Kodak Zx1 HD Pocket Video Camera – Great deal if you get the current low price on YELLOW!

I bought this for my husband. It is small enough for him to handle and big enough that he doesn’t lose it. We both are pleased with it. He can record videos or take pictures. The picture quality is great.

After a lot of research i finally ordered the kodak zx1 on saturday for next day delivery and it arrived on monday as scheduled. First impressions are very positive. The camera is light, sturdy and well built. It’s rubbery exterior gives you a nice feeling grip. Setting up the camera took less than a minute and it was really simple to start recording. I’d read somewhere that some people didn’t find the menu very intuitive, but i had no problems recording, playing back & deleting clips. So far i’m really glad that i bought this instead of the flip mino hd. I really like being able to use regular aa batteries and using sdhc cards (upto 32gb) for storage. I also like all the accessories that come with the camera including rechargable batteries & charger and hdmi cable. I plugged it into our 46′ plasma tv and the video playback looked great.

I bought my zx1 in blue colour, and i’m happy with this pocket video camera. I love the rechargable batteries, you can buy and extra sets and have with you in your pants pockets. No need to buy onewhen i watched the videos thru the hdmi cable, the image quality ,it’s very impressive. The image quality is awesome when recording in daylight,and it is so grany indoors. Besides, you get a slow motion sensation when filming in a very low light condition. So, when filming indoors, be sure to turn on all the lights around you. I just recomend, when recording, hold your camera,don’t shake your hand a lot, and don’t do some rude movements. The arcsoft softwere to edit and make videos, suplied by kodak ,it is so primitive and slow. And yes the kodak website is so useless,not too much information. I love the ‘avs video convert softwere’,that other reviewer recomended. I’m upset,the camera doesn’t have a counter.You don’t know how many minutes you have to still recording. Here are the specifications for the Kodak Zx1 HD Pocket Video Camera:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Record High Definition video (720p at 60 fps with 16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Rubberized doors protect all ports; resistant to rain, snow, sand, dirt and more
  • Easily upload recorded footage to YouTube with built-in USB and software
  • Vibrant 2.0-inch viewfinder; Watch footage on HDTV with included cables
  • Built-in video editing software; expandable SD/SDHC card slot that can hold up to 32 GB

I bought this camera a few years ago but it wans’t what i was wanting in a digital camera, so returned it and bought a more expensive camera.

For starters amazon delivers on their promise of a 3-day delivery. This is a company you can count on. Right out of the box it does exactly what you would expect from a small pocket video camera – decent quality and simple operation. Even indoors the quality was acceptable – which is more than you can say about most cameras in this class. This is clearly a second-generation pocket video camera – with improved controls and support for large capacity sd cards. The aa batteries are just what you need to make sure you will never run out. I was surprised to see that a charger was included. My big concern about buying a flash drive hd camera was the issue of file format. This is a thorny issue with all hd video cameras.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great deal if you get the current low price on YELLOW!
  • Great video for the price.
  • Buy a class 6 SDHC card!

I consider myself to be a tech-a-holic so when i saw this it was a must have. At the time of purchase it was the only ‘real’ hd enabled handheld digital vid cam. It was simple to use out of the box and very easy to transfer video or review on a display. The picture is great for the most part. The only thing i miss on it is a view finder since i video myself acting like a moron often. The one negative is that the charger failed after one use. I have yet to call tech support but will do so this week. They have pretty good service so ‘m not too concerned. Overall, i highly recomend considering ths device if you’re searching for an affordable, portable video camera.

This is a super little camera. I got it for my creative 13yr old daughter and she is having a blast with it. It’s easy to use and durable. I was lucky to score the 59. 99 price and dont regret spending a single penny. I do suggest getting a mini tripod for it though, and the remote. You wont be sorry for purchasing those extra inexpensive items. It was delivered super fast. 00 over the price of this little gem, for what i feel is a very small extra feature. 99 price, i would still jump at the deal.

Takes great outdoor footage and is very durable. If i throw it against a brick wall it probably won’t break. It’s water proof so i use it in the rain but i don’t think you could drop it in a pool. Indoor footage in low light, not so nice. I got around that though by having my kid follow me around with a flood light when i am taking video.

It stood up to the weather while snow skiing. Only negative is learning the buttons and menus (no text).

I own a sony dv camcorder and i do not use it often because i got tired carrying it around my neck. But this one is so small that you can hold it in your pocket. I had a choice in purchasing a vado hd or a zx1. I picked zx1 because you have the option to change sd memory cards, replace aa batteries anytime, easy to carry around, the price fit my budget, and it was weather resistant. The video quality is great, cant really complain coming from a pocket camcorder. What i wish it had was a wide angle lens like the vado hd because i find myself moving backwards to get a good shot of everything. Other than that, i really like using my new zx1 camcorder. 8/25/09 — i just got a wide 0. 5x conversion lens for camera phone made by toda seiko and it fits well on my zx1. Now i can capture more area and dont have to move backwards to get a good shot of everything.

I bought this camera for my 11 year old daughter, for the price it works amazing. The indoor or low light quality is a little grainy, but for the price not bad. We recorded some of her softball game and picture quality was great. I have a higher quality and much more expensive video camera that we use and really could not tell a whole lot of difference, and not able to put that one in your pocket. So overall very happy with camera.

This camera is a great idea for impromptu family outings. It is very portable and extremely simple to operate. This is also a rugged camera and it is splash proof. I use 8 and 16 gigabytes and i never have had to change them. What i mean is, every family outing or hike i have recorded, i have never had to change the card. I have always had plenty of room left on the sd card. I only have a couple of complaints and they are big ones. It takes mov files which most windows software doesn’t support. I finally purchased the magix movie edit pro 16 and it handles these files ok. The other gripe that i have is the audio recording. The recording volume always has to be increased during editing. Regarding the 60 frames per second i have never used that. Before you buy, make sure you can edit mov files.

My wife and i had a baby earlier this year and she expressed her concerns that i was going to ‘miss everything’ in our daughters early development with such trivial thing as work. I had previously been looking at the flip hd camcorders but i usually do a lot of research before making such purchases and i leaned towards the kodak zx1 based on user experiences (not unlike what you are reading now). It seemed that the quality was on par and usability was even higher based on opinion so i opted to purchase the zx1 and have had great experiences. The quality is great for outdoor filming, indoor is better than expected and the battery life is awesome. The camera included a pair of rechargeable batteries and a charger too. If you use a pc there is software to upload automatically to youtube, as a mac user i didn’t get to benefit from that but it’s still a nice benefit to the windows crowd. Also there is a built in port for playing directly on your hdmi compatible televisions.

This camera is so convenient and easy to use. I carry it with my in the diaper bag and am able to capture all of my sons little moments.

Pros : 1) very easy to use and handle. 2) use the aa size battery which is easy to find and replace. 3) the use of sd memory card is very convenient for file transferring. 4) hdmi cable and 2 rechargeable nimh aa kodak batteries included in box. 5) good video quality in bright light and dimmed light condition. 6) price is good for a hd pocket camcorder. Cons : 1) battery life is standard. 2) when in standby mode, there is no indicator for how much free memory left or how much longer you can record video before it run out of memory. 3) for low light condition, you can often see some scattered lines/noise across the screen.

The zx1 is a nice little compact camera. For the price it is a relatively good buy. Unfortunately cameras in this price range do not have image stabilizers so if you pan in any direction you will get a very shaky picture. If you pan really slow it might not happen. It also does not come with thorough instructions. The mic is not the greatest in the world. I compared the video to the iphone video and in my opinion the iphone wins. However, not everyone has nor wants an iphone. It is convenient and does a decent job.

I bought this in may as a gift for a friend. I got it at a very good price, and when i got to hold it, i was very impressed with the build quality, especially the rubberized exterior, the fact that it came with rechargeables and a charger, and it’s portability. It fits in my pants pocket much better than the flip ultra. Anyway, the recipient claims he ‘loves it’,yet never uses it. I’ve had several chances to take it for a spin, and i know why it’s just collecting dust at home: it’s not user friendly. I was unable to intuitively take a video, then view it, and i consider myself tech savvy at the least. This should be the simplest function. Then, if you press the wrong button, a series of folders and subfolders (??)appears, and still it is not readily apparent how to access these folders. Now, i’m not going to describe each button and what it does, mainly because the camcorder is not in my possession. But i will say, that compared to the flip, this is a pain to use, and you must read the instructions entirely and keep them handy if you want the best results possible.

I could not possibly ask for anything more than this type of hd camera. Thank you amazon for selling me such a great product. The battery life is good enough for all the vids i need to record and view off of it. The pictures are nice as well. I will be able to make tons of videos on youtube with this video camera. I definitely would recommend this camera.

I have been waiting for this camera available in amazon. Ordered and received the camera. Pros -720p with 60fps is simply great. The small form factor with rubberized case, water & dust resistant is a must if you are primarily using to record your kids moments. Comes with standards aa rechargeable batteries with recharger. Mini hd cable to view the videos in 720p in your hdtvnow cons part -the usb port is not standard mini usb. This looks like kodak’s proprietary port. I would have given 5 stars if kodak provided the mini usb port interface. There is a ‘dc in 5v’ port in the camera. I am assuming this is to charge the camera.

I bought this because i wanted to take a camera camping to get some video of what we do and just to put together some little videos. I tried to walk with it while we were hiking and the footage was unusable, if there is movement, everything is blurry. This is ok though, as it doesn’t have any type of image stabilization. When i rested the camera on a rock/ledge, the video was great. The image looks pretty good for the price. I bought a 16 gig card, and it works great. I don’t really need the audio to be amazing, as i would dub over it. There are a few things that make it less than perfect. When shooting in hd and hd60, the camera heats up a bit.

I have to say that this little camcorder’s a pretty solid build, and for the price i paid, it was a good buy. But i ended up returning it due to battery issues. On the other-hand, the seller did an excellent job with shipping the camcorder, in which took only around two days to get to my house. And they were totally cool with me returning it as well. This ‘battery’ issue was not because the camcorder was malfunctioning or anything, rather it was the battery life, and the fact that it required aa batteries. When i was reading the comments on this product, i read that this thing had a knack for drinking up the batteries really fast. I didn’t think this was going to be a problem. Until i tried it out for myself. I used two full batteries that were hardly used, and it ate them as if it were going out of style.I used the camcorder very sparingly throughout the day because i saw how quickly it used up the batteries that came with it, and it still was at low battery at the end of the dayfor some of you, this might not be a problem.

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