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 i have tested midpro with 6 different digital video devices. Working excelent with my canon t2i dslr with canon 18-55 / canon 50mm/ tokina 11-16mm. (2)and supports hv20 camcoder with fish eye (3. ) i also used it with my android samsung galaxy s the result was fine. ) i have very satisfied with gopro as well with very fast running action. ) unfortunately can not support my mark2. (6) also can not support t3i.

First of all i did not know anything about stabilizers and this was the first for me. Almost i have been using this stabilizer over a year with my canon t2i and iphone4. I got it evreywhere with me and took videos and uploaded. The people are asking me how i got these videos very beatiful. I think the stabilizer was the secret. The flying effect of the stabilizer let the people watch videos from begginig to the end. I would say i am very cool with this machine. It may give you an iddea about the product.

Easy to balance, adjust, and use. Produces smooth and excellent videos. I would give it 5 stars but due to the weight of the midx pro i gave it a 4. You will find yourself tired after about 15-20 minutes of holding it and taking a video. Here are the specifications for the Lensse MidPro Camera Support Stabilizer Steady Camcorder:

  • Lensse MidPro Camera Stabilizer For Camcoders, DSLR Cameras, PDA Phones 0.0 – 0.9kg ( 0 – 2 lbs)
  • Fine adjustment
  • Sensitivitiy adjustment
  • Combination of MidX and Isteady models. Can support very light weight camcoders less than 300gr
  • Includes iPhone / PDA holder

This steady cam works as expected for a low dollar piece of equipment. No frills just simple and straight forward.

Simple, sturdy, reasonable price and works as good as it looks. Easy to set up and one can learn how to fine-tune adjustments easily online youtube videos. Tried my mobile phone, sanyo xacti hd videocam, and olympus myu digicam – all goodgreat product, and will use for travelling as it is fairly compact. Would not recommend for heavier cameras such as dslr types (for that you need the more heavy duty options).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice stabilizer for the price
  • works as good as it looks
  • Cheap, easy, and good!

For a fraction of the price of most steady-cams i am pleased to say this one works great with my panasonic gh-2, a great product for a good price finally.

I got this a while back for my canon rebel t2i, i shoot a lot of video so i though this would be a great thing to get. After some practice it works for my camera and makes a nice smooth video. I am very glad i got this, but if you have heavy lenses or a batter grip attched, you might need a stabilizer built for a heavier load, as this only works for light, under 2lbs cameras.

I bought this stabilizer because it was cheaper than other stabilizers of its type and i am not disappointed. I use a panasonic gh1 for video, and unless i am using the 14-140 lens with built in stabilization, i need some help to keep things steady. I wish the gimbal had a bit more range of movement and the orange thumb tighteners seem to be pretty light, weak plastic, but i wasn’t expecting too much in terms of quality. To be fair, it is a nice, solid unit and looks pretty slick. It comes with three big weights and two small weights. All i am using is two big weights at the bottom and it didn’t even take me very long to get everything balanced properly. I kind of wish i had bought the cheaper model than this since i am not using many of the weights, but it is better to have too many weights than not enough, and you never know what the future will bring. Here is a small sample of how this thing works. I was fairly impressed with the results: [.

Decent and and well built product. I was thinking about midx before i got midpro since it is cheaper. However i have realized that midpro’s advance features really makes sense. The result much better than those i watch in youtube. Specially you can move gimbal front/backward provides ability to adjust fine tuning perfectly. The extra weight just connected back of the unit also makes sense. The shoots more stabil once you add weights there. I am using it my ti2, gopro and iphone 4s perfectly. Some demostration videos will be availale in youtube soon.

It works great with my 17-40mm l lens. It was easy to setup and find the balance points.

Is a very good item for this pricevery productive item for video. You can try too many variables for your own videos.

The hardware itself is an amazing piece of hardware, if you have a light weight camera and just want it for simple video, i highly recommend it; however. . If you’re like me, looking for a cheaper version of the expensive one trying to make this into what it really isn’t, its not it. I have a canon t2i with a 55-250mm lens and shoot many music videos. I know what this is replicating and know what i need, i just didn’t want to spend the money, it does do its job but i need one for extreme stabilizing. It just doesn’t make that cut. My camera seems to be way to heavy and it cant take the extreme motions i need it to take on. I watched alot of youtube vids on these and if you have a canon dslr, (t2, t2i, t3, t3i, 60d or 7d) don’t waste your time man unless you need it for small usage. Follow me on twitter for more questions @ bryceewilliamsor contact me vis youtube.

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