Panasonic HC-V500K Full HD SD Camcorder, THE BEST

Bough it for my wife for her birthday and she loves it. Amazon had it the cheapest when compared to newegg, tigerdirect, bestbuy, etc.

Great camcorder great price.

For some reason, this item is available through the same link but sometimes shows up ~$50 more. (not just in different time periods: i just went back to look at it again before writing this and it changed).

Key specs for Panasonic HC-V500K Full HD SD Camcorder (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • 3-inch LCD display
  • Full 1920x1080p HD
  • 2D to 3 D conversion
  • Intelligent 50x Zoom

Comments from buyers

“Awesome Video Camers but disapointed in the still photos.
, Love this camera!
, Loving this!

I like this camera but there are some downfalls. I purchase the camera or 1080 p recordings but only redners in 720. The camera has no manual focus for soft focus affects so there is no depth to the video quality. Thecamera has great day quality footage but but becomes pixelated at night. This is a great camera but nothing iof high quality. Great for the average consumer.

Great hd camcorder at a good price. The built in video light is extremely useful in low light.

Takes very good videos which was the primary purpose for buying this camcorder. Love the small size and light weight. Has a very good stabilizing system and the zoom is incredible. The only reason i gave it 4 stars was that i was not completely happy with the still photos that it takes. While they are decent when you shoot in 16×9 at 3 mp, its highest resolution, the pictures are not of equal quality to my digital canon power shot set at the same resolution (3 mp). I was hoping that this camera would do for both so i would not have to wag two cameras as i have always had to do. I think the photo capabilities of the hc-v500 are barely adequate if you do not have your digital camera with you but not up to 3 mp quality of the digital cameras i have had. The problem is not with image size as 3 mp should be plenty, but the edges of the image has what i think is called digital noise. That could be caused by the photo compression. Panasonic makes a camcorder similar to this with a 16 mp photo capability for just a little more money.

This is a great little camcorder in past years i have paid 4 times the price of camcorders. Ihave been playing with consumer camcorders since they first came out. This one tops them all arthur.

Have been loving an older model of this camera for a while now, so when it got a little fritzy, decided to replace it with the current model. It would appear there are two choices – the v100 and v500. Wanted 1080p (not 1080i) and wanted the lens cover to be automatic (not manual), so paid 2x to buy this one. I love the fact that i can take good still pictures while i am shooting video. I’m not in love with the actual ‘camera’ function of the camera for still pictures (the camera operates in either video mode or camera mode, but you can take stills during video mode); it never seems to get the lighting/colors right (but neither did my old one). The first thing i used this camera for was shooting video of a dance recital from 5 rows back; the video came out great and the stills are great too (and i didn’t use the integrated (and extremely bright) video light/flash)). With my old similar camera, we could even grab good (but lower resolution) stills out of the video footage by just grabbing frames; i haven’t tried that with this one, but i think it probably would work well too.

I bought this for my daughter’s birthday combined with a baby shower gift. She loves it, and i hope to get lots of movies of my grandchild.

I used it to record a hockey match and believe me, the picture quality is high and it does not loose its quality even when you zoom. I am definatety recommending, it, its worth its price.

I just love this camcorder, it taes good photo’s and great video’s. It’s compack easy to carry every where.

I had another panasonic that i ran over with my car (long story). I tried to replace it with a sony, and also jvc. I wasn’t happy, this panasonic is just a great camera. It captures memories in light and dark nicely with great color. Battery life hasn’t been an issue and with todays large capacity sd cards, the camera’s small size, and ease of use it is unbelievable how easy it is to capture priceless moments. If you’ve lived through the 8mm era like i have, you’ll appreciate what i’m saying. This camera works well in dark and light scenarios without the grainy appearance i saw on the sony, and jvc that i tried out. I was able to focus on the moon during the late afternoon using the zoom feature. It came out clear which is amazing for a digital zoom. I’m not a zealot for perfect quality but i do appreciate good quality and this camera has it. For the money, this is an incredible deal. If you’ve lived through the 8mm era like i have, you’ll appreciate what i’m saying.

I tried different camcorders and this is the best, very nice video, nice looking camcorder , good battery life, great zoom. This camcorder is going to be hard to beat.

Actually, its kinda sad that panasonic and some of the others have seemingly given up on consumer camcorders. I think they’ve incorrectly ceded the territory to smartphones. Five years ago i purchased a panasonic sd9 and at that time it was a tremendous consumer level camcorder. 3mos, leica lens, screw lens for filters (don’t use) and lens hood (do use) and very nice build. Unfortunately, it broke and although i don’t shoot so much anymore, i felt naked without a camcorder. So i purchased this model and i was disappointed with the fit and finish, and the cheapness of the components. Also the small sensor and the low number of pixels is troubling. People shouldn’t be fooled by extremely long (30-50x) zooms. Most people will never need anything that long and even with the better image stabilization, the video will look like junk. One clue to a small sensor is the high zoom. Usually high zoom equals small sensor. I’d love to get something from panny around $600 with 3mos, leica lens with screw ring, 60fps progressive, large sensor and pixels (12x zoom is more than enough) and the modern image stabilization. Fearing the v500 would be lowly, i bought a manufacturer refurbished one for $200 (which it is well worth). But i would be very upset if i had paid full boat for a new one. This one will be my stop-gap camcorder until i find a really good one around $600. I see more evidence that panny has given up on consumer camcorder market. Just got an email from panasonic about their lumix zs30 still camera with video ability. It is incredible and at only $370 it just blows away their comparable camcorders. I wish i had seen it before buying this v500k. The sensor size is almost 3x the v500k, it shoots 60fps 1080p and the pixel count is much higher and it has a leica lens (and keeps the great stabilization of the camcorders).

I just purchased this camera, love the size, picture quality, ease of use. I have one problem though, i have a mac laptop and am having a problem downloading my videos. Pictures download fine, but i cannot see videos. Does anyone have this problem?.

Love this camera and better quality than my canon.

After reading the poor reviews listed, i wanted to put in my two cents worth. I got this camcorder a few months ago and took it on a week long vacation. It has the ability to increase the brightness of the lcd display so it can be seen in bright sunlight. I purchased a canon camcorder that does not have this ability. In low light, there is a built in light that can be used to light the scene. Works well up to 5 or 6 feet. Not going to light up a whole room, but it does quite well for what it is intended to do. I did not have any problem with the software on a windows computer using xp or one using windows 7. One nice feature is the image stabilization even at zoom ranges. (much better than the canon) i also like the fact you can get third-party batteries that the camcorder recognizes (unlike the canon) so you know how much power is left.

Easy to use, incredible videos and pictures. Long battery life in excess of two hours with the standard battery. Connects and downloades flawlessly with a windows 7 pc. Zoom and stabilization are great. Low light videos are good, very low light a bit grainy.

I’ve only used the camcorder once, but the results seem quite acceptable. It’s a little confusing moving from digital still to video, but i think the transition will be ok as the unit seems to take very good quality video using the automatic modes. . Letting the camera do the work.

I was looking for a while to find the perfect camera to meet my needs. This camera comes as close to perfect as possible. It is light weight, the zoom is quiet and stays in focus, great sound recording ability and over all ease of operation with the touch screen. I have recommended this camera to all my friends and one has purchased one so far. I use it to record videos for my youtube channel and i have received many compliments about the quality of the picture. It has tru hif-def capabilities. And best of all the price is right when you compare its features with other higher priced and comparable cameras. This is the one to get if you are searching for a good camera that satisfies many needs.

I choose this rating because the camcorder works perfectly and i was more than satisfied with this product. It is one of the best camcorders that i have bought in a long time. I would recommend this camcorder to anyone who wants a great video.

$260 for this camcorder and you’re going to give it a bad review?. Don’t know if serious or just flat out nuts?takes beautiful videos you won’t find a camcorder that even comes close in quality for the price paid for the panasonic hc-v500. This camera takes videos that you would expect from a $600 camcorder. Pros*has a great zoom that’s very clear*great stabilization for you shaky hands*compact fits right in the palm of your hand*stunning video recordings* offers the same quality that a much more expensive camcorder hascons* the software that comes with this camera won’t edit your videos for you, you have to do that yourself. * isn’t the quality of a broadcast quality camera you see on abc or nbc* won’t solve world hunger nor will it save the world from armageddon* won’t be able to shoot 100,000 porno scenes without breaking down (personal use only)* you get a bunch of people who complain about this camera because they don’t know how to use it.

I was looking for a camcorder to replace a 10 yr old mini-dv unit. I was not looking to spend a lot of money. I ordered a refurb unit and it was a great value. It would have been nice if it inclued the mini-hdmi to hdmi cable or an adaper instead of a componet video cable but other than that i cannot complain. You can control the video playback through your tv remote if you hook it up via hdmi.

I use it so often that i literally never grab my regular camera anymore. One of the best features that this camcorder has is that while you are recording a video, you can snap a picture by pressing a button on the top with your index finger. Another thing i love is that it is so ergonomic and lightweight that it’s not annoying to use. I really didn’t think i would use this as much as i do, but i really love it. Everyone that has seen it want to get one. Oh and another great thing is the lighting. A light automatically comes on when it’s dark. And you can adjust what type of lighting you would like. You can also disable it if it comes on when you don’t need it. Quality of video is really good.

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