Panasonic HDC-SDT750, Amazing image and sound quality

I use this camera for hd video production because gives me 1080p and 3cmos in 35mm without paying thousands of dollars and the results are the same. Not for hollywood but more than enough for small commercials, parties and events. The camera has a lot of options that will confuse not skilled videographer but it has the easy button that drives everything in automatic giving you peace of mind in fast moving environments like parties. The stability it’s amazing and 35mm leica lenses delivers like a high end camera. Very light with several built in microphones for different situations. 3d lenses are interesting but the real quality of the camera it’s in the stability, colors 3cmos and 35mm leica lenses. Don’t forget to buy a light. It’s not included and you will need it.

I’ll come back when i have some time and supplement this with technical discussion but for now, if you’re on the fence about getting this camera, just do it. I bought this camera to record my first child’s birth and it exceeded my expectations. When we played back the recording on our 55′ samsung tv it was like being back in the delivery room. I recorded it in 1080/60p, the highest setting available on this camera. It makes for a really large file and requires a high-end computer to edit. But it also future-proofs the video, making it look new for many years to come. One of the reasons i went with this camera was because it has 3 separate ccds, one for each primary color. And it makes a difference in color reproduction. The picture is simply beautiful. Without the 3-d add-on, this camera is very compact and light.

The hdc-sdt750 is easily the best value for a current 3mos 3d-capable video camera. I bought a panasonic 4 gb class 10 sdhc card, which holds around an hour of avchd compressed footage and the 750’s battery easily supports recording the full card with typical use. If i ever need more, storage cards come larger and higher charge batteries are available if i need more juice. I can run the camera off the included ac plug all day if i have lengthy shots indoors. When compared with the later models’ capabilities, the cameras are identical in core performance minus a slight improvement (addition 2x coverage) in intelligent zoom and minor apple imovie conveniences. The 750 beats all of them on value when considering price and included accessories, but do check detailed information whether features on later models may benefit yourself. The hs900k is the successor to compare with the 750, as the sd800k, although equal in picture quality, lacks physical features such as the manual [focus ring, electronic view finder and 5. The two digit models like the tm90k are much more affordable, yet utilize only a single mos which may not capture as vivid an image as 3mos class cameras, especially in evening dusk or low indoor lighting. Initially, i would bring my little lumix dmc-tz50 along for still images, in consideration of conserving the 750’s battery and sdhc card’s space for video, but this video camera takes such nice pictures. ]

Key specs for Panasonic HDC-SDT750, High Definition 3D Camcorder:

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  • World’s first 3D Shooting Camcorder
  • Fulls HD 1080/60p Progressive Movie Recording
  • Advanced 3MOS System
  • Intelligent Auto
  • Hybrid OIS

Comments from buyers

“The Best High Quality Camera Bargain
, I love this camera

I am an independent live action film maker. I was shopping for a great value video camera for a great budget that was well balanced. This camera does the job very well. It turned out great in day time, many low light situations, fast paced movements, and recording from great distances. It has some manual controls. Some controls are a little funny, but you can get used to them. I wish i has control over the gain and the iso but its still a consumer camera grade. It’s microphone works well as you can add on your own mic too and mount it on the cold shoe which is attachable. The battery lasts for about an hour and you can add extended batteries. They charge decently quick too.

Since the introduction of home 3d hdtv, the missing link to its success is the ability for moms and dads to shoot and view the kiddies in 3d. Panasonic hits the bullseye with the introduction of the hdc-sdt750. The 750 camcorder is built upon a very capable 2d unit with an excellent features including 3mos sensors, full hd 1920×1080 resolutions and a choice of 4 record rates: 5mpbs (he mode), 9mpbs (hx mode), 13mpbs (hg mode) 17mpbs (ha mode). In addition, panasonic uses legendary leica optics in its 12x zoom f 1. Other features include time-lapse recording, full hd 1920×1080 60 progressive recording for clearer fast motion shooting, 18x intelligent zoom which helps you keep a clear picture even at extreme zoom rates, 5 condenser microphones housed in the top of the camera to record 5. 2 mega-pixel still pictures, facial and smile recognition, o. – optical image stabilization to maximize blur detection, 3′ touch screen lcd and host of other goodies that make this camera shine as a 2d camera. A full list of the tech specs are listed at the bottom of this article. Alas, when you put on the supplied 3d lens converter, you do lose most of those extra features. You lose the following features 3d mode:zoom in/out functionhybrid o. Intelligent auto modeaf/ae tracking1080/60p recording (replaced with 1080/60i)still picture recording (still picture recording mode, and still picture recording in motion picture recording mode)manual operations (focus, shutter speed, iris)ext. Display controlquick power onquick startintelligent contrast controlsmile detection shuttersoft skin mode (softens skin appearance)tele macroguideline (used for picture placement)color night recordscene modezoom modedigital cinemaface recognitionname displayface framingdigital cinema colorzoom microphonepicture adjustluminacehistogrampicture sizequalitymf assist functionthat may seem like a lot to lose, but what you are left with is pretty impressive on its own merits. 2 fixed lens 3d camera that is easy to use and makes really good 3d. You won’t get jump off the screen 3d, leave that for mr. Cameron and professional six figure custom pace cameras. You feel like you are there.

All i can tell is that this camera is fantastic. Incredible video quality, not so great sound quality but enough for my needs. And for the price you also receive a 3d lens which i have never used. Same video quality as any 700 series panasonic camcorder.

This is a very early review. I just had it for a few days. I like the very light weight and solid pro feel of the camera. It does look bulkier on the photo than it really isi am still figuring out how to take full advantage of all it offersbasically it is very logical and operates out of the box, point and shoot. But then there is also so much more. Without 3d it is also the best camera in consumerreports. Org, for both day and night shooting. Watch out for good price on this one and you can’t be disappointed. Just one more thing: do spend the extra buck and get a class 10 sd card.Bestbuy has pny 8gb now for 25$.

The hdc-sdt750 is an extraordinary camcorder for capturing regular 2d content, but its 3d features are definitely limited. Performance-wise, we were definitely impressed with how well the camcorder recorded footage in 3d, but we were consistently disappointed by the lack of manual controls in 3d mode. You cannot use zoom, manual focus, manual shutter speed, or manual aperture while the 3d conversion lens is attached. We also wonder how many people will really be able to take full advantage of the hdc-sdt750’s 3d features. For starters, you’ll need a 3d hdtv so you can view your recorded content. You’ll also need time and patience because shooting 3d video with the hdc-sdt750 isn’t nearly as simple as picking up the camcorder to shoot regular 2d video. 3d content shot with the sdt750 can look very good and effective, but we found the camcorder worked best when it was kept perfectly still or mounted to a tripod (you also need plenty of light to get top-notch 3d images). For recording 2d video, the hdc-sdt750 is one of the best camcorder’s we’ve ever seen. Of course, the model really isn’t any different than its predecessor, the panasonic hdc-tm700. If you have no desire to record 3d video, by all means you should seek the tm700 instead of the sdt750.

I’ve used this video camera for a couple of months now, and find it remarkable. I shoot some 3d weddings, but the best judge of it’s ability is shooting a band in a nightclub, in 2d. Excellent quality and features, except the zoom is a little hard to reach, unless you have your hand well up into the holster. I have found the left audio is a bit lower than the right, on a couple of recent occasions. Don’t know if it’s me or something happening with the microphones. I will try to update this issue.

Like the image and sound quality very much. Only disadvantage to that is that the file size is pretty large and editing takes considerable time if you dont have a powerful computer. Again you can attach the camera to the computer for faster processing.

I’m a videographer and i was looking into buying the panasonic tm900 or tm700 because of its great low light and 1080/60p abilities that are very uncommon at the moment in the camcorder world. Then after researching those cameras i came across a review of the sdt750 and it turns out its almost exactly the same camera as the tm700, the only difference is that it has a slightly better powered stabilization system and it it comes with the 3d adapter. However it also lacks the 16gb of internal memory so you have to buy that separate, but for the difference in price between the 700 and the 750, the 750 is way more value for your dollar. I’m 100% satisfied with this purchase. For those who are looking to do some extensive editing look into adobe premiere or sony vegas, because right now those are the only two editors that support the 1080/60p format from this camera.

Great performance while it worked. I expected more in terms of reliability from panasonic than a product failing with an error message only after a few uses three month after it arrived though.

The quality of video is unbelievable. :)it’s small, easy to handle and easy to operate.The 3d quality is amazing as well. I would recommend this camera to everyone.

I choose this camera for the prestige and it definitely lives up to all expectations that i had. I’m glad i bought it and i have done a lot of great work with this camcorder. I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for high quality work as it the professional level that i love. Be prepared to fully utilise the 3d features, to me they’re completely out of this world, like nothing i have never experienced before.

This is my fourth camcorder (2 sony’s and 2 panasonics) and first hd. It is equal to or exceeds my expectations for the picture quality. The audio, from the embedded microphone, is pretty good too. I can’t say i’m crazy about having to access so many settings via the touchscreen, but it works. Other reviews have covered the camera adequately, so let me talk a minute about the ‘deal’. This is virtualy the same camera as the panasonic tm700, except 1) it has no internal ram (32gb, worth about $50); 2) it includes the 3d lens and firmware (the msrp for just the lens is $500); and it supposedly has slightly better image stabilization. The tm700 lists for $1300 and is selling for around $900-1100. The sdt750 lists for $1400 and is selling for $700-800. It looks like the 3d version isn’t selling too well (not too many folks have 3d tvs to display it on). So buy the sdt750 even if you don’t need/want 3d and get the equivalent of the tm700 at a huge discount.

The panasonic hdc-sdt750k has a long name. I guess to make it seem important or expensive. No, the price tag makes it seem expensive. Anyway, to knock the image quality of this camera one has to be foolish. It’s definitely beautiful and the 3d imaging is great if you like that sort of thing. The 2d imaging is also phenomenal. My one major gripe about this product is what you need in your home theater system to watch your movies properly. Now, let me start by saying that if this is something you have to dough for then you probably also have an hd-3dtv and/or a 3d blu ray player. But if you were, for some reason, going to use this thing to pick up chicks, and you’ve saved and saved your money for one i encourage you to please reconsider. If you don’t have a 3d tv then the 3d feature is of no use to you and that’s kind of the point of buying this camera. And let’t face it, 3d tvs are pretty expensive still and average, mid-level/minimum wage workers like you and i either can’t afford them yet or don’t have friends who have them. So think about this particular investment before you jump into it.

I haven’t experimented with the 3-d capability yet, but as an all-purpose video/still camera, i am thoroughly delighted. I gave it four stars on portability only to acknowledge my flip and pocket cameras that will take videos, but the quality from the panasonic is superb. I’ve taken videos and clipped stills that are very sharp and bright, and i’ve used the still option of the panasonic and gotten excellent shots.

Do not buy for this feature , camera is very good anyway, better buy without 3d lens, i don’t use that lens.

Easy to put together, and filming was outstanding. This product is a keeper, it is well worth the money.

It’s early days but i am impressed with the camera so far. Nice size and fits well in the hand.

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