Panasonic HC-V110 Light Weight HD 1080p Digital Camcorder, ok camera

I’ve had this camcorder for a little over a week now and i love it. The video quality is fantastic and looks wonderful on my 40 inch tv and my 27 inch monitor. The only negative i can think of is it’s impossible to hold this camcorder still during a zoomed in shot. I have a tripod and monopod that takes care of that though. Excellent buy and i would definitely recommend this little jewel.

I researched cameras for quite a while before i bought and this was well worth it. I have never had a video camera before and i was surprised at the size. You get a lot in this little thing. It shoots great video and single shots. Menu is easy to operate and software is easy to navigate. I had no problem saving video to hard drive or dvd. I bought a 32 gig card and get 6 hours of video at high res. I walked through the house room to room with different light levels and it adjusted to each setting automaticly and fast. This camera is everything it advertised.

The camera was shipped promptly and was just as described. I couldn’t tell it was ever used except that the time and date had already been set. I didn’t really research cameras as i just wanted one that would do a basic job of videoing. It is easy to use and has a great picture.

Key specs for Panasonic HC-V110 Light Weight HD 1080p Digital Camcorder (black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer):

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  • Full Hi-Definition 1080p (AVCHD), 8.9M still picture quality, effective pixel over 2.07M
  • EIS, intelligent zoom x72, optical zoom x38, wide 34.4 mm lens
  • 2.7″ screen, SD card, 2 channel reduce wind, eye-Fi compatible

Comments from buyers

“Awesome Image, Cheap
, ok camera
, Great little camcorder.

Has awesome zooming capabilities and the pics are sharp. Was recommended by a friend and we are very happy with it.

This digital camcorder is amazing, your size and capabilites meets all my expectations, and the price is very convenient and suitable.

Camera is great for the price. The problem i’m having is with the software. Hd reader is problematic and unstable. Need a live helpdesk to discuss issues.

I needed a replacement for my samsung video camera which had a broken screen. The main use of the camera is to video baseball games. This video camera is light weight and does what i want it to do. Battery life is about the same as the samsung i had. About 2 hours turning it off between innings. All recording is stored on an sd card which is easier to access than my samsung. The file sizes are rather large compared to what the samsung saved at but there are more choices in recording mode on this camera. I haven’t tried all the features yet. It can be difficult to turn on/off with that little button. I liked the additional record button on the samsung that is not on the panasonic.

However,battery charge holds up to only 30 minutes of recording time.

Stabilization feature isn’t optimal. But is about what you’d expect for the price. Overall, we us it all the time and have no real issues or complaints.

I received the camera today and i been playing with it for a about a couple of hours, i guess it’s ok, it is very small. I was expecting better image quality of this little thing but it’s really not much better than a high end phone other than the zoom and other limited recording options, low light performance is ok just a bit too grainy which is expected from a low end camera, i was very disappointed with the way the color temperature fluctuates from cool to very warm and vice versa and that there is not a manual over-ride for this, put it this way: you are shooting a party inside your house and the camera starts to get confused by moving around depending on the interior lightning, your video will look good and all of a sudden too blueish (cool color temp) and then too orange (warm color temp), also the digital image stabilization is not very good but again this is an entry level cam, it feels very fragile and not sturdy at all i bet if i drop this camera it will probably be useless. Recording time is less than 45 minutes on a full chargepros:-small & lightweight-user friendly interface-zoom range and quality are very goodcons:-fragile & cheap feeling (even the buttons feel clunky)-not many recording options-video quality could be better-poor battery life-2 days into breaking this camera in, i am still surprised by the optical zoom i can zoom from my sofa into my 51 inch plasma and literally see and count the pixels, the sofa is 8 feet away, also there’s a ‘hidden’ setting that might be hard to find for some people but all you gotta do is press the enter button, just make sure you’re out of the menu because is not in there with all the other video settings and will reveal some additional settings such as scene modes and some feature to change the focus (although limited somehow gets the job done)-i use post processing software and i can improve the color temperature, sharpness and exposure with a few clicks and with a little effort you can make your videos look pretty good just don’t expect nothing hollywood or dslr quality.

Great pictures and easy to use. It feels a little light weight like its not high quality, but maybe someone would like lightweight.

Although description includes mini hdmi cable, package doesnot have it. Returned the original and got replacement. Same missing mini hdmi cable in the replacement shipment as well. Camera is very light weight, performance/quality ok.

Installed this camera in my church for providing realtime monitoring of church service to 70′ vizio led television. I must say the hd image is vivid and clear given that signal is being transmitted over 150′ using hdmi to cat5e converters.

Only downside is the battery. It takes great videos, though the hd formatting can be a pain to convert and you lose a lot of quality.

I love the light weight of this camera. The mic is good, the battery is great and i have zero complaints of this hd camcorder. I use it every day and put a transcend 32 gig sd card giving it over 5 hours of recording capacity. I am very happy with this purchase.

The more i use this camera, the more i love it. Was going to sell it back but changed my mind after seeing the great quality work it produces.

Use it for non-airsoft family trips. You can barely feel it if your mounting this on your scope for airsoft footage. Just make sure to get proper protection for it to cover areas if your gonna use it for airsoft. (only bad is that the replacement batteries you get for it need to be trimmed a bit with a dremel but an easy fix).

I am a professional audio engineer/musician. But i am very creative in many other areas as well. I used to spend time dabbling in ammature photography, the quite to pursue music. I hate homemade video shots, and poorly composed shots, even though i have no professional knowledge of shooting. I researched this camera (via amazon) to see what people liked, and what was a descent quality for under $150 or so. I found the hc-v100, and was about to buy at. However, i saw this little guy, the v 110, and realized that it is simply the latest iteration of the v – 100 series. There are a few ‘upgrades’, like a slightly closer optical zoom, and a better light sensor, better still image capture. You can do a side by side comparison on the panasonic website easily.

Description of it was not clear.

I am giving the recorder 5 stars because it takes great pics and movies and is incredibly small and easy to use. The only caveat i have is: pray you don’t need extended life batteries. They are insanely expensive. Two big ones cost much more than the recorder. For the brave there is a workaround.

If your looking for a awesome clear cam get this one i make youtube videos and the videos are very clear videos look like its a 800 dollar cam.

Not many products this inexpensive deliver so much for the money. And it’s even better when you learn how to use the manual controls. First of all, this is a video camera with stills as an afterthought, so stills are not that good. It’s the video that shines here. Even the lens is good for a camera in this price range. Simply powering up the camera in its default mode will get you a pretty good image in the middle quality avchd mode. It has three modes: avchd, iframe and mp4. Mp4 mode is only 640×360, so it is not really useful for anything but a quick facebook video clip. Iframe is 960×540, which is just slightly better than dvd quality; a little better than sd. The avchd mode is a full 1920×1080 in all three quality modes, which are measured in data rates of 5, 12 and 17 megabytes per second.

While this is hd, i didnt find it too much better in terms of quality than my old super 8 sony camcorder from 2001. It looks like a more glossed up version of it. I had a sony hd camera that was pretty much the same as this one, and it looked miles better. Athough it blurred too much when i moved, it was a clearance item so who knows. Anyway, i wish this camera had a remote for single person filming, so i could turn it off from a distance. No timer for taking pictures either, kinda sucks. Overall the quality is alright, i even converted footage to hd and put on youtube, and it shows up only as 480p, not even 720 or 1080. The aforementioned sony did, though. Either way, it’s simple for simple filming, dont expect high quality stuff with it, you get what you pay for (i paid 120$ for this in 2014).

I’m very satisfied with this product. It met all of my expectations that i was looking for in a camcorder.

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