mc-cases Transport case – Love it

This case fits the dji spark and all its accessories perfect. Fit of all the openings is nice and snug, not to tight.

The case is well thought out. It is a case a person wants to protect there investment. I highly recommend this case.

It had the correct number of slots for extra batteries and holds everything else that comes with the spark kit. The quality is very good and the cut outs are the correct size. You have to wait awhile to get the case but the wait is worth it. Here are the specifications for the mc-cases Transport case:

  • Our BRAND new transport case for the DJI Spark is very compact and yet spacious! The new compact DJI Spark transport case offers the perfect protection against impacts, water and dust. Thanks to its size, the Spark is perfect to take with you when traveling
  • Whether on the beach, on the water, in the mountains, in the snow or on the boat, our compact case protects your small bird maximally. In addition you have all the accessories together with the drone and the remote control very compact and orderly together.
  • In detail you can store: 1 x DJI Spark (Props attached) 3 x Batteries (1 installed in Spark) 4 x Spare Props 1 x Remote Controller 1 x Power Supply + Cable 1 x Charging Hub or Smartphone 1 x Accessory compartment for Cables etc 2 x SD Cards
  • This case is IP67 certified, which means it is water and dustproof. For the production of our individual foams, we use only the highest quality materials which are water-repellent and washable. Our foam is processed by a water jet machine as well as milling machines. Special and accurate for your device! The suitcases are made with love in Munich by our professionals.
  • Made with ❤ in Munich, Germany – Weight: 1.5 Kg – Dimensions (LxWxH) 258 x 243x 117.5 mm or 10.16 x 9.56 x 4.62 inch

This is the perfect case for my dji spark. Excellent design – well thought through.

This case is very sturdy with a nice fit for all pieces. This case has 5 spaces for batteries which is 2 more spots than i see on most other cases. The price is on the higher end of the spark case offerings, but i feel i’m getting my money’s worth with strength and waterproofed organization. I wouldn’t mind the case being larger to accommodate other accessories like landing legs, gimbal shrouds, parabolic range extenders, etc. But i knew what the case fit before i purchased it, so this is not a fault of the product. Just be aware you’ll need to carry another storage solution if you have any other accessory that the case doesn’t accommodate. There is a spot for an otg cable though, plus a slot in front that i am not sure what to do with. Perhaps a staging area for your phone?overall i’m very happy with the protection of my spark, and the single, slick looking container for the most important drone parts.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best Spark Case
  • Important parts covered securely
  • Just what i needed

I have had this case for a little over a month now, & i am very happy with my purchase. I only have 3 batteries so i use the 3 extra battery storage location to store landing gear, battery terminal protectors, etc. This is not the most expensive case but for me it is the best. Mc-cases hard cases have much more protection than those semi hard or vinyl cases with zippers. I would highly recommend mc-cases to anyone.

Delivered in less than 24 hours, very good quality, everything fit just like described, so far so good.

Very well made case for the dji spark. Features perfect cut outs for the spark and the fly more package and additional batteries. Case looks and feels very sturdy. Good investment for your dji.

Perfect for everything i have for my spark.

Definitely worth the $100 to protect my spark drone. Was looking at another case that was $60 cheaper. . Glad i decided on this one and have wowed a few people. I also have my case loaded with everything, including 5 batteries. This case handles everything i need and wanted. I will never have to use though because the quality is superb.

Awesome case, fits everything nice and secure. Will be using mb-cases for all my future drone protection.

This case is awesome, holds everything perfectly firm and just enough storage. I bought the package for the spark that comes with the case, and its not worth anything, this is far superior.

This case is perfect for the spark, everything fits perfectly right. Lot of space for everything and yet is a small case, easy to care on.

This case fits every item for dji spark. Don’t waste your time & money on some of those 30 to 40 dollar cheap cases that only barely fits 3 quarters of your sparks gear.

Fits everything really well. If you have the fly more package, this is the only case that fits everything you have and even has a few more spaces.

Absolute perfect case for storing and transporting your dji drone and accessories. On occasion, i temporarily move my drones to a much smaller packaging for easier transport. Anyway, we all have different uses and needs for our drones, so always be sure to read any description and ask questions to the mfg or supplier for other details. But basically, an awesome product.

Perfect for anyone who has a bunch of goodies and wants to bring their dji spark drone around. Very sturdy almost as good as a pelican case. Pre-cut foam lines up with everything and is super snug fit. Don’t even try to cut your own foam, you will never get close to this quality. Good insurance rather than a cheap soft case. Would hold up to multiple tumbles with no issues. Creative placement for charger and cables.

I loved this case because i could put everything in safe when i go flight.

Excellent case, holds everything from the fly more package plus extra batteries.

This is perfect for my setup since i can carry all 6 of my batteries and the propeller guards. The only thing i bring separately are the landing pad, phone mount for my cased iphone 7 plus, and the antenna extender – all of which fit the landing pad bag. Shipping came from germany which means i needed to wait but it was worth it.

The cut outs are well done and the foam is high end. Lots of compartments for stuff.

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Transport case for DJI Spark with Space for 3 Batteries and Accessories from MC-CASES - Made in Germany - Outdoor case - IP67 Waterproof!
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