Panasonic HC-V770 Wireless Smartphone Twin Wi-Fi HD Video Camera Camcorder – Camera is great, but don’t expect much out of dual camera mode.

Wonderful, works as it is meant to.

The camcorder is crystal clear with an amazing zoom with many other features. The memory card works fine and has room for many shots. The external light is a bit more brighter than the built in light, but the built in light is still bright. The tripod works for me along with the sd card reader that i needed for my desktop. It also came with a lense cleaning kit and a bag that will fit everything accept for the tripod.

This is a seriously good ‘bundle’ i gave it as a gift and assumed it was a great camera with some fantastic accessories.

Performs wonderful and all the goods they promised are crucial. Transport was a little sluggish but value the wait around.

This is the 3rd panasonic camcorder i have owned. When i started out applying this 1, it jumped to a greater high-quality than i had professional with the other two,. Now i am not dismissing the other two. They have been just good for the previous ten-15 many years. I have looked and appeared and looked at camcorders by other brands and at the video high-quality of most leading-named model dslr’s. I would put the quality of this camcorder up versus just about anything else i have viewed out there devoid of any uncertainties that movies made with this camcorder would stand tall in comparison to any other i have witnessed. It has already been put to use on skilled positions with outstanding final results. Only thing is, i will not suggest this as a beginner’s camcorder. It really is received extra bells and whistles on it than you can find out in a month’s worthy of of day-to-day use. They might be a very little overwhelming for a novice.

This camera is great for dwell activities, these as family gatherings. I use it for recording relatives gatherings for the rest of my relatives who is out of state and doesn’t get to attend a great deal of points. I don’t generally have time to flawlessly set the white harmony or aim manually so i depend on the car features of this camera a good deal and they are terrific. I get excellent images outside and within. It even works seriously perfectly in very low light cases. The stabilizer is super helpful when i want to zoom in intently on some thing. Its also awesome to have the option to do all of these configurations manually as well. All the things that will come with the camera is awesome as perfectly. Matters like the tripod and the display screen cleaner are a minimal inexpensive nevertheless. The light is tremendous brilliant which is pleasant and i like the memory card holder that comes with it as properly.

  • Definitely a step or two up.or more.
  • Great Camera, Fast Service, Bag too small
  • Great for low light and action

I bought this camera for hunting and fishing videos. It has a very good zoom and takes fantastic video. Image stabilization works great.

This solution was shipped on promised delivery day with all the extras proven. I will use this cameta camera on any potential purchase.

Everything was as advertised.

I have been using the camera for a 12 months and it is excellent good quality and supplies exceptional video of sporting occasions. The bag is small, but of great excellent. The more lenses are a joke and of no benefit. The twin camera operate has turned out to be worthless. I had hoped to be able to video a volleyball recreation from the backcourt and sideline, distance of close to 20ft, but the array of the twin camera function is restricted to five-10 ft. Also the cell phone app is sluggish and quirky.

Geeze-oh-pete, i forget about how to use it every time i get it out – i have to go back again and re-find out all the things – actually, how generally do you get these things out?.But i do have to say it is really very interesting the way it hooks up to the sensible mobile phone and the distant viewing is quite fantastic as properly but aside from staying a good toy, what else do you do with it (remote viewing)?. The picture in photograph is very good as nicely but you need to be quite up on your tech things to make use of all the abilities. It will take wonderful video, stills, close ups, but nonetheless suffers from contrasting lights and darks in organic daytime lights (car manner) – it is really a wonderful worth for the selling price but i question about experienced i expended 2x as considerably, would it be that a lot greater?.

Features of Panasonic HC-V770 Wireless Smartphone Twin Wi-Fi HD Video Camera Camcorder + 32GB Card + Case + LED Light + Microphone + Tripod + Tele/Wide Lens Kit

  • KIT INCLUDES 12 PRODUCTS — All BRAND NEW Items with all Manufacturer-supplied Accessories + Full USA Warranties:
  • [1] Panasonic HC-V770 Wireless Smartphone Twin Recording Wi-Fi HD Video Camera Camcorder + [2] Transcend 32GB SDHC Card + [3] Heavy Duty Hard Case with Foam +
  • [4] Vidpro Condenser Mic + [5] PD LED Video Light w/ Bracket + [6] PD 50″ Compact Travel Tripod +
  • [7] PD 2.5x Tele & .45x Wide Lens + [8] 49mm (UV/CPL/ND8) Filters + [9] PD SD & MicroSD Card Reader +
  • [10] PD 5pc Complete Cleaning Kit + [11] PD 8 SD Card Memory Card Case + [12] LCD Screen Protectors


Haven’t utilised it a whole lot, but what video i have captured has been truly fantastic. The high-quality is crystal distinct on my computer and 65 inch tv set. The ipad/mobile phone handle of the system is just amazing and could be a device someone could use for lots of, several makes use of. (for occasion: have a mole or damage on your back again or some other place on your body you won’t be able to see, and you dwell alone?.Set up the camera and see and record it with your ipad. Of course battery daily life could normally be greater with a video camera, so if you happen to be out and about or utilizing it for extensive stretches of time, you could want to make investments in the extended battery. I believe i will be undertaking that for guaranteed. But all in all, for the tiny time i have made use of this, i am incredibly amazed.

My family and friends are amazed with the photograph high quality.

The equipment are just an additional reward. Obtained this package deal yesterday and i am much more than amazed. The image quality and seem is just amazing. Fingers down the finest camera i have at any time owned and i’ve owned cameras costing about a thousand pounds. The further lenses are awesome, but i’m obtaining an situation where by the rim of the tele and large lense are seen in the recording body. Am i lacking anything?the microphone is broadcast high-quality. I did a ton of study and dollar for greenback you will not uncover a much better deal.

This could be a 5 star outstanding camera if it only had a remote control or if it gave better instructions. I’ve spent over 2 hours trying to connect it to my tv (a panasonic) wirelessly, but after connecting the camera to my network router my panasonic tv cannot find the camera. You can connect it with an hdma cord and then use the tv remote to playback scenes already recorded, but you cannot use it to stop or start recording, or zoom. You can connect your smartphone and supposedly use it as a remote control, but the connection is not very stable and its not nearly as good as a typical remote control you would get with any halfway decent camera. Also, you are supposedly able to wirelessly downloaded what you’ve recorded to a pc, but so far i have been unable to figure out how. The camera, again hooked up to my network, does not automatically find my computer and i don’t have enough computer knowledge (you have to be an it person to figure this stuff out, or at least be willing to spend a lot of time trying to understand the instructions). I have spent over an hour just trying to figure out the exact admin name, shared file name and passwords (and then input them) but though i know my admin password and i found the admin name and then another possible name and password, none of them are accepted. To make matters more annoying, it is extremely difficult to input numbers and letters for this name and password. So every time you want to try a different name or password it is a real pain. I suspect a four year old child, or someone with very petite hands might be able to do this on the first try, but if you are a fully grown adult, you probably will find yourself cursing.

The contents of the bundle are clearly effectively picked – they weren’t just seeking to fill the box with junk – they have picked out the essentials that are beneficial and of good high-quality. The video good quality is great for the tasks i make for a pet youtube channel where by a 4k priced camera would be heading overboard. It is lightweight and a very good dimensions for holding (not extremely huge or tiny). The autofocus solution is surprisingly sleek when zooming in and out. The stars i took off were all for the affliction of the camera. When unboxing it just didn’t experience like a manufacturing unit packing work. Anything was there and neatly boxed but appeared like it might have been opened prior to. Out of the box the camera had some dust and a 1′ scratch that i wouldn’t be expecting from a manufacturing unit packed item (photos attached). I double checked the product description assuming i should have missed ‘refurbished’ but the description clearly states ‘brand new’. Not sure if i may possibly finished up with a display screen design, return or just bad top quality control at the manufacturing facility.

Good even in lessen lights options.

[1] Panasonic HC-V770 Wireless Smartphone Twin Recording Wi-Fi HD Video Camera Camcorder + [2] Transcend 32GB SDHC Card + [3] Heavy Duty Hard Case with Foam +

Perfect for wildlife videos.

I acquired this camera (and kit) to exchange my ten yr outdated jvc. I bought both of those the jvc and the panasonic camcorders particularly because i required to do video and however shots, primarily in low light. This new panasonic blew the outdated jvc absent when it arrived to lower light photographs so i was pretty pleased with that. There is however a minor of the pixelization in truly dim lights, but the place the jvc i experienced to have a tripod in minimal light, the panasonic stabilization authorized me to use it devoid of a tripod and nonetheless get much better quality shots. This was all without the need of flash as i preferred pure on the lookout low light pics. Because i normally choose scenery video/photographs, the broad angle lens that arrives with this deal was utilised quite usually. Nonetheless have to get employed to the ‘tunnel’ influence that occurs which would bring about me to catch the facet of the lens from time to time in my images/video. The bag is a good tiny bag and i managed (with some creativeness) to suit almost everything in the bag that arrives with this bundle. A several people today have described that the length of the battery cost was quite brief. How i was applying it, due to the fact the moment you near the window, it goes into standby, i managed to get about 3 hrs of actual use on a one battery without having considerably difficulty.

Camera takes fantastic photos. The camera arrived significantly a lot quicker than the arrival date predicted due to brief transport. I haven’t utilised all the parts in the kit, but the wide angle adapter operates great and the sd card saved up with the recording all the way. The camera bag is way to tiny for what arrives with the kit. The camera scarcely fits in the provided bag leaving tiny area for the lenses, etc. The enterprise has indicated they will mail a ‘slightly larger’ bag. I just consider when you provide a kit the bag should be enough to keep what arrives in the kit. So significantly the company has been responsive and fast. The only explanation for the four is the bag issue.

Brilliant camera wonderful components but the bag won’t maintain everything.

Wonderful camera with lots of helpful functions for the beginner videographer. The speed at which filming begins/stops is incredible. There are so lots of extras that are pleasurable to experiment with. Be suggested, nonetheless, that the camera bag included with this deal is inadequate for this camera and extras. The camera is really significant by present-day specifications and the bag is tiny.

Camcorder functions properly, ok small light photos. Bundle is reduced top quality, but okay for the selling price.

[4] Vidpro Condenser Mic + [5] PD LED Video Light w/ Bracket + [6] PD 50″ Compact Travel Tripod +

Wonderful color and hd top quality. Battery lifetime has a bit to be wished-for, but there is a great possibility if you are wanting to video for extended periods of time. Com/gomadic-transportable-rechargeable-made-panasonic/dp/b00v3tnee6?ie=utf8&redirect=genuine&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_125-level stabilization actually would make a variance. Example of video shot i also employed a hand-held stabilizer.

Received almost everything and this is just so obvious and the zoom is rather good. Obtained to seize my brother’s graduation. We sat sort of significantly so the zoom was one thing i’m happy this experienced.

[7] PD 2.5x Tele & .45x Wide Lens + [8] 49mm (UV/CPL/ND8) Filters + [9] PD SD & MicroSD Card Reader +

[10] PD 5pc Complete Cleaning Kit + [11] PD 8 SD Card Memory Card Case + [12] LCD Screen Protectors

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