Liquid Image Ego Series 727Y Mountable Sport Video Camera – Great video

This was excellent for my ducati ride in the redwoods. The wifi with my android made it super easy to operate.

Overall, i was skeptical about this brand, but they had proven themselves much earlier than gopro with other products so i figured that they had a decent product. Plus, from some comparatives that i found, it looked like some video was slightly better. I put it on the roof of my boss302 for some track sessions with suction cup attachment and it stayed there just fine and produced great video. Now i just need to find some good video editing software as this doesn’t come with any.

Product requires a firmware update for video to record past 28 minutes. Once firmware is updated, product will record continuously and breaks it down into. Requiring a firmware update to run both on the phone or the camera, drops a star on this product. Sound quality isn’t the best, but the video quality is great and provides excellent visual. Quality could be better, but not enough so that it bothers me. Here are the specifications for the Liquid Image Ego Series 727Y Mountable Sport Video Camera:

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  • Wi-Fi enabled Full 1080P HD Mountable Action Camera
  • Video Mode records HD 1080P Video up to 30 fps and HD 720P up to 60 fps
  • Photo Mode records 12.0 MP images through a 136 degree lens and includes a continuous photo mode
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery (included) lasts for approximately 1.5-2 hours in the HD Video Mode.
  • Waterproof Housing is available as an accessory

I just purchased this camera a few days ago. It has many features i like, such as changing settings via wifi on your phone, and the various resolutions. My biggest complaint is i bought this camera because of its battery life. The battery is supposed to last a couple of hours and from my first tests, this appears to be true. However, it can only record in 30 minute segments before it stops on its own, and then you have to manually restart it. What’s the point of long battery life if you have to keep stopping what you’re doing to restart the camera?there are other annoyances, like you can’t switch the field of view through wifi unless you shut down the camera and restart. Sure you can select it, and the checkbox appears, but the field of view does not change. And of course, there’s the common complaint of losing the wifi connection once you start recording. The good news is, according to liquid image tech support, a new firmware update is coming out ‘soon, in the next couple weeks, but i can’t give you an exact date. ‘ this firmware update will allow continuous recording with no need to restart the camera — but the new longer recording will be segmented into 30 minute chunks.

They loved it, and use it all the time on the racetrack.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works but could be a little better
  • So the software is really great and relatively user friendly however the camera quality and
  • Sound quality isn’t the best, but the video quality is great and provides

I bought this for my son for christmas and he loves it. He uses it on his bike helmet.

It is a great little camera. The only complaint is the attachment plate. I would rather see a u clamp style or a vice grip instead of a tap on mount.

The screen is so small i can’t see the icons without magnifying glass as well as the instruction that come with the unit. Other than that i give up total thumbs up.

So i’ve had the ego for a couple months now. I could never get it to update the firmware when i got it. The recording is great when it actually records. I never do the still shot’s so i don’t have anything to say about that. The built in wifi is amazing and works great with the standard 1 – 2 second lag. The build quality is great i love the standard 1/4′ thread i’ve made several mounts for my bike. I just wish it would record my entire ride and not just in half hour segments.

I’m using this primarily with the pedco ultraclamp accessory on my motorcycle [. the video quality is nice though it does have some trouble with going from bright to dark and vice versa. By trouble, i mean it’s slow to adjust and you’ll likely get some blown out areas, not really a big deal though. The buttons are a little awkward. The lcd is a bit difficult to read. The lic page recently added a bunch of how to videos, check them out. I’ll be emailing shortly to see how you can/should format a memory card. The app needs some work but it a nice way to check your shot before you start moving. And some additional mounting accessories would be great. Color tells you mode and blinks when busy. I’d buy again and i’m happy with the camera. ]

Gopro won the marketing war, but this device is better, as well is smaller.

Only got to use this camera for a limited time. So the software is really great and relatively user friendly however the camera quality and sound chip surprised me. Everything is on gopro’s level of quality; however, at a 4th of the price. This has been a great camera when used and it was worth every penny. It held up great on my motorcycle when i used it.

Cheaper than gopro and just as nice. Overall great product at a great price.

Great quality, nice and smoothe, best value for money action cam .

He uses it to take video of his snowmobiling adventures.

Using on top alcohol dragster and it works great. Even tire shake does not seem to affect it.

Have had great success with this camera, i have mounted it to my helmet on motorcycle rides, to the motorcycle itself as well as my rc rock crawler and gotten some great footage.

I am fairly satisfied with the product. So much so that i bought a second one. I guess that would be the biggest endorsement of all. But nothing is perfect, there are pros and cons to this product in my opinion. There is a good detailed review on youtube. But here is my take as a user. Pros: price; for the price of one lowest end go-pro i can buy this, extra mounts and the waterproof case, size; this is smaller and lighter than the go pro and any other hd camera i could find, field of vision; the 135 degrees is pretty nice at times (though it goes a little fish eye at the periphery), color; the color is fairly true on the raw video and it carries on even in fairly low light conditions, battery; i am getting the advertised 2 hours and more, 2 second interval shots; i have used this to do some cool daytime time lapse. Cons: the small lcd is a little bit of a hassle to read, but the flashing light on the front (function of operation coded by color) leaves no doubt if the camera is running. Fish eye on the periphery when using the 135 degree field. Software is a little clunky and you can’t get a live feed of what you shot.

This camera has been exactly as described and has functioned very well, buttons are quite small and can be a bit difficult to press at times.

Audio quality is not good, possibly because i have to buy another extra mic for this. Also, the 1080p in low-light settings is not all that good. Possibly would be better with manual settings, but the price is cheap, and is ideal for bright, outdoor settings.

I fell i love with this camera, then it died. I am currently in the process of an exchange. It is a great camera, video quality is fantastic, maybe i just got a bad unit. Hopefully the exchange will work out and everything will be fine.

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