Linksys Flip Mino Video Camera – : So far, so cool.

The flip mino is a great little camcorder. I did not once look at the manual for operating this thing–it’s that easy to operate. Plugging into the computer is a snap and doesn’t require any software to connect (software for uploading to youtube and myspace is built into the camcorder). If you want to get to the videos directly, just open the dcim folder and you will see the video files. Video quality is pretty good. The company claims the video bitrate is 4 mbps, which about what dvds push. Audio is good (camcorders are notorious for having bad/over sensitive microphones). In short, it’s a great little camcorder for carrying around to shoot quick little videos. While not something to use for weddings or trips, it’s very good for what it does. And it’s simple as cutting bread.

Its partially pre-charged (nice touch) so you can get down to shooting as soon as you get it. The controls are easy- even the technologically challenged will find it a breeze. The transfer of the videos to the pc is easier. The best feature is the software which is provided within the mino- so you can download/upload your software wherever you are. The software also makes it easy to upload your videos into websites- the compression feature is awesome. All in all, for the price its good. Wouldn’t have minded if it was a little cheaper, but then the looks you get for it make up.

As a parent to two toddlers, taking videos is our way of capturing our kids young lives. However, many times we were too busy, couldn’t carry the other camcorder or the battery was dead. The flip mino has increased our video shooting by leaps and bounds. The form of the mino is best compared to an older ipod classic. The ease of use is remarkable and the videos are very good. Disclaimer, they aren’t hd quality but still very good for such a small package. Additionally, playback on a big-screen tv was excellent. Sound quality is also solid from such a small device. Plugging the camera into my laptop and grabbing the videos is easy-enough just like any other flash-based memory card. It really is a pleasure to use and the best part is that it goes with us everywhere and we’re not concerned with the battery life, weight, hassel, etc.

Update after 5 months:i am totally enjoying the flip mino. I use it for training, fun weekend projects, and lately to liven up work meetings. I take it to work meetings where there is informal interaction and give a demonstration on using it to a few people then at the end of the day i see what i got. I’ve done this three times and created little.With the video editing software it’s easy to do a quick video and send it out to the group. I’m glad i got the camera though the loss of the family interviews still makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve had this for 5 weeks and it’s been great fun. It was easy to use out of the box and connect to my computer. I trimmed the videos and made one larger video with titles and such. But the first big event came and i had a problem.

I bought this after watching ten-year-old home videos and realizing that i didn’t have many home videos to watch since then. Since this camera was only about $50 including shipping, i decided to go for it. Pros- it definitely holds a charge- it’s super light- it has a decent zoom, not as good as a regular camcorder but much better than a typical camera phone- while it doesn’t film in hd, the quality of the film is far from grainy when you playback the footage on a computer- it picked up audio very well. I used this at the ca state fair and despite the fact that there were tons of people around we could still hear everything that the people i filmed were saying. Cons- when you connect it to a large hd tv, the quality decreases greatlyi’ve had this flip for about three months now and i still love it as much as the day it arrived.

Flip Mino Video Camera – White, 2 GB, 1 Hour (1st Generation) : I love my new flip mino camcorder. I was mega-skeptical about how goodsomething this tiny could be, but i needed something quick, easy andpractical for sales-oriented website videos. I was amazed at how easy itis to use the flip mino, and at the quality of the end product video. Is it the “perfect” camcorder for every ocassion?.No, but for thoseimpromptu, “down & dirty”, on the spot videos it beats the heck out ofusing a big camcorder. I considered buying a sony”webbie”, but dollar for dollar you can’t beat a flip.

This is a nice little video recorder. With my iphone lacking video recording capabilities, i decided to give this little gadget a try. The whole process of setting up, recording, transferring videos and uploading them to youtube (using the flip software) was very easy. No issues whatsoever with the latest iphoto, it downloads movies into the iphoto library just like any other format. Very portable, nice product and package experience overall. The image quality could be better, but then again it’s mostly for the web so it doesn’t matter. It works beautifully for blogging and sharing videos with friends and family.

I’ve got a nice canon gl2 and i have some beautiful video of my family memories, and even a local tv show i produce with it, ‘yoga in wisconsin’. But in the couple of months that i’ve owned this camera, i have shot almost half the footage, i have with the gl2. Because its out of your pocket and running in 10 sec, you can actually capture the crazy dance baby started doing, before he stops never to repeat it again. And the fact you had it in your pocket in the first place, when i would never take my $1000+ camera, 1 because it’s to big and 2 i might break it. Its easy to keep charged, and download video files. I’m on a mac too, so i do not recommend their software, i purchased visual hub for $20 and copy/covert them right from the camera (. Avi file) to my imovie folder (. Dv file) using the software. The tapes, when i record them back, from my gl2 onto the computer look better, but they take almost ten times as long to get back onto the computer (to convert 60 min of video through visual hub takes about 7-13 min, and it takes more time for the clips to render thumbs in imovie) and not cost for tapes.

After reading the description & some of the reviews about the mino, i bought one for each of my adult sons. They are both very pleased w/ the convenience and quality of the video. They thought it was an excellent gift. The flip mino is one of the most appreciated gifts i’ve given to my kids other than cash and airplane tickets.One of my sons did a video of him singing and playing guitar w/i minutes of opening the package and posted it straight to youtube. That’s the best thing about it. Really easy to use and requires no extra stuff, except maybe a little thicker case/pouch to protect it. For the money, it’s the best product i’ve found yet, and the picture quality is actually quite good. I’m thinking of getting one to replace my bulky older sony camcorder.

It’s real small which is great, fits in a pocket. Takes clear pictures (i haven’t taken any closeups yet). I have to get used to the idea that it’s moving pictures (i’m used to still cameras) so my pictures all start out focusing on my feet or floor or something (have to edit that part out). I love the fact that the usb connection is built in; i can just plug it into my computer and not only upload the video but also charge the camera while i’m fooling around on the computer, don’t have to keep track of where the cord it or anything (that built in jazz is brilliant). I’m not a good cinematographer and my vids aren’t going to be interesting or breathtakingly well shot, i don’t expect them to be. I just want to take short shots of people and places and things that interest me. The ‘software’ that comes [in? the camera allows you to upload the vid in a tighter format for easier emailing out, squeezes down the size vastly so your recipients’ emailboxes don’t get overwhelmed. It’s just a nifty, handy little camcorder that can be tucked in a pocket or purse, whipped out when you need it. I think it’s worth the money. No memory card needed or battery replacements. ]

Everything you’ve heard about how easy it is to use the flip mino is true. Within seconds of getting it out of the box, i was using its very intuitive and spartan controls to take video clips of my kids jumping around. I could review the clips i had just taken on the lcd screen. The flip was instantly recognized by my windows xp pc, and the software was easy to use as well. It created a folder and saved the clips i selected with the date as the title, which you can change. The flip is very user friendly. The video quality is not what i hoped for. A selling point is that you can easily upload your clips to youtube, and have you noticed how grainy those clips are?.To be fair, the flip is not that grainy, but projected on my 32 inch sony tube tv, the quality was definitely not as good as my mini dv jvc camcorder that i bought in 2003.

The flip mino is small–very small and very light weight. It fits comfortably in my pocket and isn’t a bother to tote around for hours at a time. The soft pouch that comes with it is very handy and can double as a cloth for wiping fingerprints and smudges off of the unit and screen. The video quality is good–like a vhs tape that’s been used over-and-over again, but with pixely artifacts, rather than a drifting image and fuzz. If you keep the camera still and if the subject of the shot isn’t moving too much and if the lighting is decent, the image quality is really quite good–i would compare it to standard definition television. Overall, it’s better than your average youtube video. And though the image does become grainy in low light, it’s still suitable for capturing candid moments. The sound quality is also good and the microphone is suitably sensitive. It picks up quiet speech without too much background noise and there is never a hiss or buzz. I put together a 30 minute video for slg publishing that was shot entirely with the flip mino at comic-con international 2008.

Every parent should own one of these. I have two small children, 5 and 2 yrs old, and it’s so easy to whip out and record those oh so memorable moments. It’s so compact that you can carry it in your purse/diaper bag/pocket and it’ also looks just like my cell phone so you don’t look so ‘touristy’ when you are capturing those great times. I just used it today when a car rammed into a fire hydrant and water was gushing everywhere. I was able to capture my 2 year old getting so excited over all the ‘watta’ and the ‘fire rucks’. It’s very affordable that i already have another one in my cart for my husband.

My mino arrived yesterday afternoon, and within five minutes of my diddling with it, i had the time and date updated, and my first minute shot of my 8-year-old daughter feeding the dog. (she asked to see that footage over and over and over, she was thrilled. )we played with it some more, and it was just as easy to put the file on my laptop and charge the mino fully by letting the laptop ‘feed it. ‘i am really happy with this; it’s in my pocket now; and i plan to use it to post to my blogs and take lots of shots of my daughter. I’m only sorry i hadn’t seen this/bought this before our vacation last june.

This little video camera is amazing. I purchased one for myself some months ago, primarily to take short movies of great-grandchildren. I’ve ended up using it for fun clips of get-togethers with friends, lovely shots of river views, and just fun shots. It is so easy — and it is very simple to stitch together several clips to make a little movie, with or without background music. I was so impressed that i ordered two more – one for a young mother of a new baby, and the other for an old friend with health problems. If you do not want to make professional quality films, but want to have a little camera that you can carry in a pocket or a purse, go for it.

So many times i’ve been out with my kids thinking, ‘i wish i had my video camera with me’. I hate lugging that thing in my purse. Got the flip mino 2 weeks ago off of amazon – love it. Easy to transfer the files and edit them in imovie. Tip: if you use mac, iphoto may open when you plug in a flip – it will ask if you want to import the files – don’t. Use the flip software that’s included on the camera — it allows you to see all the video clips and then decide which ones you want to transfer to your computer. If there’s a lot of movement (i recorded my girls singing in the car) the image quality when you transfer to youtube is terrible — but overall, i love that this thing is small (with me at all times) and easy (a monkey could use it) — it did freeze on me last night — pure digital’s tech support kind of seems like 3 college kids in a cubicle — but i believe this device has a soft reset — pin hole in the same hole as the tripod connector. Don’t press it too hard or you might lose all your video. (there tech support wasn’t too sure on that. Hm?) but the soft reset worked for me. Best thing about flip is you will capture more moments on video – don’t expect hd results – but it’s better than not having moments on video at all.

I’m a usability specialist and am particularly picky when products lack in their ease of use. This is one of the few products that has excellent usability. The design is simple and extremely easy to learn and use. Even my parents who know nothing about technology could and have used this camcorder without a problem and love itmy husband and i purchased this because we recently had our first child and we don’t have family near by. So in addition to capturing all the adorable moments with our new baby we wanted to share them with family. The software to email or upload the videos for family is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is click ‘share video’ and you can share a private video with anyone. To see what it might look like, here’s an example: [. this camcorder is so small and convenient so we bring it every where we go and we never miss a moment that we want to record. I absolutely love our flip mino and will probably always have one in the future – even if i end up getting a camcorder with higher quality i will still want this convenient little camcorder. ]

This awesome little gadget is perfect for capturing nice resolution full video when a camcorder or other more bulky device won’t do or isn’t available. The ‘on board’ software launches automatically when plugged in through the cleverly engineered usb pop-up adaptor. The software is intuitive and easy to use, helping manage the videos both on the device and on the pc. The recording and playback controls are simple. Easily slipped into a pocket, i actually keep it on my keychain so it is always with me. Downsides:the software offers few options for customizing compression, folder names, etc. , and you can save several versions of the same file from the camcorder without knowing it. The digital zoom is just that, and you visibly lose resolution when zoomed in. It should be avoided if possible.

Pros- quality is surprisingly very good. Audio too, but like with most camera’s if the camera man talks it’s much louder than everyone else. – power on and ready to record in. – convenience is awesome, you bring it more places and get more video because it is so easy and small- interface is so simple. Easy to explain to people of all ages thanks to the big red button which has only 2 jobs. Start recording and stop recording. All the other buttons are only for playback or zooming. – the email feature is very cool. It will upload any video on the camera to the flip website, convert it to flash, post it on a private webpage, and email a link to the private page to whomever you want. No giant emails and recipients don’t need to create an account anywhere.

I was looking for a pocket-sized camcorder to use for basic video recording and this one works just fine. Couldn’t be easier to use, the equivalent of a point-and-shoot digital camera. Good resolution, viewfinder just large enough to be useful for framing the subject and playback. Easy download directly to pc. This is one of those great products that does what it says it will do. No over promising here: the maker tells you you’re going to get 60 minutes of flash drive recording in a compact, well-designed unit and thats exactly what you get. It will be useful for casual videocamming and on-the-run recording. It will not be useful for someone who wants a lot of bells and whistles or the ability to do a lot of fancy editing and framing. But it gave me what i wanted at a price that you simply can’t beat.

This is the first video camera i’ve ever owned (i’m 58 yrs old), and i love it. Video quality is excellent (even in low light). I have not tried viewing it on a large tv, but the playback looks great on a 19′ monitor. Best quality is observed at the ‘normal’ size (about 8′ diagonal) but the full screen version is perfectly acceptable. Audio quality indoors is good up to about 8 feet from the subject. Comments made by the person holding the camera while recording are extremely clear. Battery life so far has been no issue. A continuous 30 minute recording does not even move the battery charge indicator bar. Beware of incredibly large files though.A 30 minute recording will consume 900 mb, and i’ve found no way to share files that large.

I bought it because (a) i don’t like carrying large, clunky devices such as traditional camcorders, and (b) i wanted something that would transfer videos very fast to my computer (my other camcorder transfers at a ‘real time’ rate – very time consuming). This device fits both criteria. It is super small, about the size of a cell phone. And, a 20 minute video clip is transferred to the computer in about 1 minute. It also allows you to edit clips, and has a friendly ui allowing easy send via email or uploading to youtube. Other pros:*built-in usb, allowing quick charging and transfer of video without cables*easy button controls*good screen*good sound qualitycons:*limited zoom (only 2x, i believe)i couldn’t be happier with this device.

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