Panasonic HDC-TM700K Hi-Def Camcorder – Perfect compact Prosumer

 i’ve been cooking on tv for the past year promoting my new cookbook, so i wanted to shoot cooking demos in my kitchen and post the videos to my blog. To be honest, i only had time to review two cameras–canon vixia hf s200 and panasonic tm700. Out of the box, panasonic tm700 captured great footage. The size of the camera is small and it’s easy to use. However, best-quality video format does not import into imovie or final cut. If the new version of final cut can import this awesome video format, i’d give panasonic tm700 a higher rating. All and all, this camera captures great video and i can’t wait to start cookingpros:- great image quality- accurate color (easy to adjust white balance)- easy to operate- small- responsive- useful remote control- add ons (mic, light)- internal memory and sd memorycons:- imovie, final cut pro will not import high-quality video format (conversion app is necessary) big disappointment- only records in one size (web size would have been nice to bypass conversion)- interface design looks dated- auto focus is poor- lacks 24p (movie quality)- limited features; limited control.

This is a camcorder with a learning curve. I had trouble initially learning how to use this, and i accidently filmed my son’s play in 60i instead of 60p. This proved to be a mistake. Also it is too easy to accidentally set this in camera mode and wonder why it won’t record video. Once i got the hang of it, it seemed good. On linux (recent fedora), i plugged the camera into the usb and copied the files over. I don’t have much in the way of video editing software at the moment though. . Anyway, i ended up copying the files over. Mplayer played the clips just fine without any problems. For the most part everything just worked.

Pros–image quality, manual features on lens barrel, price-performance valuecons–top-end 1080p/60 can be hard to swallow for even moderately fast computers (quad cores)misc–lots of folks balk at fan noise, but a non factor to me. . Downconverted file to avchd 1080p/24 kps is still pretty darn good.

I got my tm700 a week back, and i am pretty pleased with the purchase. Please note that this is not an expert review. The camcoder came well packed with all the required cables,user manual, battery, charger, hot-shoe adapter and even a lens hood. I was a bit confused between the various recording modes (ha,hg etc) and what frame rates they shoot at , but later learnt that they all shoot at 29. Something fps (60i) or something like that at different bit rates. For 1080/60 p , there is another dedicated button. I really wont be using it that much , although that seems to be the usp of this cam ( also the price, sony cx550v is 1000+)there is a ‘digital cinema mode’ for geting the film look (24p) , it looks pretty decent, but ive read that its not true progressive its interlaced/ or 24p with pulldown. Im still confused as to how to get proper 24p from this thing. The touch sceen lcd interface works great, and is very crisp and responsive. The view finder isnt the best , and cannot be used with the lcd open.

The video quality is excellent. I’ve done a college basketball game from the stands and a low light birthday party and both were well exposed and sharp. Footage shot outdoors was perfectly exposed as well. The time lapse feature is wonderful but takes some practice to get the number of shots correct for what you are trying to show. Still pictues are well exposed and sharp. The flash is actually useful. The only negative to this camera is that panasonic does not tell you what the different video modes record in. 1080/60p is the only one clearly id’d. All the rest are cryptic hg, ha etc and only give you the bit rate. They don’t tell you what frame rate or whether it’s interlaced or progressive.

We had been searching for a new video camera for almost a year. After reading the reviews that others had written we decided on this panasonic. This camera has performed flawlessly and we are very pleased with it. We were able to use it on our trip thru red rock canyon in utah this past winter. The pictures are fantastic, colors are very real and crisp. We would recommend this camera very highly.

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  • Supurb home video camera.

I’ve been using this on my deployment in iraq for several months now. Only complaints i have are not being able to completely turn of image stabilization, and having to use only the slip ring for manual controls. You could do some really cool stuff if the zoom in/out controls could be used for focus or iris settings. Biggest complaint is that there is hardly any software (even professional such as final cut) which supports 1080p60p. This makes it extremely difficult to import your files to keep the high quality unless you don’t mind transcoding everything to 720p60p. I searched forums high and low and didn’t come up with any other solution. All in all, this piece of gear is very powerful for how tiny it is. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a step up from regular consumer grade cameras but doesn’t want to pay for a prosumer level camera.

I use this camera to capture athletes sprinting or doing sports drills. I’ve focused on indoor and outdoor lighting plus fast motion. Overall, the quality of the video is fantastic. It does better with indoor lighting than my flip video camera. I will say that even with indoor lighting on basketball courts, it could do better. Give it a b on how it deals with indoor lighting. The video camera is easy to use. I like the smoothness of the zoom. I don’t like how there is a pause of up to 2 seconds from the time i push the record button to when it actually records. I have to remind my trainers of that when they use it.

The camera has worked very well for the intended purpose. The most valuable feature is the pre-record feature which allows the camer to acquire 5 seconds of action before pushing the record button. This allows the operator to decide when to push record button and not miss any action.

There are alot of good than bad for this camera. I like the fact that you could shoot video or capture photos and switch it on the fly with a simple switch. You could capture videos in 1080p or 1080i. 1080p 60 fps is so fluid, moving life like. Resolution is top notch for a consumer camcorder and simple to use. Also have an accessory (cold shoe) to place a mic or external light. Colors on videos on vivid, crisp, clear, and produces some amazing stuff. Also has other modes like time lapse, which you have to set 1080p off, there is intelligent contrast, cinema colors (or something like that) fireworks mode, snow, and many others. Recording button is reachable with the press of your thumb, strap is secure and somewhat adjustable. 1 surround sound and it works well. There is also a wind filter feature that you turn on, never really tried this out. For some an external mic will be good to have. Built in 32 gigs, which shoot in 1080p gives me about 2. 5 hrs of recording and 1080i gives 5 hrs of recording.

I wish panasonic couldalso add 24 and 17 mbs with progressive mode or at least release the firmware update with this change. Because the only mode that is interestingly unique among all other camcorders is 60p mode but needs very large amount of space to save the videos taken. Othervise it is the only best camcorder someone can even imagine in color, accuracy, light, smoothness, quality, sound, portability &. . The only player that can show the clips as they are is nero showtime and no other player can be as good as it.

Features of Panasonic HDC-TM700K Hi-Def Camcorder with Pro Control System & 32GB Internal Flash Memory (Black)

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  • 32 GB Internal Flash Memory
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 35mm Wide-Angle Lens
  • 18x Intelligent Zoom

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I don’t have much experience with video but the image quality, ease of use and portability are fantastic. The fan noise is, however, a real issue. It will appear as a faint background whine in any recording with low ambient noise, even with an external mic mounted on the camera (in fact the rode videomic i use is more sensitive and makes it worse). Panasonic recommends adjusting the mic sensitivity to -15db; this does eliminate most but not all of the noise; with an external mic i found you had to reduce it to -21db to get rid of it entirely. And, the only way to set the mic level is in manual mode; if you revert back to intelligent auto that custom setting is lost. (i checked with the company: manual mode is fully manual, not just for whatever custom setting you may have specified. ) of course, some mics (later versions of the rode, for example) and other add-ons let you adjust mic level independently of the camera. But, if you have to rely on the camera to do it, and want to shoot in auto mode, you are out of luck, unless you can mount the mic some distance from the camera. If sound quality is not an issue, or you use an independently-mounted microphone (not on or near the camera), or only record in situations where there is sufficient background noise to overwhelm it, it won’t be an issue; unfortunately that is not the always case. Note that if panasonic had only chosen to mount the exhaust port on the bottom of the unit, pointing away from the mic (and where, incidentally, it would not be obstructed by the lcd panel when closed), the problem would have been negligible.

I purchased this camcorder a few weeks ago to replace my 5 yr old 3ccd panasonic gs-250. The video quality at 1080p 60p is unreal. I purchased this for hd and to get the best footage possible of my little baby girl, and the other baby to come next year. Here are my overall opinions:**battery life: not so good, but. . For $15, i bought an aftermarket battery on ebay. Or so)**low light: barely better than my older 3ccd camcorder. I don’t understand what people rave about it.

I bought this camcorder as a replacemnt for my old sony handycam dvd301 because i wanted an hd camera with a decent amount of storage. I am such a non-tech person that i don’t even understand some of the more sophisticated users complaints and reviews about the camera. All i know is that, i was able to understand the well laid out instruction manual and, i’m getting images indoors and out that everyone tells me are remarkable. This is without even using the 1080p button (just using the standard avchd). The hd writer software that came with the camera is adequate for simple editing and makes the videos easy to upload to youtube. I did find the ‘wind noise canceler’ feature to be ineffective in strong wind conditions but, i’m not going to nitpick the little things. This was definitely the right camera for me and would highly recomment it.

I use it mostly to self film turkey hunts and i have always had great results.

This is a great video camera. I particularly like the grid lines that help me center my subject. The focusing is awesome, the low light performance is amazing and the touch screen control panel is great. Once you turn it on, all you have to do is open/close the flip viewer and the camera will turn on/off. So far everything about this camera has been really amazing. Take the time to read the manual there are some great features that you’ll want to discover. If you have the hard drive space you’ll want to record in 1080/60p mode. The ‘p’ stands for ‘progressive scan’ and if you don’t use that setting you’ll be recording in ‘i’ (for interlaced). Interlaced saves space by recording less info and it doesn’t handle motion as well. If you ever want a stillshot from the video absolutely don’t use the regular, ‘i’, recording setting otherwise you’ll have little horizontal lines all over. The camera almost seems to discourage you from using the 1080/60p setting with what seem like onscreen warnings but i’ve found it to be very beneficial. The 1080/60p button is a special button near the power button and won’t be found in the menus. The only negative so far is that when it powers off for energy saving it loses it zoom and i have to reset it and reframe my shot each time. It is annoying and a continual point of frustration.

I have to admit i dont have a much of a reference to compare this camcorder against and i am not a power user either. This is my first hd camcorder and the camera doesnt disappoint. The most important job of a camcorder is to take good video and this camera does this well. I did not notice any of the fan noise issues, but then again, how often do most people really shoot video in complete silence. Few things i was not impressed with the camera1. The lcd interface is probably not the best or the simplest in market. I end up not using many of the features just because i dont want to spend time navigating through menus. The low light quality of the video is not that great.

32 GB Internal Flash Memory

I’ve had this camera for 18 months. I bought it specifically to film in hockey rinks. It works great, the picture quality is great. I’m no expert but it works for me.

Avchd video is excellent as are the many features.

I’ve been a photographer/editor for 30+ years. I use the panasonic p2 at work. This little gem is an amazing camera. (like the p2) the features are great. The still camera options are a bonus. The flash on it is super bright. Face recognition is superior. I had to look around, for an app to convert the propitiatory 1080/60p. Mts file, to an editable file, for use with avid, adobe premiere, etc. But the next resolution down needs no conversion.

All of you are nuts with the fan issue. I shoot the crap out of my tm700 and you don’t have any fan issues. Even if there was a fan issue, you could stiff get an external mic, or close the flip out screen. All in all this camera matches and out performs most all pro-sumer cameras that are 10 times the cost. If i come up with some more money i am going to get 2 more of these babies. Oh and if you get it, there are like these batteries on here for like 17. Get them, i got two of them and they are awesome.

This is really a good camera, but i did receive it with some broken features. Ther was no shoe adapter and no av cable. For the rest it is a good product only the seller ‘warehouse deals, inc’ very much dissapointed me. I couldn’t send it back because i sended the product to holland.

I purchased this camcorder in 2010 and have used it for almost 2 years now and i can say that this is one of the best camcorders i have used. It has excellent low light performance, great stabilization, and good zoom. The quality of sound recording is excellent with the built-in mic. It has excellent battery life and the feature i liked the most was the ability to click pics simultaneously while recording video. The colors are as close to real life as possible. I went to the local electronics store before i purchased this camcorder and the color on the canons were extremely out of sync with the real life colors. This camcorder was the only one which matched to the real life colors. Cons: the only problem i faced is the lack of a flash. Sometimes, it helps to have a flash esp when click pics. Overall, it has been excellent value for money and one of the best purchases for me.

Full HD 1080p

Sharp, clear, vibrant colors, go0od zoom, great hd, and good image stabilization, all make for an excellent purchase. This camera is easy to use, and i love having the video write to a secure digital card which makes it so easy to save raw footage on the card or transfer it to a computer. The still images are good as well and for most amateurs will allow you to leave your digital still camera at home. The controls are layed out well and are easy to use. Amazon had the best buy on this camera if you do a bit of thinking.

The cooling fan was the biggest issue for me. I took the courage to buy this despite the reviews warning of the fan noise. But as i had owned a mini-dv earlier, and was pretty ok with the tape noise, i went in for the tm700. But the moment i switched the camcorder on and the fan kicked in, i knew it was trouble. You can hear the fan even if you keep the camcorder a few feet away and there is no way that you can avoid the mic picking it up. The only hope that the ambient noise drowns it away. I tried a few sample recordings with and without ambient noise, but the fan noise was picked up to a annoyingly high degree in either setting. The noise was picked up even with the agc turned off (or maybe my ears had become sensitive to it by then). The picture was grainy too (on auto mode, in the indoor setting, corraborating corbett’s media experience in a previous review). I have since then picked up the sony cx550 and have tried and decided to keep it (the indoor video image is far better). In comparison, the tm700 does have a few upsides – its smaller in size, has an easy menu system, better still images and of-course the 1080p recording. But net-net the tm700 loses out.

I have had the tm700 for only a day, so the jury is still out on the performance of this camera. Some of the initial footage has been terrific while other segments have been quite disappointing. I have been shooting in the 1080p mode and have played back the footage on an hdtv via the included component cable (i don’t have an hdmi cable for it yet). The tm700 struggled with a long shot into our neighborhood. Areas in the frame of bare trees and the sky flickered very obviously, not smooth at all. I also shot the exterior of a brick house and i realize this is a challenging situation but the brick pattern also flickered very badly. I don’t know if any other camera settings would have minimized these issues. On some interior zoom shots in moderate lighting conditions, there was a lot of artifacts and pixelation, a very far cry from anything resembling blu-ray quality. These shots were quite smudgy, blocky and frankly, not very impressive. I did a fair amount of research on this camera and various reviews indicated that it creates some of the best images of any consumer level video camera.

Let’s start with the universal positives about this camcorder. The 60p option is obviously phenominal and no other camcorder can touch it in terms of video quality. The image stabilization is top notch. The menu system is very easy to learn and use. It’s excellent for night and low-light filming. The video colors are very good. And also factory-supplied battery has decent life (though i would reccomend upgrading to a larger battery pack). And finally, it’s relatively cheap compared to comparable canon and sony models. If you are using this camcorder for just everyday film shooting and not using any specialized editing software. . If you use specialized editing software, such as final cut express, it is not compatible with 60p video. In fact, the 60p video is not compatible with most advanced video editing software out there. So you have to shoot in 60i instead. This isn’t dealbreaker for me except that at 60i and below, under certain lighting conditions, there are major edge artifact issues in the video.

The clarity of the video is truly great. It is the clearest picture i have seen by far from a personal camcorder. The only downside is the audio. A lot of people talk about a fan noise that interferes with the audio. I can’t hear any fans or any noise from the camera at all when it is on. But i do hear it when i playback the video. I even bought an external mic (azden high-performance(smx-10) stereo condenser microphone) to see if that would help, but this also picked up a humming sound. Maybe a directional mic with a cord where the speaker stands 10 feet away and talks into the mic would be the perfect solution, but this is not practical for most home video uses. On another note, i tripped in italy and fell hard and used this camcorder to break my fall on a cobblestone street. I landed on the side where the videoscreen flops out.

I upgraded to this camera last year as i wanted to start recording everything i could in hd. This was a great value for all of the features that one could enjoy. One of my biggest concerns was low light performance. Once i understood how the iris control worked i was highly impressed with how well the hdc-tm700 operated since i shoot a lot of indoor stuff. I also love the time lapse feature. This provides a lot of great fun for everyday events that you have the opportunity to shoot a lot of footage on. I do use the camera feature and love the fact that you can shoot a picture while taking a video and the video is uninterrupted. The problem with this is that the quality is hit or miss. Most of the time i have this camera on a mono-pod or tripod and use an slr for my images. I do recommend getting an extra battery.

It may be an older model but the high resolution and ease of use make a great camcorder.

35mm Wide-Angle Lens

I’m not a professional so this review is based on my observations:* video quality is great particularly low-light performance. But again i moved from mini dv to 1080p so obviously you would see the difference. However i can say low-light performance is really good. * i don’t notice the fan noise. At least it is not an issue for me* like someone pointed out, i did notice awb changed colors while shooting under the same light conditions. * plenty of manual controls but yet to explore them. * battery life could be better* while connecting to a tv and playing the video, the lcd display is also on. Not sure if there is an option to turn it off but at least i could not find it. The problem is it drains the battery. * camera photo quality is ok so don’t buy for taking photos.

I’ve had this camera since 2010 and still love the quality. There are newer and better cameras for personal home use these days, but not by much. Both the video and picture quality is excellent and there are lots of options to fiddle with to make those videos look as best as you can get them. It comes with 32gb built in and makes use of sd cards for more storage. I highly recommend getting at least one more 32gb sd card, especially if you do what i do and set the camera to record at 1080p/60fps in perpetuity. That’ll give you a solid 4 hours of video recording. I also highly recommend getting another battery pack. The stock pack doesn’t exactly hold the longest charge. My only complain lies with the rotating ring around the lens. It’s a great feature, but on my camera something either got lodged in there or something dried out because it feels a little rough.

The camcorder is extremely good, very pleased to have bought this camcorder back in may 2010. Everything about the camcorder is excellent and solid, very happy. I would have given 5 stars to this product, but the hd writer software pulled back a couple of stars. The software that backs up the video content is causing some grief right now. It’s the hd writer software that came with the camcorder. I copied the hd 1080 60p video from the camcorder into my pc hard drive. Then the hd writer asked if i wanted burn to dvd. Now i tried burning onto a dvd+r dl.

Pretty much as advertised by the company and the camera’s fans. The resolution of the eyepiece and screen isn’t spectacular, so you sometimes don’t realize how beautiful your footage really is until you see it on a hi-def screen. The results are spectacular, but as with all 1080p video, it’s a real bear to process. Will give your computer’s all it can handle for years to come.

This is one of the best consumer camcorder i’ve ever seen. It has better video and audio quality than any camcorder i’ve ever owned, plus a host of features i’ve never seen before. This is my first hd camcorder, and my first flash memory recorder, so it provides me with a number of features much improved over what i had been using before. Aside from the great image quality, an optical image stabilization that works better than anything i’ve used before, its array of microphones is also very versatile. The sound it captures is very clear in the high frequencies, but a little weak at the low end. 1 surround is kind of neat, but everything is encoded to ac3, which exhibits loss like all transform-based lossy compression algorithms. (for example, fast fiddling transitions can sound a little smeared. )the imaging is not perfect, of course, which is why it’s still a ‘consumer’ camcorder. First, its lens, while better than a lot of other consumer camcorders, will obviously not compare against even the entry level pro-sumer equipment.

Best 3sensor camera for the money.

18x Intelligent Zoom

Thanks for the great service and for providing me with a superior product. I am impressed that at a busy time of year service remained out standing, thanks again, peace.

I bought this camera pre-owned for less than a third of its original retail price. It’s not panasonic’s latest, but it’s got all the features i want and none that i don’t. I don’t need 3d capability, wi-fi connectivity, or 4k ultra-hi-def capability, all of which have been gradually added in the four years since this was panasonic’s top-of-the-line prosumer camcorder. And this camera has a feature that has been deleted from panasonic’s newer top-end cameras: a remotei’m moving up from a 10-year-old panasonic minidv camcorder, so this is like being in the space age.

I am an aspiring film maker about to complete my senior year of high school and head on to the college level. I have been doing productions since the eighth grade and since being in high school and receiving filmmaking experience from my older brother (and working on paid productions) i consider myself semi professional. When i was on the hunt for a new video camcorder i wanted something that i would be able to use when i needed to do some last minute projects and not have the opportunity to get my hands on a decent camera. I am also tight with money especially with my college days quickly approaching. This camera has the options and manual power that an expensive prosumer camera would have, which already sets it ahead of the market. Every manual control you would like to have is basically available on this camera. The colors are very vivid and realistic; the picture quality is phenomenal at a price this cheap. The only issues i have notice thus far (with only owning it for a little over a day), when doing quick pans or movement there seems to be an unnatural motion blur and often times awkwardness. The only other issue is once completed with shooting it is not easy to put these clips on your computer for editing. I edit with final cut pro and adobe premiere.

I was kinda in a hurry to get a camcorder. Especially for the holidays. The wifes whole family came for thanksgiving from outta state to see our new son. Everyone comented about the great quality just playing from the camera to the tv. I havent had the chance to edit any video yet or burn any blu-rays but so far i’m very pleased with camera. Everthing is as advertised so far. I found every camera has bad reviews. You just have to decide what’s important to you and go for it. That’s what i did and i couldn’t be happier.

This is a great little cam, love the time lapse feature. So far the only thing i dislike is the size. Why does every one think smaller is better?. Not just with camcorder’s but with lots of stuff. Been looking at dslr’s, one selling point on lot’s of them seems to be that one brand is smaller than some other brand, etc. Well this thing is tiny, but take’s great vids. I was going to go with the sony hdr-cx550v 64gb. Then i watched a review by hd bd 5. 1 ‘master audio’, it showed footage from 4 differnt camcorders in this price range. I thought the vid from this one was best and it was a little less than the sony.

After more than two months of reading reviews & looking at sample clips, and visiting two local shops who had the tm700 and the sony cx550v, i decided to purchase the tm700. Reviews are objective and quite often comments are made due to ignorance or lack of understanding of the technology. I usually do the nerd thing and read the manual, and actually read through the entire manual (online) before receiving this unit from amazon. This little camera is amazing. I’ve done some clips in 1080i and 1080p at 60fps and the image quality on my 100hz led tv is amazing. Footage clips are copied onto my mac quite easily and i use adobe premiere cs5 for editing. It imports the clips with no problem whatsoever. I have not yet heard the fan noise that some people talk about. Some quirks include the fact that you have to remove the battery to connect the camera to the mains, and when the camera is connected, a battery in the charger will not charge. Very strange and something panasonic could improve on.

Easy to use basic recording and playing functions. Excellent, more sophisticated bells and whistles but they took me some time to figure out — still have trouble using some of the features but that is a user problem. Had it since december 2010 and am very satisfied.

Whether you are simply a parent wanting high quality video of your kids or a pro videographer wanting a compact camera for that quick shot, the tm700 is easily one of the best choices on the market today. Some of the better point of the camera include:>color quality: with a three sensor system, the 700 has a greater level of color accuracy than other competing one-sensor cameras. >1080p60: most cameras, both consumer and pro, output 1080i60 video. With 60i, you are capturing 60 fields per second. Each of these fields only contains half the information of the full frame, so you only get 30 complete frames per second. To play back 60i on an display such as a lcd computer monitor or a big screen tv, the video must be de-interlaced. This process is not perfect, so some of the image quality is lost. With the 700, 60 full frames are captured each second. These frames can be played back as-is and the image quality remains the same. Motion also appears much smoother with 60p vs.

You can read all the other reviews about just how great it is. Instead of singing its praises like everyone else let me tell you what i don’t like about this camera. I have owned it about three months now and use it about twice a week. First the audio gain is a pain. I’m not talking about this fan hum that other reviewers have mentioned. I always use an external mic anyway so that doesn’t bother me, i can’t hear this so called hum on my camera anyway. There is an audio gain level built into the software which is great when you use external mics. The problem is the auto setting doesn’t really work to well so i am forced to adjust it manually. Which would be ok but i use three different mics each needing a different level.

Wow, i bought this same exact camera on amazon back in january, 2011 for $750 and now (march, 2011) it costs $1,099. I thought electronics prices generally came down not up but i would still dare to say it is a great deal. This camera has the same size 3 chip image system it’s bigger and more expensive brother, the panasonic ag-hmc40, has but minus it’s size and price. I thought they did an excellent job of incorporating all the manual controls onto a camera body of this size (even though the touch screen can be a bit annoying at times). I have added a rhode shotgun mic and led light to the side of this camera on an l-shaped bracket arm, which by the way really makes this camera much easier and stable to hold. I use this primarily for documentary work and shoot in 60i mode which is really the same as regular 30fps (all this renaming of frame rates sure confuses things). The 60p mode looks awesome but i am working on a mac with final cut and it can not natively handle those files without me transferring them through another 3rd party converter. Plus i don’t want the added file size that comes along with 60p. 60i looks great and to tell you the truth i can’t tells the difference between the different quality/bit rate modes (ha, hg, etc.

I bought this video camera for our church so we could videotape the service in higher quality. I am glad i made this purchased. We have used this camera for a year now. No trouble with fan noise whatsoever. We have videotaped basketball games, soccer, volleyball, and church services. I use imovie 11 for editing. I do wish there was a faster way to download to the computer. An hour long video takes 50+ minutes. The high quality is great but because i am uploading to our website i dumb it down to medium (640×480).

Coming from a professional camera background, it was a bit of a challenge to switch to a more con/prosumer mode, but this camera is pretty impressive. Great picture quality, 32gb internal storage is plenty, sdhd great. I’ve even mounted a light to the shoe and added an external mic and it was fairly easy and smooth. Downsides for me are (and this could be my newness with the camera, so hopefully there are workarounds or answers) -1. Too many icons on the screen. Hard to see the subject at times. Can’t really tell the difference between the different quality modes. Had to purchase 3rd party software to get the 1080 footage transcodes to prores for editing in fcp.

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