Kodak PlayFull HD Video Camera – Blue : Great for the price!

Do a youtube search ‘cx500 trackday’ to get a couple video clips i made with this camera, a 32gb card, and the pedco ultra clamp: http://www. Com/gp/product/b000abb4hcthe pop-out usb connector is fragile, and but takes a good bit of push to pop it open, so not surprised that people are breaking it. But i haven’t had any problems. Camera, card and mounting bracket (which is super sturdy and adjustable), about $100 complete, and the video quality speaks for itself. At the track i was charging the camera with a 12v cigarette lighter to usb adapter (a few bucks).

It is unbelievable how far camcorders have come over the last 30 years or so. This kodak is easy to carry (you almost forget you have it) and easy to use. The pictures are high quality and sharing with others is a snap. I recommend this product without hesitation.

Kodak PlayFull HD Video Camera – BlueBlack

  • Full 1080p video and 5 MP HD stills
  • World’s only cameras with 3-step sharing to popular sites, plus e-mail
  • Kodak’s Share button lets you choose your favorite sharing destination, e-mail address, or Kodak Pulse Display
  • Built-in USB arm
  • On-camera editing

It was a good camera for the price. Pictures and videos are clear. Only negative thing is that sometimes the videos are smaller than the rest once you import them to the computer.

This is not the best camera but it was exactly what i was looking for. A reasonably priced video camera. I know there’s better quality out there but for a much higher price. I like that you can pull pictures off from frames of video.

This is a great camera for the price. If purchasing make sure you grab a sdhc card to go with it.

Kodak PlayFull HD Video Camera – BlueBlack : It’s a great little camera, i thought the picture would be a little more crisp, so that was a little disappointing, but it gets the job done.

This is great for taking quick shots of pictures and/or video, especially with one hand. Quality of pictures/video is pretty good. The only drawback is it makes a loud click when taking pictures. This didn’t seem like a big deal at first but became extremely bothersome. Everyone looks after they hear the click and that’s too much attention for me and the camera.

I bought this camera to make video recordings of my grand children. It is very user friendly and easy to use. Since it is so small, i decided to carry it in my pocket and just have handy for anything that i want to record on video. The quality of the video is fantastic. Also the software that came with it is very good. Very easy to post videos on facebook and other social media.

It arrived in good packaging, and was as described. Cons:a little grainy in low lighta little grainy with the zoom functionpros:you can zoom in during the video functionexcellent video recordingvery good sound qualitywristband is nice to keep from droppingyou can’t overcharge itit has some fun functions like the ability to pick a frame and make a picture from the video, using that same function you can make the video go backwardsit is more durable than it looks, since i have dropped it a few times and no damage was doneit is easy to operatei highly recommend this camcorder, even for someone my age, since i’m 11.

I have been able to download the pictures and video to my fedora 18 linux system.

I’ve played with this and the zi8 and for the playfull, they managed to take a poor design on the zi8 and make it worse. It is far too easy to accidentally stop recording while zooming in and out. The zi8 has a small joystick like button. Click in to start/stop and move to zoom. It was possible to accidentally stop a recording while zooming if you weren’t careful. Because the control on the playfull is set into the recorder, you are already pressing down when zooming. A little too much pressure and off it goes. I’m seriously considering returning it because of this. On the plus side, this design at least has flat sides. The zi8 has rounded sides to you can’t set it down or it wobbles.

I’ve had high end video camera’s in the past. This time i wanted a small ‘shirt pocket video camera with a few features like stabilization, h. Good picture quality, and ease of download to a computer. I got what i asked for in this inexpensive, ease of use little video camera. The zoom isn’t as powerful as what i’ve been used to but i was aware of that before the i bought it and has not been an issue.

I like this camera it’s pretty cool but i wish it had came with a sd card.

I got it to have for the holidays and visits and to be able to record things unobtrusively and it is perfect. The charge held for a very long time, but in order to find out how much charge was left i had to pay attention when the camera was turned on since the battery icon disappears after that. Piece of cake loading pictures and videos to my mac and i love the feature that i can take one frame out of the video and turn it into a picture. Also, if the video of the dog was too long because he didn’t do that cute thing he does until the camera was rolling for 2 minutes, you can trim out all the boring sitting around waiting stuff. And the software included also lets me do it on my computer as well. Love the camera, glad i bought it.

I love this little pocket video camera. It has good sound, great video quality – better than some of the hd handheld video cameras i’ve used. Great product for the money.

I bought 4 of these to use with my students (juniors and seniors) and they are fantastic. They always work, take great video, and can withstand being passed around on a regular basis. They are also user-friendly with uploading videos. Giving multiple options (memory card, cord, and usb). Love this video camera and will be purchasing more.

This is a great little video camera. I was concerned about the sound, but once i just loaded the video, the sound was really good. You can’t really hear the sound that much when you try to watch it after making the video, but boy when you load it up, it’s right there, and sounds great. I even got a good picture with not much light too. I’m new to videos, and have not put any online yet, but will be doing that as soon as i learn how to edit a bit better. I’m really pleased with the kodak playfull because, as i said before, i know nothing about videos and how they work, but this camera is very easy to learn, and other than learning the editing, it’s a snap. All editing is hard for me, but i’m getting there. You can’t beat the price, and it’s a very nice video camera, you will enjoy it as much as i do, i’m sureone year laterwell, it’s been a year, and i have to say that i love my kodak. It’s so easy to use that it’s like playing with a toy. I have made many videos with it, and so far, i still get tickled every time i use it.

First i want to say that i pre-ordered this item just a few days before it was scheduled to be released from kodak and to my surprise i received it at my front door on it’s release date. Amazon has excellent servicefor the camera, it is a nice compact size. The screen is very tiny, but that is the trade for having such a small device. If you look at side by side video comparisons on some video hosting websites, the compact kodak hd cameras have the best quality in their class compared to other brands. Unfortunately i did return the camera due to the fact that there was no macro ability. I waited months for this to come out and was disappointed especially when kodak seems to have been using this same hd setup for over a year in other cameras of the same price that did have a macro function. I instead ordered the kodak playsport zx5 camera due to having the macro function along with all the features of the playful plus it was waterproof. Again, amazon had excellent service and accepted the return with no problems. When i ordered the zx5 it came next day after i paid for 2nd day delivery.

This is a remarkable little camera. I did some research and this one was the best deal for the money. I received this just before a trip to disneyland and the recording quality is amazing. Even the recording on the bumpy rides was pretty amazing. I recorded literally all day and into the evening and the battery held up incredibly well. The night time recording isn’t so great but this wasn’t a big surprise.

My girlfriend was interested in starting a vlogging youtube channel so i decided to get her this compact camcorder. When i received it, i decided to open it up and get it all set for her beforehand. I was surprised by this small little thing. It’s literately the size of a credit card.The feel and interface of the camcorder was standard and the video quality was alright. I did not feel disappointing at all and my girlfriend will be excited when she receives it.

I got this camera for a school project wherein i’m required to make 1-hour videos once a week. The battery life is about an hour and a half for 1080p videos, which is perfect. With an sd card (i recommend 32 gb), i can record several videos before needing to transfer to my flash drive. It’s, the perfect size to stick in your pocket or purse.

Love this little guy and have probably sold 5 more.

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