Midland XTC260VP3 High Definition 720p Wearable Action Camera – Great deal!

Great little video camera for the price.

Great camera it stopped the police from pulling me over all the time for no reason on my scooter once i had a video cam on my helmet years since it has happen.

I bought this camera as a backup for second camera to go along with my xtc280, i just couldn’t pass it up for the price. Sure it doesn’t have many of the features of other action cams, but under good light it works very well. With good lighting the videos are crisp and clear but can get a little mushy in shadows or under low light. I often use these mounted on the top of my car and find the video to be very stable, it never has any warped look like some stabilized video can have. Audio quality isn’t that good, but never really is good on most of these action cameras, especially if you’re moving. It’s small and light which makes it easy to mount almost anywhere.

Works well, very easy to use and recover data from.

Great camera for daylight or underwater use but horrible in low light and night time use. We use gopro for night and low light and this one for daylight. They sent us the 200 model instead of the 260. I contacted amazon who sent us another one for free.

Pu it on her shot gun to video deer and turkey hunting.

  • Great Video Camera but Wrong Product
  • A meh camera with some major drawbacks
  • Great HD cam for my road cycling and other activities.

It records, the sound quality is a bit crap and it has middling 720p quality video.

Haven’t gotten a quality video yet but.

Grate cam for my bike, love it . A++++, fast shipping , would buy again.

Not expecting much but works as described. Bate and switch on the model number.

Not real good in low light, but dependable and easy to use.

Features of Midland XTC260VP3 High Definition 720p Wearable Action Camera with 2 Mounts (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • Resolution 1280 x 720 @ 30fps or 640 X 480 @ 60fps
  • Simple one switch operation
  • 140 Degree Multi Coated Tempered Glass Lens
  • Includes Waterproof case to 90 feet and Universal Mount
  • Lightweight less than 3 ounces

Resolution 1280 x 720 @ 30fps or 640 X 480 @ 60fps

I do love it and i use it for all my video quick needs,really do use it and like it,cost perfect ,may buy one more to use for dash camif buy this you need the eeekit for this camera,it covers all my cam need. Perfect for kids also,easy to use,they had fun with it.

Not a bad camera but not a great one either. It has always worked and the battery holds a good long charge. The video quality is ok but a little grainy and under saturated. If you can get it cheap, like $30-$40 then its worth it if you don’t already have a camera. The video and audio do not stay synced up. The longer it records, the worse it gets. We ride atvs so not too big a deal but what kind of crap is that??.Also, the audio quality it bad overall. Lots of wind noise and can barely pick up speech from the helmet mount on the side. Second, the night time video quality is atrocious. It becomes extremely grainy and colored lines and pixels appear all over the image. So if you can find this cam complete for dirt cheap and you have nothing.

The old saying you get what you paid for. This is not true with this camera you get more from the camera than what you paid.

Pretty good for the price in the daytime, not good in low light.

Received this today (ordered two days ago) fantastic. Very happy with this vendor. I’m looking forward to using the camera on my kayak trip this weekend. I’ve only played around with the camera and so far very pleased with the video clarity. I’ll post a video of my trip later.

All around a good cam, only thing is the battery could last a little longer between charges, i really like that its a battery pack and not aa batteries. Sound is good picture is good.

Simple one switch operation

Great product and easy to use.

My granddaughter is happy and that makes me happy.

This camera does alright, my only wish is for more battery life, i use mine for car racing and riding dirt bikes and it is abuse frendly.

Comes with everything you need including water proof case.

We use this on our bikes and the definition is great. Highly recommend this if you are on a bidget.

Very impressive video quality. Only negative comment is the camera rattles in the waterproof housing. Small piece of tissue inserted beside camera stopped the problem. Bought three of them for making motocross videos.

140 Degree Multi Coated Tempered Glass Lens

Great quality of underwater shots while i defficate in the river.

I first won one in a fb contest, bought another one for myself and bought two other ones for gifts, all reported still working great. I have one mounted on my motorcycle helmet, and one i use on my baseball cap and other mounts including a camera tripod stand.

These cameras are some of my favorite little action cameras. The video quality at 720p is good. Camera is easy to operate and takes great video.

Midland xtc260vp3 high definition 720p does a great job of recording live action. I used it to record while disassembling a motorcycle engine as a reference to review if i need it when i reassemble the engine. I ordered a second one for my son and he loves it. Great product at a reasonable price. The only reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is in order to delete the files off of the microchip (not included with camera) you have to reformat the chip in the camera. It will not let you delete the files directly from the card so that is a little wrinkle but over all i am well satisfied with my two purchases of this device.

Like the features of this cameraif your looking for a reliable helmet camera with good quality to film your motorcycle rides and adventures in natureor the pool i recommend this product from midland.

Great video the resolution is so much better than a 480p.

Very easy to use, well made camera.

Includes Waterproof case to 90 feet and Universal Mount

 i have seen this gadget before in wal-mart back then, but it was only with the regular resolution. So i decided to wait for sometime because i knew that it will eventually comes out with the hd capability. So finally i bought this cam mainly for our cycling activities because it has many different mounting kits: for vented helmet (which i now use a lot for our biking acitivity), for skiing/snowboarding helmet, for handlebar biking, etc. The videos are great enough for hd resolutions. They are already very clear when i upload them on fb or youtube, just choose the options to play the videos on hq (high quality), because most of these host websites with your videos are default playing in regular resolutions. Here is an example video: [.

I did put some padding inside the waterproof case to keep the action cam from rattling. But other than that, i am very satisfied with the quality of this product, the ease of use, and the videos that it produces.

This product immediately loses 2 stars because as others has said, this is not the camera you will receive. It lists that you are ordering the midland xtc260vp3, but you receive a midland xtc-200. Others have stated this in reviews so i was expecting it. Just make sure you understand that is what you are ordering. Moving on, the rest of this review will be for the product i received. The midland xtc-200 is a great camera for its price. It currently is listed at $24. 99 and is amazon prime ready. It does not have any kind of zoom or focus, or any other features, but that is what i was looking for, for my first action cam. Nothing to have to worry about setting; just an easy on/off switch on the top with an indication light and beeping sound to let me know it is ready to go and recording.

For the price of $25, it’s a great deal. Good image quality, good audio. Shoots clear 720p video in good lighting conditions. It’s not gonna compete with latest-gen $400 models.

Compact and this little camera records good video.

Lightweight less than 3 ounces

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