Kodak PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera – Waterproof, i dont think so

I bought this looking for a camera that was easy and fast to learn, and this one didn’t fail. Takes great pics and videos, even if the picture gets a little blurred with the zoom feature– i guess that’s to be expected when you zoom in as far as the camera will let you. But i recommend it for anyone looking for something fun and easy to take pics and vids with.

We bought this camera for my youngest son for christmas. He and his brother like to make silly movies of their bionicles and gi joes and i was tired of them stealing my cell phone to do it. It’s a nice little camera and with the water/drop proof features something that i felt was a good choice for a child. He figured out how to have it running in just a few minutes (he’s 9) the sound quality out of the camera is not great, and for still pictures you can definitely get better quality out of a point & shoot camera but the video quality is just fine especially considering this camera is smaller than an iphone and especially considering i bought this camera for a child. My friend has a flip and she said for the price it was just as good as her flip and that some of the features (water/drop) were better. The battery seems to last for about an hour on a single charge which is i believe per specs but. . Be careful with the battery/usb cover (which is the only way to charge the battery, since it’s not removable). It’s a little tricky to open (push this button down and while holding it down slide cover to the side) and the first time we opened it the clip that holds the cover closed broke. It’s a very small clip, very thin and easily broken. You have to be very careful to slide the cover all the way to the side before flipping the cover open.

I have had this camera for a few years now, it was a gift to me. I love the convenience and the ease of use. Whenever i am visiting my family it automatically goes into my purse and invariably gets used. I must have 25 videos on youtube that were all taken with this camera. I haven’t tried the underwater feature yet, maybe this year. I actually purchased two more of these for coworkers in the real estate business, it works great for making virtual tours.

I bought this camera this summer to use in my classroom recording kids and practicing spanish dialogues. It reminds me of the flip cameras i have used in the past.

I sent this great little camera to a friend for a birthday. I did relay all of the reviews that warned of taking care with opening connection ports. So far all is working perfectly,including that pesky port cover. I did purchase the additional warranty. . This camera was such a great bargain that i bought another one as a gift for a relative.

I read a review on here which stated the screen on the device buzzed off under water. The same thing happened to mine. I thought water seeped in, but actually the battery ran out. So to know if your device is fully charged, make sure a full battery sign comes on while plugged in (and not the usb sign) without turning the device on. I was so bummed out when the device powered off, but luckily, i tested out the sd card on another device so the pictures were fine. Overall, this is a pretty useful camera/camcorder. Make sure you adjust settings to allow better correction underwater. We were very pleased with the quality as we took pictures snorkeling in key west.

  • Fell in love with it, definitely leaks
  • good, I think
  • Can’t expect more with it’s price.

I bought this for myself to always keep with me, since i have to little kids and want to take lots of videos. This is so compact that it fits in the pocket. Or anywhere in your purse or in my case diaper bag 🙂 i love it, it makes way more sense than a big video camera with little milestone that babies and kids do. I like the underwater feature, can’t wait to go south soon and make some videos in the ocean :).

When i opened the package and took out the camera i had it working is seconds – hands down a good camera for anyone looking for extremly easy navigation.

I bought this exact same camera for about twice the money about a year ago. I bought that one to replace a panasonic that worked for about a year then decided to not be waterproof anymore while on vacation in the caribbean. I bought a second one of these because it was inexpensive and i like my other one. This is my backup in case my other one also decides not to be waterproof anymore while in vacation.

Took a lot of underwater pics, and some just above the water. I really wasn’t very happy with the pics out of the water, but the underwater ones were great for the amount i spent on the camera. Had it down to 20′ and no signs of any leaks. Love the way you can just plug it into a usb port and download away.

I was looking for a waterproof camera and read all the reviews and chose this one. We took the camera took our local amusement park and it worked great. We then took it to the pool with us and tried it out in the water. The kids had a blast posing under water for pictures. When i got home and put them on the computer the pics came out great. They werent blury or anything. We will be using this alot out at the pool. I would recommend this camera to anyone.

Features of Kodak PlayFull Waterproof Video Camera (White)

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  • Requires additional SD Card to operate
  • 720p HD video
  • Waterproof up to 10 feet, drop-proof up to 5 feet
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  • Built-in USB arm

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I took this camera on a snorkeling trip to puerto princessa phillipines and took many underwater photos. You could not ask for a better little camera for the money. It may not last long, but well worth it for my trip. Btw still works fine after a month.

Kodaks playfully video/still camera is a great buy. Small and compact it’s easy to carry and easier to use. I live in the pacific northwest where rain is common so the waterproof model is perfect for me. I never worry about it getting wet.Picture taking is a snap and i like that i can take still shots from the videos i make. I’m amazed at how clear the pictures are even close up without having to mess with trying to focus and 8 out of 10 shots are crystal clear. Sorry to see kodak go, they’ve made all my favorite cameras and this one tops the list.

This camera overall is pretty good littlecamera. It produces nice 720p high definition video. It has nice special effects for a mini camera,andit’s easy to connect to an hdtv to watch instantly. Overall a nice little product,and it’s waterproof.

The day i bought this i actually wasn’t in the market for a camcorder, but it popped up on my screen as a deal. Forty-nine dollars, with sd card. I went ahead and went for it. When i recieved it i was surprised at how slim it was. There aren’t lots of buttons, so i say think it’s pretty user friendly. With a 4g sd card you’re looking at approx 50 minutes of recording time. My home is a little darker, we live in an older house with dim lighting. It’s does okay in here but it does great outside when the sun is shining. My main purpose for mine is to record my 2 year old during the summer while outside or at the pool. This isn’t quite bathing suit weather so to test the waterproof ability i purposely submerged it in a sink full of water for one minute, multiple times throughout the week i bought it, passed the test.

I purchased this video camera to replace a flip hd that never seemed to have much battery life. Unlike a lot of people, i don’t use my phone as a video camera (it’s a work phone only) and i liked the fact that this was waterproof. The video quality is very good. I was surprised at how good the underwater video came out. Like all of these micro cameras, they work best with good outside light, ok with good inside light but terrible in the dark. This is also true for the underwater video – with clear water and good light, the video comes out really good. We had it in the pool for a couple hours and it worked great. I later noticed it acting up when i tried to link it to my pc via the usb but let it dry out for a couple hours and it went back to working just fine. I like that the camera is so small and light, very easy to keep in a shirt pocket. I also like (unlike the flip hd) that it uses sd cards for storage.

This is the 3rd kodak playfull camera i have purchased. The only problem i have is the inconsistency of pricing. I don’t like the fluctuation. This last one i purchased i paid $49. Just after i purchased, a day later it went to $44. I bought one as a bundle for $79. 00not the way i want to purchase things. Everyone wants a good price and not feel they are being cheated.

Requires additional SD Card to operate

I already have one of these, and i love it, i bought it for the waterproof feature to tape waterslides & such on vacation, but after getting it, i found i acctually love it more because it works really well in indoor low-light situations way better than my other palm sized digital cameras. I bought this 2’nd one for the wife, because i like mine so well, she wanted one of her own(only down side to this camera, is when using it, the battery life is only about 2 hours on a charge. I wish it would be longer because with my 16gb memory card i can hold 4. 5 hours of video, so the charge ends way before the memory does.

I got this camera, about a month ago and it was working fine until i tried testing it out in the water. I thought i would be good for underwater filming, so i wouldn’t get this camera if your looking for some cheap enough camera for underwater, this isn’t the one you want. If your just looking for a regular everyday camera, for just life, and /or sports games that could get water on camera, then this is the one you will want. If water gets on the camera your okay, but once it gets in the camera or in the cracks of the camera, then you better return it or find a way to get the water out another way as quick as you can. A tip: if you get water in it, immediately get a bag of rice, pour it in a bowl and put the camera in it.

I got this for my 9yr old grand daughter, she loves it. I do wish we could plug it into an electrical plug to charge instead of the usb port, as i don’t want it to just ‘hang’ while it’s charging, but we will have to buy a separate cord if we don’t want to plug it in direct. No big deal, i just don’t want the weight of the camera pulling on the little plug as it charges. One thing, none of us can figure out how to use the wrist strap for it, as we are not sure how to attach the camera to the strap, nothing seems to work. Surely, we will figure it out. One last issue, we cannot figure out how to increase the volume when taking videos. We went into settings, and put it up as far as possible, but we still can barely hear voices when we record and on playback, that is frustrating. I have called support a couple of times, wow, that’s a process.I think it will be fine, once we get a little help with it.

Funciona excelente bajo el agua, pero las fotos deben tener mucha claridad del sol para que salgan bonitas fuera del aguaworks great underwater, but the pictures should be very clear of the sun to come out pretty out of water.

I bought this camera just so i had something little on hand and something that i could use quickly while on vacation. Its a bonus that it is waterproof but i am still a bit hesitant to actually use it under water for extended periods of time. The picture quality is not great but its not horrible either. The memory card that comes with it did not work so thankfully i had ordered another memory card with it and it works great and has plenty of memory until i can get to a computer to upload my memories.

I may not have had it sealed well.

720p HD video

Three stars because this camera should not claim to be waterproof. In terms of the cost to value, if it just claimed to be water resistant, i’d say 5 stars. The best thing is, i have some pictures from adventures that i would not have dared to take my camera or smartphone out for. I bought this product knowing that it might leak (honestly any electronics that cost $40 can’t actually be waterproof). So i covered the door areas with duct tape each time i took it snorkeling. It died on the 6th and final day of our trip. I was sad because i had come to really like it, a camera i could throw around and not worry if it got wet in the rain or dropped from a horse. The photos it takes are pretty low megapixels, probably less than the camera on your average modern phone. But the video quality is great- our video of whale sharks is priceless and surprisingly clear. You can shoot nearly an hour of video on the memory card.

I bought this for my 11 year old daughter for christmas and she loves it. I let her open it early so she could learn to use it and do some filming of christmas day. I think it is a perfect starter camera for a young person.

I wanted to buy a waterproof video camera for outdoor recordings, this playfull video camera cost less than $50 i cannot complaint much. I received it in whole new packing. It is small and lightweight, video quality is ok, battery life not bad (compare with my phone). However you will need a fast enough sd card, or it will stop recording after a while and said your card is not fast enough, i end up getting a 16gb sandisk class 10 sd card for $16, which can provide a roughly 3. 5 hours of recording, not too bad. If the card is too slow, the device will freeze when you are trying to record/stop and the video will be corrupted and unable to open with any players. It stated 3m waterproof, but i highly doubt it, but it should be rain and sweat proof, which is all i need. The usb connector is quite hard to pull out, and it is very short, you will need to prepare your own extension cord as it does not come with one. Did not expect anything on the picture quality as it stated the size is 1 megapixel, i knew it before i decided to buy it. It is basically one frame of the video (720p = resolution of 1280×720, roughly 0.

Needed something durable with good quality pictures and this one is perfect. Used to have a flip and then at a 4th of july party it was dropped 4ft onto grass and it broke. This kodak play won’t do that. Great pics and videos, clear, crisp and bright. Plus the underwater accessories are a great motivation to try something new. We’ve had it for almost two months now and are as excited as the first time:).

Waterproof up to 10 feet, drop-proof up to 5 feet

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