Kodak Zx1 HD Pocket Video Camera – Worked ok

Grandparents wanted to give as christmas present to 7 yr old girl. Earlier, they bought a ‘kids one’ and it was total junk, didn’t even last the day. Compared this with the flip camera, chose this one. Price was within their budget, had to buy memory card separately. Battery power seems to suck up when using regular batteries–had to wait while included charger with batteries was charging. Nice item and she liked the color. My daughter ended up recording a cartoon so she could watch it later. Technology is pretty easy, which is good. Don’t recommend giving such advanced equipment to a child.

This is a good product for its intended purpose which is taking video on the go. I agree with the posts that picture quality is poor in low light, but i did not purchase it with the thought this would be a replacement for a high end night shot camera. It works very well for daily photos and video. The lens angle is a little narrow if you are used to most snapshot cameras which are wide angle but you get used to it. These cameras have a known potential defect in the sound quality and the first i ordered had a high pitch whine during playback. I returned it and the new one works great. I really like the fact you can swap batteries with aa so i don’t worry about not having a functioning camera if i cannot recharge. Software is not that great so i use quicktime pro to edit the video.

It fits easily in my purse or pocket and takes nice video – much better outside than inside, though, unless there’s lots of extra lighting. I’ve used it a few times and made a cute little video with it. I also like the battery charger and rechargeable batteries, the kodak brand is good for everything. And the fact that it’s pink goes along with my personality too.

This was purchased as a gift and will be used primarily outside in situations where it is likely to be dropped and/or get wet. For the price this camera is great. While you won’t be shooting big screen quality video it is great for outdoor activities for those who may not want the hassle of dealing with all of the fancy stuff on more expensive cameras. It was purchased for a college student so it is also something that is very portable and can be carried with them at all times.

This is an excellent hd video recorder, if you want something that is easy to you, small and compact and that delivers excellent picture quality and video then this is what you are looking for. Not super great in the dark, but otherwise a great product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great deal if you get the current low price on YELLOW!
  • Great video for the price.
  • Buy a class 6 SDHC card!

I bought this camera for my 11 year old daughter, for the price it works amazing. The indoor or low light quality is a little grainy, but for the price not bad. We recorded some of her softball game and picture quality was great. I have a higher quality and much more expensive video camera that we use and really could not tell a whole lot of difference, and not able to put that one in your pocket. So overall very happy with camera.

Got this camera because we wanted something to drop in a pocket or purse for snapshots and video clips of the kids. We weren’t looking for anything fancy, and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. This fit the bill perfectly. We added an 8gb sdhc to make sure we had plenty of room (the only concern we had with the camera). The included rechargeable batteries last a surprisingly long time, especially compared to our cheap still camera (which we have virtually replaced with the video cam). Overall, a great product for the price we paid.

This camera is a great idea for impromptu family outings. It is very portable and extremely simple to operate. This is also a rugged camera and it is splash proof. I use 8 and 16 gigabytes and i never have had to change them. What i mean is, every family outing or hike i have recorded, i have never had to change the card. I have always had plenty of room left on the sd card. I only have a couple of complaints and they are big ones. It takes mov files which most windows software doesn’t support. I finally purchased the magix movie edit pro 16 and it handles these files ok. The other gripe that i have is the audio recording. The recording volume always has to be increased during editing. Regarding the 60 frames per second i have never used that. Before you buy, make sure you can edit mov files.

I bought this in may as a gift for a friend. I got it at a very good price, and when i got to hold it, i was very impressed with the build quality, especially the rubberized exterior, the fact that it came with rechargeables and a charger, and it’s portability. It fits in my pants pocket much better than the flip ultra. Anyway, the recipient claims he ‘loves it’,yet never uses it. I’ve had several chances to take it for a spin, and i know why it’s just collecting dust at home: it’s not user friendly. I was unable to intuitively take a video, then view it, and i consider myself tech savvy at the least. This should be the simplest function. Then, if you press the wrong button, a series of folders and subfolders (??)appears, and still it is not readily apparent how to access these folders. Now, i’m not going to describe each button and what it does, mainly because the camcorder is not in my possession. But i will say, that compared to the flip, this is a pain to use, and you must read the instructions entirely and keep them handy if you want the best results possible.

One of my first basic cameras. Maundays technology is 10 times better. If you don’t have much money this is a good product to buy. Other then that go more expensive. To get a good quality product. A camera and video camera that up-to-date.

The zx1 is a nice little compact camera. For the price it is a relatively good buy. Unfortunately cameras in this price range do not have image stabilizers so if you pan in any direction you will get a very shaky picture. If you pan really slow it might not happen. It also does not come with thorough instructions. The mic is not the greatest in the world. I compared the video to the iphone video and in my opinion the iphone wins. However, not everyone has nor wants an iphone. It is convenient and does a decent job.

This is a super little camera. I got it for my creative 13yr old daughter and she is having a blast with it. It’s easy to use and durable. I was lucky to score the 59. 99 price and dont regret spending a single penny. I do suggest getting a mini tripod for it though, and the remote. You wont be sorry for purchasing those extra inexpensive items. It was delivered super fast. 00 over the price of this little gem, for what i feel is a very small extra feature. 99 price, i would still jump at the deal.

Any reasonable person should be able to figure out that you will need a memory card since amazon tries to suggest one when you purchase. That’s why these types of cameras are referred to as ‘flash drives’ (another reviewer)pros: does well in lower light than others. I found others just no good indoors. This was a critical requirement for me. Seems rugged but i didn’t do a drop test. A bonus feature not advertised was how well this blocks out wind noise on very windy days yet allows all the normal talking to be recorded. Never seen that beforecrystal clarity out doors. Just amazing, although most of these types of cameras do well outside. Cons: on an inexpensive camera like this, is subject to shaking which makes it irritating to watch. But knowing this i use a tri-pod or just a steady hand (don’t forget to hold steady), and movies are really greatyou have to break the $400 barrier for anti-stablization features. In low light, images are still bright, unlike others, but a little softer looking, less than optiimal forcus, acceptable.

Takes great outdoor footage and is very durable. If i throw it against a brick wall it probably won’t break. It’s water proof so i use it in the rain but i don’t think you could drop it in a pool. Indoor footage in low light, not so nice. I got around that though by having my kid follow me around with a flood light when i am taking video.

I got 3 of those,2 for my relative with a new born child, they love it. Great battery life and they easy to replace (2*aa)coms with hdmi cable and chargerbut,indoors footage with low ligh (not dark), just less than brightthe video lacks the crisp lookother than that, great unit.

If used indoors you need to turn the lights on. I purchased this with another video for my kids. The quality is better than my hi8 was. The kids love to make movies with it. The editing software does not work on mac but the idvd and imovie works with the camera.

For the 40 dollar current sale price being asked, it would be hard to beat the kodak zx1. First, that’s darn cheap for any kind of decent video camera. Second, this thing appears to be well made and has a very nice case, simple controls, is very easy to use (look, ma, no menus), and has a very nice feel in the hand due to the textured, case material (so you won’t always be dropping it). The controls are back-lit and easy to see in the dark and you can even control it just by feel as there are raised ridges between the areas you press – overall an excellently designed and engineered video camera. I had mine up and recording in just a few minutes. There’s no manual, just a quick start guide and that’s really all you need. This thing is very simple to use. I picked it up and figured it out just fooling around. (if anyone needs help, post in comments and i’ll try to help. I figured out most everything, i think.

I consider myself to be a tech-a-holic so when i saw this it was a must have. At the time of purchase it was the only ‘real’ hd enabled handheld digital vid cam. It was simple to use out of the box and very easy to transfer video or review on a display. The picture is great for the most part. The only thing i miss on it is a view finder since i video myself acting like a moron often. The one negative is that the charger failed after one use. I have yet to call tech support but will do so this week. They have pretty good service so ‘m not too concerned. Overall, i highly recomend considering ths device if you’re searching for an affordable, portable video camera.

It stood up to the weather while snow skiing. Only negative is learning the buttons and menus (no text).

The product works great and i bought it at a great price. It takes 2 double a batteries, but it comes with rechargable batteries so you don’t have to spend a lot on replacement batteries. The vidoes look great in hd even though it only reaches 780p. Also, i like how protable it is it reminds me of a cell phone because it is pocket sized. I am very satisfied with my purchase, worth every penny.

I own two of these kodak zx1s and i adore these little super-portable gadgets, after moving up from the flip series. Very easy to use to use to record video (i avoid the unintelligibly cryptic control button issue already noted by other reviewers, by only using the record button, and i only download the recordings onto my computer, to avoid accidentally deleting anything). You have to use an sdhc class 6 card to support the data transfer rate. Anything less than a class 6 (i. , class 4, or 2) may not allow sufficient video transfer throughput, giving you a jerky picture, dropouts or worse). You can buy a class 10, which is even faster, but there’s probably no advantage for the higher expense. The highest fps (frames per second) rating for the zx1 is 60 fps. The flip recorder that i previously used was 30 fps, which resulted in a lot of jerky motion in the picture even if the movements were fairly slow. This makes a huge difference in the quality of your videos. After much painful research, i took others’ advice, easily found the avs4u software site, downloaded the program, and it smoothly edits the resulting hd video, without a glitch.

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