Panasonic HDC-SD60K SD Based Hi-Def Camcorder, Small Camera with amazing zoom

Great quality and very nice camera with nice options.

The video quailty is pretty good. The interface is simple and easy to use. There’s tons of features to help out any videographer. The touch screen works great, and gives you more options then just using the buttons on the rear of the body. Its light weight, and fits great in your hand.

Easy to use and picture quality is excellent. So many features when compared to pricer models i have tried. Still photos could be better but are acceptable. I still need to get used to the smaller size- my old camera was twice this big.

Key specs for Panasonic HDC-SD60K SD Based Hi-Def Camcorder with 35X Intelligent Zoom (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Face recognition tracks your subject within the frame (up to 6 registered subjects)
  • Optical image stabilization
  • 25X optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 1500X)
  • 2-11/16″ widescreen LCD
  • High-definition video resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • 2-11/16″ widescreen LCD
  • 25X optical zoom lens (digital zoom to 1500X)
  • High-definition video resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Face recognition tracks your subject within the frame (up to 6 registered subjects)

Comments from buyers

“A nice camcorder!
, Best budget camcorder under $500
, Fantastic camera, great HD video

Everything i hoped for and more. I live in alaska and the first week i had it i was able to take it out on the ocean for a test. While we were fishing, along came a pod of killer whales. They came quick and left quick, allowing me just enough time to take some quick video. Later, on review i found out just how much the boat was bouncing. The video camera image stabilizer tried it’s best to overcome the wave movement and gave me some segments that i was able to work with. I came up with a still from that video that i was able to make into a 12×18 wall photo. You can’t tell it was not taken with a digital slr.

The night shots are rather weak but i didn’t expect anything in this price range to do well. My biggest gripe is the white balance. In auto it is slow and in manual it takes a few seconds to compare them. Not the most convenient thing if you are trying to grab the camera and take video in an instant.

I got this product for my wife for christmas and i must say. Right out of the box it was easy to set up and use. The picture is crystal clear and the sound is very crisp and full. I am a musician and i often make videos for my students and even they were blown away by the high quality. My only problem with the unit is that it can be a little hard to operate with one hand but i gladly accept that flaw for the price and quality.

It is a good camcorder with lots of features but i was not very happy with it. In daylight and bright lights the video picture quality is good but indoor video shoots in auto mode was grainy. So if you like using auto mode then in low light you have to compromise with the video quality. If you are looking for a hd camcorder in 400$ price range i suggest canon vixia hfm30. I am happy with the video quality. It is sharp and not as grainy as panasonic. Though no camcorder in this price range is perfect but it depends on individual choice and interest. I had bought sonycx150 but it did not have image stabilization so returned it. Panasonic sd60k is a good camcorder but my main preference was video quality sharpness which canon does it better. Also canon hfm30 has wireless controller so more ease of use.

Note: this item is identical to panasonic hdc-sd60k sd based hi-def camcorder with 35x intelligent zoom (black)and it is identical to panasonic hdc-tm55k hi-def camcorder with 8gb flash memory & 35x intelligent zoom (black) except for the storage(memory) options. The panasonic hdc-hs60 hi-def camcorder with 120gb hdd & 35x intelligent zoom (black) is also identical in shooting performance, but the large 120gb hard drive makes that model larger. I have only used it a few times, but here are some important attributes i’ve noticed so far:this camera takes 1080i, not 1080p. There is no option to take 720p or any other resolution besides 1080. This is a bit of an annoyance for me, as the video must be converted if i want to share the video with other people at smaller file sizes. Low-light and indoor performance is great. This was a very important feature for me as i plan to do a lot of indoor shooting, and this model delivers. Very low light conditions (indoor lighting at night) produce some grain but it’s still acceptable on my 42′ 1080p lcd. The real optical zoom on the model is 25x, not 35x.

I truly love this camcorder. It takes very good video as well as very good still shots. It is compact and generally easy to use. Like any sophisticated camcorder there is a learning curve in order to obtain the best quality video or stills given the lighting conditions. For the most part i use the automatic setting but am starting to experiment with manual settings. For most people though you can just pick this up an shoot and get very good results. I also like the stabilizer feature, which has two settings. Battery life is very good and memory is unlimited since it uses flash memory cards. You do, however get best results when using the high speed memory cards. You pay more but there is a difference in quality.

I just received my panasonic hdc-sd60k a couple of days ago. Although i have not shot any video with it yet, i have gone through an entire battery charge (almost two hours) just reading through the operators manual and playing with all of the settings as i go through the manual. The manual is comparably easy to understand, and the touch screen menus are easy to follow and operate. If you do not want to shoot at full auto, you have plenty of manual options with this camera; both on the camera side and the video side. And the the zoom capabilities are excellent. Although i have not used it yet, the editing software was easy to load onto my computer. There is a sizable update, so be sure to update the software on panasonic’s website after you initially load it onto your computer. I also ordered a couple of 16g sd cards, a spare battery, an hdmi cable, a camera bag, and a separate battery charger (all from amazon). With the exception of the hdmi cable, which is not here yet, all arrived at my door in great condition and in a matter of 3-5 days. It really is an amazing little camera for the price.

I’ve had this for a week and i’m very impressed. The video quality is outstanding. The pictures from the camera are good, but not as good as my everyday camera. I bought a 16 gb memory card and it can hold about two hours of video. The software is acceptable, and it is very easy to download onto my computer. The battery life is about two hours, which is fine for me. This camera is very easy to use. I bought this for about $400 on amazon and i think i got a great deal. My only complaint is that it did not include a mini-hdmi cable. It includes a component cable, which shows fine hd, but hdmi is so much easier to use.

So the camcorder itself is great. It’s compact, comes with a real battery, is easy to use and take good pictures. I don’t like their software. Side note: i’ve paired it with a 16gb sandisk class 6 sd card which has worked great and i get about 2 hours at full hd out of it. It’s very important you get the right sd card. Not all sd cards can transfer date fast enough to record hd information. You can’t even trust the class speed indicator as it tends to very from manufacturer to manufacturer. That’s why chose sandisk and not a generic though they are cheaper. I’d recommend you read reviews before you get an sd card to see what happend to other people. I definetly noticed that with action or if you try to move the camera too fast it tends to blur, but i think that’s inline with cameras in this price range. Funny thing is it actually will tell you if you’re moving it too fast. Does well in most lighting conditions and great outdoors.

Panasonic has packed a lot of useful features into this lightweight package. The controls are pretty intuitive but read the manual first to make use of some features that are not so apparent. Quality of the videos is very good, the zoom is ridiculous () and stills taken out of video action scenes are also very good. I ended up using this camera for video and snap shots on my recent vacation and was very pleased with the results. For well under $500 this hi def video camera is tough to beat.

I shoot on larger format cameras, and this little thing blows me away. Bought it two months ago, have shot 20-30 hours and the quality of footage is amazing. Easy to import from imovie – just don’t make the amateur mistake of trying to drag the files onto desktop. You’ve got to click ‘import’ just like any other camera. The complaints about the white balance problem in ‘easy’ mode are valid. Avoid the easy mode and you’re fine.

Movie quality is wonderful, amazing in low light. Drawbacks are unprotected shutter sticks in a half open position had to manually push it fully open before filming – returned first on after a week. Still problem at times with replacement. Also, must charge battery while attached to camera via cables to wall outlet. Cannot charge one while another battery is in use. My cable lost and replacement not available from panasonic. Recommend a portable charger directly into wall socket.

I’ve had this camera for a couple of months now, and i am pleasantly surprised by it. I’ve never owned an hd camera, and this is my first new camera purchase in about 15 years or so. I’ve been using my phone camera for most pictures or borrowing my wife or daughter’s digital still camera for the occasional need. This camera is many times better than my droid phone camera mainly because of the versatility. That is, the phone camera isn’t great for video, or zoom and slow motion playback or low light situations. I scrubbed amazon for quite a while before purchasing, reading all the reviews i could find on other cameras looking in this price range down to about 1/2 the price of this camera. Although this one didn’t have many reviews, and wasn’t cheap, it was well-liked by those who purchased it, and now i know why. It has a bunch of advanced features which i haven’t used but i will detail the ones i have used. The camera fits in my pocket reasonably comfortably, it’s slightly larger than my wallet. It’s a touch wider than my hand when i hold it but comfortably fits in the palm of my hand.

If you are looking for something better than the flip video camera, but don’t want to lug around a pro sized rig, this camera should be considered. It’s easy to use, takes good video and is light enough to fit in a pocket. There are a few issues, white balance, background noise and the additional codex’s that you have to load to play the video, but these are all pretty minor and can be resolved either on or off camera. The battery life is not terribly long, but they are small so if you are going to be filming a politician’s short speach, bring three or four. You should be able to film an entire wedding and most of the reception with one battery. A childs school play, less than half a battery. I like the zoom on this camera, it works well. This camera has a fairly wide angle lens, but can zoom in close enough to get to the detailed action.

This is a replacement for my 10 year old panasonic camcorder so the first thing i noticed is this thing is small, but they are all pretty small compared to my old camcorder. Without going into too much detail i’ll just note the things i found much better than i expected and the couple things i am a little disappointed in. I don’t have experience with any other new camcorders so i can’t say this one is better or worse than any of the other new models. Pleasantly surprised:- the image stabilization feature is very very good. – the video picture quality is impressive. – the battery lasts longer than it is suppose to (manual says 50 minutes but i get double that). – the software that comes with it is certainly good enough for me and is easy to use. It allows you to arrange your clips into a video and write it to a standard dvd in standard definition, to a standard dvd in high definition or to a blu-ray disc. You can delete portions of clips, add transitions between clips, add text to a clip (first clip only) and build a menu screen. Things that are a bit of a disappointment:- the automatic white balance isn’t the greatest.

as for the camera i love it. The only thing i wish was better was the white balance, it needs at least 10 seconds to fully adjust from outdoor to indoor lighting but once it does everything looks beautiful. Image stabilization is also the best i’ve ever seen. Edit; looks like amazon killed my link. ]

The picture quality is phenomenal. . If you have really good lighting. We’ve been using this to record our football games under the lights and have had great success in newer fields with spectacularly bright lighting. When playing at a field with adequate lighting, the picture can be beautiful one minute and the next it’s almost black and white. It’s awful when that happens multiple times throughout a game. I’ll answer some questions others have already asked me:no, the camera position never moves. It’s in the press box, on a tripod at all times. No, the lighting doesn’t change. Yes, it’s easily reproduced. No, i would not recommend this for low light recording, unless you enjoy black and white.

I paid hdc-sd60 for $339 which is the cheapest in hd video camera with decent quality. I like the wide angle lens and electronic stability control. This video camera makes very good quality video even in very low light. The camera is very small and light weight. I recommend this camera for its good quality.

We got this camera over 3 years ago and we love it. Great video quality, easy to use and also takes great pictures so that you don’t have to lug a camera around if you don’t want to.

Purhased this camera from amazon for just $ 369. So far have experimented with limited features- just hd filming and still images with the auto mode and macro mode. So far the performance has been impressive and what i like about it is the simplicity of pointing and shooting. The only drawback which i have come across is that whenever i do any indoor shooting the colours suddenly tend to become dull particularly if there is bright light coming from a window on the subject.

I have only two issues with this otherwise fine product. One is that i haven’t been able to figure out how to disable the automatic face detection feature, resulting in a lot of rubber noses and other facial parts when my seated subjects move around a bit. The other is that the panasonic hd writer software assumes that i have only a c: drive; even if i redefine ‘my documents’ to drive d: (a terabyte), the sofware assumes on putting my videos on my ‘tiny’ 160gb c: drive. Panasonic has so far not responded to my query about this, which is inexcusable. I’m using xp sp3 with all latest patches, and the latest version of hd writer. Now my c: drive is filling up, and i have to manually move video files with windows explorer to drive d: and wonder if hd writer will recognize them if i have to move them back to drive c: in order to make another dvd copy. Bad software design followed by non-existent customer support from panasonic. Also, ms windows 7 compatibility website does not list the supplied panasonic hd writer ae 2. 0 software as being compatible with windows 7.

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