy an additional high power battery. Built in 16 gb memory should record over 2 hours of video at 1080p quality video. But you can add additional sd card, but make sure you get the high speed card like class 6 or 10. The camcorder has many other small bells and whistles, to make your life easier. The supplied software will help you to capture the video into separate sub folders by the shooting date, and also the avchd files get renamed based on the shooting date time stamp. I would definitely recommend to any one.

 i usually purchase only sony cameras, but last december (2011) i decided to try the panasonic tm90k. 99 on sale (during dec ’11) on amazon, the price alone grabbed my attention. The zoom test of the moon is 100% accurate. The super moon looked awesome and my pictures were incredible. I own a bloggie and canon 12. 1 digi camera but always come back to the tm90k. The 16g internal is awesome if you forget a memory card and since sd cards are now inexpensive, adding extra memory is affordable. I love taking pictures and video with this camera and the clarity is amazing.

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