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 end result: the video attached here was shot at 720p, 60 frames per second, uploaded and processed by youtube. Com, then downloaded and posted to this review to show the quality of the final results you can achieve online. The camera will shoot even higher resolution at 1080p. Overall: i have been using this tiny camera hard now for eight months, and i have almost nothing but praise for it. It’s the size of a cell phone, shoots hd, has image stabilization, contains software for making movies and uploading them to youtube and other social media site, is rugged, water proof, and best of all, shoots better video than the flip cameras. The ‘almost’ is minor, in that most users shooting for more than 20 minutes in the wild will want a second battery. It really is best-of-class in tiny video cams, and nothing else comes close to its environmental ruggedness. Hardware: i purchased the black playsport ($150), the kodak high-speed 16 gb 60x class 4 sdhc flash memory card ($40), the kodak 1706290 resilient 1 camera case ($7), and a tiny flexi-leg tripod ($6). The camera comes with a wrist strap, usb charger, usb cable to connect to your computer or charger, and an hdmi cable for your hd tv. The enclosed user’s guide is minimal in its explanation of the controls, and does not include shooting tips, but the camera is so simple to operate that you really don’t need much more. All components worked flawlessly out of the box. The leash runs through a strong hole in the camera body, and you can use the wrist strap or even run a long leash to your belt for extended-arm shooting while paddling or skiing.

 ok lets start off with this camera is $149 keep that in mind. 3mp still photos are fairly good, not to bad, but remember this is a video camera firsta dedicated 5mp still photo camera will take much better photos, but again hey these aren’t to shabby it just depends on what your trying to do. Excellent and better than any cell phone i’ve had. At a wedding where you want crystal clear and sharp photos. The hd video camera is pretty nice, easy to use and i was just stunned at the digital zoom. It actually works and works well, not to blocky or grainy. More so at the extreme 4x level but at 2x to about 3x the camera compensated nicely and actually cleared up the image.

Kodak PlaySport (Zx3) HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera (Purple)

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  • Waterproof up to 10 ft. (3 m)
  • Full 1080p HD video
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Brilliant 2.0 in. color display
  • Capture 5 megapixel HD stills (16:9)

***had to return one and get a replacement, read below***i must preface this by saying that i have a flip mino video recorder which i liked but wanted to get something that does hd video. I have had the kodak playsport for about 1 month now and used it numerous times in outdoor and indoor settings. I actually had 2 playsport units because i had to return the original unit and get a replacement through amazon for some issues explained below. So, i must say this little unit look very promising when i first got it. I really like the look and feel of the unit. It fits in my hand very nicely and it has a nice weight to it. The playsport definitely feels more rugged than the flip mino. So what i liked about the playsport:1) great rugged feel. This was a major plus over the flip mino. The curves of the playsport body feel much nicer than the boxy body of the flip.

But canon does not have anything that compares to kodak playsport hd waterproof pocket video camera. At 1080p the video recording is acceptable. But, at 720p and 60 frames per second this camera rocks, the results are great. I have used it around and in water, the blue filter helps under water. I am planning to use this for our disney world vacation this year in the water parks. This camera takes 5mp hd stills, so now i have a camera that can take video and stills on demand wet or dry. I have other camera’s in the same category like flip and samsung both do not compare, even at 720p 60 frames per second. 00 pricetag is also very affordable.

 i shot this using the kodak playsport while snorkeling off of ixtapa, mexico. The water wasn’t the clearest, but i did get pretty good results. It looked really great in the pool. It also looks great above water.I use it at my son’s baseball games and i have been amazed at the quality. Hands down the best thing about this camera is the size. It’s so easy to slip in a pocket and just carry around. Great little vacation camera. My only complaint is that the control wheel is a little small. I would often accidentally stop recording while trying to zoom in or out.

Kodak PlaySport (Zx3) HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera (Purple) : I got my camera – so excited – went to the park with the kids, swimming in the pool – it is so great to have a little camera to capture all the fun times rather than the big clunky camera. I found that the audio on the video can be a little lacking, as it picks up objects closer to the camera (obviously). We record in 60 frames per sec and noted that the jumpiness calmed down a lot. So – overall, for what it is (a pocket camcorder), i love itbut buyer beware on the software it comes with to burn your videos to dvd. It is called mediaimpression (looks like they are associated w/ kodak products) and it is terrible. In looking up the company on the internet, we found that there are so many people who have had issues with the software. So, if you are a plug and play type person with no computer experience/patience, i don’t know that this is the camera for you. I’m fortunate to have married a computer geek who can program, so this isn’t a detriment for me – phew.But if i were on my own, i would be up a creek w/o a paddle.

 i purchased this camera prior to going on my honeymoon to antigua. I knew we were going to doing a lot of water activities so i knew i needed a water proof camera. I knew this camera would be great at underwater videos however i didn’t know how great this camera was at taking videos above ground. I wanted to attach some videos showing the quality above and below the water, but amazon only allows one video for review. Since there is already a video of the underwater capabilities, i figured i would attach one above water. If i had any complaint is that the microphone was highly sensitive to wind noise but his definitely wasn’t a deal breaker. I purchased a set of rechargeable batteries and charger so i could just swap batteries out and not worry about charge time. I also purchased the remote and a tripod to make this a complete package. Here are the items i purchased: kastar battery for fuji np-50, kodak klic-7004, pentax dl-i68 and fuji finepix f50fd f100fd, fujifilm finepix f70 exr f75exr f80exr f300exr, kodak easyshare v1233 v1253, pentax optio a40 s10 cameras;kodak pocket video digital camera remote control 8716276/1402486;kodak pocket video digital camera remote control 8716276/1402486;pedco ultrapod lightweight camera tripod;v-shield 2x kodak playsport zx3 video camera premium clear lcd screen protector, no cutting is required, exact fit and satisfaction guaranteed.

We bought this to take with us on vacations. We had owned a waterproof olympus camera prior to this and it worked so well. This, back in the day, was really cool because it looked like a phone. We had really high hopes, but this camera was just not very good. The quality of the pictures was not great. The movies never came out very well. We took it in the water a few times and it did okay. It didn’t fog up or anything. It just isn’t the best quality camera. If you are looking for a neat little camera for your kids to take in the water with them, this would be a good choice.

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