Kodak PlayFull HD Video Camera – Blue : Excellent video camera

I got the camera for my granddaughter. I found it easy to program the settings and it seems to work quite well. Just turn it on and the image appears, hit a button and you’re recording. I also got a 32gb sd card that will help her save her video. I also took advantage on an offer of an free hdmi cable for the camera from kodak just for registering the camera. The camera allows the user to send videos to several sites and any email addresses.

* fixed focal lens means that you can’t make sharp shots below 1 meter (4 feet). * still photos feel a little ‘over-software-processed’ and have a quality that resembles my old 2mp hp camera more than my (also old) 4mp canon a80. * it’s hard to hold steady because of its virtual weightlessness (but the cam does digital image stabilization)* [email protected] is cool for slow-motion* the lcd display is small – harder to see, but longer battery time (since the display can’t be turned off during recording, this counts)best thing about it is, that it is cheap and small, so you can just put it in your pocket/bag/whatever, and record great resolution videos any time. Update:* when the memory card does not have a lot of free space, startup gets slow (the camera wants to show you how much time/photos you have left and you have to wait seconds for that info)* sometimes the camera acted as if it was recording all right but stopped updating the time counter at 6-10 seconds. So i press the button and it shows the standby screen – but in reality that is the exact moment it really starts recording and the previous take turns out to be a single photo. I suspect this behavior is related to the memory card filling up too.

The absolute best thing about this small camera is it’s ease of use. So easy, and takes absolutely decent videos.

Highly useful, very sleek, light-weight, easy to use and holds a charge very well. Highly recommend this camera.

Given the rather pedestrian offerings that kodak has offered in the digital camera space, i was pleasantly surprised with the overall experience of the playfull hd video camera. Even from the start, the packaging and build quality lets you know that this little device is meant to be fun. Granted, not fun in an apple sort of way, but still fun. Kodak inclues a printed user manual (unusual these days) in 5 different languages that gets you started and through the basics. They also include a power charger with a separate usb cable that allows you to charge (but not transfer content) to your computer as well. Using the power adapter takes just over 3 hours to fully charge, and about 4. 5 hours if you charge from a usb connector. Kodak also includes a camera strap, although i found it very difficult to thread through the slot on the corner of the camera. I’m serious – it took me at least 10 minutes of frustration to get the strap threaded.

Kodak PlayFull HD Video Camera – BlueSilver : Got exactly what i expected and purpose for use. Would recommend this easily to anyone that’s looking for a handy videocam.

Daughter was happy about this item.

As with everything in the electronics world, you need to make sure you are fulfilling your needs when you choose a product. I purchased this as an inexpensive way to capture high framerate video for the purpose of slow motion sports analysis. In other words, i wanted to see, throws, swings, etc. This little guy does the trick. Imho, the video is not great at the 720p 60 fps setting, but for the sake of slow motion playback (using a 3rd party software package) it does the job. The reviews about the small led screen confuse me. Do people really purchase this for the sake of recording video, them watching on that tiny screen?. All it really needs to do is show you what your recording when you’re recording. It’s simple enought to hook up to any pc or television to watch the video.

Excellent quality and 5 hours recording time – but get a rechargeable battery pack to plug it in to. The videos come out in hq with subtle image stabilisation. For $85, i couldn’t be happier.

Works well but not waterproof.

We just returned from a vacation in tennessee and used the playful daily. We are still amazed at how wonderful the video quality is. It looks crisp and definitely high definition. I love it so much i am getting one for my dad for fathers day.

I got this camera on amazon for less than $50 as a backup for my old flip camcorder, and i’ve been very pleased with it. I use it for making videos indoors with the camcorder mounted on a tripod. The video quality is outstanding, and i haven’t even used the hd mode. Audio quality is also excellent, and it’s very simple to use and upload the finished videos to my google account or youtube. If you’re looking for a basic flip-style camcorder at a great price, you should definitely consider this one.

I got a good deal on this camera. If i had not i would be upset. Good outdoor video but poor indoors. Does not compare to our 3 year old flip mino-meaning not as good quality video. It is small and handy and takes a good video for the computer screen. Probably not going to work for long before we have to upgrade to a better model.

Just all around a great camera and good price. I might come back and buy a second one.

I’ll start by saying i am not a techie person. I am a mom of 3, and my husband and i needed something that is easy to use, with decent quality. We’re not looking for award winning photographic quality. We have 3 kids to chase after, and this is so small and lightweight, it fits very comfortably right in your pocket. I love that you can take stills and videos, and that you can create stills from video that you shot. I do have a regular digital camera for most of my still picture taking, and to be honest, the quality on my sony cyber shot is better for stills, but this kodak playfull’s quality is much better than the camera on my cell phone, and runs a close second with my sony cyber shot. The biggest pro being that you have 2 devices in 1. The reason why i chose this over the sony flip is because (at the time, and i am not sure if there is a newer model flip now)the sony flip only had the built in memory of 8gb, no cards. The kodak playfull can use up to a 32gb memory card. The sony flip only had the (flip out) usb to transfer the pictures/videos off of the device.

Fantastic camera; my grandson loves it as much as i like mine.

Easy to use, nice quality for the money. I bough this for my teenage daughter to experiment with making movies. It is easy to download the video and has good picture quality.

Best pocket camera that has ever existed. Too bad kodak either went out of business or stopped making them. Our pictures looked as if professionals had taken them. We had it many years till we lost it and miss it in a big way.

You might give it 2-stars or 5-stars. No matter what you compare it to, this thing is better and worse. Compare it to a smart-phone that has a good still+video camera and it’s always with you, or an ipod touch that shoots video at 720p and does 1000 other things. Compare it to a real camera that has a flash, shooting options, protected lens, etc. These pros and conss may help you decide if it’s for you. Pros:* true hd video 1920 x 1080p* also has 720p @ 60 frames per second* 5 megapixel stills (wide frame – 3072 x 1728)* small and light – (3. 7′) – amazing* very easy to use* clean, simple interface. – boot-to-shoot is under 2 seconds. – easily clip out bad footage from video- easily grab 2-megapixel stills from video- hdmi output directly to hdtv- can mount to a tripod- stands on edge (any table is a tripod)- removable/upgradable memory (unlike iphone or ipod touch) (up to 32 gb sdhc) (but not included with camera)- not part of your phone. You can loan it, use it while your phone is in use, it doesn’t wear down your phone battery.

This is a great little camera, so easy to use. I’ve just ordered a tripod to go with it. It makes posting to you-tube so easy.

Great pictures and great videos.

You cannot beat the price for an hd camcorder, it does full 1080 and with hd cord (does not include) you can viewit on your hdtv. It uses sd cards, (not included) so the amount of shooting time is dependant on the size card you have, up to 32g, i have an 8g, and can get about an hour of hd @1080. The camera is small,screen size very small, but for the price and what it does.

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