JVC Picsio GC-WP10 Waterproof Pocket Video Camera, Five Stars

I think it is a very handy item but ther only problem is a proctive glass over ther lensethats all.

We were going to swim with the dolphins on vacation and we were looking for a small, inexpensive under water video camera, yet qaulity was important. I works wonderfully and i’ve never regretted getting it.

I ordered it to be used on my forthcoming vacation on dec 3. Will be able to provide a detailed report on my return in 2 weeks’ time. Playing around with it and getting used to the buttons and controls. Seems like an awesome product.

Key specs for JVC Picsio GC-WP10 Waterproof Pocket Video Camera (Blue) NEWEST VERSION:

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  • Waterproof up to 3 meters/ 10 feet
  • 3 inch touch panel operation with icon graphics and large playback screen
  • 1920 x 1080P Full HD video and up to 5 megapixel digital stills with HDMI output
  • Built-in LoiLoScope EX software with plug & share operation
  • iFrame video recording mode for easier use with iMovie

Comments from buyers

“First Impressions are Good!
, Bravo JVC!
, JVC Picsio = Cheap 1080p DVR(sort of)

Does everything it was advertised to do. A little difficult navigating the touch screen initially, but there is a short learning curve.

I thought the movies will take less space on the sd card than a regular camera, but i was wrong. The touch screen is not very sensitive to touch, therefore have to tap harder. I haven`t really tried it a lot so far. I guess being waterproof it will come handy at a certain point.

This has proven to be a very reliable unit for both work and personal use.

This camera is a very nice little device that is great for us with a 6 month old at the house. We used it christmas morning to record our little man tear open his first christmas presents. I really like that this device is water proof even though i’m still scared to actually use it under water. My only complaint is when your recording, you would think that the whole screen on the back would display what your recording, but it doesn’t. Only a small portion of the screen at the top is used for display. That sux but overall this will get the job done and its an hd camera which is awesome.

I bought this as a tooling around town cam as it’s lightweight and compact. The screen is clear and easy to navigate and mine has good battery life. My biggest complaint however is the slippery exterior. It is beyond ridiculous that the outer materials make this cam prone to slipping out of your hands but jvc did send me a textured replacement front piece so that was a good thing.

The only thing i don’t like about this camera is that it does not have a flash. Taking pictures at night is pointless. However, pictures in low light come out surprisingly well. I actually baught this at best buy for about $50 more then what amazon is asking needless to say i am kicking myself there. Otherwise a good point-and-shoot camera. I wanted to get a camera before being shipped to honduras for a year. I took pictures with this camera under a waterfall. I was kinda worried that water would get under the port cover but it was not phased. Pictures come out great with this camera but like i said before i hate the fact that it does not have a flash.

I’m must say, i was a little apprehensive in purchasing this product because i really rely on peer reviews before i make my decision. This camera is very easy to use and extremely light weight that can be slipped in your pant pocket without ever noticing it’s there. The pre-loaded software that comes installed with the camera makes for ease of use from computer or laptop without the hassle of downloading the software. I can easily upload my footage to facebook after editing and adding effects. I’m by far a techno wizard and using this camera took no time to get a handle of. I haven’t used the waterproof feature but i’m looking forward to using it soon. The 5mp camera is not too shabby either. All in all, i’m very pleased with my purchase.

I got the camera for years and still im using it even underwater.

I bought two of these, one for my wife and one for my daughter. There are two reasons that i didn’t give it a full 5 stars. First, the buttons are hard to press on the side and the touch screen is not sensitive at all, sometimes you have to press on it a few times to choose what you want. The second reason is it doesn’t come with an hdmi cord, which you need to play back your videos in hd directly from the camera to the tv. Overall though, a decent video camera.

Great little camera that can do some things no others can. The time-lapse features are worth the price by themselves. The camera takes great videos.

My husband just bought this for me for my birthday. We are expecting our first child in 2 months and i really wanted a small video camera that i could have at hand for filming things, i think this will be perfect. We have family all over the country so it will be really nice to be able to send videos of our son to everyone that cannot see him on a regular basis. I wish it had a wall charger as our laptop has to be on for it to charge the jvc, but other then that i really like how small and light it is. I love that it has an sd card so we can plug it into the computer w/o the camera. I also like how you can take still shots with it. All in all i think this is a great little video camera, if you just want something that is simple, easy and can take anywhere.

The recipient loved the pocket video because of the size, and the quality of the pictures.

The only thing i wish it had for snap shots is a flash option. However, with enough light, the pictures are good.

En general la calidad de grabación de este dispositivo es muy buena, sin embargo, la calidad de audio es deficiente.

Works the way its supposed to. A lot of fun to use underwater.

I found this camera fairly intuitive and easy to run. I was dissapointed in actual video quality – but what should one expect with a waterproof video camera?.

This is a great little camera to take to the beach or to take to the ski hill ( like i did ) its great not having to worry about water effecting a camera. The only downside to this camera is that if you are going to shoot indoors it has to be a well lit room or the video does get very pixelated. It still is much better then any cell phone video could do but it needs light to really be hd quality video.

As describedwithout any problemsas describedwithout any problemsas describedwithout any problemsas describedwithout any problemsgood price for this product.

Has great versatility and very durable. Would trust to hold up against kids and pets. Video quality is awesome too.

This little camera takes great pictures. Not professional quality but good enough to create nice underwater memories.

Pros: easy to set up and get started. No need to buy a ton of batteries as it quickly charges with the usb cord. Easy enough for kids to use and with the price, i have little to complain about. I bought this for my daughter for her 9th birthday and she has played with it almost daily since. It has a couple extra video editing options i didn’t expect for the price. All in all, i would buy it again with no hesitation. One thing i will mention is the complete lack of internal memory. It can’t even be set up without an sd card. It didn’t really cause me an issue as we always have some on hand, but it’s just one thing to keep in mind.

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JVC Picsio GC-WP10 Waterproof Pocket Video Camera (Blue) NEWEST VERSION
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