Linksys Flip UltraHD Video Camera – Blue – I love my ultra hd flip camera

‘power up with the included standard aa batteries. And for even better charge time, try using the flip video rechargeable battery pack [sold separately”this is the quote that i took off the amazon website for this camera. So i bought the flip video rechargeable battery pack (separately) when i bought the flip ultrahd video camera, but it does not work with this camera. Not only does it not work, it doesn’t even fit into the battery compartment. The camera is great, but the suggestion to buy a battery that doesn’t work for the camera is not. If we are supposed to purchase something else, it was totally unclear. ]

Great quality images and sound. It does eat regular batteries rather quickly, but once we started using eneloop batteries, no problem.

This camera is exactly what you should expect. But it performs exceedingly well w/in the parameters of this very limited ability. It fits into my pocket and takes 2 aa batteries. I can capture candid photos. The camera takes only a moment to activate. Compared to video cameras that are several hundreds dollars – the warm-up time is impressive. If i 2 seconds to anticipate something i want to capture then i can whip it out and grab some authentic moments. This is a great little camera.

I saw this camera for 59 bucks at walmart but my walmarts were always out of it so i saw it on amazon for 54 dollars. I said oh what the heck i will order it. It took it about 4 days to get here from arizona which i would have loved to had more tracking information. And the camera got here and anyone can learn it. The people complaining it about not being a flip camera dont let that stop you from buying this. I love it but i wish i had more memory cause the concerts i go to are more than an hour lol. Anyways i wish it had more zoom also, but hey you gert what you pay for right?. I wasnt expecting slr quality out of this which alot of people was. But to get to the point this is a great camera, its pretty and its alot of fun to shoot quick videos.

Bought this to capture footage from my first trip to las vegas and it was definitely worth every penny i spent on it. Battery life could be improved a bit since it seems to be high drain, but its definitely worth owning this item, especially is using rechargeable batteries.

This camera is extremely easy to use. It’s just point and click the red button to start and stop.

  • Suprisingly better than expected HOWEVER.
  • This camera is AMAZING! Ignore all the technical language.
  • Great little camera!

My father in law has a hard time with electronic devices. When we had our son, we wanted to give him a way to capture and view moments easily. The one button start and stop recording is perfect for him. I would recommend this item to anyone. The ease is worth the money.

Easy to use and edit videos.

Great camera still works after years.

This is a great little camera. For those wondering about the lack of image stabilization, i haven’t found that to be an issue so far. I expect if i go on a long trip, i’ll just bring one of my netbooks with me to offload the videos from the camera. The flipshare software that installs from the camera seems easy to use. Note: it will try to update the flipshare software immediately if you are connected to the internet.

Liked the video camera but had problems with it getting to hot. Recieved good technical support and was able to return and recieve another one with no issues.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Used it for all the holiday festivities. The only thing that is bad about it is that it doesnt have a battery indictor on it. You do not know how much battery life you have left. Carry some extra batteries with you.

I recommend this flip camera highly. I wish that i had gotten the one that has two hours and image stabilization. But i haven’t actually needed it, i’m just saying if i did. If you are making a lot of videos, spring for the two hour one. I use this camera for videos of my new grandsons and it has been great cuz all they do is lay there.

I use this camera to make mediocre youtube videos like these.

I take this camera everywhere. The only thing is, it eats through aa batteries. My recommendation is to get some rechargeable ones. But all in all it’s one of the best purchases i have made.

No tech degree needed to operate and the picture quality is excellent. Be sure to get the tripod with the camera.

I just received this for christmas, so i haven’t had a lot of time to play with it, but so far it’s okay. I have the 4gb 1 hour ultra hd model in blue. It’s very convenient, but i took 9 minutes of video and it took up almost 1 gb worth of disk space on my hd. Yes, i can burn them onto dvd, but that seems excessive. Also, brand new set of batteries that came with it, are dead after taking only 9 minutes of video footage. At this pace, i’ll run out of disk space in a few weeks and go to the poor house because of batteries. I tried to upload a 2 minute video to facebook, but since it was 147 mb, it was going to take over 45 minutes to complete. My laptop, is only 5 months old, so it’s not because of my computer. I will play with it a few more weeks before deciding on whether to keep it.

Shoot up to 1 hour of amazing HD video on the easy-to-use, pocket-sized UltraHD

This was my first camcorder, and i must say that it takes wonderful quality videos. Can zoom, great for vlogging and everything like that. The only problem that i have is that it does. Whenever i hold anything up to the camera its all blurry and it has really been getting on my nerves. This isn’t a big deal for some people, but if its important, do not get this camera.

This camera is thin and light. Thought its more a video camera it’s the best i’ve seen. So get the flip if you have any douts it’s number 1.

The flip video is a compact pocket video that is simple to use. It provides hd videos simple to upload and play in the computer or on the tv. It is a rugged instrument that can withstand some harsh treatment. I am well pleased with the video quality and serviceability.

Got the camera and was surprised at the quality of video it produced once i plugged into the computer. It exceeded my expectation in this very important area, so i will give it 3 stars ‘to be nice’. However – i was a bit disappointed to find out that the unit that i purchased came packed with, and took 2 aa batteries (non rechargeable). I was also a little disappointed about how fast the unit seemed to eat through the batteries about 20 – 25min with the ones that came packed with. Amazon seemed very careful not to disclose what came with the unit (probably because the unit came with hardly anything at all) the unit comes packed with absolutely no accessories other than the instructions and 2 ‘old’ duracell aa’s. A simple case and male to female usb cable extender would have been thoughtful. I would recommend that you do your research on the actual flip web site prior to making your purchase. If i would have followed my own advice here, i would have spent the extra $60 bucks to get the upgraded 2 hour model that would have included the re-chargeable battery unit. Also keep in mind that this will probably be the last flip camera produced, so don’t expect to find any new accessories or special batteries etc to appear or stay in stock. Otherwise all of this, it is a great camera for $100 bucks ‘sort of’.

Got this for my husband for christmas. He kept trying to borrow mine. Comes with software in the camera which downloads when you plug it into the computer. I really enjoy posting on facebook and flip makes it easy to do so. Also can make photos from the videos. You can do a lot with this technology, i still haven’t learned it all.

Press the big red button to start capturing vibrant HD video (720p / 30fps) on the super-simple user interface

Comes with 4 GB of built-in memory, letting you capture up to 1 hour of HD video; no additional memory cards required

Connect the built-in USB arm to your PC or Mac to launch pre-loaded FlipShare software

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