Kodak PlayTouch Video Camera – Oh , if only you’d marketed this before the iPhone killed the pocket cam business

I was looking for a replacement for the zi8 for months now. I was even heartbroken when i read the zi12 was shut down – i thought there was no way i was going to be able to replace the best handheld camera of our era. Yeah, i know, way too dramatic. I bought this thing, used it, and found that it worked almost as well as it’s predecessor. If you want a decent handheld camera for giving content, in a talking head video – it’s perfect. I don’t use it for much else, so my review is limited – info-marketers, don’t wait, snatch it and use it.

I have not used any other pocket digital camcorders so i have no direct experience to compare this to but i am pretty satisfied with this camera, especially for the price i paid on amazon for a brand new sealed box product. Of course the more light the better the picture. The one complaint i had was the back cover squeaking that the customer service folks at kodak seemed to know nothing about. This was extremely annoying because the squeak was picked up by the microphone and very audible during playback. It was almost impossible to handle the camera without generating the squeaking noise. After some research on the web i found this to be a common problem and easily correctable by pushing down on the two metal clips above the battery with the point of a pen. In daylight the hd picture is excellent and it’s a breeze to post to facebook, youtube, etc. It was not intended to replace a full size regular camcorder although i can see myself reaching for this more often than not. Update: it’s no wonder the kodak company is in trouble.

Versatile, easy-to-use, love the feature where you can cut pictures out of a video – great for trying to get two toddlers to pose, just take a video and you will capture that one second where they both look at the camera and smilejust make sure that when you are going to take a picture that you switch it from video to camera first.

Kodak has been through some rough times the past 5-10 years or so, so i didn’t have high hopes for kodak products. I bought this hoping to take some amateur videos. Definitely a great little touch device. Recording is smooth, and there is a lot of options. Well a lot of the software is no longer working for the pc, the software on the device is also somewhat laggy and it seems like the predecessor to this device took better videos. In the end i gave this a 4/5 despite the cons, because for the right price this did exactly what i needed it too. I didn’t care about the no longer functioning software, because i wasn’t interested in instantly uploading it. I didn’t care about the laggyness, because it didn’t hold the device back or cause reboots.

If you are not big on taking tons of videos but just want something that is compact and easy to use, then this is for you. It is also very easy to share your videos via email and you tube. It does a great job of automatically compressing the video for email purposes. I love the ease of use and that it has an sd slot. I can bring a couple sd cards along and film for hours.

Needs a remote, i think, or you giggle it when recording (stopping or starting). I have a 6′ tripod that sits on my desk that’s perfect for recording me for video. I have to spend more time with it to see how i can watch myself, i. I do not know how to make sure i am centered in the frame. Great value and the remote mike is essential.

  • Bought it for the 1080p and microphone jack
  • Tops for internet marketing
  • Step up from Kodak Zi8

I already have a kodak playtouch just like this one i sent to our daughter in europe. I love mine except that occasionally, if i forget to turn it off, it freezes completely. I mean, you can’t do anything with it except to wait until the battery is exhausted and then you can recharge it and go on.

This is essentially a video camera for dummies which, as a novice, is exactly what i wanted. It works as described and was relatively easy to set up (thank god). I knew zilch about how to do so just couple weeks ago, yet now i’m able to upload quality videos to youtube — and, using just a couple of $10 clip-on lights, the playtouch allows me to even do my filming at night. Very happy with this purchase.

Have used this camera for a few weeks now. Took a trip to virginia city near reno,nv and used it quit a bit there. Resolution is great for video and when played back on my hdtv through the hdmi cable that came with it was pretty slick. The cable is only 3 feet long so with our tv setup, it was kind of hanging but still the option was there for a direct connect which i like. The sound on playback was acceptional. It’s not a world class more expensive video camera so i wasn’t expecting crisp, clear or excellent volume from playback. The only issue i have so far, which really isn’t all that bad, is when you have to camera upright shooting video, then you turn the camera to be horizontal, what you see in the lens during recording is not what you’ll see on the playback. The playback follows the turn of the camera, so if you record upright then turn horizontal, the playback will end up sideways when you turn. So all in all, will just have to remember when recording, keep the camera upright. Haven’t really used the picture option of the camera yet so i won’t comment on that.

I chose this for youtube uploads, but i use it much more as a regular camera. It works fine for youtube, but takes a while to upload. You have to get the memory card for sure, otherwise you have very little storage space. Nice zoom and close-up switch works well. For the money–i paid $70–i can’t complain. Oh, it also has a place for an outboard microphone which is really why i got it. Been so long since i used it though i almost forgot about that. Gives you much better choices for recording the audio. And you can adjust the recording level right on the camera. Probably obsolete already, but it goes everywhere with me.

This camera totally met my expectations. Video is crisp, sound is good with the built in microphone jack, and it’s ultra to upload. My only complaint is the touch screen can be finicky when reviewing video clips.

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Kodak playtouch video camera (black) is very nice portable video cam and it fits right into a small pocket. Easy to setup, very easy upload after the initial setup. It take a nice picture and video in full hd.

My only other video camcorder is about five years old so i’m not exactly up-to-date on the latest in video technology. That said, for someone of my level, this mini-video camera by kodak is amazing. It’s smaller than an iphone, easier to use than an iphone, and takes great quality photographs and video. My only problem: it died after about two weeks of use. I liked it so much, however, that i exchanged it rather than returned it for a refund. Amazon, as usual, delivered the replacement within a week. I have not used an online shopping site that has a more efficient, easier return system than amazon. I still hope i don’t have to return my new camera.

I coach and wanted a camera that was easily carried and could record a lot of video, this camera is perfect for the price. I bought the 32 gig sd-card and can record hours, and i have another sd-card ready if i run out of memory. Also, what really makes this a good camera is that you can replace the battery if it dies. I bought an extra battery, and during tournaments i just change out the battery as needed. Most of the other video cameras i saw had only an internal memory and internal battery, so once your battery died or you ran out of memory you were done.

I bought this product from down under and i didn’t expect to get such amazing service. Sure i had to pay postage (about half the price of the kodak blogger) but do you know that kodak havent even released this product to our market and all local retail suppliers cant get stock of the zi8 – and cannot get the zi10 at all)this supplier absolutely blew me away. 4 days after my purchase i had my product delivered to me in melbourne australiathe item was perfect, and while the us product came with a 110v to usb charger i have any number of aussie 240v to 5v usb chargers. I can only recommend this provider highly for overseas purchasers – im happy to respond to anyoe who want to cofirm this to email me at office ‘at’ skillshare. Au and i’ll happily confirm my appreciation of tis dealcheers from down underpaulskillshre.

Used this on an alaska trip. Added nice color enhancements. Can not say one bad thing about it.

This is a great little camera. Takes wonderful pictures for e-mail. The only down side is that my e-mail provider will only allow an 8mb size file, which is only about minute of video. My daughter’s server will allow up to 25mb. She can send video up to three minutes with really good quality video.

One-button upload to popular sharing sites plus e-mail

When camera needs to look like a phone to get into concerts. Sound levels make for clean recordings. Get a 16gb sd card, and 2 more batteries and you’re set. Also helps to have a plug in stereo mic, but internal mic is ok. This is the only flip style camera that allows sound level adjustment. So it’s the only option out there for hd/zoom/clean sound.

I purchased a refurbished playtouch pocket video camera. It was upgraded with all the latest firmware. I’ve been very pleased with this little camera. I’ve been surprised and pleased that i can seen the screen outside in bright sun. Video quality is excellent for this type of camera. You have to remember, this is a pocket video camera. I had purchased the samsung pocket camera, but returned it because of the controls. I love the touch screen on the kodak playtouch. Only had the camera for just over a month and no buyers remorse at this time.

I bought this camera because it has a mic input and i wanted to make music videos with the sound coming right off of my mixer. I found that the camera could’t handle the signal from the mixer and would distort at even low volumes. As far as value goes, for a comparable camera, the flip slide hd comes with 16 gb built in and this kodak comes with only 128 mb built in, which means you can take all of 20 seconds of video with the internal memory vs. 4 hours with the flip slide. So only get this if you want the internal mic capability and be prepared to spend another $30 for a memory card.

The kodak play touch video camera, is great product for the cost, infact the picture quality looks better then my $400. 00 cannon video camera, no joke. I love this kodak play touch video camera, plus i got it under a $100. However you must be very carefully in handleing unit, if you drop it. . You may have to buy a new one. Getting a warranty coverage addedmay be your best investment, to keep you from buying a new one. I use the camera a lot in my photographer studio, to record models, they love to post videos, to thier facebook page, or u -tube. If you’re thinking about investing into a small video system with lights, and video software, you can’t go wrong with this camera.

The camera was as described. It is small enough to fit in your pocket. It is light weight and easy to use. (the teal color is pretty too. ) the screen is large enough to see clearly.

Video is pretty good if you have a steady hand, any time you walk and shoot video it shakes. I have the stabilization feature set and it seems to do no good. Small face plate around the viewing hole fell off when i tried to clean camera. Battery last about 30 minutes on 1080 setting.

3.0 in.

It produces very good quality images and has a mic input. In fact, i’ve used footage shot with this camera in a documentary. Of course, i had to transcode from mpeg to quicktime, but it’s what i do.

I’m going to do some youtube vids and i wanted something that had an external mic jack that wouldn’t break the bank. This met that need until i realized that i needed a camera with a flip around screen. I have since purchased a canon vixia hf-r400 and that is going to be my prime camera. That said, as far as ease of use, the camera is great. It has a nice touchscreen display and it’s instant on and off (better than my flip mino hd). I like that it has removable storage. On the external mic, i am using the audio technica atr 3350 lavalier omnidirectional condenser microphone. It’s really great with the r400, but with the playtouch, not so much. I’m going to have to figure out how to get more gain out of it. The built in mic is fantastic however.

After a lot of back and forth i decided on this video camera before a big family vaca. Went with this over a flip because of option to add memory. I really like the size of the screen, it’s light weight and ease of use. The quality is pretty good for this type of camera. My only complaint is that the camera did freeze up a couple of times and i was not able to power on/off; the solution was to pop the battery out and back in.

I’m glad i purchased it when i did since it is a discontinued item now. It was recommended to me and i was told that it was being phased out by kodak.

I wanted an easy to carry, fairly inexpensive 1080p hd capable camcorder to replace my aging flip ultra video camera – white, 4 gb, 2 hours (2nd generation) which has served me well, but only shoots in 720p and doesn’t have an external microphone jack. This one caught my eye after i read reviews of the kodak zi8 pocket video camera – black mentioned it as a lesser camera, but still possessing the microphone jack capabilities – which is rare with these types of camcorders. Well, if the audio you are getting via the camera is affected by external noise or generally isn’t as sharp as you want it to be, it’s great to have options. I purchased a olympus me-52w noise canceling microphone which while cheap, really does the trick for youtube videos and similar when paired with the playtouch. The playtouch is similar to the flip in styling, but has a touch screen for navigation and room for up to a 32gb sd card. The internal memory stored only 25 seconds of video shot at 1080p. I suggest this card: sandisk extreme 32 gb sdhc class 10 uhs-1 flash memory card 45mb/s sdsdx-032g-affp for capturing clear hd video and having about 4 hours of room to do it on the card. This camcorder is easy to use and comes with two software packages that ideally would allow you to upload to youtube and facebook from the camera.

I bought this camera because i previously owned an excellent zi8. I bought the zi10 thinking it would be a nice upgrade. The video quality is pretty god and the audio is very very sensitive when used on a tripod, it will pick up your every movement. Either the mic is too sensitive or the front cover does all the creaking and popping. You can use this camera if you put it on a tripod and never touch it while recording. I’d look elsewhere if you want a really good camera.

I’m very pleased with my new camera. Picture quality is very good, even in low light situations. The battery life leaves a little to be desired and it doesn’t come with a memory card (separate purchase), but altogether, i think think this has been a great choice. I’m new to video, and i think it will last me quite a while with the kind of stuff i need to do.

Full 1080p HD video and 5 MP HD still pictures

Picture quality will certainly not match a professional camera or what you see on commercialy produced video but it does provide a clean, sharp picture with good color accuracy. The size is a big advantage as it will fit easily into a pocket and can be taken just about anywhere. Basis operation is very easy once you figure out the set-up. Touch screen is little oversensitive at time and can be frustrating but once you get used to it using the features is a breeze. Sound quality is a drawback from the internal mike, i am planning to purchase an external mike with the hopes of improving this aspect of operation. Comes with an owners manual that is okay, not great. Charger cable (i recommend a spare battery and separate charger) and cables to connect it to a tv and/or computer. I am not excited about the design of the swing out usb arm which seems prone to damage and may be purchasing a usb connector cable as well. Overall for the money, a very good value. If you want proffessional looking video spend more money but for handy memories this product works well.

For some reason i spent more time reading reviews for a product at this price point than i usually would and, as a result, ended up making what i feel is a pretty good purchase decision. As some have pointed out, the big negatives for me on this camera is the on-device playback capability and lack of internal memory. The playback feature is overcome easily enough by connecting it to a tv with the included cable or to the computer to transfer the video (which is a really smooth feature with the included software). The memory is issue is overcome by adding an sd card but you just need to factor the price of that in along with your camera when considering clicking the buy button. Overall, i’d suggest the product and am happy with it as my first ‘flip video’ type device.

Unable to see yourself, which makes it hard to tell if you’re footage for self cam is coming out well. But excellent for small videos and good quality for its time.

It is amazing to me, to read all of the varied opinions on products like this. Everyone has an opinion, and people low rate a product based on such frivolous things. A lot of the people reviewing this kodak video camera comes from a generation of people that do not even know what it was like to not have digital cameras, and the like. I for one come from a generation that did not have these things growing up. There were no cell phones, no digital camera, as a kid, there were no such things as a video camera no matter what size or shape you wanted it to come in. No such thing as a home computer, no cordless phones etc. People need to review these products with realism, and not fancy. This kodak video camcorder is a good piece of equipment. It does what it is suppose to do, however, coming from a photography hobbyist background (yes from the old school of photography whereby i had to use chemicals and paper and film, enlargers, darkrooms and the like) one needs to understand that this camera is going to be limited by the optics that can be put into such a small device. Once you have gotten your mind over that hurdle and realism is adjusted, one begins to see how good this small pocket video camera really is.

I bought the kodak playtouch as although i love my flip, it has a frustrating file format and a very limited zoom function. The playtouch is lightweight, quite thin and the controls are reasonably intuitive. I have run into issues with the zoom being klunky, which is disappointing, hence 4 stars, but the image quality is great and some of the options (sepia, monochrome and other effects i haven’t really explored yet) make it more interesting and offer choices not available on the flip. Easy to download files to a laptop or pc, which adds to its usefulness. The touch screen is not always fully responsive when filming, replaying images or video can be a bit hit and miss and it seems a little fragile. I’d recommend keeping it in a sturdy casetaking all the issues mentioned into account, i’m pretty happy with this device so far.

The video quality is great for my use, and the interface is simple, which i like. I use it for work: quick, informal interviews that i post on youtube with minimal editing. The external mic port is mandatory. The only negative is that the mic port serves as the headphone port, so you just have to trust that the audio is working (which it does when i remember to turn the mic on) and check it after the interview.

On-camera editing

I wanted to tell you that this camera works 100% good like the other one i had that was broken. The good thing is that were able to trade the broken one back to amazon and got our money back then got this new one. It’s nice to have the new one.

My only problem was that it was offered as new but had someone else’s videos on it. I sent it back and may be sorry i did as i wasn’t able to find another one. It has great features and works well.

Being new to the video cam life but with ambitions for doing some serious work, i was looking for an entry level camera that i could learn and practice technique on before springing for a long term, expensive work horse. After logging a few hours of looking around, i was an easy sell for the play touch because it was the only one in its class featuring an external mike jack. I so hate having to endure clips with wretched sound quality and i don’t want to foist such on my own audiences. Built in mikes with their echo chambers and wind tunnels will do just that, however, so i can’t understand why other manufacturers haven’t caught on. Having a standard tripod socket was also a big upside for me. Shaky footage is another easily corrected shortcoming that i see holding back some otherwise really interesting movies out there. After practicing for a few weeks, here’s the bottom line(s) from me: (1) as long as it is used within it’s limitations the camera performs surprisingly well for being in the hundred dollar range. (isn’t that always the key to getting the most from your camera, i. , working from within it’s limitations?) touch screens can be a beautiful thing and this one scores big points with me.

I purchased the kodak playtouch for video blogging and shooting impromptu interviews and training videos. I had been considering a flip minohd until they announced the company was to be shuttered. I was very happy to find a recognized name brand that had a similar sized handheld with full 1080p hd (versus the minohd’s 720p) and an external microphone jack (which the flips didn’t have). I got an exceptional price on it through amazon. Unfortunately that’s where most of the good news ends. The first unit was returned because of sound recording quality. The only way i can describe it is if you’re old enough to remember the reel-to-reel movie projectors they used in school – back in the analog days – that made the click-click-clicking noise when it played. It sounded just like that when played back on the unit, on the computer via the sdhc reader, or my hd lcd tv through the mini hdmi cable. I did call kodak support (who were well, supportive) and they walked me through the troubleshooting steps. I had already updated the firmware (thanks to another review of the unit here on amazon. Com) and there wasn’t much we could do other than return it. I must say that amazon was superb in the return/replacement turnaround and i had my second unit the next day by 3pm. The sound quality on the second unit is better (although i think the video output on first unit was better) and still not what i would consider good. That being said, if you use an external mic, which i did purchase along with a remote control, the sound is outstanding.

I use it to shoot my amateur piano music videos on youtube in low light conditions and this thing is just perfect for the job. The price on amazon $69 is unbeatable. You even get an hdmi and other cables with it. Very glad i made this choice.

When coupled with the audio-technica atr-3350 (around $20) and a kodak remote control ($10) this becomes a complete video recording studio that fits in your pocket. Hd is the format that youtube likes now, and the long cord on the mike lets you get high-quality audio to go with the hd video. This mike has an on-off switch and a tiny (common) battery. The only downside i’ve found is that the battery cover squeaks when you squeeze the camera, and that gets into your recording. I narrowed down the problem area to a small tab the top of the cover and filed it down slightly with an emery board/fingernail file. I had a leftover plastic overlay sheet meant for cellphones and cut it down to match the touchscreen. I found a pocket-size tripod for $5 and inexpensive spare batteries from another vendor. You can not change batteries during a recording session — you’ll have to stop the recording to change the battery. However, if you supply external power during the switch, you may be able to make one continuous recording for up to 8 hours in wvga.

It silently recorded my girl friend kissing me.

-east to download movies/photos to your pc. Cons:-video quality not so great in low light. -poor photos images quality.

First- please let me tell you that this product does not replace your video camcorder. Why?pros:product performance is good- picture quality & ease of use. Downloading onto pc is easy. Cons:even though it has digital stabilization feature, unlike video camcorders, the picture shakes quite a bit if you move and shoot. Operates ideally if you are taking a still shot. I suspect the future versions will rectify this problem.

If you know some one that wants to try getting into making youtube videos and you are not sure if they will take it seriously or quit after a month, this is the product to get them. Instead of buying a 400 dollar cam and then it going to waste, get them a cheap cam that allows easy uploading, who knows they might become a tube celebrity and have you to thank for it. Camera and mic quality is subpar.

For the money this is one great camera. It does shoot hd, and it does look great for web videos, blogs etc. I did use it to record a event, and although the quality was there in reference to the image resolution, it was not able to do a good job capturing fast motion. If you are looking for something for a video blog or short video clips for use on a web page or you tube this is your camera. If you are wanting to produce your own movie to view in full hd on a tv, this invest some more money.

The touch screen is the best feature that i love about this little camera. It’s so easy to use and is the same type of interface as smart phones. In addition, this little camera takes crystal clear pics and videos, and is easy to transfer pics and vids to computer.

Still getting to know this little wonder. So far used it for a graduation and photos gave out perfect. Not so great in low lighting but during daylight hrs or somewhere where you have enough light it’s performed as expected. Will update as i get to know and experience this a bit better.

I own 2 zi8s, a flip hd, and now a zi10. Here’s whats better than the zi8:- much smaller and lighter, i’m really surprised this has been a bigger focus on the reviews here on amazon. If you want to carry this thing in your pocket, the smaller size and lighter weight is very noticable in comparison to zi8. It’s just as good if not better. Low light capabilities seem slightly better to me but i haven’t done any technical comparision, this is just anecdotal at this point. Touch screen takes a little getting used to but it’s fine, i didn’t have problems adjusting to it and it seems the new firmware has fixes the sliggishness that early reviewers were complaining about. This doesn’t bother me at all because i always have one with my laptop because there are so many devices these days that use the micro-usb cable including my cell phone. It’s so much cheaper than the zi8 which still sells on ebay for $130+ when the zi10 is selling new here on amazon for just over half that price. I don’t get why anyone is even still considering buying the zi8 when this better version is out. Conclusion: if you’re choosing, the zi10 is a no brainer. If you already have a zi8, i think you should upgrade if the smaller size and compact weight makes a difference to you.

With the black one on sale for the hundred buck range right now, it’s an excellent value. Be sure when you get it home that you go to kodak’s website and download the latest firmware. It’s a 2 step process in that you have to upgrade it to a midlevel firmware update and then update the update. It is not possible to go to current firmware from the stock shipping firmware without the intermediate step. So when you’re looking on the kodak site, be sure you get the one that says ‘below’ a certain number and the one that says it’s for ‘above’ a certain number. The camera touch interface is a little flaky but workable. I’ve had to turn the camera off and back on sometimes in order to get it to respond again. If the zi8 had been a hundred bucks, i probably would have chosen it instead. I also ordered an external lav microphone for it as well as a couple 16gb sdhc cards, extra batteries and an external charger. All in all, i spent way less than i did for the panasonic hd camcorder it replaced.

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